The 2011 FMR MAJOR Award Winner for Worst Actress


Here we go people!!

Let the “Worsts” begin!!

Up first? The Worst Actress of 2011. These ladies really handed out the headaches… turning in five of the most uninspired, cringe inducing, head scratching performances of the year.

Your nominees for the Worst Actress of the year are: Rosie Huntington-Whitley, “Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon”, January Jones, “X-Men: First Class”, Minka Kelly, “The Roommate”, Freida Pinto, “Immortals”, and Lucy Punch, “Bad Teacher”.

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All of the selected actresses for this category did terrible jobs this year, but Jones’ performance in “X-Men: First Class” has brought her entire career into question.

As Betty Draper on AMC’s “Mad Men”, Jones has been nominated for an Emmy, two Golden Globes, and has won multiple SAG awards (as part of the overall ensemble). Her character is a frigid, restrained, bitchy woman. “Icy”. I had always thought she was turning in a fantastic performance… but after her turn here, the question has to be raised (and certainly has been raised) as to whether or not her “restrained” performance was actually the result of limited range, and she was simply the beneficiary of being perfectly cast.

She seemed like the perfect casting here! Between her Nordic beauty and her icy demeanor, she seemed like a no brainer for Emma Frost, the telepathic beauty of the X-Men. Unfortunately, Jones sleepwalked through this role. Bored and disaffected worked at times for Betty Draper, but Emma Frost is a far more dynamic character. Not robotic. Fans were not pleased.

And so, in one fell swoop, January Jones’ talents were called into question, and fan’s hopes for a great big screen version of Emma Frost were dashed.

People used to wonder if she’d win an Emmy, now they wonder if she can act at all.

Not that the other ladies here were anything to write home about. Huntington-Whitley was comically bad, but we all know she was hired as window dressing, and no one else in TF3 did anything of note. Minka Kelly was bland and painfully limited in “The Roommate”. As long as Freida Pinto continues to get work, she’s going to have plenty of shots at a Leg Lamp, and Lucy Punch? Well hopefully for her sake her role in “Bad Teacher” was just an attempt to be funny gone horribly awry.

None of them blew their role like January Jones, however.

Your 2011 FMR MAJOR Award Winner for Worst Actress.

Let me hear it people, did I hit the bullseye with this one or miss the mark? Do you think she was the worst of the bunch, or did I let one of these ladies off easy? Which of these actresses did YOU think was the worst? Commentez vous! Commentez vous!



33 thoughts on “The 2011 FMR MAJOR Award Winner for Worst Actress

  1. I’m beginning to question my love for January Jones in general now, after seeing this, her terrible stint on SNL and that Liam Neeson film she was in.

    Definitely the worst.

  2. Wow… she actually looks stiff and wooden in that picture. It shouldn’t be possible to tell the difference in acting from a still image, but… there it is. Well, at least she fills out Emma Frost’s lingerie costume well.

    • You would THINK that that would offset things.

      But nope, it really didnt.

      If we could get some sound clips to go with that picture you could absolutely recreate that sceen from the movie. I dont think she actually like, moves at all. LOL

      • You know, there was supposed to be a strike-through for the word “lingerie” in my comment. Oh well, I guess the joke works anyway. Sorry to hear she gave such a bad performance. I never thought of Emma Frost as anything but a flat character (so to speak) anyway, but it’d be nice to have them at least try to prove me wrong.

      • When Frost is written well in the comics, she’s not so flat. Gelf hits it on the head below, Frost puts out a front of haughtiness, but she also has style and enough charisma that she is able to connect with disaffected young people and draw them in.

        Was there anything charismatic in Jones’s performance? Absolutely not. It’s probably her acting, but it may also be a directorial misreading of her character. Considering how much went right with XM:FC though, I think it’s more her acting.

      • Agree with you @K26dp. Emma Frost has this cold charisma which just wasn’t translated to screen at all. January Jones sucked it all away.

    • Always thought She was supposed to be ‘Haughty’, almost like royalty, but more arrogant. January Jones tried (I think) for ‘aloof’ but couldn’t quite get there, and settled for ‘absent’ instead.

    • If we get her another Leg Lamp, plus the golden globes, we’ll be halfway to building JAnuary Jones 2.0.

      I bet it’ll act just as well. LOL

      (I dont think she wont the Globes though, just nominated) πŸ˜€

    • So…

      Wondering where my comment from this afternoon wound up. LOL

      Some unrelated post probably has a comment to the effect of I wonder what they’ll do with her character now that Don’s getting remarried. If he gets the kids, they’d never even have to show her again.

  3. I can’t disagree with this one at all considering she is just not good in anything she does really. I don’t watch Mad Men but after watching her SNL stint, Unknown, and X-Men: First Class, I don’t really think she’s anything special. Nice job here man!

  4. Fascinating… I never thought she was good in Mad Men. I felt like she just reacted well to her better co-stars acting… aw well. Cheers…

    • She had the one big season that her storyline was almost primary… the one that ends with the divorce, I think.

      I thought she was doing a very good job there, and she was getting a ton of props for it. That was the season she got her Emmy nod.

      But, if you saw it coming, you’re more observant than I was! πŸ˜€ I’m guessing you’d probably be in agreement here then…

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