Tossin’ It Out There: What Movies are YOU looking forward to in 2012?

Alright, alright!

2011 is in the rearview mirror, 2012 is looming large ahead. We’ve already seen the first major release of the year (the much maligned yet commercially successful “Devil Inside”), the rest are coming up fast!

It’s going to be a huge year for the big blockbuster. Three huge superhero movies with “The Avengers”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, and “The Amazing Spider-Man” plus the return of James Bond in “Skyfall”, and Peter Jackson revisits Middle Earth with “The Hobbit”! But wait! There’s more! Quentin Tarantino returns with “Django Unchained”, Leonardo DiCaprio stars in the “The Great Gatsby” and the “American Pie” gang reunite for “American Reunion” LOL.

Tons of movies, a whole year’s worth… all still waiting to come out .

Which ones have you excited? Dr Suess’ “The Lorax”? Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus”? Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows”? The remake of “Total Recall”?

Here’s a good link if you’d like to look over the 2012 release schedule

So let’s hear it folks! Which movies are you excited for most? It looks like a completely LOADED year full of blockbusters… which ones do YOU want to see? 😀


93 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What Movies are YOU looking forward to in 2012?

  1. No one’s mentioned Silent House yet, which I’m added to the list. Being a bit of a horror junkie, like the look of this. Especially as it’s meant to look like all one take and real time.. interesting!

  2. I’m growing exhausted with comic book movies in general, so EPIC MARVEL MOVIE and EPIC BATMAN MOVIE aren’t really speaking loudly to me at the moment. I’m certainly going to go see them– but there are things I’d rather see instead, and things I’d rather do with my time. Mostly I feel like I’m seeing both films out of obligation and investment; it’s impossible for me to avoid either or both of them since I’ve seen all of the films that have led up to their creation and impending releases. I have to see them. That’s really it, for the time being, though the EPIC BATMAN MOVIE trailer has me at least somewhat intrigued.

    I’ve got my 15 up on my blog, but my number one is easily The Hobbit. I love Tolkien’s world, I love Jackson’s cinematic interpretation of it, and I love revisiting it through each Rings film. Getting a chance to see new areas of Middle Earth and see Jackson filter my favorite Tolkien work through his artistic lens is thrilling to me. The trailer’s a nice bit of build-up to the film, but what’s really got me enthused are the production diaries, which tell us far more about Jackson’s energy and passion for the project than anything else. Plus, the diaries are just magnetic. I really appreciated all of the behind-the-scenes stuff done on the LOtR trilogy, and the diaries released for The Hobbit work the same kind of magic. So basically I’m already there, in the theater, just waiting for the show to start.

    After that it’s a toss-up. Gravity is at the top for me, but I’m just as interested in that as I am in Brave and Cabin In the Woods. I think, though, that I have to put Prometheus at #2 just because seeing what Scott does with his Alien prequel is important for any film buff.

    Also: Only God Forgives. Refn’s one of my favorite directors working today, Drive was my favorite movie of 2011, and I completely support Refn and Gosling teaming up again.

    • Heh. Yeah, I know right, you have a very popular post up on this.

      Which I read, by the way, I just didnt comment on, I figured I’d let the dust settle!

      Personally, I’m a big comic book nerd, so I’m amped for the big comic book movies. But I can understand the sentiment and sympathize with your position,

      Glad to hear youre so amped up for “The Hobbit” the LotR series was some of the best stuff ever, and youre right, its exciting just to know the new chapter is on its way.

      I second your point on Prometheus, but I’m going to have to say… so far, “Brave” hasnt done anything for me. Pixar obviously has an incredible track record, I’m glad theyre addressing a female heroine… but the trailer I’ve seen doesnt wow me. I’m open to the potential awesomeness, of course. But as of right now, if you put a list of 10 2012 movies I could see TODAY, I wouldnt pick “Brave”

      Just sayin’ buddy, thats where I am as of mid-January on it.

  3. I’m sure there will be several I’ll see; tops for me are the following-
    Hobbit (pt1)
    Bourne Legacy
    The Wettest County

    *note: NOT a fan of movies where kids killing kids unless android or animated

      • not offended at all; people like what they like; just some things not for me

        411 WC – Three brothers find their bootlegging business under threat in Prohibition-era Franklin County, Virginia. Stars Shia LeBouff, Ryan Gosling, Scarlett Johansson, Guy Pearce, Gary Oldman; produced by Weinsteins.

  4. All these comments and no one has mentioned Terrence Malick new movie, with Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams??? “The Tree of Life on Steroids” as Jack Fisk called it. How can you not be intrigued? 😉

    • Cap? Literally? I thought you were joking.

      I was like cmon, that guys makes one movie every decade…

      And then I looked on IMDb, and yeah… supposedly he’s got something coming out next year? oO WHOA!!

      I am intrigued. For sure. Although I hoe it is NOT the tree of life on Steroids. Who knows what that would be.

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