New Episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!

Here we go here we go here we go!

This is part two of our two part year end special. Here, Tank and I go over the Best and Worst that 2011 had to offer.

Our worst movies, our guilty pleasures, our honorable mentions, and of course, our top ten films (each) of the year!

It’s our biggest episode yet, and undoubtedly one of our best… It’s easy when you’re going over as many great films as we touch upon here.

So check it out, see what you think! It’s out Best and Worst Movies of 2011!! You can download our play it directly by clicking here, or as always, look for us on iTunes!


6 thoughts on “New Episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!

  1. Finally got smart and brought my iPod and ear buds to work. Loved the Podcast as always…you guys have definitely found your comfort zone….and it shows. The banter is hilarious! Usually I am alone here, but there were meetings going on today and few times I laughed out loud, forgetting no one else knew that I was listening to anything. haha

    Enjoyed the guilty pleasures talk… should be a Tossin’ it Out There topic…

    Loved all your top choices too. (Sadly I am unfamiliar with the “scarred boy” flick…never saw any of them) Money Ball, Tattoo…..interesting comments. I am totally with you on the Muppets…..LOVED IT….probably going to show it at my daughter’s grad party this summer. (We have a movie screen in my backyard)….okay 2 pieces of plywood painted white, but still….

    Okay, “Movie Knowers of All Things” (or at least Most All)
    Please explain: “4th Wall” and this term “Meta” you keep using…..
    ……I would Wiki-Look-It-Up today, but, you know…..

    I am sure I, at one time, knew what they meant…but, those knowledge nuggets, must have gotten pushed deep into the shadows of my brain….. somewhere between … to fill out college financial aid forms and how to do laundry.

    • Full response later – but real quick, “Meta” is when an entertainment product comments on itself as an entertainment product… A good example is in “The Muppets” when they would talk about how the audience doesn’t remember them anymore. That’s something that people would be able to say about the movie itself.

      So essentially, the movie is referencing the movie.

      The Fourth Wall refers to the fact that tv/movie sets only have three walls (so the cameras can set up and film the room). Thus the “Fourth Wall” would be the wall between the actors and the audience.

      They use the term “Breaking the fourth wall” whenever someone talks directly to the audience. Like Ferris Bueller at the beginning of the movie. That’s what that is.

      Hope that makes sense.

      • Ahh……..Okay, thanks, and a lightening fast response too…impressive! Keeping it simple so I can understand it…..much appreciated! 🙂

    • Yeah, guilty pleasures will come soon. That was a topic I had in mind awhile ago, but wanted to wait til everyone was comfortable. 😀 I’d say we’re there now.

      Meanwhile, thank you as always for your feedback. If you’ve never watched the Potter series, it’s pretty rock solid. A lot of people I know have been catching up on it now that they’re all out. Very entertaining, although the last one is definitely the craziest.

      Thats cool you have somewhere to screen home movies. There was just a bunch of comments in the Tossin it out there this week about how memorable that can be! And of course… you cant go wrong with the Muppets!!!

  2. A little late, but I finally listened to this episode. I’m right there with you on Hugo Fogs. It doesn’t deserve all its buzz.
    As for Dragon Tattoo being a remake, I don’t know… is it? Its a second adaptation from a novel, not sure if you can consider it a remake of a Swedish film which also adapted that novel. I’m hesitant to call it a remake.

    • LOL. I reply to comments mainly through Gmail, and that doesnt let me figure out what post some of the time. I was like, how far back IS that? 😀

      Thats cool you’re checking out old episodes though, hope you have fun with ’em man. Love getting the feedback.

      Thanks for the Hugo backup. It was really a good flick, its just that critics fawned over it, and no one acknowledged how freaking slow it was at times. You know?

      I still havent gotten to the original GWTDT. I definitely hear what you’re saying… but anytime a film exists prior? People will consider it a remake. So… kind of semantics I guess, we’ve all just accepted that term.

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