The Joy of Sharing Movies – by Philip Chiappini!!

So what makes up a true film fan? Must one be willing to camp on the sidewalk for advanced screening tickets, wear costumes to the theater, or own the entire Criterion Collection in Betamax? While those might be traits of a movie fanatic (or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), I think it’s much more simple than that. To me, anyone who’s love of film defines their personality is a real movie lover. They’re actually pretty easy to spot. They have a well groomed list of favorite movies. Good films fill them with joy, but they’d rather see an absolutely horrendous movie than sit through mediocrity.

Also, they’re most likely avid readers of Fog’s Movie Reviews (wink, wink).

Now that we’ve established our collective status as true movie fans, I’d like to discuss a topic I think we can all agree on: Even more joyous than viewing a good film, is the fulfillment that comes from sharing it with someone else. I can think back to a few times when I got the chance to share a truly amazing film with someone that knew nothing about it. Because we just survived another winter holiday season, the example that comes most readily to my mind involves my wife and Bruce Willis.

We were dating when Live Free or Die Hard was released. I showed her the trailer and asked her she’d see it with me on opening night. I was completely shocked when she answered back that she’d never seen any of the Die Hard films! Not only is Die Hard a favorite Christmas movie of mine, but easily one of the best action movies of all time — it takes a pretty damn good movie to keep that kind of ranking after 20+ years and two piss-poor sequels. So we decided to watch the Die Hard trilogy before the fourth film came out. Anyone that’s ever done something similar knows how fun and nerve racking it can be. I paid more attention to my wife than I did the movie. Would she laugh at the right times? For the right reasons? Would Die Hard hold up for someone that hadn’t seen it in 1988?

Luckily, she really enjoyed the movie; enough to later choose it from the limited selection at the hospital during our son’s lengthy delivery. There really isn’t any reason to go into the next two films because, let’s face it, they suck. We watched them just to get prepared for Live Free or Die Hard — which isn’t much compared to the original but is far better than either of the other sequels. But whatever, we at least had a fun time at the theater. Come to think of it, we introduced each other to some really good movies. But I would have to say that the time I introduced her to John McClane remains as one of my fondest memories of our courtship. That may sound lame to some people. However, I feel comfortable here amongst this group of movie fans because there’s an understanding that when we share our most loved  movies, we are actually sharing a part of ourselves. I suppose you could say the same about our most hated films too, but lets save that for another time.

I want to thank Phil for contributing to our Guest Blogger series! I think it’s a great piece that lets everyone here get to know him a little better, and that’s really what I like best about having guest spots here. Thanks again for your contribution, Phil!!

Please take a moment and check out his blog!


25 thoughts on “The Joy of Sharing Movies – by Philip Chiappini!!

  1. Great story! Love the idea of sharing old films with the people closest to us in our lives. Films you’ve enjoyed and want to share and hope people love it as much as you.

  2. Nice story. I’ve had similar situations with sharing favorite movies and TV shows. Especially gratifying was turning Fogs on to Veronica Mars (and hopefully Red Belt sooner or later). I turned quite a few people onto Fight Club who were sort of determined not to see it for some reason. One friend I physically had to drag to the theater and see it again with him (not exactly a torture for me 😉 ). Also a huge triumph for me was introducing my 12 YO nephew to the Blues Brothers. Now he wants us to dress up together as the Blues Brothers for Halloween. *sniff* We’re onna mission from gawd! 😀

  3. Phil, you are lucky to have that someone to evaluate movies with. Although my wife and I enjoy the same kind of debriefing after a movie, our movie tastes are quite different and that presents a limiting factor. She likes romances, some comedies, feel good movies, and I like action adventures, thrillers, sci-fi, horror, comedies…etc. If a movie crosses genres we have a better chance at agreeing to see it. If not, I use FMR to convince her.

    • Actually, we only really overlap on action movies; which I guess is good since it’s one of my favorite genres. She won’t watch indie films or dark-comedies with me though. Generally I will give anything a chance though, so I end up watching a lot romantic comedies with her (ugh), but every once in a while I can get her to watch western with me.

  4. Awww…where’s the “like” button…oh wait, wrong site. 🙂

    Nice write up. I do understand too. I think I’ve told Fogs before, but I never saw Ferris Bueller in the theater. I watched it with my then boyfriend (who told me I “had” to see it)…..the end of the movie came…..that’s how I knew he was going to ask me to marry him. It’s been 20 years, so, I guess it was worth watching! 🙂 Ahh memories!

  5. Ahaaha I totally agree Philip. People sometime ask me why I make it a point of wanting to see movies with them (even though most of the time, I’ve already seen them). That’s exactly why! There is a certain pleasure in sharing things that are you found joy in.

  6. I think I’ve been on the receiving end of this more often than the sharing end. Though I’m going to get my brother to see Dr. Strangelove if I have to get him a headlock to do it (which I hope I don’t, because that’s not easy.) He loves war movies, he loves comedies, and he’s never seen it. /shakes head

  7. Now I could point out how you’re grossly underrating “Die Hard: With A Vengeance”, but I suppose that would be to miss the point.

    Good write up here. It is a great feeling to share a great film with someone. I also like when someone finds a film you love in a way unrelated to you. One day in class, my friend just turns to me and says, “I watched this awesome movie on the weekend. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it. It’s called ‘Dog Day Afternoon’.” It was a pretty awesome moment.

    • I would have to say that Die Hard: With A Vengeance is my least favorite of the trilogy; however, that doesn’t mean that I don’t find it at least somewhat entertaining.

      It is always fun when someone “happens” upon a brilliant movie not knowing how good it is. That is how I found Dog Day Afternoon as well. It just happened to be on IFC or something and I was just blown away that I’d never seen it before.

      • Wow. Yeah, I guess that would be a treat to “luck into”

        LOL… Hmmm… whats this? Oh, Al Pacino’s in it? I guess I can check it out…


        That’s a top 20 all time flick for me, man.

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