Tossin’ It Out There: Which Movies Are YOUR Guilty Pleasures?

The time has come.

The long-awaited Tossin’ It Out There topic that everyone dreads and loves at the same time.

Guilty Pleasures.

It’s a topic that has been suggested several times since we started these threads. I didn’t want to pull the trigger on it until the comfort level was there though. After all, they’re CALLED Guilty Pleasures because people feel GUILTY admitting they like them.

But the time has arrived. We all know each other well enough. Time to fess up. Which movies do YOU like, but don’t like to admit it.

I usually withhold my own answers until the threads are well established… but… seeing as someone needs to test the water for everyone, I’ll give an example myself.



D’oh God! Ok. It’s “Empire Records”. Ok? See? It’s not so hard.

I don’t care. Its got a bunch of hot young chicks and then they sing to “If You Want Blood (You Got It)” and the one little punk shoplifts and then rags on everyone and Robin Tunney shaves her head. What can I say?

You have yours, too. You know you do. So let’s hear ’em. And be considerate to others as best you can. No ragging on others until you’ve shared your own!

That said. Let’s hear it. Which movies are YOUR guilty pleasures? Cough ’em up.


145 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: Which Movies Are YOUR Guilty Pleasures?

  1. First of all I’d like to apologize to you all, to myself and to the God of Cinema for what I’m about to write. Alright, let’s do this.
    “Cruel Intentions”, “Me, Myself and Irene”, “Pearl Harbor”, “Mission Impossible 2″… There may be others – there surely are -, but these come to my mind first. Well, I guess that all I need sometimes is kinky stuff, trashy comedy, sappy romanticism, “cruisy” action…

  2. I have such an epic-ly huge list of guilty pleasures, but I’ll only share the few that are probably among the worst..

    The Tomb Raider films – can’t help myself. I loved the games. I love Angie. Daniel Craig in #1. Gerard Butler in #2. Sorted.

    Coyote Ugly – I don’t usually watch a lot of chick flicks.. but this one, I can’t ever not watch.

    Cutthroat Island, First Knight, She’s All That, Gone in 60 Seconds, 13 Going on 30, Mission Impossible 2, Rambo (the newest one), Big Trouble in Little China, Romancing the Stone, Jewel of the Nile….

    • There’s a couple in there you shouldnt feel TOO guilty about Romancing the Stone, for example is a really good movie. And “Big Trouble” is a cult movie…

      Gone in 60 seconds works though. LOL. Love that one. The Tomb Raiders are fun, I like them too… Daniel Craig actually does a really bad American accent in those movies though. Its so funny to hear. You take it for granted in so many cases…

  3. Yeah, kind of like some others say, I really don’t have guilt over liking what I like. If anyone else, or even everyone else, dislikes it then so be it.

    As such, it’s hard for me to judge this. I love “The Hudsucker Proxy” a lot more than most people I think. I like “Airplane 2” almost as much as “Airplane!”. I think “The Rock” was a pretty good action movie and wonder why it went so wrong with Michael Bay. I’ve seen the original “Muppet Movie” about 100 times. Even though the movie isn’t that good, I enjoy watching “Clue” just because it’s fun watching funny people having fun.

    • You also have remarkable good taste in movies you think should be guilty pleasures, so that’s probably a factor.

      If you were a big fan of say, “The In Crowd” things might be different. LOL

      Proxy just didnt connect, I dont think its an issue of it being that bad, though Ive only seen it once around the time of its initial home release. Clue is definitely enjoyable, and… “The Rock” is probably Bay’s most palatble effort in my book. Still definitely a guilty pleasure though.

      I’ll meet you half way on Airplane 2.

      How about I just say it’s underrated.

      I dont want to join you in your blasphemous, heathen beliefs fully. LOL 😀

    • I’ll agree with you on The Rock. Not sure Clue counts as a guilty pleasure, though… cult classic, sure, but I actually thought it was pretty good (granted, it’s been years since I’ve seen it.) As for The Muppet Movie… definitely not guilty pleasure material there. That is a great film.

      • I didn’t think The Rock was a guilty pleasure.. maybe it is thinking about it more. I just love it. It’s Nicholas Cage being Nicholas Cage.

      • I have Bad Lieutenant recorded and waiting to be seen.

        I really should educate myself and watch his classics – Raising Arizona and Leaving Las Vegas. Still haven’t seen them!

    • I have to agree with you on “Clue”. I love it. In fact, when it was first released, I went to 3 different theaters so I could see the 3 different endings. Even today, when someone says “To make a long story short…” I want to say out loud “Too late!”

    • There’s no shame in that, or Empire Records. Both are fantastic movies that are textbook examples of their genres, IMO. Empire Records is the most enjoyable 90s Teen flick that was set in the 90s. (Of course, Dazed is superior), and Wild Things out Sexpense Thrillers even Basic Instinct.

      Also, I had posters of both of these films on my walls for years.

      In fact, aside from the Tweenage Disney stuff, and Twilight, I haven’t seen anything here that deserves “Guilty Pleasure” status. But then again, I like what I like, and *love* Cheese and Corn.

      If I had to take a stab though, probably the *worst* movie that I absolutely love is “Fantastic Planet”. Although, I first discovered that gem in another movie that I loved that everyone else thought was terrible, “The Cell”. I could probably list some more movies that other people hate that I love, but then I’d be compelled to defend them, and it seems I’ve already written a book instead of a comment. So now I’ll just throw out the fact that I enjoyed both Blair Witch movies, and then distract you all with…


      • Oh man. You LIKED Blair Witch 2? Eeesh. (I’m a big fan of the first one though)

        I cant even joke though, “The Cell” was a terrible flick. Just a sadistic pain to watch. I have little sympathy for you on that one. Same guy who did Immortals, although at least Immortals was comically bad.

        I suppose if you’re willing to have posters of Empire Records and Wild things on your wall, the concept of guilty pleasures might be lost on you. I always went standard, Apocalypse Now, Blues Brothers….

        Bill and Ted’s might be a decent example here. I guess it depends on how often you still watch it 😀 !

      • I had posters of everything, but that’s besides the point.

        I liked Blair Witch 2, yes. I haven’t watched it even once since opening day, though, so I have no idea if it would hold up. I know I wrote a review of it somewhere at the time. I’ll have to read it, and watch it again. I think a big part of not watching it again was how much the first didn’t hold up after multiple viewings.

        I think you’re underestimating the popularity of Empire Records and Wild Things, though. I never came across anyone in High School or Uni that didn’t at least enjoy both of them, and almost all girls my age loved the former, and guys loved the latter, with a decent crossover for both. I’m 32, a High School Grad of ’97, for context.

        I can totally understand most people thinking The Cell and Immortals are terrible. I didn’t really realize they were by the same person, but I can see it. I guess I can just easily forgive something that’s a meritless, foolish, trippy visual spectacle, as long as no one tries to tell me the film is anything more important than that.

  4. 4 words – HOT. TUB. TIME. MACHINE

    Maybe it’s the 80s retro and all the popculture of an era goneby or trying a redo at some pivotal past moment, but I get kick out of this even though I shouldn’t according to ‘Lougle’- I mean google. Ridiculous and hilarious, HTTM movie always has me in stitches. I know this is too lowbrow for me, but it is my guilty pleasure of a movie.

    “Great White Buffalo.” – Nick, Lou, & Adam

    • Not toooooo bad. I mean… Its not a great flick. I dont think the shame meter’s that bad on that one.

      I should rewatch. I enjoyed it through on the first pass. You know. It’s Cusack. Never a totally bad movie when the man gets involved!

    • LOL.

      Wait. I’m FINE with liking Showgirls man, I’m a big cheese fan… but by saying it’s “Way better than its reputation” are you implying you enjoy it on some kind of actually serious level? 😀

      And “The Net” has a unique place in history as one of the most dated movies ever 😉 Nice choice!

  5. The Matrix Revolutions and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. I feel really guilty that I not only like these two films, but love them. In the case of the former, I think a lot of the hate it gets is from backlash to the second film, but I still try to avoid bringing up how much I love the film.

    • Nooooo Ryan, I think Matrix Revolutions earns its own backlash brother. LOL

      It’s… I dont think… yeah, buddy, that one is all you 😀 It was pretty much one of the worst trilogy cappers ever. I have to look at the Matrix as a stand alone flick nowadays. LOL

    • I’m with you on Revolutions – I honestly didn’t mind it and all it’s gumpf!

      Dead Man’s Chest and adding At World’s End to my list too… I love me a bit of POTC. Not so much Stranger Tides. Well, not at all really!

      • It just bored me for whatever reason. Thought there were some great cast additions, but they were a bit wasted. I enjoyed the nonsensical World’s End and Dead Man’s Chest.

  6. I think I’d probably say Alien vs Predator. While it doesn’t have a great story line, and there are a few plot holes I could point out, I love it for the fact it’s a crossover between two of my favourite movie characters of ALL TIME.

    One thing I don’t like [aside from the sequel] is that two of the three Predators die way too fast.

    Speaking of the sequel, the Predator-Alien hybrid was kinda cool.

    • I have to confess.

      I’ve steered clear. They took a bashing, and I guess I didnt want to see R Scott’s masterpiece finally distilled down to nothing but the creature. 😦

      I know enough to say they count here, pretty much!

      And Prometheus comes out this summer, so hopefully its a return to GLORY!

  7. Fogs-
    Sorry its taken me so long to respond to this…And after reading through something like 130 comments I cannot believe that “Roadhouse” is being mentioned for the first time…Swayze (respect) as the zen master bouncer in nowherseresville shitopollis- a town run by Ben F’ing Gazaara’s Brad Wesley- Shit- Even I know he was the inspriation for the Mustang you drive! Its got everything- Hot chicks, booze and the blind dude who plays guitar on its side like Jackson Browne’s guitarist….I know very few people who can turn away everytime one of Ted Turner’s networks decides to play it- which as best as I can figure is like once a month…

    • There’s one simple reason it hasn’t been mentioned –

      Pain don’t hurt.


      You know what’s really funny, to ME… I seperate cheese from guilty pleasures. Myself. YES. Roadhouse is the king of Cheese mountain. Undeniably. BUt I love it. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I do watch it a lot… I’m quick to point out its cheese, but I dont hesitate to say I love it.

      Something like Empire Records I feel a little guilty on. It’s pretty flimsy. You know? It’s just me though. So, your mileage may vary.

      But be on the lookout for the second of your two FMR influential ideas (The Cheese shop – or whatever I decide to title it) to launch in the next few months. I have it slotted in post Bond. 😀 Puttin’ your stamp on this place behind the scenes Poppa.

  8. Oh I hear you…I suppose in my mind, if it aint good and cheezy, how could it be a guilty pleasure…you know, we’re not talking Bergman here…If its a guilty pleasure, I would say…its cheese, I know it, love it and can probably quote it…

    I guess my question is; can it not be cheezy and a guilty pleasure? I suppose one man’s cheese is another’s film gold..Case in point, I would consider “Kingpin” a MTESS….Is it also a guilty pleasure if I must watch it every time its on?

    • I suppose the operative word in the whole thing is guilty. So, if you’re feeling guilty about it, I guess yeah it can.

      To steal a line from the movie… I don’t know… it’s fun though, isn’t it? 😀

    • “Kingpin” is a great movie. When I was a film critic, I put “Kingpin” on my best of the year list.

  9. The Last Samurai, is a guilty pleasure.
    I feel guilty, because it’s a Tom Cruise movie, and I can’t lie, it’s a great movie! I’m a sucker for a great Samurai movie, be it classic Mifune, Kurosawa, etc …( who I’d watch in anything) and The Last Samurai just ticks all the boxes, great performances all round, Ken Watanabe, Hiroyuki Sanada ( of Twilight Samurai fame, Sunshine, too) are excellent and deliver the full essence of the Samurai code in their performances, this is no Shogun ( Richard Chamberlain ) meets Dances with Wolves. and no matter how many snobbish sneers I hear regarding this movie, I will always watch it when it’s on TV, and may have to get the Blu ray now.

    • LOL, you shouldnt feel guilty just because its Cruise!! He hasnt fallen that bad has he?

      Anyways, Last Samurai is a great flick… right up to the end. I just didn’t care for the Hollywood final few minutes (although I havent seen it in a long time). No spoilers. Lets just say. Surviving in order to do what they did, etc… just way too Hollywood for me.

      But hey, in a guilty pleasures thread, there’s basically no room for criticism. LOL

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