The LAMB’s Movie of the Month will be…

The Large Association of Movie Blogs’ Movie of the Month

Hey everyone. So, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you all for your support on the LAMB’s Movie of the Month poll. As you know, I’m scheduled to be on the next LAMBcast (recording this Saturday),Β and it will be about this month’s movie of the month. So I was hoping to get a movie that I could really get enthusiastic about.. that’s why I asked for your help.

Turns out some blogger sent a bunch of people to vote in the poll, though… and so the Movie of the Month wound up being…

“The Shining”!



“The next MOTM will be The Shining, which led pretty much the whole time thanks to a strong push from Fogs’ Movie Reviews and finished with a hefty 26.7% of the votes.”

I promise to bring my “A Game”Β both the podcast and the MTESS I’ll be doing for “The Shining” in conjunction with it being the Movie of the Month!

I just wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention and thank you all for your support!


38 thoughts on “The LAMB’s Movie of the Month will be…

  1. Wow, this may be one of the first times since I joined that there will be a MOTM that I’ve actually seen. Congrats on (crosses out “stuffing the ballot box” and replaces it with) “your incredible good luck” to get the movie you wanted. MuaHaHaHaHaha…

    • See? Boom. Now that its one youve seen… you can participate and enjoy.

      I didnt want to have to watch some flick I havent seen and not know if I even liked it or not.

      On the stuffing the ballot box, I’m happy to say they’re changing things up going forward (as I’m sure youve seen in the forums) to ENCOURAGE that sort of thing. What surprised me was that apparenlty, I was the only blogger steering people to the poll to vote. So from here out, (or soon) Dylan and Joel have expressed interest in having people “champion” movies like I did here…

      • Yeah, I did see that and I like the idea a lot. Even when we all have our links to the Lamb in our various blogrolls, I think that actively linking in posts helps a lot more, and especially if you give them something specific to do, like vote in a poll. Good work!

    • Ohhhh It’s a winner, man. Stanley Kubrick, Jack Nicholson… maybe all the hype I throw around in the next few weeks will push you over the edge and get you to finally check it off your list πŸ˜€

  2. Awesome! I am looking forward to listening to your podcast! Recently, I watch ‘A Clockwork Orange,’ by Kubrick I think I will watch ‘The Shining’ before the podcast.

      • No I haven’t πŸ™‚ You know I am always behind on watching surprisingly great mainstream movies. I will be sure to watch ‘The Shining’ because lately, I’ve been catching up on a lot of movies from the 80’s (The Outsiders, Pretty in Pink, St. Elmo’s Fire, etc.) in order to be more well rounded in reviewing. I found that a lot of movies in the 80’s and early 90’s are actually better than many of the movies put out today. I wonder what has happened since then?

      • Hollywood studios got bit by the mindset of corporate america. Movies are merely a path to a dollar. LOL.

        Naw… The truth is its easy to look back and be nostalgic about “a given decade” because we only choose to go back and revisit the BEST of that time. The cream of the crop. No one goes back to say – oh yeah, there were shitty, disposable, stupid movies being made then too.

        Plus, on the opposite side, even what we consider GOOD movies now will be washed away by time. Peoples top 10s for 2011? Reduce that to top 3s to top 5s and you get the sense of how many movies will be honored by time to be remembered as “Films of a given decade” probably like 30 – 50 per decade sounds right to me.

        I think once that filtering happens, the current era will looks fine too.

      • As a hobby and a fun nostalgic get-together activity, I occasionally compile DVDs of 80s movies trailers for my poker group. But I haven’t limited it just to the ones we remember, but to any films that have trailers that I could find, randomly selected with about 50 per disc.

        Since I do random selection, I’ve got the trailers all ready before hand, those I could find, and of course that means I’ve seen all of those trailers at least once due to hunting them down. Just on the ones I’ve found DVD-quality versions of I’ve seen trailers for over 1400 films from the 80s. So believe me when I say that Fogs is absolutely right about there being a lot of forgotten garbage in that decade. For every Empire Strikes Back, there’s a Forbidden Zone; for every Planes, Trains and Automobiles, there are ten Police Academy 6s.

  3. When it first came out, it bored me to tears. Many years later, I watched it a second time and am I glad my tastes changed. It wasn’t that it was scary but after watching it, it creeped me out. Now I love it.

    • I’m looking forward to the joy of breaking it down… I still think its scary as hell. But I saw it too young, too, so that always has an impact.

      Just ask your boy about Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc LOL

  4. The ending to “The Shining” was changed. On opening night instead of seeing Jack’s frozen body in the labyrinth, Shelly Duvall is talking to the hotel manager as he explains Jacks body can’t be found! What happened to him? Did he disappear into the past? The photo above shows him at the hotel ball. Maybe he’s there? Or maybe he’ll be at Lambcast this Saturday to say “Here’s Danny”!

  5. Good luck! I look forward to this. Mainly because I actually do not like The Shining. Probably in part due to the fact I read The Shining before I ever saw it, and I love the book. My favorite King book, actually. The movie just didn’t do it for me. The acting felt poor, except from Jack himself, of course. It wasn’t as eerie as I wanted it to be.

    So! I’m actually hoping you will redeem it for me. Point out something I’ve overlooked, maybe. Some awesome bit of directing or acting that I’ve been too cynical to notice.

    On a completely different note, I pose a question from a recent game of Movie Consensus I played with my family, just because I found the discussion that followed it intriguing and wanted to open it up to a greater audience. The situation: You are a man who has rented out a theater to propose to a girl. The movie will play, and after it’s final scene, the screen will go black except for the words, “Will you marry me, ?” Your movie choices are: The Shining, Escape from Alcatraz, Bruno, Wayne’s World, Psycho, Ghostbusters (there were a couple of others, but I no longer remember them and they weren’t any better, so let’s leave it at these). What do you choose and why?

    If you’re like me, you start actually playing the final scenes of all those movies in your head, just to imagine them with a following proposal. Makes for an interesting head trip. πŸ˜‰

    • First: HEY! DocQ! So good to see you again!

      Second: I think a really good comedy would the best proposal type movie, rather than a romance or thriller or horror. Laughing releases all those good endorphins and puts you in a good happy place emotionally. So, of those named, I’d probably say Ghostbusters.

      • Thanks, Gelf! It’s good to be back to posting long-winded rants somewhere too! πŸ˜‰ Nice to be able to toss thoughts back and forth with the old crew, too; in other words, nice to see you as well!

        And true enough. Plus, as my brother pointed out at the time, at least Ghostbusters ends with the Sigourney Weaver/Bill Murray kiss, so kind of fitting.

    • Gotta side with the Ogre. Plus there’s the mildly romantic Bill Murray/Sigourney Wever stuff. The only other movie with a shred of romance is Wayne’s World.

      Although, part of me leans towards “The Shining”. I would need to set a tone for the marriage up front. LOL.

      [Jack voice] Honey? I love you. But one day I will come after you with an axe… [/Jack Voice]

      In the meantime, Challenge accepted!! Not that I didn’t already plan on doing my best. But the one thing that I always tty to accomplish on the MTESS’s is WHY I think they’re must sees. The Lambcast – same mission. So at the very least, I shall put my best argument out there Q!

  6. Congratulations on getting your way with this, Fogs. I know it would have been rough if it hadn’t been a film you knew and loved. Looking forward to that MTESS article; The Shining is one of the few genuinely good horror films I’ve seen.

  7. Congrats on the Shining. That would have been my vote anyway. I like this movie but I’ll admit that I didn’t completely understand the transformation the first time I saw it. But because of that I think it was creeper for me that way. I wasn’t sure of what to expect, and those two little girls freaked me out. Can’t wait for your podcast, it’ll be great. When your done you can “come and play with us Danny, forever and ever and ever and ever…” Don’t work too hard on it either because “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

    • Nowww youre getting in the spirit Ray!

      How’d you like some ice cream, Doc?


      Only thing is, I dont consider it work at all. Trust me, there are plenty of things I do here at times that I DO consider work. But studying, researching and watching the Shining? Hell no. That’s a bonus of this whole thing. Without the context of the blog, that has little meaning. But now? Hell, I can overblow its importance and go to town!! πŸ˜€ Ha.

  8. Congrats on your ‘Movie of the Month” !! This movie scared the heck out of me. Looking forward to your guest podcast. Go, Dan !!!

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