Actor Ben Gazzara passes away at age 81

According to the New York Times, veteran actor Ben Gazzara has passed away today, at the age of 81.

Gazzara has 133 acting credits to his name on IMDb, dating back to 1952. I know that for myself, and for many of my friends, however, he will always be best known for his roles as Jackie Treehorn in “The Big Lebowski” and the villanous Brad Wesley in “Road House”.

Gazzara was battling pancreatic cancer, and passed away at Bellevue hospital in New York.


11 thoughts on “Actor Ben Gazzara passes away at age 81

  1. Sad to see him go, but at least he lived a long life unlike a lot of cancer patients. Like you, I mostly know him for The Big Lebowski and Road House. I didn’t think pancreatic cancer was very common (though maybe I’m mistaken); kind of eerie that it took both leads of one movie (though at least we’ve still got Sam Elliott).

  2. One of his movies in my collection is “Capone”. He was a great actor and will be missed. He also made that transition from movies to TV wiht “Run For Your Life”. So long, Ben.

    • He did so many movies… I was actually really surprised at how few of them I had actually seen. Thats one of them… I wonder if some of these will start to get some airiings this week due to his passing? I hope they will… I’d like to check some of them out.

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