Tossin’ It Out There: What do YOU think of Denzel Washington?

“Safe House” comes out this weekend, and I have to say, I’m looking forward to it. I know, I know, there are some bad signs. The Feb release date, the fact it doesnt have any reviews out yet… but we may get to see Denzel totally acting menacing and too smart for Ryan Reynolds (and Reynolds looking dumb ass, LOL)!

Regardless of how that movie turns out, I thought it was a good excuse to turn our discussion this week to the man himself.

He’s a two time Academy Award winner (Glory and Training Day) who’s been known of late for his action movies (4 out of his last 5). But he’s had a 30 year career now… so if you want to see him in something different, there’s plenty to choose from. In fact, his filmography is pretty varied. And has tons of great movies.

What are YOUR thoughts? Are you a fan? What’s your favorite movie of his, or your favorite character he played? Do you wish he would turn his attention back to Oscar worthy films, or are you happy to see him kicking ass and taking names?

What do YOU think of Denzel Washington??


92 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What do YOU think of Denzel Washington?

  1. Last film of his I’ve watched would probably be Virtuosity, which I rewatched late last year, and still enjoy. Did that come out before or after the one where he’s chasing a body snatching demon that keeps whistling “Time is on my Side” by the Stones?

    Anyway, I liked both of those movies, and I’ve been mildly interested in several others of his, but just never enough to pony up the dough/time required for a Denzel joint. I’d really, really like to watch Hurricane, but every time I think I should, I listen to the song and watch Dazed and Confused again instead.

    • LOL! The Emporrrrriuuummmm….

      I can see Wooderson on the prowl now. Reminds me of my days at the Cloverleaf. I owned that place. I should have been getting a piece of the till. LOL. That song never sounded cooler than it does in that scene. Linklater has a way man. On that soundtrack at least… I mean, its totally killer.

      Wait. Were you saying something?

  2. It is very rare when an actor truly transforms himself into a character. This is especially difficult when there is an actual recorded history of the character. What I am awkwardly trying to say is that Denzel Washington’s portrayal of Malcolm X is simply one of the finest performances of all time.
    I am with those who remember St. Elsewhere…and yes, his performances in everything from Glory to Mo Better Blues to Philadelphia and even Training Day were all wonderful….but this man in this film was simply transformative.

    • He was the embodiment for sure.

      Do you rank it ahead of the other great transformative biopics? Off the top of my head do you put it ahead of Kingsley’s Gandhi or Foxx’s Ray Charles?

      • I think it would be fair to say that Kingsley’s Gandhi is on par…I put Foxx’s Ray Charles on tier 2 with Wil Smith’s Ali

      • Aw cmon man.

        I’m not ready to extend much praise for him beyond that flick (though he’s had moments here and there…) but dude. In Ray? He was awesome.

        Smith was surpirsingly good as Ali. No Oscar Soup for you though Wil!

  3. Never a bad performance, always enhances the plot, makes any movie better, that is how I would describe Denzel. Top notch actor who needs a string of very good movies to be in. Something that he can put all his specialties into, strong character, action sequences, romantic partner, and a long solid diatribe to deliver.

  4. Denzel Washington is an interesting case. Hes a well-respected and talented actor. And yet, his movie choices always seem drenched in mediocrity. He hasn’t really been in any truly great films. He usually just does plain jane movies all the time.

    • Aw, cmon, man. Thats harsh. Maybe you’re right thathis resume is devoid of any films that have made my top 50, but there’s tons of them that are like top 250…

      Training Day, Inside Man, Man on Fire, Crimson Tide? I love all of those… Plus the heavy drama stuff was really good X, Hurricane, Philedelphia….He’s done some really really good stuff at times!

  5. I love Denzel Washington and I have seen most of his movies. The thing about him is that he is much more of a classic movie star than an actor’s actor. The guy oozes charisma on-screen but overall, he has fairly limited range and tends to play similar characters time and time again. There is nothing wrong with that because he is so good at playing these kind of characters.

    My favorite of his is probably Training Day in terms of performance. As for favorite movie, there is too many of them. I really grew up on Denzel Washington movies in a way πŸ˜‰

    • “The thing about him is that he is much more of a classic movie star than an actor’s actor”

      It seems as though thats where he’s at now, for sure. There was a time though where he was really trying a bunch of different stuff.

      Hell, I remember when Training Day came out…. what a big shocker it was that he was going to be playing a “Bad Guy”. LOL That alone was enough to get everyong excited.

  6. Is this latest role any different from any other role he has ever played? Perhaps he will take his chance at being an anti-hero. Great actor, versatile nonetheless.

    • Ohhhhh cmon Aidy!! He’s done some stuff.

      How about his lawyer in Philadelphia? That’s not the same guy as Creasy or Harris. Malcolm X?

      Cmon now…

      Although I’ll grant you this, he does seem to be stuck in a bit of a rut. Although in unbreakable he was a very different guy. Unassuming… you know.

  7. He’s just so damn likable. How do you not melt when that sly smile pops up. The man oozes swag. On top of that, the man is actually talented. I supposed I just want to like him so bad that any stinkers he’s in don’t really give him bad marks in my book.

      • Haha yeah that was a total gush. And thanks for the beehive compliment. It’s weird though because our little pics were made a while ago and I have since chopped off all my hair. Oh well!

  8. I think he’s one of many great actors who have chosen far too many disappointing roles lately. But yeah, when the dude’s ON, he is amazing. Reading this post has made me want to revisit Training Day. Love that movie.

  9. Talented actor indeed. Needs to go back to serious work, though.

    I saw Safe House tuesday. My review up this morning.

    His best films? Hurricane, Remember the Titans, and American Gangster.

    • Wasn’t the hugest fan of American Gangster. I’m going to have to revisit it. TONS of talent involved… I thought it played its cards too close to the vest. Tried to keep things too low key…

      I’ll check out your review after mine’s up. Standard Operating Procedure for me now is that I don’t read reviews until I write my own…

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