Now Showing on Cable: “Something Borrowed”

HBO’s new movie this weekend was last year’s “Something Borrowed”.

Starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield, and John Krasinki, “Something Borrowed” is a romantic comedy revolving around a woman (Goodwin) who lets her best friend (Hudson) from childhood always get her way, even including barging in on a college date she’s on. It turns out to be a fateful mistake, as the the stolen date eventually leads to an engagement.

But as the big day approaches, feelings that have been suppressed for years suddenly surface and the wedding is endangered.

Romantic comedy kind of tepidly ensues.

While at law school, Ginnifer Goodwin’s character is on a kind-of-a-date with the guy of her dreams. But her best friend, played by Kate Hudson, charges up and intrudes… Being a pushover, Goodwin fails to stand up for herself. Her date (Egglesfield) only makes a halfhearted to chase after her.

Now, years later, the obnoxious, drunken, boorish Hudson is getting ready to walk down the aisle with the man from that night so long ago. When she gets a little too plastered at a party, Goodwin’s character – the maid of honor – winds up finally hooking up with the Groom to be. When the two realize there’s feelings involved, the situation begins to get complicated.

The emphasis is on the romance here, there’s not a lot of comedy, and even the attempts to be funny that are there aren’t trying that hard. Goodwin and Egglesfield start hashing out their feelings, trying to keep Hudson in the dark, while John Krasinski advises Goodwin behind the scenes as one of those guy friends who’s just a friend.

I didn’t mind the movie, I didn’t think it was bad or anything. In fact, the fact that the film is just as much about Ginnifer Goodwin’s character increasing her self awareness, examining her own behavior patterns and learning to stand up to her best friend gave the movie an added degree of decency. Plus, it seemed to reject the standard romantic movie avenues at several points… setting you up to think things like, “ok, so here’s the big kiss”, and then doing something unexpected. Or, “Oh, ok, here’s where they hook up instead…” and then, nope.

::shrugs:: Maybe I just don’t watch enough romances for my finely honed movie prognostication senses to reach their normal acuity levels.

In spite of the decent character development and the occasionally unexpected choices they make, I really didn’t find myself laughing at all, so I can’t recommend it as a comedy, and the cast wasn’t the most charismatic crew, so I didn’t really buy into it as a romance.

Fans of the genre will probably get more mileage from it, but otherwise you’re on safe ground skipping it altogether.



5 thoughts on “Now Showing on Cable: “Something Borrowed”

  1. I realize it may be a bit unfair for me to make this judgment solely from your review, but it seems like there’s a good example here of just why I tend to not like romantic comedies (beyond the fact that I have a Y chromosome.) You’ve got three principal characters here… one woman is a boor, the other sounds passive-aggressive, and that woman and the male lead cheat with each other on the other woman.

    Movie producers… I know that as someone who isn’t a fan of the genre, I may not “get” all the ins and outs of it. But it seems to me that if you want me to root for the romance, you have to get me to root for the characters. I don’t see anybody to root for here.

    • Yeah… you almost have it nailed. I guess I didnt give Goodwin enough credit. She totally is a passive agressive pushover, but they make her seem sad and lonely and… I guess you wind up behind her a little bit.

      I was more happy with the fact that she finally wound up standing up for herself than with the romantic resolution at the end. It was decent enough I suppose, I really didnt feel like B ranging it though.

  2. They need to break the formula. You know; mix 1 Jennifer Aniston with 2. Paul Rudd or Drew Barrymore with Jimmy Fallon or Katherine Heigl with anybody=Box Office cash! Just doesn’t work for me! Too much of the same thing again and again. Hard earned money deserves better product Period!

  3. Okay, completely random question that relates to this post in no way whatsoever… What is your favorite all time film? 😀

    I was looking at your favorites on the side here, and was curious! Haha.

    • The Godfather, Matt.

      And the movies down the side are just links to my Movies that everyone should see. Which are sometimes my favorties, sometimes great movies, but most of all, they’re movies that I think every film fan should have under their belt, you know? So… they’re definitely not always my faves.

      Dont know if you listen to the podcasts at all, but if you do, Episode 5 is where we go over our top tens!

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