Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Romantic Movie?

It’s Valentine’s Day!

And as tempting as it was for me to “run counter-programing” today (What’s YOUR Favorite Slasher Movie?), I’m going to take this opportunity to reflect myΒ openness…

As long as we’re prepared for a thread full of “Oh? Is that any good?” and “Hmm, I haven’t seen that one” replies from me, I think we’ll be ok.

So here it is! What’s YOUR Favorite Mushy Movie?

Your Favorite Romantic Movie of all time! Doesn’t have to be a straight up Romance, it can be a Rom-Com, it can be a movie with a heavy Romantic subplot… I mean, my answer would probably be Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, or Natural Born Killers. LOL, ok, naw, not NBK… but it would definitely be a movie with a strong romance, yet not a chick flick. Something like the fantastic “Out of Sight”, which was on the other day. Romance? Tons! But plenty of crime and comedy, too. πŸ˜€

Of course, if you like the straight up sweet stuff, that’s fine, knock yourself out. The Notebook? Titanic? Ghost? Love Story? Whatever you want. Classic Romances? Casablanca? Breakfast at Tiffany’s? The African Queen? Go for it, let us hear it.

So what do you think? What’s YOUR Favorite Romantic Movie?


114 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Romantic Movie?

  1. Another tough question. It’s a tie between two: Casablanca and While You Were Sleeping. Humphrey Bogart was a pimp! And Sandra Bullock and her smile…ugh….melts my black heart all the time.

  2. Recently, I really liked (500) Days of Summer and was absolutely amazed by Blue Valentine. As far as more chick-flickish movies, The Notebook got to me when I first saw it and obviously Casablanca is always a great choice.

    • It’s been so long since I’ve seen Roxanne. All I remember is the gymnastics up and down the outside of her house. LOL.

      Yeah, Groundhog Day’s got a pretty good romantic core… the judges are feeling pretty lenient today, especially since this “Isnt exactly my genre” either.

  3. Let’s see how much I can stretch what “romance” is…”Shaun of the Dead,” “Some Like it Hot,” “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” “The Muppet Movie,” “Badlands,” “Days of Heaven,” Star Wars, Disney Renaissance Animated Features (Beauty and the Beast, Rescuers). Fawlty Towers. I suppose James Bond is probably stretching it a little.

    • “I suppose James Bond is probably stretching it a little”.

      πŸ˜€ ! Some of those other ones weren’t? LOL

      Its funny, I came into this thread today thinking all I would be doing is answering with “I havent seen this” and “I havent seen that” but instead I’m winding up feeling better about the fact that I tend to steer clear of romances.

      How about these Nic? Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Rocky, Die Hard!

      There’s plenty of romance in all of those flicks. I’m all about the romances, actually, come to find out…

      • There’s nothing more romantic than fighting off zombies.

        I think it’s actually hard to find movies that don’t have at least a romance sub-plot of some kind. Even the “macho” action flicks usually have some half-assed romance line thrown in.

      • Especially when it’s a character who doesn’t get tied into the romances much in the comics. I mean, OK, Superman, Lois Lane, obvious. No problem there (plus, such great lines in the original.) Spider-Man/MJ, that’s fine too (though I will say the one thing I’m looking forward to about the reboot is that it’s starting with Gwen instead of MJ.) But… Batman? Movie after movie of “loves of his life” that disappear by the next adventure. He goes from deeply devoted to moving on faster than Daniel Larusso. It could work with Catwoman if done well, but the rest are pretty superfluous. And most of the other superhero movies pull the same “Vicki Vale” trick of taking a character who is either a minor love interest in the comics, or a later love interest, and building them into a big deal for the sake of a romance plot.

  4. I know it’s technically a Christmas movie but I adore “Love Actually”…I love the different views of what love is and how it comes about. Actually, I may go watch that now…
    Oh, and Jaws is my “counter-programming” choice…I watched that Christmas Eve instead of “A Christmas Story” like the rest of America πŸ™‚

    • You know, I’ve never seen Love Actually, Holly. But I think this year, I’m going to have to this Christmas for sure. Between you and other comments I’ve seen along the road, and then my podcast co-host Chris Tanski loves it… It’s just going to be tough to put off any longer!

      Hey, thanks for chiming in! Love having people join the discussion, it’s awesome! πŸ˜€

    • Yeahhh… like I said a while back in this one, I really regret it, but I had BV on my DVR and lost it before I could watch it. It was just like a week ago.

      I take it its good. Especially cause the leads are so strong. But it gets a lot of raves, too.

  5. Am I a real cynical tit if I say ‘Blue Valentine’? It’s definitely a romance film – but an honest one, revealing the truth of love with the highs and lows. Fantastic soundtrack as well.
    Obvs, the elevator scene in ‘Romeo + Juliet’ is pretty epic. Why is it that life is never as good as the mega romantic moments in films?!
    Thumbs up to you, by the way, for ‘tossin’ it out there’ and basically allowing a huge splurge of girly gushy feelings of romance and general mush! Hope you had a good Valentine’s, and did the right thing by eating way too much chocolate. Calories don’t apply on Valentine’s haha.

    • Haha… YANLYAH!! Yeah, I actually did have a good Valentine’s Day. I got the karmic payback for doing the right thing with this thread by getting a lot of really cool, enthusiastic responses, both here and on Twitter, and then I wound up lucking out into scoring a guest appearance on a podcast I haven’t been on before, so I’m excited about that, too!

      I dodnt know if you’d be a “Cynical Tit” πŸ˜€ but the phrase is funy as hell.

      I’ve been bemoaning the fact that I haven’t seen “Blue Valentine” yet, but I was close to watching it recently… I had it recorded, but my DVR ran out of space (as you can imagine, I pretty much power record a lot of flicks πŸ™‚ ) It has wound up a BIG winner here though, as it’s gotten several mentions from people.

      I think from here out though, whenever I hear “Elevator scene” I’m going to think “Drive”. Oh! That’s ANOTHER good non-romance movie with a strong romantic subplot. How did no one mention THAT yet! πŸ˜€

      Thanks for the nice wishes there YANLYAH, hope your Valentine’s Day was a good one, too!

  6. My fav is ” Leap Year” with Amy Adams and Matthew Goode. They played well off each other and I really liked the Irish setting. The Irish life is so laid-back and enjoyable.

  7. “I cried at the end of ‘the Dirty Dozen.’ Jim Brown is throwing these hand grenades down these air shafts. And Richard Jaeckel and Lee Marvin…were sitting on top of this armored personnel carrier..dressed up like Nazis…*sob*”

      • It was actually my honest kneejerk reaction to reading the entirety of this topic. Sometimes my immediate response is a movie quote; I guess that’s part of why I keep coming back around here. πŸ˜‰

        Chick flicks in general aren’t appealing to me, but there are a handful I do really enjoy. Generally less for the romance and more for the comedy or cinematography (like, Pride and Prejudice — gorgeous cinematography) though.

        But here are movies I enjoy for actual romance reasons:
        Wall-E (classic pure Chaplin-esque love — in robots!)
        Up (one of the only movies I can think of that shows a long happy marriage and how it inspires a person)
        It’s a Wonderful Life (Speaking of great kisses, angry Jimmy Stewart anyone?)
        Nightmare Before Christmas (…ok…I love animation love, yes)
        Vanilla Sky (“I’m frozen, you’re dead, and I love you.”)
        Groundhog Day (It’s like a whole movie wrapped up in the “You make me want to be a better man” As Good as It Gets concept)
        The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Incredible cheese. But orchestrating singing tesla coils to play a girl’s favorite song is possibly the most romantic thing I’ve seen a guy do in a movie.)
        A Very Long Engagement (Like Cast Away in reverse, with more bombs. How long would someone search for a lost loved one? Beautiful movie, really)
        How Do You Know (Paul Rudd. Reese Witherspoon. Jack Nicholson. Owen Wilson. If you like two outta four here, watch it. Best romcom I can think of, simply for realistic dialogue and great acting.)
        Superman Returns (I realize I may be the only person who liked this movie. But I used to have a screenshot of Lois’ hand pulling Superman up by his cape through the frozen water printed and posted next to my door. The only movie I’ve ever printed and posted a screenshot from.)

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