The LAMB’s Movie of the Month

Hey everyone, how’s it going?

First of all, I’d like to take a quick moment to thank everyone for your support last time in helping me get “The Shining” elected as the LAMB’s Movie of the Month. 16 different movie bloggers wrote and/or published “Shining” related articles, including myself. You can see them all, here.

As you all know, I also had the honor of appearing on the LAMBcast again to discuss the movie. Well, originally, it was a bit of a disheartening experience for me. Skype issues made the recording session brutal to work through, and we had a very difficult go of it. In the end, we cut the discussion short. I was more than a little bummed.

But then, when I heard that the LAMB also went over their bandwidth limit on their podcast host, and couldn’t get the podcast posted? I suddenly became PSYCHED. I realized…

“The Shining” podcast was CURSED


Jinxed or no, it came out really well. Thanks to Dylan Fields of Man I Love Films, LAMBcast host and producer… he smoothed out the recording issues, put together a very listenable product, and worked around the hosting issue in order to get the podcast up. You can download it from the LAMBcast archives here. If anyone wants to listen but can’t, just get in touch with me and I’ll see if I can help.

But the LAMBcast is ongoing, and this is the first month that they’re instituting the new “FMR Champions Rule”. Now how it works is that bloggers nominate movies to be included in the poll, and if they can muster enough votes for their cause, the movie they “Champion” will be the next movie of the month. The winning movie’s “Champion” will also be given a spot on that month’s Lambcast.

The movie I selected for this inaugural “MOTM Champions” contest is Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner”. It’s one of my favorite films of all time… It’s an incredible blend of Science Fiction and Film Noir. A futuristic detective story where the “Dame” is a robot, and the villain comes with an expiration date. I’ve already done a MTESS on it, but I’m sure if it wins I’ll find the motivation to expand on it, or create something new…

Of course, in order for that to happen, it needs to win the poll first! Voting is open through Saturday night, and we’re off to a strong start thanks to a push from my friends on Facebook, and the fact that “Blade Runner” kicks ass.

I still need your help to ensure we win the day though, so if you have a moment, and if Blade Runner is a movie you enjoy – OR if you just want to support the FMR cause, please click here to vote “Blade Runner” for the next Movie of the Month! 


18 thoughts on “The LAMB’s Movie of the Month

  1. Another film in my collection. Definitely a classic. And to think I walked out on it the first time I saw it. (I had just seen World According To Garp and Blade Runner was the second feature) Suffice to say, I gave Blade Runner a second chance and am I glad I did.

    • Wellllll… I’m going to make sure that the focus is on “The Final Cut” as much as I can. The original theatrical release is far inferior in comparison.

      But that’s one of the things I love about it too, it has this great history of getting to its final, superior version… Like a moth struggling out of the cocoon. 😀

  2. I voted for Troll 2.

    Blade Runner is indeed a classic movie that everyone should see. But making it the movie of the month seems like such an obvious, pedestrian choice…

    *puts on French beret, eats baguette, smokes cigarette*

    • It’s cool.

      If I didnt have a dog in the race, I’d have voted Troll 2, too. I love that movie. Did an Awesomely Awful on it.

      Would love to have been able to break that out as a MOTM contribution. I hope Lindsay runs that again, It’s a choice I could get behind… although so is “Scanner Darkly”.

  3. Listened to the LAMBcast….cracked up at the “Routing for Jack Torrance” bit…. also laughed when at the rant about Incr. Loud, Ex Close getting the nom…..your first comment, “well have you seen it?” lol Because I am by no means a “movie connoisseur”….. and even I knew what the Academy would have loved about it.

    • Well, that’s a pet peeve of mine too a bit… not to bash Lackey at all, he was great.

      But how can you speak to a flick you havent seen? As bad as Im sure it is, that why you wont catch me kicking around Twilight that much.

      Although Im sure I will eventually

  4. Aye,Aye Captain! Sail the “FMR” to Blade Runner island! But seriously, the other choices just don’t compare. It’s like putting Smokin Joe Frasier against a featherweight. Would’nt last a round!

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