Follow Fridays!: Aidy Reviews

This week’s “Follow Fridays!” is long overdue.

Our buddy Aidy has taken the “Hook us up” campaign to heart and added us to her #checkout series… So I’ve wanted to tell everyone about her blog since I came up with this idea, and today the timing finally works out.

So, please allow me your attention to…Aidy 😀

The phrase “Eclectic Mix” has never been more applicable than it is when used to describe Aidy Aidy reviews everything! Movies, books, video games, tv… You name it! Seriously, it’s a veritable smorgasbord of reviews over at Aidy’s.

For example – and I know a lot of people here dig this – for those of you who are fans of “The Walking Dead”, Aidy’s got you covered. She posts her recaps/reviews every week, her review of this week’s S2.5 premiere is here.

I’m just going to have to call it like I see it, too… When it comes to video games, Aidy might have a bit of a problem. Aidy, there’s help out there for video game addiction, I’m sure. You might wanna look into it. I’m just saying. 😀

So when it comes to covering all the bases, no one does it like Aidy. She even has a poetry section on her blog where she puts up her own poetry!

Finally… for those of you on twitter, I highly recommend giving Aidy a follow. Aidy is gracious with her retweets and gregarious with her company. She’s great to have in your twitter feed, and, well, she epitomizes what this whole social networking thing is about. Making new friends and connections all over the world through the miracle of modern technology. 😀

Aidy – check it out!!

#awesome! 😉


17 thoughts on “Follow Fridays!: Aidy Reviews

  1. d’awww! You know, I tried to hide my gaming addiction, but I forgot it feeds to Facebook and Twitter 🙂 I do get pretty into the games a bit. But I been really good lately. I hardly played this week I think? Fogs, you have me figured out correctly! I am without words–I am truly honored by this.

    • 😀 It’s the least I can do!

      And I’m just busting you on the video games. I game myself. In fact, I’ve had to stay away from video games since I started blogging, cause I knew if I got ripping on like Skyrim or something I would never keep up with this place… I’d just be cracking out on games. 😀

      I havent caught up with the new Walking Dead, but when I do, I’ll swing by and check your recaps out. Too much movie watching and podcasting… LOL

      • “Almighty” Lol.

        Anyone ever point out to you that Brik rhymes with dick? LOL 😉

        Anyways, I’ve been a longtime gamer, but its one of the ways I’ve fit this blog into my life. Is by not playing games.

        Pre-blog though, I’m on Xbox 360. I’m a sucker for super hero games, I usually get the new Madden each year, I was big into Tiger Woods Golf for awhile. But then after that the real killers are Roleplaying games like Mass Effect, Oblivion, Dragon Age, etc. I also did all the Rockstar games – love GTA IV and Red Dead, LA Noir kind of sucked though. IMO

        If I cave in, I’m going to wind up sucked into Skyrim for 3 months staright exploring every inch.

      • I’ll have to check it out when I get home.

        And I think the good natured ribbing on both sides of that exchange was appropriate enough. LOL I’m pretty sure you can handle it. 😀

        I wasnt feeling disrepected BH, you know we’re cool.

  2. Skyrim’s got me pretty bad I admit. I clocked over 250 hours on it. But I will be pc gaming this weekend while everyone is out enjoying the parades the Mardi Gras weekend.

  3. You and Aidy have the right kind of site. Personal and inviting(as in welcoming comments). A lot of movie blog ware(including some you’ve linked) are way to slick and commercial looking. Anyway, I caught her “Walking Dead” review and gave her a piece of my mind(Ha Ha!).

  4. Aidy’s page is awesome! I love visiting and commenting! Always appreciate her support and she deservedly gets the same in turn! So glad to see her page featured here. And she has some pretty sweet varying content and contests!

    Thanks for spotlighting her page!

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