Guest Podcast Appearance: Film Yarn!

Hey everybody!

I wanted to bring your attention to a guest spot that I did on my friend Fredo’s podcast, “Film Yarn”.

When he invited me on, I suggested that we bring Brian Roan of Dear, as well. See, the plan was to discuss “The Grey”, and Brian had a rather unique experience with the movie. He did an early review thanks to catching a screening, and he wrote a strongly favorable review. Well, as it turns out, the director of the movie, Joe Carnahan, got a look at the review and was so impressed that he began tweeting about it.

I figured, hey, that’s a heck of a story to share, plus the three of us did a Lambcast together on the Muppets, so, we should invite him!

Well, through Brian’s connection to Joe Carnahan he was able to bring the podcast to Joe’s attention, and he listened to it! Then he tweeted us some feedback on it! I was floored!

If you’d like to hear it, you can find it here, but I would warn we go FULL OUT SPOILERS. So if you havent seen “The Grey” you might want to circle back after you do!



11 thoughts on “Guest Podcast Appearance: Film Yarn!

  1. I listened to the podcast and it is a great dissection of the movie and more! I wonder if Joe Carnahan will start chatting about it in his director circles and you will start hearing from other directors and movie influences? Wouldn’t that be cool.

    Can I get your autograph now before it costs me something?

  2. Fogs, your team was like three peas in a pod. I’m sure you’ll be great in future ‘casts.
    Enjoyed revisiting of the Grey and the manliest movies list (Gfather definitely a core movie on any list).

    • Well thanks S. I appreciate that!

      I think it helps that we did a show together before and then we’ve all followed each other on twitter, etc, so we had a good comfort level. Plus its easy when you’re all “singing the same tune” LOL. We each loved “The Grey”

      I do have to say I think my “Manliest” list was the “Manliest” though. LOL!!

      Thanks for listening!! 😀

  3. Great podcast! I enjoyed it very much. I agreed with everything you said Fogs. The other guys definitely had some great observations about the film but everything you brought up is exactly what I felt and observed. I’m not just saying that 😉

  4. Y’know, I came this close to doing a phoner with Carnahan. Just missed out. Shame, because he’s clearly an awesome dude and I imagine he’d be a lot of fun to speak with.

    Nicely done, Dan. Carnahan’s a mensch. And The Grey, as I’ve said before, is the first great movie of 2012.

    • From what I’ve seen, he’s completely a fan friendly director, I mean… It blew my mind originally when he went out of his way to pimp Brian’s review, and then this? Pfffffft.

      Yeah, Mensch is the word.

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