Guest Blogger! Jaina!

Hi my name’s Jaina and I am an online dater. I get a nervous shiver just typing that and feel ever so slightly queasy and embarrassed. But it’s a true fact. What’s this true fact got to do with films? Be patient, I’m getting there!

Over the past couple of years I’ve been dabbling in online dating. It’s led to me quite a lot of first dates. Those kind of first dates where both parties are nervous and probably aren’t totally themselves. They’re full of small talk and niceties just to show you’re not a total loon.

(Seriously, Jaina, when are you going to get to the film stuff!?)

It’s no surprise that I tend to go out with a lot of like-minded guys. As in guys who are massive film fans. Well, that’s their claim. They love TV, film and they take bets as to whether I’ve seen x or y or read comic book z.

So, I’m on a first date and we’ve got through the talk about what we do and where we live and I’ve smiled and been polite. Then he asks, “So what do you like to do?”. In amongst my answer will be my love of film, to which he replies, “OH me too!”. Sadly, when he says that what he really means is that the last film he saw in the cinema was Inception. With the current year being 2011. Late 2011. What do I do with that?! I go to the cinema a few times a month! To which I get the most shocked expression I have ever seen and I’m quizzed as to whether I think if that’s a waste of money. *sigh*

Or you get the other sort of first date film talk experience. It’s all going well. He loves cinema. He loves film. He even likes foreign films with subtitles! But wait… he asks what your favourite films were when you were little. My list consists of the likes of Gremlins, The Goonies, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future. 80s classics my eyes. To which I’m met with a blank stare. He’s never seen ANY of them! Or worse still, he’s never heard of any of them! You’ve got to be joking. You’re more or less the same age as me. What did you watch growing up?! *sigh*

Then there’s the other guy. He loves his action films. Anything with some explosions and your action hero walking in front of said explosion without looking back. Then I chime in and profess my love of all sorts of action and fightastic films. To which I’m met with the retort, “Really?! But girls don’t usually like action films.”. Seriously. We’ve got to this point? How unbelievable is it that I’d like Rambo: First Blood, Police Story, The Expendables, Fast Five, The Rock, the list could go on! Why is that reserved for blokes? *sigh*

If I remember rightly, the guy who had the above reaction had an equal reaction when I began sharing his love of Transformers. Then he might have got a tad jealous (or ashamed) when my knowledge surpassed his own. Woops!

I could go on and on with this list. I think I’ve been met with disgust/surprise/disgusting surprise when I mention a specific genre of film or TV. Or even the fact that I’m a total geek/nerd when it comes to TV and film.

Why on earth is this happening!? Still! I can jump on my laptop and within seconds I’m at blogs and forums where there’s never a gender divide when it comes to the sorts of films you enjoy. Everyone’s on a level playing ground. There’s no stigma or judgement attached when I say I’ve been to the cinema every week this month. Or I’ve got a hankering to watch Top Gun this weekend. Ok, maybe a little on the latter.

Mixing dating and film interests is a dangerous thing. Things can go terribly wrong. Though they can go amazingly right when you’re faced with a guy who loves your every little quirky film loving habit.

So guys out there remember – there’s no such thing as “girls films” or “boys films”. They’re one in the same. We’re all film fans. Right?

(Don’t worry – I didn’t kick any of the above guys to the curb based solely on their film habits or their reactions to mine. Well, maybe one.)


Everybody knows Jaina from around these parts, but now’s the time to stop by her blog and check it out. Time Well Spent chronicles all the movies she watches, random thoughts on life, and her excellent photography! Give it a look!! 😀 Thanks for sharing this with us Jaina, I’m sure everyone else will enjoy it as much as I did!


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