Project X

“Project X” is an amateurish film that exists merely to be exploitative of teenaged debauchery. Chronicling a high school keg party that escalates into a fully fledged riot, the movie makes no bones about gratuitously documenting the sex, drugs and loud music inherent in a teen party. It shows no shame in completely reveling in the lust, lewd behaviour, substance abuse, violence and vandalism that often occur when hormones, intoxicants, youth and lack of parental supervision mix.

It’s a movie that’s crude, crass and morally reprehensible.


I approve.

This is going to have to be one of my patented “qualified reviews”. I’m certain that movie reviewers and or bloggers with a higher degree of objectivity, quality standards, taste or reputation will probably crap on this movie. In fact, I’m well aware that it sits at 24% right now on Rotten Tomatoes. It is amateurishly made (but in this case, the style fits it well), and 75% of the movie offers nothing above and beyond showing a raging house party.

But I have to confess a soft spot for said culture. I was a hardcore hedonist at that age myself. For a solid half of this movie, there was a genuine level of authenticity that I could appreciate… the drinking, the drugging, the puking, the fights, breaking things, hooking up, worrying about being caught by your parents, talking your way out of the inevitable visit by the cops… these are pretty realistic situations, I can attest. And for me, they made an enjoyable watch. Call it nostalgia if you will.

The plot is basic. Parents go away. Kids have party. Obnoxious, pushy friend talks host into escalating it into a bash. Things get out of hand.

The main character is a bit bland… most likely so you can sympathize when him when things spin out of control. His best friend and party instigator is really obnoxious. I actually found him super annoying at first, but as the movie grew on me, so did he. They have a third buddy that’s a bit of a fat spaz. They’re all filmed by a fourth, a psycho loner.

Once the host’s parents leave, the movie becomes an exercise in documenting the party from the outset. Emails are sent, word of mouth, text messages. In spite of the group’s unpopularity, a house party is irresistible, and the word spreads. When people eventually begin to come, they come in droves. And once the party actually starts and is cool, the word spreads again. Eventually the house and yard are jam-packed with people. Kids are drinking, hooking up and causing mayhem, neighbors are complaining, the cops come by… your standard high school party playbook.

Eventually though, the movie shifts into a fifth gear. For the majority of the movie, it’s borderline cinéma vérité. The house party escalates in an exaggerated manner, sure, and obviously things are a little blown out of proportion. But there was a lot of truth involved… it was comical, but believable for the most part. When it hits fifth gear though and the fires start and the SWAT teams come and the helicopters circle, well, it didn’t pay off for me as much as it should have. But by that time it had built up a lot of good will. I had found myself laughing – frequently – as had the audience. So I was willing to cut it some slack.

So… I may be biased, but I had fun. I enjoyed watching it, I laughed, it was fun. But as far as a recommendation, I’ll make it simple for you. If you want to see a found footage documentary style comedy about a raging high school party that glamorizes bacchanalia, then check this out at some point, you’ll probably enjoy it. If such a thing holds no appeal for you, then stay away, there is absolutely nothing here to offer otherwise.

As it is, I’m a fan



21 thoughts on “Project X

  1. Glad to see this review! I expected as such and expect to enjoy it just as much! In my opinion, critics need to see films like this that they can just enjoy for what it is and laugh (or reminisce in most cases!).

    I don’t expect this to be a movie of the year for its philosophical debates or character development…but I sure expect it to be one heck of a party! Looking forward to seeing it tonite. Great review. Exactly what I’d expect mine to be like!

    • Good T, I hope you do like it. This felt like one of those “Taking a Stand” moments, you know? Where I’m like, F it, I dont care what everyone else is thinking, I liked it, so I’m going with it. LOL

      If you wind up having my back, I’ll be good to go. 😀

      And I’m telling you, you know what this movie is all about. If it appeals to you conceptually, you’re probably going to like it. I hope you do.

  2. Really!? LOL… Nah im kidding. I wouldn’t pay to see it in theaters but glad to see a different perspective on it. I’m sure its enjoyable in the context as you say if you enjoy or relate to that kind of thing. I’m really not in the mindset these days to see a film that doesn’t have it “all”. Mindless entertainment just won’t cut it for me anymore. Is that wrong of me? haha 😉

    • No, not at all.

      And if anything, that’s what I tried to do here is – not just share my enjoyment or my opinion of it – but to warn people who might not be predisposed towards it. I find it hard to imagine this film could “Win Anbody Over”. If you’re not down for watching a compilation of clips documenting a raging high school house party, forget this one entirely. It has absolutely 0 artistic merits above and beyond that, buddy…

    • LOL! I wish that technology was widely available when I was in my day, Ian. Its probably fortunate that it wasn’t.

      But you would probably enjoy this then… there’s a lot of relatable moments, then they’ll throw something comedic in, and before long, you’re buying in and having fun with it.

      I enjoyed it. :shrugs: I did.

  3. Fogs, I am glad someone took the bullet and reviewed this film. I think I will be waiting to check it out via streaming. I am so glad that video technology was still in its infancy and $$$ when I was younger, the photos are bad enough.

    • Ha!! Dude, I thought the same thing when I read Ian’s comment above this one. Half of my is like “I wish” and the other is like “Thank God” 😀

      It was fun though man. Go into it with the right mindset and I’m pretty confident you’ll enjoy it. There’s really not much to it aside from the story of a huge freaking party…

  4. You’re not alone Fogs. I got a huge kick out of this movie! I thought it was pretty damn funny and I’m not ashamed to say it 🙂

    • BOOM! There you go.

      I know right? I laughed… that’s what its about. I laughed pretty frequently actually! Lots of funny bits and lines.

      When that kid popped up with the Taser I think I actually shouted out “Oh Shit!!” LOL Its ok, eveyone else was laughing and cracking up too.

  5. Well done Fogs, this is the first positive review I have read so far. I might give this a shot, actually, as I tend to be more accepting when it comes to crude humor (I think). I know I was one of the few bloggers who actually enjoyed The Hangover II, anyway.

  6. Think yours is the only positive review I’ve read about Project X! I have pretty much been put off from seeing at the cinema.

    You do call out the film for what it is. I’m not sure what else was expected from it. Massive, stupidly stupid party with teens being teens to the extreme. Think I’ll give it a rent when it heads that way.

    • Thats all it is. Im not going to call it good or anything.

      I will tell eveyone I enjoyed it though. I know that most everyone else has been beating it up pretty bad… so I thought it would only be fair to be honest about the fact I laughed quite a bit.

  7. My 17 year old saw this. She said she laughed a little…..but as a whole concept, she really didn’t “get it”. As a parent I breathed a sigh of relief! 🙂

  8. I thought this is one of the most epic movies i have ever seen… And to all you people tht are criticizing this movie your crazy this movie was fucking awesome! by the way im 17 🙂

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