Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Animated Movie?

Watching and reviewing “The Lorax” this weekend got me to thinking about animated movies. There were a couple of commenters and a few other bloggers debate whether or not the film would be enjoyable for adults.

So it got me thinking about animated movies, and here we are. I have no qualms over enjoying animated fare just like every other type of film. The fact that they’re accessibleย to children doesn’tย mean that they’re inaccessible to adults! I enjoy the colorful visuals and the fun stories, the in-jokes and the morals… all of it.

What are YOUR favorite animated movies? If you’ve grown out of them as an adult, that’s ok, you probably had one or twoย from when you’re a kid, right? Or perhaps now you have children of your own and can enjoy the fact that they enjoy them so much. Regardless, I think one way or another, everyone can get excited about animated movies. Feature length cartoons….

And I want to know what YOUR favorites are! Let me hear them! ๐Ÿ˜€


154 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Animated Movie?

  1. It’s gotta be Beauty and the Beast, hands down. When Disney does animated films well, it’s pretty hard to compete.

    The music is great, and I find myself loving the movie just as much as when I was a kid. Although, if I somehow come across the version with “Human Again” in it, I get upset. That song is pretty terrible, and I’m all about the original theatrical version.

    It’s a classic, and it’s one of my favourite movies, period. It appeals to my usually safely repressed sappy side haha.

    • Its a great choice. I love it too, its hysterical, romanctic, the songs are GREAT (Lorax please take note). It IS a classic. I prefer it over all the other films in Disney’s 90s renaissance. And they were firing on all cylinders then!

      LOL at repressing your sappy side, I can relate.

      Thankfully though I’ve never seen the extended version… “Im Human Again” doesnt even sound good. And Im wondering where in the movie it would fit in? Post finale? Dream Sequence? Eesh…

      • I’m a huge fan of Aladdin and The Lion King as well, but Beauty and the Beast is the one from that time frame that really stands out for me.

        I got a chance to go to Beauty and the Beast on Ice when I was a kid too, and it was surprisingly phenomenal.

        Geeze, I had to break out my Diamond Edition to find “Human Again” (since I like to pretend it doesn’t exist) haha. They sing it right after “Something There” and it really doesn’t fit.

        The Diamond Edition has an interesting interview with Alan Menken about the film’s score. The melody of “Be Our Guest” kind of came out as a joke – as a space filler to help Ashman create some lyrics. Then they realized this goofy melody was actually perfect, and it’s become this iconic song. Kind of cool!

      • Awesome! Kind of like Slash on Sweet Child of Mine. He played the opening melody and thought it was stupid and a joke and the song became their biggest hit ever. LOL!

        I love stupid little stuff like that.

      • I love the song “Human Again”. We all know how the beast feels but now we hear about the dreams of the other enchanted articles in the castle.

    • That’s a really good flick, too, but for whatever reason I didnt connect with it as much as the other Pixars. Incredibles, the Toy Stories, Nemo… for whatever reason, I latched on to those more.

      Just me though, it is a really great flick.

      • Something about the drive to create and how critiquing is just as important to understanding one another really spoke to me. Plus, I love that damn rat LOL

  2. Monsters INC all the way. I found the animation/drawing, “acting”, and storyline to be very well done. Come on (in GOB’s voice from Arrested Development) Billy Crystal and John Goodman…can’t beat that!

    • LOL @ the Gob Bluth reference. Points for you, Jen! ๐Ÿ˜€

      “But still… Where did the lighter fluid come from?”

      Monsters Inc getting some love today, it’s nice to see. Great flick, almost gets a little lost though I think in the Pixar canon. Needs more love!!

  3. Only 1 mention for An American Tail in this thread of comments? Well, I’ll mention it too as one of my faves.

    What a great subject today, Fogs! Here are my top 5…okay, maybe 7…alright, umm…top 10! ha. in no particular order!

    Land Before Time (only the 1st one, not the 3,525 sequels)
    An American Tail
    Beauty and the Beast
    Toy Story
    How To Train Your Dragon
    Emperor’s New Groove
    Monsters Inc
    The Jungle Book
    Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
    The Lion King

      • I commented already, but forgot Goofy Movie too! The animatronic gopher scene is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

        And Emperor’s New Groove is so endlessly quotable, it’s hard not love. Plus it feels like the first animated star vehicle as Kuzco couldn’t have been written for anyone other than David Spade – brilliance! “No touchy.”

    • It’s a good list T… I’m disappointed more Superhero animated flicks dont get big screen releases. There’s a lot of direct to DVD stuff I’d love to mention here… The DC Animated ones especially have been freaking awesome.

      Glad to see the Jungle Book get props. Love me some Mowgli! LOL

    • I looked up the top animated films as rated by Flickchart users prior to last night’s podcast. Pixar owns the top six spots in a row. Couldnt believe that… Thats what you call dominant!

  4. I like Waking Life a lot although it’s not animated in the traditional sense it’s still classified as animated. I’ve watched it several times and was taken in by the philosophical discussions.

    Other animated favorites include Spirited Away and Fantasia

    An A to Z Co-Host
    A Faraway View

    • Spirited away is something I guess I really have to hit at some point Arlee. As I just comented to Ray, prior to my podcast last night I checked out the Flickchart user rankings for animated films, and Spirited Away is the second highest non-pixar movie on the list (The Lion King being the first). I need to check it out…

  5. My favourite animation so far is Despicable Me!

    I’ve watched Lorax in 3D on Monday and I enjoyed it too eventhough I need to constantly remind myself to watch it with a kid’s eyes!


    • Yeah, sometimes thats hard to do though – watching it with a kids eyes. You cant shake your adult perspective sometimes, you know? Still, I thought the Lorax was pretty good. I would have liked it to be better, but, thats how it goes.

      Despicable Me 2 on the way next year!

    • I love Despicable Me also. And I’ve never seen it in 3D and I still love it. The scene where the minion is cracked and shaken to become a glowstick had me still laughing 5 minutes after it happend.

  6. I’m glad so many other people have enjoyed a few anime titles.

    Fogs, in terms of ones you should definitely see if you consider yourself to be a serious movie fan: Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Spirited Away.

    Ones that are probably “most accessible” for Western audiences: Laputa Castle in the Sky, Summer Wars, Sword of the Stranger, Metropolis (2001 version), The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and Grave of the Fireflies.

    And as for the ones that are just damn good and you should watch anyway: Paprika, My Neighbor Totoro, Perfect Blue, Porco Rosso, Red Line, Grave of the Fireflies, and End of Evangelion (though you’d have to see the series first).

    Overall, Fogs, you probably need to watch the first three (for serious movie fans) and a couple from the “most accessible” category. If you watch that many and still don’t like anime, well then I suppose there is no hope for you. LOL.

    • Ha. So I need to turn in my “Serious Movie Fan” card if I dont watch those? LOL.

      Heh, we’ll see, Brik, we’ll see. In the meantime, yes, Anime got a lot of supprt here, so you shuold feel vindicated.

      • OK, here’s my last comment on this, and then I’ll shut up about it.

        Spirited Away won the Academy Award for Best Animated Film, and I know how much importance you place on the Academy Awards. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Akira and Ghost in the Shell are not just great movies, but they have both been extremely influential on American live-action films, and the entire sci-fi genre in general. They are worth seeing.

  7. Oh, this is my cup of tea. My junior thesis was titled “Behind the Magic of the Disney Renaissance: An In-Depth film Analysis on the Techniques of Disney Animation During the Early 1990s.” So aside from those movies (Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Lion King) I’d have to go with some of the older Disney movies. Sword in the Stone, Black Cauldron, The Rescuers, Fox and the Hound (watch it when I’m sick), The Great Mouse Detective. Mulan had some good songs and I’ve always had a soft spot for Fantasia. Jungle Book is probably my favorite. My dad had the move memorized because I watched it so much when I was little. We wore out the VHS tape (back in the day when we had those).

    Apart from Cars 2, Pixar hasn’t made a bad film (at leas that I can think of).

    I also have to throw out pretty much anything by Don Bluth. That man is amazing. I mean some of his films really aren’t that good, but his the style of his animation is great, especially Secret of NIHM and Land Before Time.

    Steven Spielberg teamed up with some great people over the years to produce some good animated films. I’ve always liked An American Tail.

    Fern Gully is amazing for no other reason than Robin Williams as Batty. His rap is amazing. There’s All Dogs Go to Heaven and We’re Back as well.

    Watership Down is just frightening, but still really good.

    The Nightmare Before Christmas counts and is amazing and scared the shit out me the first time I saw it.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for claymation as well. Wallace and Gromit was always good. I’d say Gumby, but I don’t think they ever made a movie.

    I’ve never really gotten into anima much. I do really like My Neighbor Totoro.

    I should probably stop now…

    • LOL! Quite a list!

      Cracks me up you qualify The Fox and the Hound. Do you only watch it when you’re sick?

      Watership down is great, so is Nightmare Before Christmas… Have any hopes for Frankenweenie? Lol. What a title.

      I had forgotten Mulan, that’s pretty decent…

      I love the Jungle Book though, CLASSIC

  8. Easy for me! Spirited Away is my all-time favorite ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s a beautiful story and despite the young protagonist, it’s a very adult movie, very subtle in its message without overwhelming the kids. Great film.

  9. Yeah the Fox and the Hound has become a tradition in my family to watch whenever someone’s sick for some bizarre reason.

    Dunno about Frankenweenie. I haven’t seen the short in ages. I’m always unsure about Tim Burton. I feel like it’s hit or miss with him most of the time.

  10. My first animated movie was “Bambi” which I saw at The Warner Theater in Torrington CT, and I have to say it was my fav until “Lion King” Which I enjoyed a zillion times on DVD with my oldest grandchild. What would you consider “Avitar” ?

    • We had some discussion about Avatar a little. Essentially its kind of a middle ground. It certainly is trying to go for a live action feel, though, so I think right now we said “Live action”… what do you think it should be?

      As for Bambi, that movie is sad as hell. LOL. They would never make a kids movie that freaking sad today. It just never gets made like that.

  11. Princess Mononoke, is a favourite of mine, there’s something about the Japanese sensibilities on view, the connection to nature and the environment that strikes a chord with me.
    Akira was the 1st big anime film I saw in the early 90’s, totally blew me away!
    Ghost in the Shell (the original version, not the reduxed recent version) is another high concept anime, which along with Neuromancer/Snowcrash “inspired” the Matrix.

    Having a son who is 3 soon, and being as both my wife and I both work for Disney, we naturally watch a LOT of Disney and Pixar movies, Cars I didn’t enjoy 1st time round, but having seen it 20+times it’s grown on me! still not up to Toy Story standards, or for that matter Monsters Inc. or Finding Nemo!
    How To Train Your Dragon is another recent one that my son has almost worn out, along with Kung Fu Panda.

    I have to disagree about Bambi, that it wouldn’t get made today, Lion King has a similar “death in the family” while not as devastating as Bambi ( which I can’t watch for fear of turning into a blubbering mess!) it’s still quite sad for kids!

    • Yeah, good point there at the end about “The Lion King” I suppose it does have that tragic death element. Might be the points in the film that they put them at though… somehow I recollect Bambi as being devestating and not the Lion King.

      Gotta put my hands up in surrender on the Anime, but you did say the magic words “Kung Fu Panda” LOL. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I mean there are animated films that are certainly better then Lion King (A lot of Studio Ghibli comes to mind, especially Spirited Away) but Lion King was the first film I ever remember seeing in theaters and it’s kind of always stuck with me.

        I will say though that the original Goofy Movie deserves mentioning because the older I’ve gotten, the better it’s gotten. That’s something worth mentioning.

  12. So many to choose from, tough question and hard to decide but if I had to pick one it would likely be Wall-E which is one I really enjoyed. Whatever the case, there’s plenty of great animation and visual effects artists out there who deserve much credit.

    • Yeah, admittedly, this is a pretty broad question.

      Might interest you to know that the users of Flickchart rank Wall-E the top animated movie. I’m not sure what it is on IMDb, but it’s a solid choice. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I like Fantasia, too. Great point though, it WAS gutsy for Disney to make it.

      I’ve never even thought about that, I wonder how it did at the box office. I mean, now, its hailed as a classic, right? But was it a flop? A big hit?

      Wikipedia says…

      WOW. Crazy release/reception story. Apparently RKO didnt want to distribute, so Disnay did “Roadshows” it took in a ton of money, but because they had to lease theatres and set up special sound, they wound up in the red. Interesting read! See? Thanks Squonk. Never know what’s gonna cause you to learn something!

  13. My favorites are Despicable me, How to train your dragon, Madagascar, 9, and of course, Up. Really loved your blog site. M sure gonna come back again. I’m too learning to write movie reviews. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Cool Ankit. Hope you have some fun with it then. I know I have. ๐Ÿ˜€

      All of those that you mention are great, I’m particularly a big fan of Up, How to Train Your Dragon and Despicable Me. Those are great flicks. Really good ones.

      Thanks for chiming in Ankit! ๐Ÿ˜€

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