Tossin’ It Out There: Who Is YOUR Favorite Non-Earthling?

So! With the premiere of “John Carter” this weekend, and a Lambcast on the Alien franchise up, my thoughts got turned to beings of an extraterrestrial nature.

There are 748,312 movies listed on IMDb involving space, beings from outer space, aliens, etc (factually incorrect). It got me to thinking it might make for a good discussion…

I know this thread might risk becoming the Yoda vs. ET thread, but there are dozens upon dozens of outerspace denziens to choose from. Doesn’t have to be creatures either… the Judges say simply “Not born on Earth”. Big fan of Robby the Robot? In. How about the District 9 Prawns? Maybe something scary? The Thing? Gort? The old people lovin’ aliens from Cocoon?

Doesnt have to be non-humanoid! Just sayin’… Superman wasn’t born on Earth, either.

Writers and Filmmakers have often turned their attention to space – it fires the imagination because it’s the great unknown. So there’s a number of candidates out there, they’ve created entire fictional universes…

Which inhabitant is YOUR favorite? Who’s your favorite non-earthling? Let me hear it!!


118 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: Who Is YOUR Favorite Non-Earthling?

  1. Hummm, I was thinking about this all morning in class. It was a great distraction. I’ll try not to auto-comment back to myself, although I am pretty good at it. LOL

    I don’t know what they are called, but I really liked those aliens from Galaxy Quest. I liked them more when they took on their “human” look.

    • Heh! Even years after school, I still hold the ability to distract people from their studies! NICE!

      And yeah, that was pretty funny on the Scott Pilgirm one πŸ™‚

      But the Galaxy Quest aliens are called Thermians! (Thanks Wikipedia!) I laugh whenever I think of the way the mmm talk. nnn. LOL

      Fun flick!

  2. I am having a hard time coming up with something that hasn’t been said yet. Predator, Alien and District 9 all crossed my mind. Hell, I even thought of Mass Effect like PG. I’m going to have to think about this some more, but those will have to do until then… πŸ™‚

    • Thankfully you put three movies in before mentioning Mass Effect. Of course, PG has been cracking out on that game, so I suppose I understand at least.

      And it’s never about coming up with something original, I guess… it’s just about trading off answers. So if those are your answers, it doesnt matter if others feel the same.

      I’m actually surprised we got as much diversity here as we did! I was seeing a Star Wars tribute thread all the way…. LOL

    • I like how you point out “Lord Vader” and the breathing… seems like you’re directing your choice away from the prequels that way LOL

      And yeah. LOL. Who can forget Sil? πŸ™‚ She made quite an impression.

    • Is Gonzo an alien?

      Ok, seriously, this is what Movie blogging does to you. I just fact checked that by going to the Muppets Wiki. I then got sucked in and read like a 700 word biography on Gonzo the Great. LOL I have issues.

      And yes, Alien. I’m sure you knew already!!

      • If you had seen Muppets from Space you’d know πŸ˜‰
        Hahaha, that’s the power of the internet, sucking you into a lot of info you didn’t know you wanted to know!

    • πŸ˜€ They are goofy. Sometimes I wonder how the actors in comedies keep a straight face. Those aliens are so goofy with their mannerisms and their goofy smiles and the way they talk. I bet there’s a blooper reel of takes broken up by laughter that’s like ten miles long. LOL

  3. I wouldn’t say he/IT’s a favourite, but the Alien from ‘THE THING” (1982) was pretty awesome, in a gross, freakily terrifying way! and of course The Xenomorph from “ALIEN” (1979)

    The Princess NausicaΓ€ from NausicaΓ€ Valley of the Wind, she’s pretty amazing!

    • Couple of monsters you picked there!

      I choose to battle them! “The Thing”‘s ability to shapeshift is precluded by the Xenomorph’s acidic blood! Further, the Alien’s sense detect it, regardless of the shape it shifts into! The Xenomorph wins and The Thing winds up facehugger food! LOL πŸ˜€

      (The new “Thing” does not factor in here. I’ve purged my memory of it to the best of my abilities)

  4. My favorite alien? The girl with 3 boobs in Total Recall…..just kidding!!

    E.T. was probably the first movie that made me really think about aliens, so that has a lasting impression in my brain. The scariest alien for me is the alien Rambo…Predator. I watched that as a eleven year old and it scared the Jesse Ventura outta me! My best friend up the street and I were scared to play in the woods for awhile after we watched it.

    • I need to stop with the “Alien Battles” theme here, because right after I realized ET would get his ass kicked again, this time by Predator, my mind swifted gears to ET doing his “Ohhhh” and pointing the Glow finger at the Total Recall chick’s triple-breast. LOL

      :shakes head:

      This topic turned out far funner than I thought it would be LOL

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