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Hey everybody, Thank God it’s Friday, huh?!

Fridays bring us another blog spotlight, and this week it’s our buddy Brian Roan and his gang over at! Click through and I’ll let you know why you should check his site out! πŸ˜€ is run by Brian, with contributions from three others (including Rick Sandlas, who’s been known to comment up here! Had to give him a shout), and they post up about movies using a unique style – Each review they do is a letter written to the movie in question. Sometimes it’s hate mail (“The Devil Inside”) Sometimes it’s a love letter (“The Grey”), but it’s always an avenue to write from the first person, and express feelings about a film in a straightforward fashion.

Recent reviews include Silent House, Act of Valor, Gone, and Jeff Who Lives at Home, which opens this weekend! They also do DVD reviews… a couple of notable recent reviews are True Grit, ZatΓ΄ichi and Spartacus . Check ’em out!

Of course, Brian’s review of “The Grey” legendarily caught director Joe Carnahan’s attention, and became his favorite review of the movie. For that reason alone it’s a must read!

The site has also begun the journey into podcasting, with Radio DearFilm! They just launched their inaugural podcast, featuring an in depth review of “Silent House”, with our buddy and frequent commenter here at FMR Andy, of A Constant Visual Feast, and Fogs of Fogs’ Movie Reviews… wait, what? LOL Yup! That’s me. πŸ˜€ This is actually the third podcast now that Brian and I have been on together (the other two being “The Muppets” Lambcast and Film Yarn’s episode on “The Grey”), and it’s always worked out great. This episode is no exception. You can tell this is going to be a really strong podcast going forward… Give it a listen!

So, I encourage you to check out, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, and please give the first episode of “Outside the Envelope” a listen to hear Brian, Andy and I talk Community, “John Carter”, “Silent House” and more!!


22 thoughts on “Follow Fridays!:

  1. Thanks Fogs for the kind words we sure appreciate it. Much obliged for the shout too but I must give credit where its due as your ‘Tossin It Out There’ has become a new habit and works as top notch discussion starter! Keep it

    • πŸ˜€ Yeah, I like that thread myself. Actually wasn’t even my idea.

      But hey, no problem, I like “Dear Film” and I’ve podcasted now with Brian several times, and hang out with him on twitter and whatnot. Are you out ther, btw? You on twitter? LMK… I mean, for all I know we follow each other already and Im spacing, but… LOL you know how it is.

    • Oh, cool, glad you got to listen to that one. I’m not sure how he’s got his feedback set up… But I think the consensus is that it all went well. I know we were all thrilled it got in front of Joe C.

      This one was good too. Silent House isn’t half the movie, but the debate provides interesting discussion, and once again we got contributions from someone who had touched based with the directors (Andy this time).

      So give it a listen if you get a chance, it came out really well!

  2. Fantastic podcast. Very interesting debate as well. I now know what Andrew’s voice sounds like LOL. Pretty Epic πŸ˜€ I’m glad Fogs was the hater, because I love that passion you bring across when you don’t like something. Very fun site as well.

    • Ha!! I’ll try to remember that… I tend to lean towards discussing things Im a big FAN of.

      Glad you checked it out though, thanks. And yeah, I always enjoy that too, finding out what people you read sound like…

  3. Beautiful site and selection Fogs. You certainly know how to pick them! Wish I have the courage to Podcast! You are doing an awesome job with it! You guys really need your own national radio show.

    • πŸ˜€ Well, first off, thanks Aidy! We appreciate all the positive feedback we get, it REALLy is what keeps us going.

      On having the courage to podcast, its not that scary! Wehn you’re in the middle of it, its just like talking on the phone, thats all…

      But then, finally, these are national, actually. International! Anyone can listen! Now the trick is to get people’s attention to it, you know? πŸ™‚

      Anyways, thank you as always, we love the kind words, thanks for checking it out!!

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