Tossin’ It Out There: What Do YOU Think Of Will Ferrell?

With “Casa de mi Padre” opening this week, I thought it would be a good opportunity to turn to one of our “What do you think of ___” discussions, this time, Will Ferrell.

Will Ferrell can actually be a pretty divisive comic. There are a number of people who love his movies and consider his best comedies to be classics, and then a number of others who think either he’s a one trick pony (playing the same character over and over again) or just don’t find him funny.

The Tank and I go over our feelings on his career tomorrow on (title pending), but I wanted to hear how YOU felt. Do you think Ferrell is an insane genius? A hysterical clown who can crack you up by reading a soup recipe? Or does he rub you the wrong way? Maybe his movies fall flat for you, or you feel like he’s just doing the same silly stuff again and again and again.

Which ever side of the fence you want to fall out on, we want to hear it! What do YOU think of Will Ferrell?!


98 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What Do YOU Think Of Will Ferrell?

  1. I think he’s a great comedian. He’s made some of the most mundane topics or situations have some humor. He adds both physical and verbal humor. There also seems to be no limit as to how low he can go with his characters or basically humiliating himself on screen. He also keeps most of it fairly PG-13, so the family could watch, except as the Park Ranger in Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back, but who could keep it PG-13 in that movie.

    Me personally, he’s a hit or miss with his movies though. I have found some of them extremely funny and can watch them a couple of times, Elf for instance. And others I couldn’t make it through, Land of the Lost. His characters are similar, you branch from a known origin, but this is similar to other SNL comedians, Adam Sandler, Mike Meyers, Chevy Chase, Dan Akroyd, etc.

    • I might as well confess it right up front I guess.

      Its a terrible movie. Stupid. Dumb.

      Land of the Lost cracks me up though.

      I said it. There. Out.

      You make a really good point about Ferrell being willing to humiliate himself for comedy. He’s always struck me as the type of guy who would literally do anything for a laugh.

    • Not sure what you’re refrring to, you mean the notification boxes? Notify of new comments – those?

      Pretty sure most people wouldnt want those on by default, even if I could. Which I dont think I can anyways, but…

      Lmk if thats what you meant though bro.

      • Yeah, I sometimes forget to check them off and then I think, why am I not getting any notifications for replies on the blogs? I know people respond, you respond to everyone’s comment. There has to be a way to set the default to checked. Every software package you download always has the other garbage they want to install to checked.. lol.

    • You walked out on Anchorman? Wowwwww and that’s one of his GOOD ones!

      I guess he’s more hit and miss than I thought!

      I doubt it has any relationship to your sophistication though. 🙂

  2. Will really is a hit or miss proposition for me. He has this fine line of absurdity where you can love him in Talladega Nights but find him loathe worthy as in Wedding Crashers where I think he made the film worse for his screen time! If he was more consistent I think it would do wonders for him.

    • Oh wow.

      I can tell already, this is going to be a really interesting discussion today.

      I LOVE his Wedding Crashers cameo!


      I always knew he was very hit and miss for people – It’s just interesting to hear exactly how. You do have a point about his inconsistency though. I think when he’s on he’s hysterical, but even as a fan, I have to say there’s a number of his projects that totally fail for me. So…

      Still. Total disagreement on Wedding Crashers, buddy. Love that one. “I almost nunchucked you… you dont even realize

  3. Will Ferrell is extremely animated and tends to over-act to get the laugh. I find him tolerable in small doses….which was why I found him brilliant on SNL (more cow bell please). But to sit thru an hour plus of him trying to stretch a sketch character into a full blown movie personality….not so much. I have seen a few of the movies. I’m even willing to sit through Elf once a year…but beyond that….. I’ll pass. Wedding Crashers was okay, but he wasn’t the star….that helped.

    • “But to sit thru an hour plus of him trying to stretch a sketch character into a full blown movie personality….not so much.”

      That’s a laser beam right at it right there Deb. Ouch. Casa de mi Padre – even though I enjoyed it – was a lot like that. It probably could have been like a 20 minute funny or die sketch.

      That said, he cracks me up. So if he’s on, I enjoy his movies.

  4. Definitely hit or miss. I have laughed a lot at some of his movies and others have had me wondering how anyone could think it was funny. I know you said “Land of the Lost” cracks you up…I thought it was an abomination. I think sometimes he would benefit from sitting in a screening room with the dailies…no one but him and his director…no other yes men to guffaw at everything he does…and he might see what works and what doesn’t.

    • Seriously… I cant even defend it.

      In part, the reason Land of the Lost cracks me up is that its so dumb, like who thought people would like it? Almost completely bizarre, but I laugh, so I have to fess up.

      But I would say squonk, maybe that’s part of the issue, is that the stuff he does DOES crack him up. There are times when some of the stuff that falls flat feels like an in joke that doesnt translate well to people on the outside.

  5. I liked him on SNL in skit type comedy and as George Bush, but not really in movies. Ron Burgundy was pretty great, but other than that I wouldn’t go out of my way to see him as a lead. Some of his smaller roles have been very funny though, and I bet he knocks it out of the park in stand up, if he does stand up (I’m guessing he does, but I’ve never seen any).

    • The only stand up Ive ever seen is the one man play he did as W. – “You’re Welcome America” or something like that.

      Did you catch that? It was pretty funny. Not in my top ten standup acts, but…

      So, for Gelf, Ferrell in small doses works best. Got it.

  6. I think he’s a great comedian…from the few movies I’ve seen and it looks to me like he’s a guy with a great sense of humour. 🙂

      • Unfortunately not but I have them on my list. Thanks for reminding me about them. A few that I did see so far are The Other Guys, Stepbrothers and Bewitched and they were all great. 🙂

  7. AAHAAA! One of the very few (myself included) who enjoyed Land of the Lost! Will’s humor has grown on me over the years. As a huge NBA fan I enjoyed Semi-Pro quite a bit. Come on! The Flint Michigan Tropics! Best team name ever!

    • Missed this one earlier Markus, sorry about that. Semi-Pro has plenty of moments and I laughed, I did… I like it well enough, I suppose, but I only watched it once. So…

      By way of comparison, when LotL was on cable I watched parts of it constantly, and at least two or three times through.

      RELIEVED I’m not completely out there solo on that flick. Definitely felt like an admission of guilt when I admitted I liked it, LOL!

  8. I generally really like Will Ferrell in basically everything he does.

    MA!! THE MEATLOAF!! NOW!! FUCK!! I never know what she is doing back there!

  9. I didn’t have enough respect for Will Ferrell UNTIL the Wedding Crashers cameo. His bit was Instant classic, elevated the whole movie which I already thought was great. The difference of opinion on this is interesting, huh?

    Found the snooty, icky professor SNL char with Rachel Draft funny the first time for about 3 minutes, then it went on and on and on and I couldn’t bear it. So I’m mixed on him.

    • You know what’s funny Jan is even my own opinion on him is a bit split.

      I wasn’t a fan of his right out of the gate. I didnt appreciate his SNL stuff until later. It wasnt until Old School and Elf that I really “Got it” if you will. I mean, obviously there were some things on SNL that were instant classics – like the Cowbell bit… but I’m with you, I didnt latch on to all of it right away either!

      • Heh. Well, I AM a bit uneven, yeah…

        But it’s definitely Ferrell. I mean, I knew it too – said it up front in the intro. He’s definitely got some outright haters out there, so I knew his comedy wasn’t like universally beloved, and then even his fans have to admit his resume is a bit checkered at times, so…

        Totally part of the Will Ferrell package. Inconsistent, controversial.

        Its been making for an interesting discussion today though, I’ve been enjoying this one!

  10. It really depends.

    Whether or not I’m laughing, I always admire Ferrell’s ability to really fully commit to a character and stick the landing. That quality is best exemplified in Anchorman and, for my money, the much-unloved but totally fantastic The Other Guys. Funny or no, few people can go the distance like Ferrell can, and when the material he’s working with is truly stellar, then he just spins gold.

    He’s hit or miss for me in the end. As many of his movies make me laugh as they make me cringe, but honestly, I’ll take that, because his good movies are often very, very good. It’s a shame no one’s going to go see Casa de mi Padre after this weekend; Armando ranks right up there with his other characters without any difficulty.

    • I’m non-plussed (that’s French :D) on “The Other Guys”. It was fine. It had its moments, I laughed… But I dunno. Recording last night and Tank was saying “The Other Guys” was better than “Talledega Nights” I w couldn’t believe it.

      You put it well – I’ll take the occasional cringe worthy moments for all the times he’s brilliant.

      And we’ll see about Casa. Maybe it’ll open wider soon and word of mouth will hook it up. Per theatre it did well last week.

  11. He’s very talented, very funny. I’d like for him to expand his repetoire just a bit though. He’s got the “dumb guy with deliusions of adequecy” bit down, but that can only power so many movies.

    • He definitely has that one move going for him. I do like how he’s trying to change the context for his singular character though. You know? I mean theres some differences here and there in his characters, but for the most part, at least he uses different backstories

  12. I saw Will Ferrell at Comic-Con a couple of years back and he literally had me laughing so hard that I was in tears. The man is funny and he loves is work. He truly LOVES to be funny. So, people love him. Maybe he’s made a few bad choices with movies but I can’t really think of any. Instead, I think he’s been really smart, overall, with his choices. He’s played some more serious roles and done quite well. What can I say, I love the guy. He has that certain something, for his particular set of skills, very much like Tom Hanks, although they are two very differnet actors.

    • Jealousy. Rising.

      TheyearhewentwiththeBigBlueHeadandthedonutsandJonahHillandTinafey??!! 😮

      I missed that one. I went the year before and the year after. And I have to say, Henry, that’s the ONE panel I really was pissed about missing. Well, that and the Expendables. I would have loved to have seen Stallone.

      I bet it was an awesome panel.

      Hey, I get to go this year, so that’s cool, right?

      Meanwhile, we’ll see if he ever gets any decent dramatic roles… until then, Tom Hanks is (I think, here) a LITTLE above him on the ladder… 😀 Just sayin’.

      • It was 2010, promoting “The Other Guys.”
        Movies like, “Everything Must Go,” demonstrate he does have more to offer.
        Well, maybe I’ll see ya at Comic-Con.

      • Oh, yeah! Definitely! Keep me in touch, maybe a meet up in line if you’re going to do Hall H at all 🙂

        2010 was the year I missed, I guess he did two panels then, because he definitely did Megamind that year too.

        I did 09 and 11, missed 10. Then this year will be my third… Love it there. Love it.

  13. He’s ok in some movies but I generally don’t go out of my ways to see his movies. I think I like him in less slapstick humor like ‘Stranger than Fiction’ and ‘Everything Must Go’ but I did enjoy ‘The Good Guys.’

    • You know? (I love how these threads always lead to “confession time”) but I’ve never seen his two “serious” movies, “Stranger than” and “Everything Must Go”

      Guess I should get on that, huh?

  14. I like him, for the most part. He has certainly had some duds, which is common for comedians, but Anchorman is hilarious. I also like his Funny or Die skits, and it was great to see him take on a dramatic role in Everything Must Go.

    • Well, that’s what I get for commenting out of order.

      A few comments from now, I tell T that we should give the Funny or Die stuff a shout out! Not knowing, obviously, that you HAD.

      Whatever. Here’s a video that’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t. CRACKS me up. Ferrell’s not into it to the end, but… still

  15. I’m in the minority for sure, but volume ≠ comedy. When an actor seems to IN-FLECT EVERY-THING LOUD-LY, it loses the touch of realism I need to laugh (see also The Hangover). I’ve seen much of Talladega Nights and Anchorman and couldn’t even force myself to chuckle. I thought he was fantastically weird, yet believable in Stranger Than Fiction (only one screaming scene!). The only role I thought was consistently funny was his (very small) turn as Corbit in Winter Passing because he wasn’t trying to be funny, he just was that guy and everyone in that movie is so tragically damaged in bizarre, inappropriately comedic ways. Understatement goes a long way with me much to the disappointment of nearly everyone my age I meet.

    If one more person says I NEED to see Step Brothers because it’s the FUNNIEST MOVIE EV-AR, I might go thermonuclear. I will say that he is in the most endlessly quotable movies, or so it seems because my friends talk in Ferrell cryptics day-in day-out, but I wouldn’t say that has much to do with him as an actor, more speaks for him as a writer.

    • (Must fight urge to recommend Step Brothers, Must fight urge to recommend Step Brothers, Must fight urge to recommend Step Brothers…)

      Hey Meric. You should check out Step Brothers, it might change your mind. Seriously. It’s the funniest movie EVER!


      I couldnt resist. I’m sorry man. Hey though, you know, that’s what makes these discussions. Everybody gets to see the variety of opinions out there. I’m sure with Comedians you’re going to get a broader range of opinions than with straight up dramatic actors, but… still, not everyone reacts the same way to stuff.

      For me, I appreciate the consistently ridiculous situations he’s able to create. Cracks me up, man.

      • There is now a crater where my apartment used to be.

        But seriously, I can’t fault all these millions of people for loving Will Ferrell. I just don’t get it. That says more about my shortcomings and (lack of?) sense of humor than everyone else’s. Frankly, I’m genuinely impressed by his ability to gather such a devoted following.

        For the record, my favorite comedies are Opposite of Sex and Drop Dead Gorgeous – super dead pan, dark and, in the case of the former, remarkably cynical and vitriolic. Their unashamed look into the darker side of things speaks to me. Maybe Ferrell’s brand of comedy is simply too joyous for me. Shrug.

      • Huh. I’ve seen Drop Dead Gorgeous, but I dont recollect it at all. Just didnt register. Perhaps I should revisit…

        Havent seen Opposite of Sex, though.

        As for Ferrell, its all just taste. Kind of surprised there havent been more people who are dead set against. Most everyone has had the patented “Mixed Opinion based on Particular Film”, and then some people are unabashed supporters, but… I expected more folks to be like I cant stand that dude. LOL

  16. I think he is one of the best comics working today. Even in films that are sub-par he is funny. When he has an actual script to work with he is amazing. did you happen to catch his appearance on The Daily Show last week?

  17. He’s on-again, off-again for me. I liked him in Old School, Wedding Crashers, The Other Guys, and Elf, but didn’t like him in Talladega Nights, Stranger Than Fiction, and Land of the Lost (which I read cracks you up), etc.

    But I did like him in Drunk History! haha

    I’ll give him a watch when he is in a movie still though!

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