So. Joke’s on me then, huh?

Allegedly… I may have… apparently overstated my feelings, mildly, about “Robocop”‘s artistic merits yesterday, theoretically thinking that people would NOT accept it as a Movie That Everyone Should See.

I expected a much higher degree of “ROBOCOP”?? from people than I got, seeing as I wound up getting precisely NONE. I was very carefully manning the comments all day, expecting to have to “Unapprove” people calling it out as a joke… and only had to do that once.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy “Robocop” as much as the next guy, but I feel its more of a Cheesetatsic Classic than an MTESS. There were a lot of things in there I found hard to “type with a straight face”.

Apparently though, I’m the fool.

The people disagree. The write up itself was dead serious, it was the only way I could think to make it work… write it straight up and completely serious. Turns out, everyone completely accepted it into the series. In many cases, enthusiastically.

Thus, the people have spoken, and to honor everyone’s opinions – I wont edit the post to clearly mark it as a joke going forward, as I was planning to do.

“Robocop” fans have their “Robocop” MTESS.

The issue now is what I do with the series. Apparently if “Robocop” gets in with no questioning, the admission standards might be completely absent. I can’t decide where that leaves us… I’m either going to do a string of complete classics in order to raise the bar – an MTESS run of “To Kill a Mockingbird”, “Lawrence of Arabia”, “The Seventh Seal”, “Gone with the Wind”, etc… or I’m going to immediately greenlight MTESS “Rocky III” and “Point Break”.

Time will tell. Time will tell.


52 thoughts on “So. Joke’s on me then, huh?

  1. Ha! Thought you could fool us? Gotcha! LOL!

    Oh please good grief no! Not one of those. Then stick to Robocop please! LOL!

  2. I LOVE IT!

    I’m usually the gullible one who falls for every April Fools joke, even after I’ve been reminded of the date. So it is great to see a prankster caught in his own act!

    In terms of the series, you could keep your high standards, but allow one “surprise” nomination a year each April. Except now you have to think of one each time that is unexpected, but that the people might still accept. Hahaha.

    • Yup. Looking back through my text messages, the word “Backfire” was used in exchange with my buddy Jay.

      Pretty apt.

      It is the perfect “Out Clause” for sneaking in really suspect movies… “Awww, cmon. You knew I was kidding right?” or, if it goes over well, like this one did, you can just be like. “What? Yesterday was april Fools Day? I didnt even know!”


  3. You said you were “Very Carefully Manning”. Who’s Very Carefully? Is he related to Peyton Manning?

  4. Wow! – I feel like I was just punked (he said looking around for Ashton Kutcher).
    While I do think this movie is a social commentary on certain issues, I WAS a tad surprised at the choice not believing this to be in the league of T2. However, I have no qualms with putting this in the Cheestastic bin. Guess your goading was from Wikijokia ; “well played”(in the voice of James Lipton of Actor Studio as performed by Will Ferrel). Nice bit of gotcha (he said wiping the egg from his face). 😉

    • LOL… I guess I did TOO good a job in creating a REAL write up for it.

      Dont feel bad though, I did spend a lot of time thinking about what movie I could use that I could “Get past” people. “Robocop” was far and away the easiest. It’s jussssssst possible enough….


      Definitely not at T2’s level!

    • No, but that was the thing.

      I had to try to find a movie that people wouldnt immediately reject as a joke.

      Guess I should have tried harder, huh squonk? I dont think Weekend at Bernies would have cut it though. 😀

  5. Haha — you know, I actually thought something was up, but because Robocop was suck a big part of my childhood I totally went along with it.

    Just because a movie has a substantial amount of cheese (attended in this case) doesn’t mean it’s not seething everyone should see. 😉

    • No, I mean, you’re right. I’ve struggled with that myself.

      But so far I have required a certain level of quality and/or pop culture resonance, and I kind of think Robocop is a little short on both and heavy on the cheese.

      I do enjoy it though, I am a fan. Its just hard to call it an “Existential movie” (like I did) seriously. 😀

      Sory to punk you Phil.

  6. I guess I am going to have to read the gag review to see what people where saying about it. Ok series but not my favorite.

  7. Aw man, I wasn’t online much yesterday, or I would have completely called you out on RoboCop. In fact I likely would have said something like “I can only assume that this is a particularly subtle April Fool’s Day joke. If not, than MTESS has officially jumped the shark”.

  8. To be fair, I did consider the possibility that I wasn’t the only movie blogger in our circle having some fun for the day. But I think the problem is that not only did you do it with a straight face, you also played it pretty honestly. Robocop is satirical, and it is very enthusiastically embraced by people. Sure, it’s definitely more “Classic Cheese” than just plain “Classic”, but in all honesty, if you want to point to a film as something people “must see” in order to get an insight into an era, you could do a lot worse than Robocop. Especially considering how it wasn’t an air-ball for pop-culture impact. So, sure, it’s no Ghostbusters, but it was certainly more impactful than Road House.

    And hey, look on the bright side. At least people responded to your April Fool’s joke. Mine’s apparently going to be lurking quietly to catch late-comers unawares. 😀

    • Ohhhh mannnn…

      You had me until “but it was certainly more impactful than Road House.”

      That’s just straight up blasphemy!!

      As to the traffic, well… Robocop may be a little stronger than “Hercules in New York” as a draw. 😀

      • Yes, I think that’s part of why people were taking you at face value, there… 😀 Certainly I doubt there’s anybody out there on Twitter just waiting to pounce on the opportunity to spout catchphrases from HNY the way that “I’ll buy that for a dollar!” guy was.

      • LOL. Seriously, right?!

        I think that’s a sign of mental illness… unless there’s some kind of twitter bot program I dont know about that can automate that…

  9. If you are going to do an April Fool’s Joke about a movie everyone should see, then you shouldn’t do it about one that has a big cult following and is considered a satirical classic.

    You probably should have picked something crappy like Transformers 2 or Troll Hunter.

  10. Wait, you wrote a ‘fake’ MTESS on Robocop?? I’m still playing catchup from being out of town this weekend, but I would have totally bought it as legit. I always thought Robocop was in the “so bad it’s good” category, but after watching it a couple years ago I realized it was pretty damn great. Now it’s one of my favorite movies, and I even included a screencap in my new banner. 😀

    • “Wait, you wrote a ‘fake’ MTESS on Robocop??”

      Well, The word I might choose is “Not entirely 100% sincere” but, yes. Yes I did.


      You’re nto alone, apparently I did a little TOO good a job. People liked it.

  11. That’s awesome! Considering the movie blogs I typically am a fan of, Robocop is a great movie and most of the cheese is nostalgia’d away or just taken as a given based on when it was made and I would have never guessed it as an April fool’s joke. But in terms of movies of its ilk, I would say that it could easily be placed in a top 10 action movies of its time, even though it might not quite be in the top 5.

    • Ahhhhh… I dunno…

      The action’s pretty lame, Bubba. I mean, I’ll give it a lot of things considering the response it got, but essentially the action boils down to a lot of stuff getting shot to shit. The battle against the Ed-209 was the highpoint and that got won when the Ed-209 trips down the stairs. LOL.

      Maybe. I’d have to write a list. No way its top five, though, there’s gotta be five better shoot ’em up actioners than this.

      In terms of action…

      • I did at least go the extra distance of qualifying it to action movies of its time *and* saying it wouldn’t be in the top 5. Also, I haven’t seen it in years so the memory is cloudy. I’ll have to come back after I rewatch it and see if my opinion remains as high as it is right now.

  12. Just out of curiosity, since you were expecting a lot of people calling you out on Robocop… do you normally get a lot of argument on the MTESS? I mean, OK, probably not on some of the “obvious classics”, but do people argue about the more fringe choices?

  13. Robo cop > War Horse

    Fogs, Now I have to go and read that review, I actually watched that a few weeks ago, I did not think it aged well.

    • Yeah at this point, I’m dying for someone to throw me a life preserver and agree with me that its a cheesefest.

      I’ve been hammered into believing its a true classic LOL

    • Yeah.

      No kidding.

      Don’t think I haven’t thought of that – reason #72 that this was a terrible idea. Now everytime someone mentions Robocop, they’re going to think about busting my balls.

      Fooooogssss… Roboooocopppp…

      : /

    • Yup, yup. Just got done saying to your comment on the Robocop post that it would be a few minutes before you found out. LOL.

      I’ve been getting my ass kicked all week.

      In poetic justice, I turn out to be the fool….

  14. Don’t worry Fogs, you had me. I completely thought you were serious. Robocop is such a bad movie, I would have been more harsh on your pick, but I felt like I’ve been attacking your opinions a lot lately so I tried to subdue myself.

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