Tossin’ It Out There: What Movie Reminds YOU of Your “Younger Days”?

So, for whatever reason, this month has been chock full of teen party movies. Beginning with “Project X”, then “21 Jump Street” and finally “American Reunion” (which, although not revolving around teens, does have a teen party, and then a “party like we were teens” party). All three served to remind me of my younger days of keg cups and debauchery.

Now that’s not everyone’s experience, but it did get me thinking. Everyone’s got a movie or two that makes them think of when they were younger. Could be a movie like “Stand by Me”, which was an MTESS just a couple of weeks ago. On that post, several people said that it reminded them of their youth, and or their experiences walking around out in theΒ woods when they were young.

Maybe it’s an entire movie, or just a scene, or perhaps a character. It could be a movie from when you were younger, or a current movie that hits close to home. At some point in time though, it’s a safe bet you’ve watched a movie and thought to yourself… I remember those days…

For me, it’s certainly the teen party movies. My friends and I practically thought Jeff Spicoli was a guru. But there are others as well, including snippets here and there.

Maybe it’s something with your family? Or a vacation you took. Obviously school movies come into play. But everyone has a couple.

What are yours?! πŸ˜€


91 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What Movie Reminds YOU of Your “Younger Days”?

  1. Dead Poet Society.
    Excellent cast; just reminds of literature, friends, and love :simple things of a simpler time.

    “Sucking the marrow out of life doesn’t mean choking on the bone. ” – John Keating
    “Carpe Diem.” – John Keating (Robin Williams)

      • Yeah, I guess I just remember movies I saw with a cadre of close friends; not the best theme on growing up here. An alternative might be ‘The Sandlot’ as I moved a couple times and was always playing games outside.

  2. The knee-jerk answer to this question is TOP GUN, since it was my very favorite film from around the time I was 13 to the time I was 19.

    Beyond that, I think about that first round of movies that got me excited about the movies – the ones I watched on VHS or via a toned-down edit for TV. Movies like THE UNTOUCHABLES, PLATOON, ALIEN, JAWS, BEN-HUR, and BACK TO THE FUTURE. Whenever I pull them from the shelf, or flip past them on a Sunday afternoon channel-surf, I’m immediately that kid again seeing them for the first time.

    • Dont have to say anything. I think that if anyone’s at a disadvantage this week its our younger friends here… what are they gonna say? Although I’m sure they’ll come up with something.

      American Grafittiis a good one. For me a good parallel would be ‘Dazed and Confused’ even though it was set about ten years earlier than my experience, it was so similar to how we used to just hang out.

      Wouldnt it be nice to have Simon and Garfunkel setting your life to music? LOL

  3. “The Sandlot,” there was a whole group of us neighborhood kids that played baseball every day in the summer. Not in an organized little league, but just hittin’ the ball around. Even though we had a perfectly good park three blocks away, we played in the cul-de-sac at the end of our street.

    • Wow. That’s cool.

      Ok, today’s unitnended consequence (there’s always something, LOL) is cool memories you havent thought of for awhile. We used to play baseball in a field behind my house… could have walked to a bunch of diamonds, too. But we were just happy to hit the ball around and run around the jacket bases.

      Good one, Squonk!

  4. I’d have to go with movies that contained a lot of drinking, drugs, partying and heavy metal. So Fast Times would probably be the closest. I absolutely love that movie. I can relate to Jeff Spiccoli big time. I forget many of the names.

    A lot of the John Hughes films just bring me back, like Better Off Dead. I loved that movie back then. Didn’t live the lifestyle, just brings back memories. Then they are my favorite Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies, like the original Conan and Blade Runner. I liked the cheesy fantasy ones too like Beastmaster.

    I didn’t watch as much movies back then, I spent more time in nightclubs seeing concerts or hanging out in Brainard Park, Powder Hollow, Enfield High Bleachers or wherever the party was. πŸ™‚

    • “Better Off Dead. I loved that movie back then. Didn’t live the lifestyle, just brings back memories.”

      You weren’t a competitive downhill skiier, buddy? LOL

      People used to party at the Enfield High Bleachers? I’m 25 years removed from that whole scene and I still felt like, WTF, how did I not know? πŸ˜€ Probably Enfield High kids though, so whatever. πŸ˜€ We had the cliffs. They can take that cop trap.

      Fast Times was a very influential movie. Still high on my list of favorites today.

      “Aloha, Mr Hand…”

      • Haha I used to live across the street from Brainard Park. (then right down the road). I tried to sneak out once…. got caught…. “why do you want to go there? Do you know what goes in there?”. YES, YES Mom I do!!!! Hahaha

      • I didn’t have to sneak out, I had the car. Blasting Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Mercyful Fate before anyone knew who they were. There was always beer in a cooler in my trunck. Hell I showed up to Fermi half in the bag most of the time. Hence I can relate to Jeff Spicolli. Funny how I turned out.

  5. Hmm…
    Animal House, although it really reminds me more of high school than college.
    Blues Brothers, cause it reminds me of every band I was ever in.
    Spinal Tap, for the same reason
    Quadrophenia, reminds me of running around NY, going to clubs, dressed to the nines, and getting in fights with burbies who were invading our turf…. and also going to the beach at 5 in the morning still blasted off our asses and watching the sun come up.

  6. I guess, movies that I loved when I was a kid: “The Goonies”, “The Blues Brothers”, “Indiana Jones”, and “Predator.” Predator? Yeah, that’s right. A wholesome family film, I remember watching as a child. And I loved it.

    • I know you’re saying you watched Predator as a child, but its much more fun thinking of baby Brik, chompin’ on a cigar, tromping through the jungle stalking a Predator… πŸ˜€ LOL

  7. THat’s funny, I just wrote my American Reunion eview 5 minutes ago in which I talk about this. But American Pie reminds me of my youth as I was the same age as the characters at the time. I think most generations probably have this film for them and that’s why they do well: Superbad, Animal house, and Fast Times.

  8. The Toy Story films make me think of childhood. Not only because I watched them as a kid, but also because I loved my toys as a kid. As for my teenage years, I’m still a teenager now, so I can’t really answer yet πŸ˜›

    • Heh. I had wondered earlier how our younger friends would respond. The answer? Theyd go all the way back to Toy Story. πŸ˜€

      LOL, thats actually a really good answer though, who cant relate to that. Even the end of Toy Story 3. I think we’ve all had an experience like that with our toys, too…

      Good one PG

  9. growing up during cable’s earliest heydays there was a network called HBO. Now you’re thinking “I know what HBO is dumbass” but this network continually played “The Beastmaster” over and over and over. See…HBO wasn’t “Home Box Office” it was really “Hey, Beastmaster’s On!” vintage fantasy awesomeness that takes me back to simpler times in my life!

  10. The Last Picture Show, Porkies and the Breakfast Club were iconic to me. The first was my initial serious summer film debut at a drive-in theater, the second one served as one of the first risque movies after H.S. The breakfast club because it so encapsulated the school years of the time.

  11. Dang…this one is hard, but I say that all the time. I picked Back to the Future. I first saw it when I was like 5 and it went WAY over my head, but I thought Doc Brown was super entertaining. I think it was his hair.

      • Oh, I believe me, I’ve saved my parent’s marriage once or twice, just never at a dance. πŸ˜‰ LOL Sorry, when I wrote my answer I had only 3 hours of sleep. Now that I woke up from a 5 hour nap, I can better answer this question.

        I don’t know if you know this movie, it’s a total chick flick (100% estrogen) called Now & Then. I felt like I was one of those girls. If you don’t know the movie, my feelings won’t be hurt too much. Just buy me a beer and we’ll call it even! πŸ™‚

  12. The Dark Knight! Because I fell down a well and grew up to become the Batman.

    Dazed and Confused, Fast Times At High Ridgemont High, Porky’s, Revenge of the Nerds, American Pie, Real Genius (didn’t go to that school) all sort of apply. Wrong eras, but I was one of the few kids who was well versed with those movies and frequently attempted to replicate those instances when I could.

    Toy Story series works for little kiddie days (and even growing up with three). Stand By Me, Super 8. Hook. Big. Indiana Jones. National Lampoon Vacation. Mostly from just running around outside doing bizarre stuff as a kid and again trying to replicate movies in my life.

    While Project X is certainly closer to my current age range, it doesn’t remind me of high school or my last three years of college. Social Network is the closest modern thing I can think of and I don’t feel like I exactly relate. I guess Community, Freaks and Geeks, and Undeclared are tv shows that work.

    • “frequently attempted to replicate those instances when I could.”

      I think I would have had my lawyers mount a legal defense around that reasoning if I had ever been brought up on charges. LOL

      I partied like Project X until they got to the surreal stuff at the end. Not a movie I’m proud to associate with or anything.

      Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared are both awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Amazing that Apatow was able to shepherd so many of those kids to success later on too.

      Good ones Nic!

  13. Yep, mine is an extremely obvious one: Stand by Me. And I didn’t even see it until my early twenties. But that movie is so resonant, I cry every time I see it.

  14. Tough one, really. There are a lot of movies that bring me back to my childhood because that’s when I first saw them — Disney movies, Back to the Future, the Princess Bride, etc. — but not very many that actually remind me of me when I was younger. I mean, ask me when I’m retired and I’ll be able to say Office Space, but for movies that actually capture a part of my youth? Hmm.

    Bits and pieces, here and there. The camaraderie of childhood friends from any number of movies, of course. The Goonies being the freshest in my memory on that score (and it helps that it’s an Oregon film, so even though it was coast and I’m from the valley, it still more-or-less looks right.) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was familiar in that although I never got up to quite the same level of antics, I still remember the realization in high school that a lot of rules stop applying if you simply ignore them. On a somewhat more melancholy note, I’m not a rez kid, but I recognized the sense of befuddled alienation in Smoke Signals from my own teenage years. Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story both come to mind as well, since a lot of those events could easily have been taken from my own family. No lie: Grandma did buy me (and my older brother and younger sister) all pink footed sleeper pajamas one year. (Mom, fortunately, exchanged them.)

    • “I never got up to quite the same level of antics”

      Few people do. That’s why he’s Ferris Bueller.

      “I still remember the realization in high school that a lot of rules stop applying if you simply ignore them.”

      I had that realization, too. In grammar school though. LOL

      That’s sad about the alienation thing, but funny about the pink footed pajamas. I think we can all relate to those crazy clothes presents… πŸ˜€

  15. The Sandlot, Stand By Me, these kind of movies with young protagonists hanging out in the sun with friends reminds me of my own childhood πŸ˜‰

    • Me too, I remember you mentioned that on the Stand By Me thread.

      I wonder what today’s “Reminisce about childhood” movies will wind up looking like? Kids texting each other about playing video games? πŸ˜€

  16. I can vividly remember renting a top loading VCR and the movies Star Wars IV and the Dirt Bike Kid for one of my birthday parties. Must have been 9 or 10.

    I think one of the first I saw in the theater was Ghostbusters…loved it. I had the 45 record of the Ray Parker Jr theme and wore it out!

  17. A very difficult question almost counterintuiative. I guess at the movies I’m trying to get out of myself rather than find myself. Much easier with a book. Then you’re putting more into the characters instead of them being already drawn. “A picture is worth a thousand words, but how would you say that with a picture?”

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