Tossin’ It Out There: What Movie Reminds YOU of Your “Younger Days”?

So, for whatever reason, this month has been chock full of teen party movies. Beginning with “Project X”, then “21 Jump Street” and finally “American Reunion” (which, although not revolving around teens, does have a teen party, and then a “party like we were teens” party). All three served to remind me of my younger days of keg cups and debauchery.

Now that’s not everyone’s experience, but it did get me thinking. Everyone’s got a movie or two that makes them think of when they were younger. Could be a movie like “Stand by Me”, which was an MTESS just a couple of weeks ago. On that post, several people said that it reminded them of their youth, and or their experiences walking around out in theΒ woods when they were young.

Maybe it’s an entire movie, or just a scene, or perhaps a character. It could be a movie from when you were younger, or a current movie that hits close to home. At some point in time though, it’s a safe bet you’ve watched a movie and thought to yourself… I remember those days…

For me, it’s certainly the teen party movies. My friends and I practically thought Jeff Spicoli was a guru. But there are others as well, including snippets here and there.

Maybe it’s something with your family? Or a vacation you took. Obviously school movies come into play. But everyone has a couple.

What are yours?! πŸ˜€


91 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What Movie Reminds YOU of Your “Younger Days”?

  1. Army of Darkness and Versus. When I was in high school I considered these to be “the best movies ever”; more than a decade later I still feel the same enthusiasm for the former and a much-reduced sense of admiration for the latter, but either way they both time warp me back to the late 90s whenever I watch them. I might say the same for Braveheart, a mainstay in my Friday night movie rotation when I was like 13, but I haven’t seen it in years so I don’t know if it’ll have the same effect on me.

    As far as actual childhood– I don’t know. Probably Labyrinth or The Neverending Story, but my memory doesn’t go back quite that far.

  2. Great topic!! Oh my! So many choices…well, I used to watch the reruns of the Batman TV series (with Adam West). I always wanted to be Batman when I played with my brother, but he insisted that I could not be him because I was a “girl”, but I could be Robin! (Things that make you go hmmmm… :)) And Wonder Woman was a favorite–I used to put my hair up in a bun and spin around in my WonderRoos (yes, I am old!) with aluminum foil braclets, headband and lasso of truth. Of course, now all Superhero movies are dear to my heart (still waiting for Wonder Woman movie) and make me happy, as well as long to have super powers and kick some butt!

    I was 12 when the VCR thing took off–I still remember going to the Blue Moon Video store and renting everything!! My repeats were Terminator and Blade Runner. I rented them so much the owner gave them to me when he order new ones! Needless to say, sci fi is my favorite genre and still makes me believe that nothing is impossible!

    PS I still want to BE Batman! πŸ˜€

    • I’m still rooting for that Wonder Woman movie, too. If they do it right, it would be huge. What the hell, why are they so messed up?

      I had a chance to meet Burt Ward and Adam West at a convention in New York. Ward was very nice, West was as full of himself as you can imagine. LOL. I got to ask them a question in a panel, too. Asked them what they thought of the change in tone in Batman that took place since they held the parts… they both basically answered that they prefered the spirit of their incarnations with it because it was more family friendly.

      It was pretty cool. Still one of the best panel experiences I’ve had…

      • That’s so cool!! I would have loved that.

        And yeah…do not understand the Wonder Woman hang up–it is really not that difficult a premise?? Deep sigh…

  3. Jaws — the first movie I remember seeing in a movie theater. A great movie in it’s own right, it will always have that little extra for me, opening up a whole new world.

    Flash Gordon — yes, it’s terrible, but I watched the crap out of this on VHS. Watched it recently with my 8-year-old, and he couldn’t stop talking about it for days.

    Star Wars, natch. What can I say, that movie rocked my 4-year-old world.

    Young Frankenstein, The Jerk, Blazing Saddles, and Airplane! — the comedies that would pretty much form my sense of humor.

    • FLASH!!


      He’ll save everyone of us!!

      LOL, I just watched that when it came out on blu not too long ago, and I love it more now then I did then… cause now I have a greater appreciation for Cheese. πŸ˜€

      You saw Jaws in the theatre? Holy crap, that must have traumatized you. LOL. I saw it at home with my Dad. Still remember that first time though. It wasnt long before he was questioning whether he should have let me watch it. LOL

  4. This is tough Dan! Really tough!

    Finding it really hard to think of a film/character/something that reminds me of my youth-dom. The likes of Toy Story give me a little bit of a chance to go back to my younger days – I loved my toys when I was little. I remember thinking that maybe they do come to life when I’m not around.

    The Goonies because of the friendship and adventure. I was of course playing adventure in my back garden. I never found a pirate ship, but it was still fun!

    • “This is tough Dan! Really tough!”

      You’ve discovered my evil plan! I sit rubbing my hands together, going Muu-ahh-ha-ha!! while I think of these…


      Anyways, two great movies. I still love my toys… I just dont play with them now, I “display” them.

      I never found any pirate ships either. Had a couple of friends that reminded me of goonies though. LOL.

      • I wish I had friends that reminded me of The Goonies!

        A couple of times Josh Brolin’s big brother reminded me of mine!

  5. This is a delayed reaction for me……but I finally decided to go with Star Wars (I think there is some bogus new fancy title now) But I mean the original from ’77. I was 7 years old and had just moved to Enfield (Haz.) and lived on a street with a million kids. We were always acting out the movie. I mostly got to be Princess Leia because I was the only girl with long enough hair to put it up into those silly side buns. There were two sides to the neighborhood the Rebel forces and Darth Vader’s side. It always ended up turning into a neighborhood-wide game of hide-n-seek. Ahh….good times, good times!

  6. Great idea! The Indiana Jones and Star Wars trilogies were probably the movies that fueled my imagination most throughout my childhood. Every broomstick was a lightsaber and every jump rope was a whip.

    Movies that remind me of my real childhood fall under those National Lampoon’s vacation movies with Chevy Chase. And Little Miss Sunshine. So many family road trips filled with misadventures and quirky memories.

  7. The Sandlot … Group of kids playing ball every day of the summer in one of our back yards.. occassionally getting into a bit of harmless trouble..

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