Tossin It Out There: What Movie Do YOU Champion?

So, there’s a bit of an ongoing saga between the Shepherd of the Lamb Joel Burman and a bunch of us who were involved in the “Alien” Franchise podcast. He’s insistent that the special edition of “Alien3” is a significantly better movie than the theatrical edition, and reminds us of that fact every chance that he gets.

It came up again recently and made me think. Everybody has a movie or two like that. The ones that they like more than others, or that others havent seen, and you’re always recommending or defending… either way, you wind up feeling like the movie’s biggest fan.

So I thought that that would be a good topic for this week, especially seeing as so many of us are bloggers, what movie(s) do YOU Champion?

Are there any movies you try to push on people that they may not watch otherwise? Are there any movies you defend that others hate on? Maybe there’s a movie or two you feel like no one has seen, but you wish they had… let us hear it! Which movies do YOU Champion?


162 thoughts on “Tossin It Out There: What Movie Do YOU Champion?

  1. Any M.Night Shymalan movie, especially The Happening and Unbreakable. Also, What Lies Beneath, one of the rare movies where Harrison Ford is a bad guy.

  2. Well I think we ‘champion’ a movie that usually don’t get the love from either critics or moviegoers, or both. So in that case I’d say ‘Equilibrium’ for the sci-fi action genre and for rom-com, Return to Me and P.S. I love you. RTM just hasn’t been seen by hardly anyone, and P.S. is actually a much better rom-com that people give credit for.

  3. Dan, you never fail to impress with great topics of choice! Here is yet another fantastic topic. Okay, let me attempt to answer this one.

    I find myself defending my love for The Italian Job, Arthur, Napoleon Dynamite, K-Pax, and the Star Trek movies (i.e. First Contact).

    for some reason, I end up defending a lot of Scarlett Johansson movies too. 😉

    • Yes, but I find that I always wind up with unintended consequences, LOL

      Great topic, but I find myself just ragging on people’s choices today! Because another way to read this topic is “Bring up a bad movie YOU like”.

      No offense that that crossed my mind during YOUR comment though T. 😀 😀

      I do like Napolean Dynamite though. 😉

  4. You mentioned Peter Falk above, and it immediately reminded me of ‘The Princess Bride’. To me this falls in the category of not enough people have seen it. It may be the circles I run with but it just seems limited, for a film of 1987. A great movie that I champion when people don’t know of it.

    • It’s definitely a great movie. I think it must just be the folks you run with though, that’s a pretty popular flick nowadays…

      Did flop when it came out though, didnt catch on til home video. True story! 😀

  5. Decisions, Decisions, I have been telling people they need to see the 2008 Danish film Terribly Happy for a long time. I also have been known to sing the praises of Vincent Gallo’s Buffalo ’66, and the 1987 drama Orphans with Albert Finney and Matthew Modine. See I was able to stop at three films. Nope check that I really liked the 2002 film Bubba Ho-tep with Bruce Campbell as well. Ok so just those four and I am done I promise.

    • I’ve seen 2 out of 4, and they’re both pretty good. Buffalo 66 and Bubba Ho Tep.

      I SHOULD check out “Terribly Happy” it’s been in my watch instantly queue forever.

      Of course, damn it, theyve pulled it from watch instantly. Netflix sucks. Those bastards. 😀

      • Fogs my brother was in the same boat, I loaned him my copy, I think i got it for $4 on amazon

        If you watch Orphans you will never pronounce mayonnaise the same way again.

        great blog topic by the way 🙂

      • HA! And you’re just starting yours up! Come back and talk after like 6 months when the well is REALLY running dry!!

        The good thing is they dont need much prep time, so if you need to, you can decide right up to the last minute. I know I do! 😉

  6. Ang Lee’s Hulk. I will go to my grave defending that film. Is it great? No. Is it a genuinely ambitious film actually trying to say something more than your typical comic book film? Hell yes it is. Maybe it doesn’t achieve the best results, but they tried and I do like a lot of the things they did.

    The Matrix sequels. I think their kick ass action films. Sue me.

    Trust. I love this movie, and most critics who saw it also reacted positively. Unfortunately “most critics” is about seven people. Nobody saw this film, and I’ve sort of made spreading awareness of it my unofficial duty.

    Alien 3. It’s not good, but it’s a lot better than people make it out to be and actually has some good ideas in there.

    Jackie Brown. One of Tarantino’s best, yet it seems most people forget about it.

    Letters From Iwo Jima. It might be my favourite war film of all time, yet most people haven’t seen it. It’s a shame because the film is really powerful.

    From Russia With Love as the best Bond film of all.

    Scarface. Everyone in my family hates it passionately except me, which has led to me loving it even more.

    Drive. Yeah, a lot of people love it, but few love it like I do.

    In The Loop. I only know one person (not counting people I know online) who’s seen it.

    The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. A fascinating film that very few people have seen.

    The Wizard of Oz. My friends give me weird looks when I say this is one of my favourite films.

    The Devil’s Rejects. Excellent horror film too extreme for most people.

    Figure that’s enough for now.

    • “Ang Lee’s Hulk… Is it great? No.” I agree with you there! 😀

      “The Matrix sequels. I think their kick ass action films. Sue me.” I would if I could. The third one is outright awful. Ryan likes it too though, so at least youre not alone in this thread…

      “Alien 3. It’s not good, but it’s a lot better than people make it out to be and actually has some good ideas in there.” Did Joel put you up to this?

      “From Russia With Love as the best Bond film of all.” Nahhh

      “Scarface. Everyone in my family hates it passionately except me, which has led to me loving it even more.” Blasphemy! “The only thing that gives orders in this world is balls!”

      “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.” It was a’ight. (Nodding)

      “The Wizard of Oz. My friends give me weird looks when I say this is one of my favourite films.” You need to do them a favor and raise them out of ignorance. Dont be like me and my friends and only get each other into trouble.

    • While I can respect the attempts that Ang Lee made with Hulk (and I did like the comic-panel style directing), I feel its reach greatly exceeded its grasp. And the ending was a mess.

      The Matrix sequels are, I’ll grant, kick-ass action films. They’re not so good as sci-fi films, though, which is where they fall short of the original.

      Wizard of Oz, I think you’re in good company on the whole on that one. Like Fogs says, educate your friends. 😀

  7. The movie I championed years ago was easily Boondock Saints. I picked it up on a whim from Blockbuster one day, and of the 35k+ DVDs I’ve got, it’s easily the one I’ve lent out the most. Other films I guess you could say I champion are Rounders, Purple Rain, and Malice..Romeo is Bleeding and Hideaway were also a few a tad more obscure films I’d champion.

    Great topic Fogs!

      • I agree, the 2nd one was made far too late and far to badly. It was a sequel just to make a sequel. The same thing can be said for Green Street Hooligans and the 2nd one.

    • Thanks Joe, appreciate the support.

      I was ok with Boondock Saints, it was ok, but I understand the cult following… My question is, how do you feel about the sequel? I havent seen it, but I’ve heard it get kicked around something fierce.

  8. All right, I think I can say a few words here… after all, not only do I have my Favorite Films posts that I make (some of which fall into the “not enough people have seen this”), but I do also have the Devil’s Advocate posts for the “people dislike this for poor reasons” ones (though I need to actually write some more of those….)

    In the “obscure” category, I think I’m on record as being the world’s biggest fan of Sneakers, and no, I’m not ashamed to push it again. 😀

    I also find myself having to champion Dr. Strangelove more than I should, but that’s more just a matter of people nowadays have forgotten about it.

    In the “I like this, others don’t category”… The Black Cauldron seems to be very underappreciated for a Disney flick. I’m not its sole defender, but it’s definitely a cult classic at best.

    I think Revenge of the Sith was actually a worthy prequel to the Star Wars trilogy. Just Sith. The others had their moments, but only moments.

    I will say that Three Amigos is one of the funniest comedies I’ve ever seen, and it’s also smarter than people give it credit for.

    And, in the “long delayed defense due to an inability to get my hands on the discs I want” category, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. So it’s not as great as #1 or #3 (and I’d have to rewatch it and #2 close together to compare there). But it’s still a pretty decent flick, and I think it gets a lot more flak than it deserves — particularly from people who are failing to recognize its true genre. The Indiana Jones series is not, and never was, a modern adventure series (not even for 1980s values of “modern”), and the bulk of the hatred I’ve heard can be traced directly to a failure to realize that. It’ll get a full write-up one day when I’ve got the whole series to do a full retrospective on, but suffice to say there are similarities to the perception problem people had with John Carter, which I’ll also happily champion. (The similarities in the problems aren’t an exact match, but certainly within eyesight of each other.)

  9. I have to admit that I absolutely love Troy. I know people criticize it for being cheesy and long and boring and completely inaccurate, but I could watch this movie over and over again. It’s an entertaining flick set in a fascinating time period, and I think it’s generally underappreciated. It’s got romance. It’s got action. It’s got Brad Pitt naked… everything you need for a good film.

    • You know what? You caught me on this one.

      (Raises his hands up over his head)

      I’ve never watched it. Passed up numerous opportunities, too. Just… got too much bad press? I dont know. Negative baggage because it had Eric Bana in it too close to Ang Lee’s “Sulk”?

      I dont know. I will go and sit in the penalty box now, and feel shame.

      • We can fix this. Really, the movie’s not that bad. And if it ends up not being your thing, at least it’s not like… Alexander type bad.

        If you don’t like Brad Pitt stabbing a guy in the neck within the first 10 minutes of this movie, then I just don’t know what selling points are gonna stick here.

      • Hahaha Oh, that was good Shelby!

        “We can fix this”

        Well, actually, yes we can! 😀 Next opportunity that presents itself, Troy gets crossed off the list.

  10. I’m a long-time advocate for a little seen neo-noir film written by the great Walter Hill and directed by the equally great Robert Culp (in the only film directorial stint he ever did), Hickey & Boggs (which I wrote up in a post last year). Great topic, Fogs.

    p.s., also a long-time fan of ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight’.

  11. One movie I always recommend to people is Mr.Nobody. It’s one a lot of people haven’t seen and it blew me away. The concept of it is unique.

    • No lie, I watched Highlander for the first time about a year ago. A lot of times I’ll watch even maligned sequels, just to see if it’s really “that bad” or if people are just exaggerating as they are prone to do. With Highlander, though, when I finished watching, I concluded that there wasn’t any good way to make a sequel so there absolutely shouldn’t have been any. Removed all the sequels from my “need to see” list, sight unseen.

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