The Great Debates: Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone – THE WINNER IS…

Ok, this is actually the first poll I’ve “Closed” here on the site. But after the fantastic response to this edition of “The Great Debates”, I felt that people needed some closure!

After a week of voting, more than 80 people voted and our discussion ran over 125 comments. The result was EXTREMELY close. This was an even match, a hard-fought battle, a well-earned victory…

For one of them.

Click through to see who won! 

Arnold Schwarzenegger

By a VERY narrow margin, Arnold Schwarzenegger prevails!

That is a very small percentage of the overall vote separating the two. Just over 5%!

To the victor go the spoils! Here are some of the things that Schwarzenegger fans had to say!

There’s no way that Stallone stays down, however. Rocky was never knocked out (Well, except by Clubber Lang, but only because he was worried about Mickey)! There was way too much action here not to resurrect this at some point. It HAS to be revisited in the future. What I’m saying is There IS gonna be a rematch!! Stallone Schwarzenegger II… at an undisclosed future date when you least expect it!

Thanks again to everyone who participated and especially to those who helped spread the word through RTs and Facebook shares! It was a really, really fun discussion!  

You aint so bad! You aint so bad! You aint Nothin’!



249 thoughts on “The Great Debates: Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone – THE WINNER IS…

  1. Damn. Now THAT’S how you do a poll. Glad to see Arnie win in a close one. I feel I should finally watch Commando to celebrate or something. 😀

    • Were you not here for it last week? It blew up even without the freshly pressed thing going on! 😀

      The key? Stallone and Schwarzenegger! Theyre both still hugely popular man, I’m tellin’ ya!

      • Nah, I was here for the beginning of the poll. I think it was 7-5 or something when I voted. Certainly not in the 40s 🙂

        Then again, I do remember having to unsubscribe from the comments because my inbox was getting flooded. Haha.

      • Second person who’s told me that today. I think it was Le0p who said he comment subscribed to the latest Tossin’ it out there.

        I can see how that can get unwieldy. 😀

        Speaking of polls, glad to see Fight Club is kicking ass in yours. I’m going to waive that around at some people I think. 😀

  2. Schwarzenegger is a president in San Angeles “Demolition Man”, but unfortunately can’t help his familiy from bomb attack “Collateral Damage”.
    Stallone is called “God” by Russian commander “Rambo III”, but Rambo is called abnormal in “Tango and Cash”

    • In “Demolition Man” Sandra Bullock’s character mentions the Schwarzenegger Presidential Library, Stallone moans. It was a very funny scene.

      “Tango and Cash” has a scene where a bad guy scoffs at
      Stallone’s character with “Who do you think you are, Rambo?” And the response from Sly is: “Rambo was a pussy!” I find those self-effacing moments marvelously funny.

      But between the two actors, the film that I have watched most often over the years was Total Recall”.

      And who could not love Arnold’s famous comment, when playing the Governator, about the state legislature being filled with “girly-men”.

      I don’t think it gets any better than that.

      • LOL. That “Girly-Men” moment must have gotten by me. 😀

        The rest, obviously, I’ve seen, but I just didnt recall all of that. I guess I need to study my Stallone a little more! (Although I do recall the Demolition Man stuff now that its being brought up…)

        Total Recall is supremely awesome. I’m hoping the remake isnt an abomination… I mean, its coming now, one way or the other, so I just hope it doesnt suck.

        What are your feelings on it? Upset that its getting redone Carlton?

      • I think I would like to see a remake but I doubt it could be near as good as the original was in its time.

        At the Oscar ceremony that year I was sure it would win for special effects but they did not seem to mention the nominees for that category. When Oscar night came, the emcee said there was one film whose attention to details in special effects so outshone any others that they gave the Oscar to “Total Recall” – no contest, no voting.

        I really don’t see a remake being that good, but I will wait and see.

  3. When it comes to Shakespeare, Stallone wins hands-down. Did you see his performance as the Fool in “King Lear” on stage in L. A. three years ago? Unbelievable! Of course, Schwarzenegger’s portrayal of Beatrice in Pixar’s computer-animated version of “Much Ado About Nothing” was nothing to shake a stick at either, but if you want to get scientific, you have to go with Sly.

  4. This just made me relive my whole high school romance and thanks to that guy we were constantly watching both Stallone and Schwarz films. I don’t know, I think it’s a tough call. Stallone looks more stiff to me so I’ll go with Schwarz. Now I’m going to go read your SD Comic-Con stuff because I totally wanna go next year!

    • Oh, Awesome Sarah. 1) Its nice I was able to bring back – hopefully – some good memories for you 2) A Comic-Con fan? I hope you stick around! I have my tickets, reservations, flight, everything. Booked, Booked. Booked. And I’m gonna be blogging it all again, so I hope you – well, actually I hope you get to go – but if yo cant, I hope you’ll check it out! 😀

  5. WHAT…I voted and didn’t win. Damn it….I hate losing, but at least it was from a worthy competitor. When is the next stand off? I can’t wait!

    • It’s gonna be awhile Jen, but it’s gonna be fun. LOL.

      I’ve already decided I’m going to play it up like MAD. Do like hype posts leading up to it, screen caps with shit talk… movie clips of training montages. You get the idea 😀 Its gonna be sweet!

    • I wish you could have voted, too… would have been sweet if this had come for the poll itself! Still, there’ll be a rematch eventually, and plenty of other great polls… so come back and check back in on us!

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