The Great Debates: Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone – THE WINNER IS…

Ok, this is actually the first poll I’ve “Closed” here on the site. But after the fantastic response to this edition of “The Great Debates”, I felt that people needed some closure!

After a week of voting, more than 80 people voted and our discussion ran over 125 comments. The result was EXTREMELY close. This was an even match, a hard-fought battle, a well-earned victory…

For one of them.

Click through to see who won! 

Arnold Schwarzenegger

By a VERY narrow margin, Arnold Schwarzenegger prevails!

That is a very small percentage of the overall vote separating the two. Just over 5%!

To the victor go the spoils! Here are some of the things that Schwarzenegger fans had to say!

There’s no way that Stallone stays down, however. Rocky was never knocked out (Well, except by Clubber Lang, but only because he was worried about Mickey)! There was way too much action here not to resurrect this at some point. It HAS to be revisited in the future. What I’m saying is There IS gonna be a rematch!! Stallone Schwarzenegger II… at an undisclosed future date when you least expect it!

Thanks again to everyone who participated and especially to those who helped spread the word through RTs and Facebook shares! It was a really, really fun discussion!  

You aint so bad! You aint so bad! You aint Nothin’!



249 thoughts on “The Great Debates: Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone – THE WINNER IS…

  1. I agree, Arnold Schwarzenegger is so much better than Stallone! Anyway, thank you for bringing up this survey, now I can finally demonstrate my mom who’s the best between the two! (she likes more Stallone…)

    • Well, be sure not to upset her with it!

      I dont wanna be held responsible for people upsetting their moms with this! 😀

      Glad you were happy with the result though Livia! 😀

  2. Hmm, a tough one, I must say though, arnie tore it up in the eighties, but for longevity, I gotta give it to stallone. ” Your the disease & I’m the cure”

    • Good point there, Cav… especially since Stallone got a head start on him too! Rocky in 76 was WAY ahead of anything Hollywood related that Schwarzenegger had done to that point.

      [Stallone Voice] Oh, Absolutely. [/Stallone Voice] 😀

      Love the Cobra line…

      • very true man, the one stallone film I have not seen for years but would like to see again is Paradise Alley. The Arnie film I would watch again for laughs was Hercules in New York. Truly awful. Lol

  3. I didnt see this earlier but my vote would be for Arnold. Love Twins love Terminator series, Kindergarten Cop, i cant really stand stallone and dia rocky films

    • Yeah, I wish I could have had this open for when everybody came by, but…

      You cant stand Stallone? Cmon! He’s awesome… What about Rambo, if Rocky isnt your thing? Gotta have some love for Sly!

      • im not a fan of stallone i can handle the rocky films, dont like rambo films either tbh

  4. While I absolutely love the Rocky films, there is nothing more satisfying than delivering the perfect Arnold one liner in a perfect Austrian accent and having an entire room of people understand the joke and laugh with you. Arnold is truly universal humor. 🙂

    • Well, that’s awesome if you can…

      I’m going to confess. I can’t. My Schwarzenegger is terrible. and I’ve tried. Believe me. LOL. But I know it’s like the weakest thing ever.

      Meanwhile, my Stallone happens to be passable… maybe even verging on decent. In fact, I was on the MILFcast recently and they ask for your bad celebrity impersonation… that’s the one I chose.

      So I guess I’m saying Stallone might represent in that regard, too! 😀

    • HA! You know why I’m laughing? Cause I did that too… Stopped and checked in on another Freshly Pressed post from our batch! Just to the guy next to me though, he had a Star Wars pic up. You know. Movies. Thats my thing. 😀

      Hope its going as well for you as it has been for me, its always an adventure!

  5. Great poll! They’re such equals, that it was definitely a fair fight. But, Arnold did become the governor and Sylvester hasn’t done much besides that one last movie… that one was painful to watch.

    • Thanks Caterpillar! LOL – nice nic.

      It definitely was a fair fight, and it wound up being a good one! Even here, after it closed…. Stallone got a LOT of support even though Arnold had already been declared the winner!

      Thanks for posting! 😀

  6. A very hard choice. I’d find it hard to separtate them. Both are dedicated professionals and have produced some excellent work. You don’t achieve what they have by just sitting on your bum. I thought I might compete with them (for about one second), then reality set in and the deficit of muscle and dedication became apparent. 🙂

    • LOL… yeah… you’re not just hitting the gym for a couple of hours a week and getting into that kind of shape. Ha. Hell no.

      Hey, even if you cant keep up with them, you still do what you can do…

      They are pretty evenly matched, I think thats why the poll resonated with people so much.

      Thanks for posting!

  7. Arnold wins. Stallone may be a better actor (I did say maybe), but Arnold has a sense of humour about himself and isn’t afraid to send up his stereotypes – the only thing I can think of that Stallone even tried in that field was “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot”, which was just painful. Action heroes who take themselves way too seriously? Not my favourite flavour.

    • Now there’s a point that wasn’t brought up that often that should have been… good one. Arnold definitely DID have the better sense of humor. Even within his non-comedies, he was much more adept at interjecting humor beats.

      Nice one Kinetikat… and bonus for a nic that rhymes with Connecticut. 😉 Thanks for posting up!

  8. As someone growing up right in the middle of the action movie genre’s best days, I gotta say Arnold was the man. Stallone had the Rambo series (not counting Rocky. I consider it a different genre) and Arnie had the Terminator films. But it was Arnold’s single movies that really beats out Stallone’s. Give me “Predator”, “True Lies”, and “Commando” any day of the week!

    • Keith… I’m with you to a point… But you can’t discount Rocky out of the entire discussion. It was a wholistic, broad, overview type question…

      Aside from that you DEFINITELY have a point. Arnold’s one shots are WAY better than Stallone’s. Throw “Total Recall” into that mix and it’s really one sided!

  9. he may be a superstar in some eyes but he’s a lousy husband and better half
    and he sucked as a the Govenator of California , he just did that last thing about canibus to piss off the people that voted him out .
    his his last 3 movies sucked Action hero , jingle all the way and end of days , and there is another one that sucked also oh that one he did with Jamie Lee Curtis
    those ones really sucked when 2 days after I bought them and watched them I took them back
    so my vote is for Sly Stallone 🙂
    besides havng some awesome movies he and his brother are also cool as shit in person
    met his brother Frank one time when I was visiting my relatives in Louisiana , he was fishing at a eatery and boating place we were at ,
    my sister saw him and said (out loud for goodness sakes) that that guy almost looks like Sly Stallone a little bit , and I shocked the shit out of him by saying that’s because it’s his brother Frank , his eyebrows raised up and his buddy came over and said how did you know that and I said I know everybody in that business that is related to a celebrity and I said later and I gave them a twinkle bye bye wave with my fingers and went and joined my family at the pier lol

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