Tossin’ It Out There: What are YOUR Favorites Films From the 1980s?

Ok everyone, it’s time for this week’s “Tossin’ It Out There”!

Now, for all of our new friends who found us last week through the Stallone/Schwarzenegger poll, NO, this is not a retro blog. LOL. I do talk about things OTHER than the 80s! 😀

But we have been working on the “80s Movie Draft” for the (title pending) Movie Podcast, and I thought that I would give everyone a chance to sound off… put the blood in the water, so to speak.

The 1980s was a great decade for movies. Action movies, slasher flicks, John Hughes movies, some great franchises, MORE action flicks… there’s no shortage of movies to choose from. Trust me, we just did an exercise in it. 😀 From “Airplane!” to “Zelig”  the 80s covered the bases, as the poster embed illustrates.

So which are your favorites? Try not to get carried away and list hundreds for us… but say YOU were prepping for an 80s draft… which movies would be YOUR must haves? What would you grab in the first rounds? LOL.

Some monster-sized classics emerged from the 80s. “The Empire Strikes Back”, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, “E.T.”, “Ghostbusters”, but there were also no shortage of quirky decade signature movies like “Weird Science” or “Teen Wolf”. Comedies in abundance, from the genesis of the “Teen Sex Comedy” with “Porky’s” to more wholesome family fare like “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”.

There’s far too many for me to list out, and I don’t need to. YOU know them too. And that’s what we want to hear… Which 80s Movies Are YOUR Favorites? Click through and leave a comment, and feel free to comment in reply to others. Just be respectful 😀 Movie discussion is the name of the game on these!

And this week? It’s all about the 80s!


199 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What are YOUR Favorites Films From the 1980s?

    • Nice List.

      I did my top ten for my podcast a few months ago, but as to the site? Ive avoided top ten lists so far (Although a favorite movies list is a different animal)

      Theyre just too easy to disagree with and whatnot…

      • Yeah, people will definitely disagree, but I think it’s a fun and respectful disagreement. (I always enjoy the occasional, “WHAT? That movie sucks!” comment.)

        And I’m glad you see the different between “best” and “favorite” lists. A lot of people I know think they’re the same thing when they often aren’t at all (except the occasional crossover).

      • That’s why I usually take the time to point out that my top ten is a favorite greatest list. LOL.

        If its just your favorites, what’s the point of discussing/debating? Personal taste is personal taste… nothing you can say to anyone.

        Just the opposite with the “Greatest”… what are we, Plato and Aristotle on the stpes or something? LOL. Gotta discuss the merits of movies now?

        The happy point is in between. These are all great movies, yet my personal preference is involved.

        Thus Rocky III gets eliminated because its my favorite, but not great, and Citizen Kane gets eliminated because its great, but not one of my favorites 😀

    • Fletch – HA! Awesome; I totally forgot that one; great flick 🙂

      btw- nice list; agree with 1, 2, & 6 (and not necessarily in that order)

      • One of the best scenes in “Fletch.” Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate you taking a peek. And what would be your top 10? This is my favorite discussion and am always interested in hearing others’ lists.

      • Tyler, it’s so tough picking my best of all time because I like so many for various reasons and mostly picks are subjective. I left you a message on your Dec6 post of several in my top 25.
        A few are classics.
        Monthy Pythons Holy Grail
        Dirty Dozen
        Sound of Music

  1. As someone that was a teenager during the 80’s I saw a lot of movies. It’s extremely tough to figure out a favorite though. I loved the two Star Wars pictures that came out as well as the Indiana Jones films. But the action cheese-fests that were so poplular still hold a special place in my heart. So many great movies to consider. Great question!

    • Thanks Keith, I agree… I grew up then too. The movies were a great place to get out of the house and hang out with your friends, or take a date, and the 80s were a great decade for movies.

      The cheesey action flicks were coming out fast and furious those days, weren’t they? LOL

      Seems like there was a new one every week!

      • Absolutely. Funny that the 80’s action genre came up. One my page I do a “Phenomenal 5” each Monday. This week was 5 Phenomenal Movie Tough Guy One-Liners. Fits right into this conversation! LOL.

  2. My goodness, over 172 comments!! You sure got the power to get people to talk, Fogs, ahah.

    Well, for me my top 5 80s movies have got to be Die Hard, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indian Jones and The Last Crusade, Superman II and The Living Daylights. Gotta have a Bond movie in there somewhere 😀

    • Yeah, well, I gotta be good for somethin’, you know, Ruth? LOL

      The movies you mention all got brought up on our podcast this week, definitely.

      The one interesting one I would note is that the one Bond that got “drafted” wasn’t Living Daylights… it was Octopussy! I couldnt figure out if I agreed or not.

      • Oh Octopussy is more of a guilty pleasure for me. I grew up watching Moore’s Bond flicks so those are fun to watch. He’s not my fave Bond though, I prefer the darker take of the character, hence my vote for Dalton 😀

  3. Man so many good films to pick from…. I really liked Hoosiers, but I thought I was going to play in the NBA when that came out 😉 Also was a huge fan of Full Metal Jacket and Aliens back in the day. Sweet Ass topic as usual Fogs

  4. Wow, such a broad topic, this is almost cruel. I agree with so many titles already mentioned, so I’ll try to call out a few that I haven’t seen yet (though I apologize if they’ve been mentioned and I overlooked them):

    Blue Velvet
    Little Shop of Horrors
    A Fish Called Wanda (seriously…no one has said A Fish Called Wanda? Maybe I missed it…)
    The Untouchables
    The Great Muppet Caper
    The Naked Gun
    Terms of Endearment
    Broadcast News
    The Secret of NIMH
    An American Tail (someone mentioned Don Bluth films, but I’m calling these two out specifically)

    I was surprised there weren’t more mentions of Tootsie, Glory, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, so I’ll add my support to those.

    • Nope. No Wanda yet. I think youre the f-ff-f-first. LOL 😀

      Havent seen much if any love for the Naked Gun or The Untouchables, either. Lots of first timers there, DB!

      Yes, the topic is cruelly broad. But it works well for a topic discussion thread. 😀 And its nothing I’m not willing to go through myself. LOL. Tootsie is really underrated I think. The end of that movie is some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen… the live taping finale SLAYS me everytime I watch it.

      • Yup, Tootsie is brilliant, start to finish. The live taping scene is amazing. Dustin Hoffman is off-the-charts genius in the movie, and that scene is one of many reasons why.

  5. The 80s had the best raunchy teen comedies…Porkys, Losing It, Risky Business, Mischief, Revenge of the Nerds and my favorite of the bunch The Last American Virgin.

    • They absolutely did. I miss those days. There’s movies now and then, but they dont seem the same.

      I’d hate to think its just because I’m not a teenager anymore. I mean, I thought American Reunion was really good, but they seem so few and far between now…

      Thanks for posting Derek, appreciate you leaving your thoughts. 😀

  6. ANYTHING from John Carpenter, especially They Live.

    Also RoboCop. The Terminator. Die Hard. The Princess Bride.

    It was a fun decade for sure. 😀

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