New Episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!! The 80s Movie Draft!!

Alright everyone, here we go! The (title pending) Movie Podcast’s 1980s Movie Draft!

Tank and I answer a weak week at the megaplex with (title pending) awesomeness! We’re joined by guests Jason Gross of and Ben Scrivens of, and together the four of us take turns selecting the biggest and best movies of the 1980s! It’s all the great 80s movies you love, combined with the chop-busting camaraderie and comedy of a fantasy draft! Along the way I’ve loaded it up with plenty of 80s movies clips and tunes to augment the audacious audio!

Have a listen as we divvy up our favorite flicks with an eye on assembling a team that will earn YOUR vote! Yes, tomorrow we’ll be launching a poll to determine the winner of the draft, along with a complete listing of the teams, so the listeners will be the ones to determine the victors!

You can download and/or listen to the podcast here, or by searching for (title pending) or Tank and Fogs on iTunes! Remember, if you do listen through iTunes, PLEASE take a minute and leave us a review! Those really help us out!

This was a great episode, we had a ton of fun recording it, I think people are going to have a blast listening to it, so check it out, and let us know what you think, either here or on our Facebook page!! 😀


32 thoughts on “New Episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!! The 80s Movie Draft!!

  1. This draft is just so excellent! The picks are flying fast and furiously, all of my favorites are just flying off the board!

    I would totally watch “Excuse Me, Stewardess, I Speak Jive”

    Great pick of Batman, that one snuck in at 1989. I wonder if any Spike Lee joints will get picked now? Yes, this comment is being made only 30 minutes in. Impatient!!!

    • Heh. Glad you’re enjoying it. I’m sure we’ll get a chance to touch on it later tonight….

      Batman DID get scooped didnt he? I mean that was a value pick where it went…

  2. Listening to the podcast for the first time (actually, first time I’ve listened to any podcast). Always interesting to find out what people sound like if you’ve been communicating with them online for a while but never actually heard them before. Have to say you sound exactly like what I thought you would sound like; little bit Jeff Bridges, little bit Jeff Spicoli. (How I know what Spicoli sounds like without having yet seen that, I don’t know.)

    Funny that “Tankapedia” was so insistent on 1987 for Die Hard… nope! 1988, you were right the first time.

    Someone couldn’t watch The Goonies as an adult? Pfft. I don’t remember if I saw it as a kid or not (if I did, it’s gone from my memories completely), but I enjoyed it just fine as an adult.

    Gotta tell you… Airplane over Blues Brothers… from where I sit, you made the wrong call. An understandable call. But the wrong one. 😛

    Tank, I gotta say I would have picked Lethal Weapon 1 over 2… I think it’s better as a whole, and while 2 has its humor, it still is pretty darned dark as well. I mean, in LW1, at least Gibson’s wife didn’t die on screen.

    I remember Rubik, the Amazing Cube. Despite my best efforts.

    BTTF2… not a strong pick, in my opinion. Weakest link in the trilogy. Had it been 3, might have understood that. Crusade over Temple is definitely the right move. Much more solid picture, and Sean Connery is a better sidekick than Ke Huy Quan.

    Gotta love the Transformers pick. Not sure it’ll help him. But I love it. Definitely would take it over GI Joe the Movie; GI Joe wasn’t even a theatrical release.

    The Monster Squad actually is getting re-made, or at least someone’s thinking real hard on it. No real details on IMDb yet, but I noticed it when I did my review of the original one.

    I’d call Beverly Hills Cop a surprising omission. #3 best-selling film of 1984 (after Ghostbusters and Indiana Jones), and BHC2 was #2 for its year. Seems like a real contender. Princess Bride being left out is also kind of surprising; not as much, but if I’d been drafting, there’s a pretty good chance it would have been picked. Really surprised you didn’t pick Blade Runner, Fogs; not just because of your love of it, but also because you would have essentially cornered the SF market there. But I suppose not putting all your eggs in one basket is good.

    • Well… glad you finally took a listen, buddy. Thats awesome. I do have the stoner thing going. You work with what ya’ve got! LOL.

      Over the long haul, I make Tank sound like Einstein when it comes to trivia, etc etc. So, I dont question Tankepedia.

      I’m just going to say in defense of all the picks… things are a lot harder when the “bullets are flying”. 😀 That said, I’m totally with you on the Goonies, I’m sure Howie is getting a bunch of grief for that. On the Blade Runner… it’s just not strongly associated with a time for me. Nor is The Shining. I love them both, and yes, I know when both came out, sure. But if you were going to ask me about “80s Movies” they’d be way down the list because theyre not time stamped 80s like say The Breakfast Club or Bill and Teds.

      I actually picked Aiplane because I thought it was the most likely of the two to get picked before it came back around. My mistake there I underestimated Jay. LOL

      Awesome that you listened in, I hope you enjoyed it!

    • Interesting thing, I was in a “best movie” forum draft a month or so ago, I got the first pick, and I picked Princess Bride. Everyone thought it was going to win, yet it got voted out in the first round. Unfortunately it got paired up against Empire Strikes back which won that round by one vote (out of 11 votes, small forum)

  3. Great show, lots of fun, easily one of your best. Great job on the sound clips too! They really added to the enjoyment of the show and broke up some slower spots.

    Now, my “You never mentioned” moment: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension!!!!!!!!

    Phew. had to get that off my chest. 😀

    • Oh wow. Posted that reply and boom! I’m rewarded with a visit from another Halls vet. 😀

      Thank you buddy. Appreciate that. Took me a long time to do all the post work on that episode, I’m glad it came across. 😀 I just worry now that any new listeners will show up next week and say, “Thats it? Where are all the funny clips?” LOL

      I love me some Banzai, too. You’re right, it should have at least gotten a mention. Hindsight, you know? Tough topic to “Cover them all” though. REAL tough one!

  4. Great podcast. I LOL’d a lot. I was shocked to learn that Jason has not watched Scarface before. Come on (GOB’s voice), Jason! It’s so good! Epic status.

      • OOOH, Tank, really? He seemed like a guy who’ve seen many many movies, especially in the 80s. Dang, that’s like finding out the woman you’ve married to has been faking it all these years. Kinda heart breaking, uh?

    • Yeah, cause that’s a killer. LOL.

      Slayin’ me though. 😀

      Thanks for the listen… speaking of listen though, listen. I’m gettin’ killed in this poll. And its MY blog. Something is WRONG. I’m calling in favors, I’m rallying the troops. Vote Team Fogs… Capice? Alright… fugghedabouddit.

  5. Just finished listening to this…great episode…my first time listening to The (title pending) podcast. I also tried catching up and caught your Oscar review episode and your Hunger Games review episode. You guys are great, I will definitely be sticking with this one.

    Fogs, I’m surprised you didn’t pick The Shining after all of the love you gave it on the LAMBcast, but you had a great draft. I voted for you.

    • Ryan…. Thank you Sir! 😀

      Glad you enjoyed it, definitely! Hope you do stick with it, that’d be awesome.

      As to The Shining… my primary rationale for the movies I picked was how much they reminded me of the 80s. Not that some of them arent timeless, too. But I think there’s a much stronger association with those films with the 80s than with The Shining, or Blade Runner, or Raging Bull, etc etc.

      It’s kind of a nebulous definition of what we’re doing, but I took “80s Movie Draft” to emphasize the 80s.

      Hope that makes sense.

  6. Just finished listening – awesome show and I can’t fucking wait to do a draft episode (we’ve had an actor’s draft tentatively scheduled for a while now, though I gotta admit, doing the 80s sounds like even more fun. Could do the 90s but it won’t have the same magic for me.).

    I’m with Morgan – BH Cop was THE surprising omission. I figured that was going in the middle rounds, but to never even hear it mentioned was shocking. And I’m not even that huge of a fan of it; still, to see no Eddie go off the board (Coming to America would have been strongly considered as well) was shocking. Though Morgan’s dead wrong about BTTF2 – as all you on the draft knew, it’s tremendously fun!

    I didn’t expect Fletch to get picked, but had I been there, it would have easily been my sentimental 10th round choice.

    Solid showing all-around. Now I gotta to vote…no idea who’s getting it just yet.

    • Glad you got a chance to listen, man.

      One of these days we’re going to have to get in on the same draft podcast. That’d be sweet. We’ll have more to come for sure, of these, this was a BIG hit, its safe to say that the 70s or 90s draft will happen next year. EASILY. Tank’s even begun talking about a horror draft for Halloween. So there’s all kinds of possiblities.

      Glad you enjoyed it, I had fun recording it with everyone and then a lot of fun putting it together, too.

      • Crap – yea, I forgot to mention that…excellent job on the production side, too! I was cringing just at the thought of how long it took to compile all those clips and place them in the show. Kudos, man.

      • Took a whole day off to do it, and needed every minute of it.

        Like 10 1/2 hours of production work.

        It was worth it though, it came out well, and it was a big hit for us, so its all good.

  7. This is the first one I’ve caught in quite a while. Maire and I would listen during dinner, but what happened to “The Shining” Lambcast? Waited quite a while for it after FMR abducted the Lambcast voting picks. This was your most professional sounding broadcast yet! Good job! Maire and I wondered why you don’t invite people to E-mail, then read them on air? Might get greater participation and fill dead-air moments.

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