Follow Fridays!: Impassioned Cinema

TGIF! Today, “Follow Fridays!” takes a look at Impassioned Cinema.

Impassioned Cinema is a news and review blog that reviews current relases, and takes a look at important news items and the biggest trailers coming out. They recently reached the 100,000 page view milestone, so they’re definitely kicking ass and heading in the right direction!

But today we’re also going to focus our attention on a very special project that blogger Max Covill has going on right now. Max is working on a short film, entitled “Light and Dust”, and I asked him to talk about it with us!

Click through to check it out!

Fogs: Why don’t you tell folks a bit about your blog first, tell us a bit about impassionedcinema.

Max: Impassionedcinema is over a year old now. We are about to reach a milestone of 100,000 views. I cover reviews and previews of films as well as highlighting short films and providing unique features. I started the site in order to get more exposure for my resume and love of films, but it really has taken on a life of its own.

Fogs: So how long have you been working towards making movies, Max? When did that start for you?

Max: I’ve always had a love for more challenging films. It was my senior year in college that I started to get a taste of making my own videos. At first it was mostly interviews, but then I got into making shorts. I’ve made a few shorts, but never on this level. Light and Dust is my biggest undertaking yet and I hope its my most successful as well.

Fogs: Let’s talk about it. It began as a project for your degree, is that right? But you decided to push it further?

Max: Light and Dust began as my final project for my certificate at RISD. The idea was to make a short film and go through the process of inception to completion. I figured since I was going to go that far, why not go all the way. I decided that this would be a great opportunity to put something I’m proud of on my resume. I wanted this film to be my personal calling card for when I apply for work after my certificate, so it has to be of a certain level of quality.

Fogs: You’re looking to pursue directorial opportunities after graduation, correct?

So along those lines, what skills are you trying to showcase here? The editing, the camerawork, the writing…

Max: It was always my original vision to pursue editing as a career, but during this shoot I discovered I really enjoy the cinematography as well. I’ve had inspiration from a variety of different films and it’s intriguing to provide my own unique perspective on the world.

After graduation I’d love to continue making films. Of course the biggest issue is obtaining the funds for the projects. I already have a script that I have previously worked on that I’d love to bring into fruition. Of course the success of Light and Dust will determine those goals as well.

Fogs: Which is why you started a Kickstarter project for “Dust and Light”, right? What do you still have left to do on the film? What are you hoping to accomplish with it still before you’re finished?

Max: Yes. That is one of biggest reasons why I started up a Kickstarter project. Not only does it help with funding of the film, but it’s a great way to let people know your project even exists. While raising money, I’m also trying to raise an audience for the film as well.

Making a film is an expensive process, regarding both money and time. Right now, Light and Dust, is in Post-Production. I’m busy putting together the footage and going through the footage to find the best takes. I’m also considering the color of the film, the audio levels, soundtrack, and festival distribution. I’ve also found that I will planning another shooting day to complete pickup shots. I’m hoping that with the help of Kickstarter donations, I can complete these goals.

I’m expected to deliver the film for my certificate on May 25th. I hope to complete these goals and have a film I’m proud of. I also hope that the people who have donated their money are happy supporting a film they can be proud to talk about.

Fogs: Awesome. It sounds like an exciting thing to have going on. Very cool, you know? I know I’ve had a chance to watch it, but are you opening it to the public, is there a way we can direct people to it?

Max: Right now there is a trailer available for the film. I’m going to look into the submission process for a few festivals and see if I am allowed to distribute the film online while also appearing in the festivals. Some of them have strict rules on being the exclusive reveal. I’d also like to hold off on releasing it right away, so that the people who have contributed to the project via Kickstarter get the first chance to view and enjoy the film.

Once I get some information on what festivals it will appear in, you’ll be the first I provide the information to.

Fogs: Want to tell everyone the link and give ’em some parting words to consider?

Max: The link for your consideration:

Light and Dust is a project that started from nothing a scant three months ago. It’s amazing to witness the process from Script, Storyboard, Costume Design, Casting, and then Production. I’m very proud of this short film and promise to those that decide to support the project; you will receive my very best effort. No donation is too small and it will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to Fogs and FMR for giving their time to highlight Light and Dust!

Fogs: Ok, cool, you’re welcome! And the trailer is right on the Kickstarter page. I’m happy to say that I “kicked in” on it just now myself. I’m happy to help out and support your efforts, and I’m more than happy to put it out in front of everyone here at FMR for their consideration. Looking forward to saying “I knew him when” LOL


And there it is! Max isn’t just a short filmmaker, he’s also a fellow blogger, so it’s a pleasure to help him get the word out about his project. I did have the opportunity to check out “Light and Dust” and I have to say, I enjoyed it very much and it’s full of promise. It’s refelctive of the potential Max has a filmmaker, and I hope he’s able to bring it to fruition!

You can check out the trailer for the film yourself, along with one of Max’s previous efforts, “Time to Remember”, at:

Have a look for yourselves, and see if it’s something you’d consider supporting!

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out Impassioned Cinema by clicking on the banner below!


30 thoughts on “Follow Fridays!: Impassioned Cinema

  1. Nice to see Impassioned Cinema get some love here as well. Great site. Really like the interview, always nice to learn more about the people behind the sites 🙂

  2. Dang, and here I thought that while I stole your Follow Friday idea I would do something unique and add an interview to go along with it and here you are with the same idea! Of all the nerve!

    Just kidding of course, always great to hear about upcoming filmmakers and I wish Max luck on Light and Dust!

  3. Great of you to support this site and Max’s film career! Max needs to share the love if he wants more support. No mention of FMR in his blogroll, or elsewhere on Impassioned Cinema.

  4. Best of luck on your short film, Max! This is very cool indeed, thanks Fogs for spotlighting this project. I like the name too, Light and Dust. Btw, my guest contributor Ted is also working on his short film, he invited me to the audition process which was quite fun.

      • Ahah, no way. I’d rather stay behind the scenes if I can help it. Even though I did give a bit of ‘direction’ to one of these so-called actress who just couldn’t get what my friend was asking for. She’s gorgeous tho, but I think she should just be a model, ahah.

  5. Nice interview, fellas! I really dig Max’s site but I didn’t even know he was working on a short film. It sounds pretty awesome… looking forward to the final result!

  6. Impressive stuff! Just checked out the trailer and really liked the music particularly! Great to see a fellow blogger doing more than blogging!

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