Guest Podcast Appearance!: Outside the Envelope – The Avengers

Good morning everyone!

There’s going to be a lot of “Avengers” talk here the next few days, as you KNOW Tank and I will be going over it in-depth on tomorrow’s (title pending). But I wanted to bring your attention to a podcast I was on over at Radio DearFilm, specifically about “The Avengers”.

Kai Parker of Man I Love Films were asked by host Brian Roan of DearFilm to appear on the show specifically due to the fact that he and I are both enormous comic book geeks. Well, that decision may have backfired for him, because after he had the temerity to assert that “The Avengers” was just alright, Kai and I basically beat him up for an hour…

😀 I’m not kidding, I’m gonna listen as I head in to work, but as I recall… it got ugly. LOL!

You can listen to the fireworks here! And thanks, as always, to Brian, for having us on the show. It was a lot of fun.


7 thoughts on “Guest Podcast Appearance!: Outside the Envelope – The Avengers

  1. Sounds like you enjoyed Dan. Lovely post as usual. 🙂
    Did the same with my email funtion. Wonder what’s up with WP?
    Anyways, we make the best of it as always. 🙂
    Have a great day!

  2. LOL. I NEED a hug after dealing with WordPress. I’d encourage you to swing by the forum and add your voice to the discontent, Sonel, because as of right now, WP doesn’t seem as if they’re inclined to change it, and I think that’s moronic… really burns me (LOL, I went off a little in the forum :D) Anyways… thanks as always for your support!

    • Seems to me WordPress is pulling the same tricks as Facebook. They think because we are using their services for “free” we should just be happy with the changes (or should I say in this instance, the incompetency). At this stage I am looking for other blog sites where I can do my blogging. I’ve been with Letterdash quite a long time and what I really liked about their setup was the fact that you could correct your spelling mistakes if you left a comment (edit it afterwards) and when someone commented on your blogpost, their comments and only their comments would come through in your email. The same with comments you left on someone else’s blog. However, the main problem in LD was the fact that there was no control however and we had lots of trolls and nasties and that is why I left there. Then I came over to WordPress and found it quite nice (except for their setup) – they are totally disorganized and not very user friendly but I thought I would stick it out. Well, WordPress should realise that people are going to go over to other blogs if they don’t pull up their socks and do their jobs well.

      Anyways, here’s some more *hugs* – don’t give up. Maybe there is someone at WordPress who knows what they’re doing. LOL!

    • Trust me, LOL. Above and beyond whatever you’re hearing on air, Kai and I continued arguing afterwards, and now that the episode has aired, he’s been getting it on twitter too.

      Eesh. 😀

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