Tossin’ It Out There: Who do YOU think is the greatest Villain of all time?

“If only you knew the power of the Dark Side…”

Ok, folks. This is a big one. Who is it? Who you got?

After last week’s “Heroes” discussion, this one couldn’t be far behind… Who do YOU think is the greatest villain of all time?

The villains are the show stealers, the true stars. We love to hate ’em, we love to see them fooled. At times we actually root for them. However you slice it, they’re an enormous part of movies… sometimes even the best part.

So who’s YOUR favorite? WHY? AFI says Hannibal Lecter, but right near the top they also have Darth Vader, Norman Bates and the Wicked Witch of the West. All great candidates. But there’s many, many, many to choose from. How about the hulking inevitability that IS Anton Chigurh? Or the Joker? Do you prefer the manic lunacy of Nicholson, or the psychotic intensity of Ledger?

I could go on and on and on… but that’s not the point with these, these are YOUR posts. So let us hear it, who do YOU think is the greatest villain of all time?!


134 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: Who do YOU think is the greatest Villain of all time?

      • Lol. Thanks man. You should definitely check it though if you like David Lynch. Its one of his more linear narratives but still full of all his weird and wonderful characters. Dafoe is something else.

    • OMG, I saw that back in the day and the girl I was dating at the time refused to watch any more of the film and we had to leave the theater. “you want to F*** Bobby Peru” lol

      • Lol. I loved it Adam. He’s a detestable, evil little man. When Fogs posed the question, he was the very first one that popped into my head.

        “Bobby Peru. Just like the country.”
        “One eyed jack is yerning to go a peepin’ in the sea food store”.

        He’s a brilliant character. One of Lynch’s finest. I also like Robert Blake in LOST HIGHWAY. what creepy guys David Lynch comes up with.

  1. Excellent Question, Sir.
    My Answer?
    Actually, This Wasn’t Hard For Me.
    “AMON GOETH” Played By RALPH FIENNES In “SCHINDLER’S LIST” Is By FAR My Favorite Movie Villain.
    I Say Him, Honestly, Because He Was So Perfectly, Calmly, Quietly, Thoroughly EVIL.
    I Love RALPH FIENNES In Practically Every Role He’s Taken On…
    …But This One Was Simply SINISTER.
    At Least…
    …To ME.
    And YES, RALPH Should Have Won The Oscar For This One. PERIOD.

    • That’s a really evil villain because there’s not a lot of exaggeration… there’s no added “Movie character” evil added to it, you know? He’s frightening in his believability and possibility.


      Nice choice.

    • Yeahhhhhhh…. I’m torn there. Glad you want to represent.

      I LOVE Jaws. Lets not get that mixed up in this in any way. Top 5 all time for me.

      But do you find the fact that it’s an animal a disqualifier in any way? That’s always been I dont know, a little bit of a sticking point for me… Obviously that doesn’t bug you at all Andy?

      • While he’s an animal, he’s not feeding for sustenance in the film, though. He’s feeding to kill.
        Still walking a very fine line, but when I think of villains, I think of the things that scare me and very few human villains scare me.
        I’m still weary about swimming alone in the ocean, though…

      • Points!

        I mean, I’m in love with the movie and the Shark to begin with, so I’m inclined to be swayed… it’s just always a detail that made me wonder if he/it should be exempted from the discussion.

        Your point is well made though, in the battle against the Orca, that is not hunger related, for sure. Although a good lawyer would argue self defense 😉

  2. I think Cyrus the Virus (John Malkovich) is a fantastic villain in Con Air, he plays the role so well and he is the reason it is one of my favourite films

  3. I’ll go with another Lynch character and say Frank Booth from Blue Velvet. Just a complete psychopath. He just makes you so uneasy in each scene because he really is unstable.

    and you don’t want him to send you a love letter

  4. Disney villains! Or maybe just Scar. He KILLED his own brother. Then blamed it on his nephew. Dude, that’s harsh. Villainous. And he had an actual scar. VILLAIN!

    The T1000 from T2 stands out to me. Liquid metal! Unkillable. Nearly.

  5. Nurse Ratchet (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)

    Here is my list of top villains that are either not super villains nor heads of nefarious organizations bent on world conquest:

    Nurse Ratchet
    Gordon Gekko
    Captain Vidal (“Pan’s Labyrinth”)
    Hans Gruber
    Srgt. Barnes (“Platoon”)
    John Doe (“Se7en”)
    Frank (“Once Upon a Time in the West”)
    Norman Stanfield (“Leon” aka “The Professional”)
    Roy Batty
    Mr. Blonde

    • Because if we were going to include heads of nefarious organizations bent on world conquest, its an open and shut discussion, right? There’s no topping Ernst Stavro Blofeld! 😀

      Meanwhile, niiiice list. LOL Got some excellent selections in there! Spacey! (Awwww what’s in the booooxx? LOL) Gekko? Gruber? Love it. Maybe they should form an investment company together! LOL Theyre both crooks!

      But Roy Batty is one of my faves. I mean. I dont even know if I count him, Im so sympathetic to him. AWESOME choice. 😀

  6. At this stage, any villain in any movie would be my hero if they could sort out WordPress! 🙂
    The worst villain of all times will always be Jason in Friday the 13th. I watched one movie and refuse to see the rest. I just don’t like Jason. He is sooooo evil. 🙂

  7. To answer your question: Ledger’s Joker. Nicholson’s Joker was never really the Joker, it was Jack Nicholson in make-up, mugging it up for the camera. Ledger did a little of that, but was still a cypher in the end, as the Joker should be.

    Going to go off the board, so to speak, and present for consideration Rebecca DeWinter from Hitchcock’s Rebecca. Never actually appearing in the movie, she nevertheless is the real villain of the picture, pushing pieces around the board from beyond the grave.

    • I own it and have not seen it.

      Picked it up on Blu as part of my quest to see all things Hitchcock and have yet to get it seen.

      Hmmmm. I presume that’s non spoilery. Still, I totally need to get on that, its like right at my disposal. LOL

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  9. Interesting thought about Chigurh: Is he really a villain? He’s more a force of nature than anything else. Maybe he’s more of the “heavy” than a straight-up antagonist, though he does function as kind of a high-concept slasher figure, punishing “innocent” people for their transgressions…

    …anyways. To the topic: I don’t know! There are so many to choose from! I may, in the end, have to go with Noah Cross. He’s oily, creepy, devious, treacherous, as close to objective evil as is humanly possible an an amoral universe, and…(SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T FRIGGING SEEN CHINATOWN AND ON BEHALF OF THAT WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU SEE IT ALREADY FOR THE LOVE OF PETE)…he gets away in the end. He’s one of the ultimate examples of wealth dominating all, and his position and financial worth allow him to get away with murder and other heinous crimes of avarice and greed. The worst part is that there’s not even a hint that retribution may find him– after all, “it’s China town”.

    • Forget it, Victor, it’s Chinatown…


      Andy? Great Friggin’ Choice. Amoral is right. LOL. Damn…

      On Chigurh – he’s both a villain AND a force of nature. I think No Country is a very symbolic film, and the unstoppable Chigurh is a keystone to my theory, but he also functions well as a straight up “Bad Guy”. VERY well.

  10. Wow! I can’t believe somebody mentioned “Rebecca”. For all time creepiness nothing beats Dame Judith Anderson as Mrs. Danvers in “Rebecca”! Give one of the all time greatest actresses a great role and full Hitchcock psycho treatment and it’s a creepy classic! Mrs. Danvers whispering in Mrs. Dewinter’s ear gave me nightmares! Hitchcock can’t be beat!

      • Hans? I was about to go Yippe Kai Ai Hans…

        That would be funny… John McClane against Blofeld?

        [Willis] Nice kitty. I was always more of a dog man, myself [/Willis]

        [Pleasance] How very funny, Mr McClane. It amuses me that even to the last, you’re making jokes. [Pleasance]

        [Willis] (wincing) Yeah, I never did have a good sense of when I should lay off the wisecracks… [/Willis]

  11. I would definitely have to go with Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men. He was heartless, and I had the creeps for a while after seeing that movie. No villian has ever had me shook like he did. Can you imagine actually coming across his path…~shudder~

    • Nice, Taj. There you go. I thought Andy was going to pick him, but not quite…

      He’s fantastic. Great presence, great role, Bardem was fantastic.

      Simply unstoppable…

      “Call it. Friendo.”

      • Yeah Bardem killed it in that role. It took me a while to seperate Bardem from Anton after seeing this movie…just think about this character now still gives me the chills…lol. Nice poll!

    • TWWW is great. Classic. Evil. Love her… so wicked. Just plain one of the greatest film menaces ever. LOL.

      Hackman? Naw, man. He’s pretty much comic relief. I just… I dont like where Lex Luthor has been onscreen. Its the comics fan in me.

      • Forced to concur there… while I’ve enjoyed Hackman as Luthor, he doesn’t really capture the sense of villainy that Luthor should have.

  12. I guess I’m not as deep into movies as all these other posts. So here’s one from the person who pretty much watches Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Comic book movies.

    Heath Ledger as Joker was awesome, I always liked Ledger and thought he would have been the next Johnny Depp for the diversity of acting.

    Tom Hiddleston as Loki. I liked him in Thor and loved in Avengers.

    Christopher Li as Sarumon the White. My love for Lord of the Rings knows no bounds.

    This one is odd, depending how you look at it but Sir Ian McKellan as Magneto.

    Someone already mentioned Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty. I just remember that line perfectly “I want more life, fucker”

    Dark Helmet

    • You know? I prefer the edit. They changed that line to “I want more life, Father…” for TV, and I think it works better thematically. I like it.

      As you can tell, I’m a big Blade Runner fan.

      No shortcomings in your list, I wouldnt even qualify your opinion going forward man. 😉 Just toss it out there and dont sweat it!

      • What, no love for Dark Helmet, lol.

        I have the Director’s Cut and still haven’t found the time to watch it. But now that I have my Blu-Ray player and TV, I’ll have to get it on Blu-Ray and watch it. It would look so awesome.

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