Follow Fridays!: Flixchatter

Thank GOD it’s Friday, I’m telling you… for real.

Fridays bring great blog recommendations here, and this Friday we have a really awesome one., the blog of movie musings run by our buddy Ruth Maramis!

Flixchatter is a new review/classic review/movie discussion blog after my own heart. There’s an eclectic mix of content, a high level of community involvement, and a very personal touch (as evidenced by this post about her 9th anniversary 😀 – Happy Anniversary Ruth!)

Read on to hear more about why checking out Flixchatter is worth your time!

Ruth is joined on Flixchatter by a number of contributors, (including Jack Deth, who’s been know to stop by FMR :D). Together they post up daily content daily revolving around the wonderful world of movies.

For a sample of her recent reviews, check out her “10 Reasons Why I Think Avengers Rocks“.  In case you’re wondering? I concur with them wholeheartedly! She’s also recently posted “10 Awesome things about the Dark Knight Trailer 3” (For those of you who are tired of hearing how “underwhelmed” I am, LOL) You can check out examples of recent classic reviews by checking out Jack’s reviews of To Live and Die in LA and The French Connection!

But Ruth and crew are also great at really getting the reader involved in the blog, and that’s something I definitely appreciate. They run polls, such as this Avengers inspired poll Which is your Favorite Ensemble Cast of 2012? On the 5th of each month, they run their “5 for the Fifth” series, where they “post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic”. Check out the most recent one here, which asks – among other questions – which side you’re taking in the Samuel L Jackson / AO Scott debate and what you think of the possibility of a Clark Kent that doesn’t wear glasses.

Flixchatter is an awesome site, and Ruth is cool as hell. I’m sure a lot of you know her from stopping by your blogs, or have seen her around on other sites if you’re not bloggers yourself. Be sure to stop by and check them out, I’m sure you’ll love it there!! 😀


30 thoughts on “Follow Fridays!: Flixchatter

  1. Oh my!! I’m speechless Dan [bowing head] thank you, thank you… I never thought anyone would ever dedicate a whole post to my wee blog… let alone the owner of the mighty awesome FMR!! Speaking of community involvement, I think you’ve done the BEST job in getting everybody talking week after week.

    • I dont know about that, I think we both do a pretty good job at it. I’m going to have you on my Lammy Ballot in that catergory for sure!

      Meanwhile, your blog isn’t so “wee” LOL, nor is mine so mighty. 😀 Methinks you’re just exceptionally humble.

  2. YES!! A GREAT site to feature of Follow Friday! Flixchatter is a MUST-VISIT for me in my rounds of the blogosphere! And Ruth is such a great friend. Love all the content on FC! Fantastic choice today! Everyone needs to visit Flixchatter!

    • Yeah, you and Ruth are buddies… 😀

      Next thing I know she’ll be whipping up the primitive graphics and mimicking my stuff too. LOL

      Just kidding buddy, I’m having a bunch of fun with that today.

  3. There you go again! Turning me on to another great site. When will you learn to self-promote! Oh well, be it ever so humble, there’s no place like FMR!

  4. Hi, fogs!

    Thanks so much for the link love to Ruth’s FlixChatter. A truly awesome, well executed and user friendly site that welcomes diverse ideas and views. Whatever the topic may be.

  5. If I didn’t already love Flixchatter, this post would make me feel like I was missing out!

  6. Absolutely concur with this choice! FlixChatter and FMR are two of the sites where you always know you are welcome. And she always has the best movie stills too. Now we just need to get Ruth to campaign for the Lammy’s!

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