Guest Podcast Appearance: The Lambcast!

Hey everyone!

I’ve got a handful of Lambcast appearances coming up if you’d like to check them out, including the most recent one just released covering the movie of the month, “Heathers”!

Vern, of The Video Vangaurd successfully championed “Heathers” in the MOTM Champions poll, and as such, a panel comprised of Lambcast host Dylan Fields of Man I Love Films, Sam Fragoso of Duke and the Movies, Vern and I go over our thoughts and feelings on the film. Does it hold up? What made it such a cult classic? What happened to the cast? LOL

All that, plus the Lambcast rants and raves and two rounds of “Last Lamb Standing”! Be sure to check it out! You can download it via iTunes by searching for the Lambcast, or stream it directly here.


4 thoughts on “Guest Podcast Appearance: The Lambcast!

    • He’s actually taken a lot of heat for that over the years – that he was just like “Jack Nicholson Lite”, you know? I doubt he did it intentionally, its probably just who he is.

      But you’re right, he is pretty much Jack in high school in this flick. LOL

    • Dude, you were great, dont sweat it. It was a lot of fun for everyone involved, and a great episode.

      Hope we cross paths there again sometime. I know I sign up frequently when new slots open up! 😀

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