Tossin’ It Out There: What do YOU think of Charlize Theron?

“Snow White and the Huntsman” last week, “Prometheus this week. No doubt about it, Charlize Theron is front and center right now.

She began with “2 Days in the Valley” and has put together 41 credits on IMDb. She has the two movies this year, and three in various stages of pre-production – she’s definitely hardworking. She won an Oscar for her role as serial killer Aileen Wuornos in “Monster”, and was nominated for another a few years later for “North Country”. Her filmography has a wide variety of movies, and even includes a brief stint on the comedy “Arrested Development”

So what do YOU think of Charlize? Can’t get enough of her? Sick of her yet? Overrated? Underrated? Was the biggest fallacy of “Snow White and the Huntsman” that Kristen Stewart could ever be considered fairer than the lovely Ms. Theron? 😀

Whatever it is, we want to hear it, let us know! What do YOU think of Charlize Theron?


77 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What do YOU think of Charlize Theron?

  1. She was incredible in Snow Whit and the Huntsman, and I don’t mean just nice to look at (which she was often as well). Kristen Stewart couldn’t carry Charlize’s lipstick.

    • LOL!!!!

      That’s a funny dig right there. No, no she couldn’t 😀

      Charlize was awesome. It helped that the role basically gave her the green light to chew scenery. 😀 But she did it so well. She was really enjoyable to watch there. A real treat I thought.

  2. It’s all about Monster! One of the finest performances I’ve ever seen. Forget the make-up, though that was impressive, Theron nailed that role. Everything about her was perfect. That was her pinnacle. I can’t see how she will ever top that.

    • It was a crazy, tranformative performance. I mean, they took one of the most beautiful, elegant women ever to grace the silver screen… and then (as you said, the makeup was only part of it) turned her into a repugnant killer.

      And Charlize actually made you feel sympathetic for her too! Its been awhile since I watched that, but you’re right, that was a “role of a lifetime” role for her, Pete.

  3. She’s got the acting chops that’s for sure; it’s easy to see from Monster. She has an impressive variety of 41 films which includes a huge acting range in Snow White per the last TPMP. It’s fun to see such a dynamic actor onscreen, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s very attractive.

    • 😀 Glad “Nom or Lammy” didn’t frighten people off and make them stop listening, LOL.

      Yeah, she’s gorgeous, its undeniable. But credit to her for refusing to simply lean on that. She’s created a really diverse filmography that shows off how talented she is.

      Reportedly she fired her agent when he kept bringing her scripts like Species and Showgirls. LOL. Good for her.

  4. She is a huge fan of Dead Ringers, so she’s automatically the hottest woman alive to me LOL *drool* I guess her acting not bad either 😉

      • HELL YES! lol It’s in my top 10. I know very few people who have seen it, let alone women! The whole creepy Gyno thing can be a turn off haha. Charlize is a keeper 😉

      • Have to chime in as a woman who has seen Dead Ringers. Evil twins with forceps…. Ew! I knew i was in for a tough time from the credits. You might feel the same unease sitting down to a movie where the opening shot establishes a storefront called Castration Station! LOL

        I can’t really weigh in on Charlize, but from everybody’s praise, I will now check out Monster.

      • Haven’t seen much with her in it, Jan? She’s got a few really good ones out there, definitely.

        “Monster” is great. Kind of a tough movie though. One of the great things about it is CT’s performance, but it’s a tough one.

      • Checking over her credits it seems I haven’t seen her in anything where she played a leading role. Not on purpose, though. From her higher visibility in the last year or so I think I need to catch up with her. Sometimes when you have a kid you just miss ‘tougher’ films like Monster…

  5. Hi, fogs and company:

    Charlize Theron was very hit and miss, one trick character with me, until ‘Monster’. Where I didn’t recognize her, yet couldn’t keep my eyes off her. A sure sign of great talent in a film that shared a large, meaty role for Christina Ricci.

    It’s been a treat watching her grow and widen her horizons in recent roles.

    • I kind of always appreciated her I guess, but yeah, “Monster” definitely took it to another level. That was the type of role that can change your thinking about a star, for sure. LOL

      And yup, Ricci was good there too. Nice of you to give her a shout out. 😀

  6. I Actually Very Much Enjoy Her.
    Have You Seen “MONSTER”!?!?!
    She TOTALLY Deserved Her Oscar.
    And I Fell In Lust With Her During My First Viewing Of “2 Days In The Valley”!!!
    So She’s Just Fine To Me, Sir.
    Just Fine, Indeed 🙂

  7. If anyone deserved an Oscar for acting, it certainly was her for Monster. She was not an actress doing a part, she actually became the character. I love her and hope to see more of her in the future. Definitely not just a pretty face.

    • Definitely not. But the fact that’s she’s as talented as she is and then she IS pretty as well… well, that’s just crazy. 😀

      Monster was off the charts. She became a completely different person. Obviously that role resonated with people too. Pretty much everyone so far is citing it.

  8. I wasn’t a huge fan of Monster or North Country, but it’s been good to see that she’s still delivered some strong performances in a variety of movies (The Road, Young Adult, etc.) I think she has an interesting screen presence for sure.

    • I really liked Young Adult. I thought she was incredible there. The movie itself was a bit of a mess, but she was great.

      I had forgotten she was in the Road. 😀 Thanks! That was a SICK flick. Great great movie, Dan…

  9. Loved her in Young Adult. In the right role, she can be phenomenal. She’s pretty much the only reason I have any interest at all in seeing Snow White and the Huntsman.

    • 😀 The Captain tuns on the “You may now go over the top” light for her. LOL

      But its so fun to watch. She’s great.

      Her performance in Young Adult was awesome wasn’t it? The movie itself, not so much, but her acting was so so so good. I agree totally buddy

  10. I’m off to see Snow White in a few hours. I have respect for Charlize. I’ve not seen Monster, but even then, in the few films I have seen her in, I still respect her and her craft. So that’s got to count for something.

    She was hilarious in Arrested Development, she’s not afraid to get a bit silly. I think I come down on her side. I wouldn’t call myself a fan, but I don’t violently dislike her.

    • I hope you enjoy Snow White… let us know what you thought, later. Comments have been a bit divided. So far I appear to be that movie’s biggest fan, LOL. Always fun when that happens.

      except not.

      I thought Arrested Development was a great sign for her… showed she had a sense of humor about herself, you know?

  11. I think one day the angel fell from the sky and it was her 🙂 Such a beautiful woman and extremelly talented actress. I also love her charity activities, especially the way she helps out animals.

    • 😀 Well, now, that’s a lovely thing to say. LOL. You’re probably not far off from the truth.

      I didnt know anything about her charities or anything, she’s an animal activist huh? Thats cool.

  12. Popular topic this morning. Wonder why? Well if you don’t love Charlize for her acting, ya love her for her looks. It’s a Win,Win. Funny how she won her oscar, like a string of actresses, by playing so totally against type. The year before, Nicole Kidman was unrecognizable as Virginia Woolfe in “The Hours” and Hillary Swank was a man for God’s sake! You have to wonder what actresses make of this. Do I have to play ugly to be Oscar worthy? I loved Charlize best for “The Devil’s Advocate”. That was her break-out role. I see where “…Huntsman” opened to 56 million $. And here comes “Prometheus”. Wow! Hollywood loves her alright! Interesting reading about her. Seems her mother shot and killed her father(self defense) and witnessed a mercy killing of a car accident victim when she was 5. That’s gotta screw ya up. Still love her movies though.

    • I dont know… I remember there being discussion about that as well, how the Best Actress awards were going to women who were playing uglier, so to speak. I think the academy just stands up and takes notice when people do something transformative, like Deniro in Raging Bull, say.

      Holy cow, though. I didnt realize that about her parents. Geez, yeah, thats rough… I guess she is kind of lucky to have turned out so well adjusted after all.

  13. I LOVE her! She’s the primary reason I was excited about Snow White and the Huntsman. She makes for a great evil queen though she didn’t get to display her range other than to look beautiful and conniving. I actually likes her even in her smaller roles like The Devil’s Advocate, and I also like her in interviews. She’s got spunk! It’s nice to see a beautiful woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously and has a good sense of humor. She rocks!

    • Yes, she does. 😀

      I now understand why you were looking forward to SWatH so much. 😀 If I were a big fan, I guess I might have gotten pissed that everyone else didnt hold up their end, either. LOL.

      • Yep I did. Too bad her range wasn’t really utilized much. Still she’s great to watch and she looks magnificent in those period costumes.

    • That phrase actually got me thinking. what WOULD she have to do for me to kick her out of bed.

      I’ll tell ya, it was actually pretty severe… what I wound up getting to. LOL So, yes, she has a lot of leniency in that regard. Lets put it that way. 😀

  14. Twodude sums it up quite well in relation to poor K Stewart. Charlize’s work is so diverse and of such consistent quality that I will count her in the top 5 of her generation. To go from the epitome of vulnerable in Sweet November to cold Monster to in the middle with Toby in Cider House Rules. She usually picks quality projects and when she doesnt she often outshines the film as she did in Aeon Flux.

    Poor K Stewart, shes getting the female Keanununu of her generation comparison already. It’s a shame but unfortunately well earned.

  15. Never really had an opinion on her. Think she’s a safe actress, you’ll always get a fairly decent performance out of her. She held her own in Prometheus and pretty much did what she had to against Fassbender and Elba who were brilliant but she hasn’t quite surpassed Monster yet which is still by far her best performance.

    • I havent seen Prometheus. Unfortunately.

      She’s taken some parts that were less than stellar, I suppose, but I think in the last few years her choice of projects has been pretty good.

      Her “upside potential” is always really strong. At any given time she can hit one out of the park, IMO.

      Hard to top Monster, you know? I mean that’s an awesome role and performance that for a lot of people only come by once in a lifetime.

    • LOL! I suppose her last couple of roles HAVE gone in that direction, havent they? God… Mavis Gary or however you spell her character’s name in Young Adult was a flaming bitch. Absolutely.

  16. She seems friendlier than Kidman, and not as low-rent as Diaz. She’s lovely, and she can act. She’s also a huge fan of Game of Thrones, so that’s pretty cool. She was actually my first choice to play Cersei Lannister (speaking of playing a bitch).

    • “Low Rent” LOL!! 😀 That’s some funny stuff right there. First rate snark. I approve 😀

      I totally understand what youre saying.

      Not that I have any issues whatsoever with Lena Headey, she’s great. But Charlize would have been incredible in that role. Nice.

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