For Your Consideration: Best Blog

Best Blog.

The Big Kahuna.

Seriously, just to be mentioned in this category is kind of mind blowing.

The title is self-explanatory, this is the big cheese right here. To be nominated in the same company as these blogs in my first year is an overwhelming honor. They are: Flixchatter, The Droid You’re Looking For, Anomalous Material, Man, I Love Films, The Matinee and Cinematic Paradox.

Click through to read more about them and learn about the candidates for the LAMB’S most prestigious award.

The Droid You’re Looking For

Newcomer to the Lamb, as evidenced by his nomination in the “Best New Lamb”, John LaRue runs a movie blog that’s part humor, part serious film study. I continue to be amazed by his ability to shift tones; his last three posts are “Great Moments in Movie History (Using Stick Figures): About Schmidt (2002)”, “Is Poop Funny in Movies” and “Deconstructing Citizen Kane.”

Being nominated for “Best Blog” in your first year in the LAMB is quite an achievement, but it’s easy to see why John’s site earned the recognition. He’s updating regularly with great content, and has a great mix of humor and regular reviews/analysis. He comes up with some very funny graphics work including the aforementioned Great Moments in Movie History (with stick figures), funny photoshopping like “If Other Movie Characters Could Become Hulks”.

Win, lose or draw, one good thing that’s going to come out of this years Lammys is putting TDYLF on my radar. Thank you Lammy nominators.


Flixchatter is the blog of Ruth Maramis (with help from other contributors). Last year she was nominated for Best New Lamb, and this year she’s traded up to Best New Blog.

New release reviews, trailer discussions, music breakdowns, discussion threads, and I’ve noticed she/they’re BIG on joining up with blogathons! 😀 Lots of participation!

If you haven’t checked out Flixchatter yet, you should. It’s a great blog and Ruth has the same sort of basic philosophy that I do – it’s all about discussion and interaction and community. Her blog draws an enormous amount of comments because people love talking to her about movies. She interacts with all her commenters (myself included) in a super friendly way that makes you want to come back and visit again and again.

Glad to see you getting recognition at this level Ruth, your blog is awesome.

The Matinee

The Matinee is the blog of our friend to the north Ryan McNeil. He runs a solo blog, and hosts the Matineecast on a bi-weekly basis.

Ryan is a well-respected and liked blogger and podcaster, and he has a rack of Lammys to prove it. 😀 My research discovered a total of at least 21 Lammys noms over the past few years: 7 in 2012, 8 in 2011, and 6 in 2010. He’s won 8; Best Film Festival Coverage, Best Podcast, and The Brainiac Award in 2010 and Best Awards/Film Festivals Coverage, The Brainiac Award, Most Prolific, Best Podcast and Best Blog in 2011.

To call him “Accomplished” would be an understatement.

He’s approaching his fifth anniversary as a blogger and is still going strong. He posts movie related content daily – mainly reviews, but also trailer coverage and of course, his award-winning film festival coverage. It’s a highly recommended site and podcast, and it goes without saying that he’s a frontrunner in every category he’s been nominated in.

Anomalous Material

Anomalous Material is a multi-contributor site, helmed by Castor Troy. They cover a wide variety of content, including reviews, top tens, essays, and news. Castor is one of the best newsmen in the business. He picks up all the important stories, boils them down to the most important facts, adds in just the right touch of commentary and personal opinion, and then turns it over for comments. It’s an art, and IMO its one of AM’s strongest assets.

I tweeted once that the day I realized how awesome AM was was the day I realized I never go to Slashfilm anymore.

But AM is more than just news. With a large stable of contributors included the ever popular Red Georges, and Lammy nominee for Best Reviewer Sam Fragoso, AM always has a good read for you to check out. Add in the two awesome movie related fantasy leagues Castor runs, and you can easily see why Anomalous Material has all your movie blog needs covered.

Man, I Love Films

Another multi contributor site, Man, I Love Films is the site of Dylan Fields and Kai Parker, who have also gathered an impressive stable of contributors. This is Man I Love Films’ first year, but Kai and Dylan bring plenty of experience from their previous endeavors into play.

Man, I Love Films has been nominated for four other Lammys: Best Design, Best Podcast, Best Community Builder and Funniest Blog. Aside from new reviews, they do classic reviews (read: older movies, not say, black & white classics), top ten lists, essays, and games. Aside from their blog, they have a bi-weekly podcast “The Milfcast”, and maintain a formidable presence on Twitter and Facebook.

I’ve done several podcasts now with Kai and Dylan, and they’re both very cool. They were very good sports yesterday during my “Unfunniest Lamb” crusade, but the truth is they have a great blog, do an enormous amount to help the movie blogging community, and have roots as deep as they get in the LAMB. They’re serious contenders in every category they’re eligible in.

Cinematic Paradox

Stevee Taylor is a young New Zealander who last year received the Lammy for “Best New Lamb”.

This year she’s showing no signs whatsoever of slowing down, picking up 5 nominations in total. In addition to Best Blog, she also received nominations for Best Festival and Awards Coverage, Best Running Feature, Best Design, and Best Ratings System.

In addition to hosting a highly respected blog (as her nominations attest) Stevee’s a well-regarded and popular member of the Lamb… I just heard her get raved about on Ryan’s Matineecast the other day, for example. She offers reviews, her Lammy nominated “A Conversation With” series, and is also highly active in blogathons. Be sure to check Cinematic Paradox out!

Congratulations on your nomination Stevee, it’s well deserved. 🙂

Fogs’ Movie Reviews

It’s a crazy honor to be included in the discussion, here.

I hope that the fact that FMR got nominated in so many categories speaks to the fact that it’s a well-rounded, high quality blog. I try to put out consistently high quality content on a regular basis…

And people have responded very well. The thing I’m proudest of here is that so many people work a stop by the blog into their daily or weekly internet surfing time, and read what I’ve posted, and then turn around and elevate the value of the content by adding their own comments and thoughts on whatever the post may be. Whether it’s just goofing around like yesterday, or contributing to a “Tossin’ It Out There” thread or sharing their thoughts on my reviews or an MTESS thread.

I hope if you have a vote (and you havent cast it yet), you’ll consider me in this category, but regardless, I’m proud to know that FMR has been so well received by visitors, and is highly regarded by my peers.

Thanks to all of the nominators who had FMR in this field on their ballot. I’m honored.


29 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Best Blog

  1. Between my morning sighting of The Tumbler, my IMAX 3-D ticket to PROMETHEUS tonight, and these kind words written here, this is shaping up to be one stellar day.

    Thank you for all the plugs sir: I’m honoured to even be nominated in such a fiercely competitive year.

  2. I’ve checked out a few of these sites thanks to Fogs…..there’s some good stuff out there for sure! Good Luck to all! (although just getting the nom is pretty fantastic to begin with!)

  3. My goodness Fogs, you never cease to amaze me with your sense of community, blogging proficiency and all around awesomeness!! As I’ve said on my blog, it’s winning enough for me to be mentioned alongside you and the rest whose blogs have been my inspiration. I’m taking a blogging break for a few days as I’m visiting my best friend in Chicago, so what a wonderful send off this is for me… thanks man, you made my day!

    • I think that I just connected that you’re talking about Kristen, huh? 😀 Hope you have a blast.

      Meanwhile, it’s EASY work making this group of bloggers sound good, including you. 😀

      But it’s fun, too. This is always one of the things I loved about blogging… It’s very cooperative. People are very willing to cross promote and help drive traffic or recommend to their readers… That stuff is awesome, I’m proud to be a part of it. 😀

  4. In a shameless campaign for votes, AM has a contest on site. For your Lamb vote you’re eligible for Dinner and a movie with Castor. Will the madness never stop!
    I’m pretty well acquainted with The Matinee, Anomalous and Man I Love Films and will visit Paradox shortly. One thing that stands out is multi-contributor sites against the single bloggers. Hardly seems fair. Imagine if there were two Fogs(or more) working on FMR. It boggles the mind. FMR would rule the world! Anyway….there ought to be a separate division for each. Good luck Daniel. It seems an honor to be nominated in this field.

    • “One thing that stands out is multi-contributor sites against the single bloggers. Hardly seems fair…”
      Amen – and it’s been brought up at least twice to the powers that be.

      • I’m not that dead set against it, but one thing it would do is create more awards, which is one thing I’m totally behind. The fun and excitement should be spread amongst as many Lammys as possible.

    • The frightening possibilties involved in multiple Fogses would probably – at the very least – include equal probabilities of FMR’s complete implosion as the greedy ego maniacs wrestled for control. :p

      LOL. Saw that post on dinner with Cap, lol. Made me think they should have gotten nommed for Funniest as well. 😀

      As always, thank you for all your support!

      • Honestly, Fogs, I didn’t read all the comments yesterday cuz I was too tired. And that particular comment wasn’t directed at you. We’ve heard such whispers before. 🙂

        I live by the creed of don’t dish it if you can’t take it and I certainly know how to dish it so…

        I know what you were doing yesterday and it’s a nice way to try and get the win. Didn’t bother me at all.

      • In all honesty, at this point, its more about celebrating the Lammy experience and all the nominees than trying to get votes… I could be wrong, but I fugure a) Most people have voted already b) not sure how much my posts would “Sway” anyone

        That was a fun thing to do though. Loved Lambasting everyone… and Phobos’ response this morning was priceless.

      • I hear you.

        I disagree, personally, but I hear where you’re coming from 😀

        Obviously I’m enthusiastically pursuing the possibility of winning. 😀 Will it happen, will it not? Time will tell, but I’m having fun living the campaigning up, and have gotten good feedback.

        Meanwhile, AM is a great blog, and there’s no secret about it. Just paying props… it deserves all the accolades it achieves, man!

    • I don’t really feel like getting involved in a back and forth on this but would certainly like to comment on it.

      I know some people have a problem with the multi-blogger vs. single blogger thing. Honestly, I could go either way on it. If LAMB decided to split the category, it wouldn’t bother me. I see the argument. I do feel like there is a grey dividing line there. I don’t think it’s fair that Green People Soup (which has two writers) would get lumped in with MILF and AM if LAMB went that route. I also feel like 3 is iffy based on frequency of content put up.

      Ultimately, Best Blog is just that… Best Blog. Regardless of how many writers. The only real difference is probably frequency of posting and I know we update the site twice a day typically (aside from the random news/trailer post). Last time I visited Matinee he was probably averaging once a day. Forgive me if that is not accurate either way but it’s not a startling difference. Kudos to anyone who can update a site that frequently solo. Though, you do retain creative control and we have to put faith in the writers we bring on since we don’t edit any content. In a way, we put our names on the thing and hope that we’ve made smart decisions in asking people to join in on our little project. I don’t know.

      I also feel like Castor had several writers at AM last year and Matinee still beat him so I don’t know how valid the argument is.

      I know Dylan has had Prolific and Best Blog noms when he was solo and I got Best Podcast and Funniest noms when I was solo. We’re managing some of those in a joint venture. Hell, Fogs has more noms than us this year and he’s not the only one.

      I feel like sometimes MILF gets spoken about like we tried to stack a deck and I don’t appreciate it. If you feel that way, you just don’t know Dylan or I that well. Honestly, we just wanted to put up a site we were proud of, that we feel has Best Blog potential, and make it something people would want to visit. That could accomodate the ADD nature of the internet and that we could do with writers we like to read and communicate with.

      Whether we win Best Blog is not important to us because, in the end, we’re very proud of what we’ve put together. Not to say we wouldn’t take it but it’s much more important hearing that people like the site, seeing more visitors and having more press opportunities and hearing kind words like the ones you wrote up there, Fogs. Thanks! We are grateful for the sentiments.

      We are long time LAMMYs and proud to be! Though, I don’t speak for Dylan. He might just want the glory! 🙂 lol… though, if you know him, that is seriously doubtful.

      Good luck to all!!! Peace, I’m out!

      • Now Kaiiii….

        I hope there’s no residual animosity in there from yesterday. 😀 Let’s let bygones be bygones and realize I was only kidding when calling you guys the borg, Just like Dylan called me a cult leader. 😀

        Arguments can be made on either side. I’m less keen on sperating things here than I would be on say “Most Prolific”…

        I’m actually with you on this one. Best blog is best blog! Ryan should feel extra proud he won “single handedly” hell ya!

        But the truth is that discussions like this are probably best suited for the LAMB forum, and AFTER the Lammys. That way no one can be confused for making anything but suggestions for the betterment of the awards going forward. Because lets all be on the same page… the Lammys are awesome. Theyre a ton of fun, theyre a tremendous honor, and they’re GREAT promotion for the Lamb.

        I hope you dont feel I speak poorly of MILF for real, although Dylan and I have turned on the “Bust Balls at Will” sign. Nothing but respect, man, honestly.

      • Amen to you, Kai.

        As usual, we’re in total agreement. I am also not necessarily against the splitting of awards, and was just thinking of GPS the other day as well and how we’d never stop splitting (best 2-person site! best 4-person site! best man-and-dog site!!), but that is a matter to settled another day. And at the same time, it certainly feels like there’s some implication that the one-person shops are playing against an uneven field…and yet, I don’t see multi-contrib sites getting all of the nominations or the wins, so I don’t get the problem, either.

  5. One award to rule them all!

    I actually think that as nominators we did pretty good in this category. We’ve got new blogs as well as five year veterans, solo blogs as well as those with multi-contributors, and a pretty good mix of different kinds of content.

    Now, get to work writing those acceptance speeches. I expect to see the blogging equivalent of Roberto Benigni or Cuba Gooding Jr!

    • HA!!! LOL

      Thats funny…. acceptance speeches! Over under on number of Sally Field jokes? 5.

      The Lammy nominators did do a great job (if I’m allowed to say as one of the nominees), it makes me sad I told them they %#&$ed up the funniest nominations. LOL. Oh well, that probably ranks 23rd on the list of things I said in that post that I’ll one day regret.

      Anyways, this is a great field of blogs, I think we represent the Lamb well. No matter who gets chosen I thnk everyone can look to that blog and be proud they’re representing us. 😀

  6. Thanks for the kind words, and all the best to you, too! It makes my head spin that I’m involved in this category – it hardly seems right! Anyway, all hail the single-manned sites that made it into this!

  7. I don’t know if this is the right spot and place to have a discussion about joint venture blogs vs single-person driven ones. It probably isn’t. But I certainly hope we’ll have a discussion afterwards about it and consider a split, making two categories of it. I don’t necessarily think that the single-person blogs are pulling the short stick here. I rather think it might be the opposite; multi-person blogs feel more like websites than like blogs. They risk to come out as a bit anonymous compared against solo voices. And that’s unfair. Two categories would solve that issue. But let’s talk it over after this year’s round is over.

    • Roger that.

      I’m picturing a thread in the lamb forum, or maybe even just using the one that’s there. But yeah, there’s some ideas to kick around, for sure.

      It would all amount to tweaking anyways, the Lammys are great. 😀

  8. Thanks for the kind words about me and AM, Dan! Always too kind with your praises 😀

    Personally, I could care less who wins (as many people can attest from last year’s Lammies) as this doesn’t really mean anything to me beyond the fact that the LAMB has helped create a wonderful movie blogger community.

    • Yeah, it totally has.

      I think that this kind of event though can help us all connect, too. Thats one of the things that I’ve enjoyed about it. I got to find a lot of great sites and say hello to some new people.

  9. Thanks for saying all of that nice stuff, Fogs, and best of luck! You’ve nailed the spirit of it. The great part is discovering so many great new sites.

    • No problem John, obviously TDYLF has a lot going for it, and the nominators have noticed.

      I did try to get into the spirit of things with these posts, and one way or another now, I really did enjoy this week and make some new connections…

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