Heralded by an amazing advertising campaign, featuring an impressive cast, and boasting an impeccable pedigree, “Prometheus” was a film burdened with expectations that few films face. Ridley Scott was returning to the “Alien” universe, and he had a full house of incredible actors and actresses going with him. The film’s astounding trailers were accompanied by a series of highly effective viral videos that whet our appetites for sci-fi awesomeness.

It’s perhaps unfair then, that I saddle it with the expectations I had going in. Those are mine.

And so I won’t.

I’ll say instead that “Prometheus” disappointed me not because I was let down in comparison to the thoughts I had going in, but because it is so tantalizingly close to greatness as the movie that it is. Maddeningly close.

This will be one of those reviews that read much, much harsher than my final grade, as I feel the need to hash out my disappointments far more than I feel the need to laud the film’s positive attributes.

Most films that come along to the Megaplex don’t have anywhere near as lofty an aim as “Prometheus” does. I appreciate that. It aims to be more. An exciting movie, a sci-fi movie, an intelligent thriller. This is a movie which aims for the stars, both in its plot, its themes, and its production values. But in elevating our expectations, it sets itself up for things it can’t quite achieve. I have to credit it for stretching for the top shelf, but I might not have noticed the step-ladder wobbling if it hadn’t tried to reach so high.

Visually, “Prometheus” is astonishing. Special effects and detailed sets blend seamlessly together as futuristic astronauts with advanced technology explore ancient ruins. Everything is top-notch. From the deck of the Prometheus, to the medical bay, from the spinning star charts to the howling sand storms, everything that is offered to the eye is simply remarkable. Scott is known for creating films that are extraordinary visually, and “Prometheus” may arguably be his best.  

It’s also a film that has a phenomenal high concept. The discovery of a cave painting keys scientists to a string of similarities in the artwork of ancient cultures. Though separated chronologically and geographically, each of these civilizations depicted a specific, far-flung astrological configuration in their artwork. Not visible to the naked eye, the solar system should have been undetectable by the technology of our ancestors. The only logical explanation is that we were in fact visited by ancient aliens in our distant past, and that these clues were left around the globe for us to discover when we had the technology to travel through space ourselves.

And now that we have, we set off. Seeking the answers in the stars… perhaps even the key to the origins of humanity.

That’s heavy-duty stuff, folks. Lofty. And “Prometheus” really wants to be a movie worthy of such ideals, but it missteps slightly here and there, just enough to prevent it from fully achieving its goals.

For the first thing, the scientists on this science vessel are some of the dumbest scientists that science fiction has ever given us. You don’t need &$%#ing Heisenberg to tell you that these experiments are uncertain. Take your helmet off in an alien atmosphere? Check. Swipe your finger in the strange organic goop? Check. Put your uncovered face right up to an object as your dissect it? Check. It’s as if the only protocol checklist this science team had was the “Stupid Movie Quasi-Scientist” checklist. Seriously, I’ve seen tighter protocols at my local Dunkin’ Donuts than on this multi-billion dollar space expedition.

Which would be fine, in most movies, but Prometheus wants to be more. And I wanted it to be more. In addition to the scientific shortcomings, there were some strange character decisions (from more than one prominent character)… unmotivated actions that aren’t fully explained, which I suspect only existed to lead to action sequences. As if they had the action sequence in mind first, and then reverse engineered the plot lead-in in order to get to it.

Which leads me to my final beef with the film, and that’s the fact that towards the end, it turns very action oriented. Which is understandable, a purely scientific drama would be bashed as boring by most film fans, and wind up finding a cult audience at best. And most of the action is very well done… there’s genuine tension involved and great special effects. But that blend, that balance, that mix between action and thought-provoking drama needs to be very finely tuned if you want to be the masterpiece that “Prometheus” could have been. To me, the action quotient was a little too high. Combined with the fact that some of “Prometheus” ‘ highly intelligent content came up a few IQ points short of genius, that action heavy mix contributed to the feeling of a movie that wasn’t quite as brilliant as it aimed to be.

I am going to pull the nose of the plane up before finishing this review however. “Prometheus” IS a stunning film visually, has some great action, and some lofty themes to offer. That’s a rare trifecta. It is easily, easily, easily worth your ticket price no matter whether you go primetime to IMAX 3D or a 2D early afternoon matinée. It’s highly entertaining, and those viewing it less critically will undoubtedly be pleased. I’d also like to leave open the possibility that now that I’m aware of what it is, I may rewatch it and grow more tolerant the issues I had initially.

But for now, I’m fixated on the fact that this movie was soooo close. Greatness was in its grasp.

Perhaps “Tantalus” was a more appropriate title.



83 thoughts on “Prometheus

  1. Great review. Summed up my very similar feelings. It is a lot of fun and did seem like it was going to be an intelligent thriller. But once the action started and creatures started appearing and then disappearing, it all gets a bit silly and left me with a lot questions about where things came from, why were those scenes there and why the script felt the need to get so action-oriented. But seeing major plot points in the marketing didn’t help either. Still a damn fine slice of sci-fi though.

    • Uhmmmm… I guess there were some things the marketing revealed that might have been better left for the movie. You’re right. I didnt get hit by that at all, but I know what you’re referencing, Pete.

      Leaves you with a lot of questions is a good thing to say. It does. But now in a good way. More like in a “Well, why would they…” kind of way or a “That didnt make sense…” kind of way.

      You’re right about it being a good sci fi flick though. Thats part of the difficulty with a review like this is how to package that “I was disappointed, but its still really good” type feeling for everyone…

      Glad we see eye to eye!

  2. Excellent Review, Sir!!!
    I Wanna See This So So SO BAD!!!
    And I Totally Get What You’re Saying.
    Can’t Wait To See It A Couple Times…
    …Ya Know, Just To Make Sure I Get The Whole Package Of What They’re Trying To Do.
    Very Cool, Sir, Very Cool!

    • Well Brad, I hope you enjoy it. I need to see it a second time just to get past all of my expectations, etc, you know? It’s a very very impressive movie effects wise, there’s no doubt. And maybe after reading reviews and seeing it again and stuff, things will clear up for me and I’ll enjoy it more.

      I had ridiculous hopes for it… just because it didnt quite wind up there, doesnt mean it wasnt still really really good. 🙂

      Thanks as always for checking out the review, man!

    • Thanks Tim…definitely will!

      Yeah, yeah, I would like to see another, definitely. Although, thing is that the sequel probably wouldnt have Ridley Scott. From what I’ve heard he’s got at least a couple of projects lined up already, so…

      With a lesser director, I’m not 100% sure what we’d get, but I suppose that’s always the case right? Happened with AlienS, too, and that turned out ok. 😀

  3. Great review Fogs. I had a lot of the same problems you did, and I think its worst moment is that random fight scene with zombie Holloway that is only brought about because the characters decide to open the door to the outside before they even scope it out. However, all of the ideas it brings up makes the film worth it.

    By the way, are you referring to David when saying some characters make strange decisions?

    • David, yes. Absolutely unexplained.

      But so are the motivations of “Prometheus” for lack of a better name for him… the motivations of their race are completely a mess, I have no idea WTF is going on there, whereas the movie opened with something clear cut (seemingly) and fascinating… by the end, the motivations of that race were a jumbled mess.

      You point out a great scene there, I had such an issue with that. Ok, then open up! LOL. No security whatsoever. 😦

    • 😀 Well, fortunately, I LIKE that kind of comment! LOL 😀

      Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in detail though Phil if you want to swing back and share when you have time…

  4. Well as for “Stupid scientists” they did check the atmosphere in that place which was clearer than Earth. Also it didn’t led to the infection. As for the goo on the finger, the android does this, so I don’t think that counts.
    I loved the movie, my only problem was the editing in the third act. I find it to be the most thought provoking movie in a really long, with wonderful parallels between Bible, Mythology etc. especially with the Christianity refrences scattered everywhere.

    Excellent review and I’m glad you enjoyed the film!

    • mmmmnnnn…

      Dont want to argue minutae with you Sati, it does feel like nitpicking.

      Let’s just say for me, they would have had to have spent much more time analyzing the atmosphere for potential pathogens in order for me to gain comfort with them all happily popping their helmets off. In order to maintain my respect as a “Super Intelligent Science Fiction Movie” at least. There were a lot of things the science team did that caused me to discount their scientific credibilty, including the geologist who is actually a medium security prison inmate. LOL. “I LIKE ROCKS”.

      Its a sore spot for me, in all honesty. The movie needed a consultant with some scientific expertise to double check the actions of the characters.

      To me, I found it very undermining to what it was aiming for. 😦

  5. Perhaps a directors cut can improve the film for you? Do you see these issues as correctable? An enhancement as it were? I know you had serious expectations of this film, as well as potential for the best film this year! Sorry to hear about your mitigated disappointment. I’m sure us fans will still go to see it and maybe come away with a different perspective, however I find your fantastic (Lammy Nominated) reviews usually hit the mark for me. I will discuss it with you when I get a chance to see it. Great honest review!

  6. Great review Fogs. An A- is still a good rating though. I found it had too many inconsitencies and frankly baffling behaviour from it’s characters to get anything more than 3 stars for me. Visually it was stunning though and I doubt we’ll see a better opening scene all year. After that though it completely went downhill story wise.

    Tantalus you say? Lol. That is a better title. 😉

    • Lol, at least more appropriate…

      I had some issues, but in fairness, this flick brings a lot to the table, it’s still pretty entertaining. So I needed to make sure I didn’t let my issues destroy the whole thing. Didn’t want to throw the baby out with the bath, so to speak.

      A lot of people are even more down on it than I am, for sure dude.

  7. I haven’t seen it yet. However… I’ve read plenty of reviews and to a one they’ve all mentioned either Alien or Blade Runner in their opening paragraph. And sure enough, there it is, your second sentence “Alien”. I can not help but feel that if the director was unknown or completely new to cinema, then this film would be better received. The knock against Scott has always been, short on story, long on visuals. Even back to Blade Runner, it was not as well thought of as later time would prove. The “Tribune” review made all kinds of references to and quotes from writers, tech wizards(Douglas Trumbull) and great Sci-Fi from the past. Even to be compared to and mentioned with the greats(e.g.”2001″) is praise indeed.

    • I don’t know about invoking Blade Runner, necessarily, but it’s pretty much impossible not to mention “Alien” seeing as the movies are directly related.

      As to Scott being short on story, I don’t know that I’d agree. His movies are often Spartan in their plots, but when it works, it comes across as a tight focus.

      If anything, the excess story elements get in the way here a bit. It has some stumbles…

  8. A just and excellent review sir! Though I overlook some science factors that you outline well, I call it great in the face of its flaws, though I am forced to withhold masterpiece not so much for some of the finer details but for the end misstep that makes a mockery of all the other great attention to consistency this offers to the original film.

    Of course I can only pray for a mandatory directors cut in the future. However, you and I will debate this Monday night in Outside the Envelope on I cant wait!

    • Yes we will, and I’m looking forward to it.

      I don’t know if you’ve heard anything from Brian (not sure if DearFilm has a review up, hadn’t checked in), but he sounds like he’s a bigtime hater. Lol.

      The end, which I didn’t want to allude to in the review proper, bothered me as well. Absolutely. A little off.

      We’ll hash it out Monday!

  9. Just got done watching it and I was hoping to give this a 10. But it was more action oriented than horror (Alien was definitely scarier). Special effects were great but all I can muster up is an 8. Still, I will buy this on BD when it comes out. And WTF was that thing before the movie with the tiger in the boat and all that fish?

    • The “Life of Pi”. Ang Lee’s newest… About a boy who spends half a year in a rowboat with a tiger. That’s the first I’d seen of it, but it sounds unique at least.

      An 8 out of ten is fair. Definitely…

  10. Sorry this wasn’t an A+ for you, but at least you were still able to give it a grade in the A range. I had a feeling that a lot of the harsher reviews were coming at least in part from hype backlash, and that if someone put that aside, they would consider it a flawed, but good film. That was just a guess, mind you, since I haven’t seen the film myself, but I know how folks can be on films like that.

    So this is an Alien prequel after all (was that really so hard to come out and say and stick with, Mr. Scott?) How much does familiarity with the franchise help with enjoyment? Is it a case where if I haven’t seen Alien I should stay completely away from Prometheus? Or would I just get a slightly richer experience watching Prometheus if I saw Alien first?

    • In all honesty man, having SEEN Alien would probably only set you up for frustrations with this flick. Youd be comparing it to…and then when the dots get connected you might be upset by it… You’re probably more apt to enjoy Prometheus straight up with no background.

      It’s a VERY good film actually, I thought. I certainly have a lot of issues with it, but compared to most of its peers at the summer Megaplex? Good grief! My biggest issue with the movie is what it could have been. Man, this could have been a great movie. A great, great movie. It got so close. LOL

      I can see how people might have some severe problems with the plot and characters though, too. You know? There’s some really rough headscratchers within. So not all the bad reviews are backlash.

  11. An interesting review. I agree that expectations were high. Maybe too high for the movie’s own good. I wanted to love it. Alien and Aliens are two of my favorite movies. The trailers are awesome. I remember thinking as the theater got dark, “There is no way I’m *not* going to be disappointed.” And I think this expectation of *disappointment* actually helped me out. I left the theater pleasantly surprised.

    There’s no doubt it’s an odd movie. It’s not as scary as Alien, and it’s not as action-packed as Aliens. I was expecting a movie more in the horror camp, but I really enjoyed how Scott, like some mad college professor, walked into the lecture hall, asked some interesting and difficult questions, said, “Ok, class. Discuss.” And then walked out of the room. I remember a professor of mine in college saying, “It’s the questions that are important not the answers. Good questions will make you think. This book is a classic. We’re stilling reading it 500 years after it was written. Why? Because it asks questions for which we haven’t found a satisfactory answer.” I’m going to see it again before I pass final judgement.

    P.S. I’m going go out on a limb here and saying that in every horror movie ever made(!) the characters have been stupid and irrational. So I didn’t bat an eyelash when the crew did stupid things. I wouldn’t know how to act it they actually acted in an intelligent manner lol!

    • Well, many many horror movies do have stupid and/or irrational characters, but the ones we consider great are the ones that have characters we can relate to, whos motivations we can understand and get behind.

      I still liked the movie and respected it quite a bit even though it was a disappointment from what I had been hoping for. It was still very very good.

      I’m fine, too, Tim, with not getting “all the answers”, but I dont want to be scratching my head at the wrong things. For example, “why were we created” is a good question to leave unanswered “Why would they open the door there” isnt. LOL. “Why did she call him father?” those type of things… not good. “What will they find as they go forward?” is a good one.

      And this movie leaves some good questions unanswered, but then some of the others are tantamount to plot holes or character flaws, I felt, and that sort of thing’s not good.

      Thanks for chiming in though, I’m glad to hear you were pleasantly surprised. I was mildly let down, but as I said, that still leaves room for a great flick. 😀

  12. Hurm, great review man. Sorry you left the theater disappointed. I understand with your criticisms, and agree with some of them to a certain extent, but overall I clearly enjoyed this more than you.

  13. Nice write up, but honestly I cant agree with your grade. The very disappointments you mention meant to me that the step ladder didn’t just totter, it flat out collapsed. Mike Oeming put it very well “Prometheus looked beautiful. But the script should be chained to a rock and torn apart by eagles”. I thought the first act was pretty good, but the minute they got on the “Prometheus” off the rails it went. Too many 2 dimensional characters, clumsy dialog, and stupid or just baffling decisions.

    And then to make matters even worse they didn’t even match up the original Aliens mythology. I dont want to get into spoilers, so I wont go too far, but shouldn’t there be SOMEBODY in the big chair with a hole in his chest? I mean, really?

    On the plus side there were some really good actors working their little hearts out in a losing cause… and of course, it looked fantastic.

    My Grade: low C… and that’s generous.

    • As to matching up tp the original trilogy… well, obviously the end result of the climactic fight was patient 0 if you will. There’s no gaurantee that this is even the planet that the Nostromo found.

      A C is a really harsh grade. The movie had a lot to offer, and a lot of people are coming back very enthusiastic about it. See PG Cooper above. Not that my grades are an attempt to discover the apex of the bell curve, but I think that most audiences would really really like this movie quite a bit. It’s got mind blowing visuals and some great high concepts and some really cool action scenes. Were there as you say, two dimensional characters? Absolutely. That geologist / prison inmate (my addition LOL. Obvious inference) was a joke. “I LIKE ROCKS” and Charlize wasnt given much to do, its true. But they’re not going to cripple the flick for most people.

      There are some stupid and or/baffling decisions though, yes. And the do bother me. But do they ruin the movie for me? No. And I’m thinking rewatches and or sharing with the collective may straighten some of them out and provide some answers that would allieviate my concerns.

      😀 Can I just ask… So, you liked John Carter better than this then? 😀 LOL

  14. Excellent review, you expressed my thoughts exactly, although I would probably rate it even higher, since I didn’t have those high expectations. I was just hoping that it would be more intelligent than the original Alien films, and it certainly was! I just saw it a couple hours ago, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so awed (literally!) by a film, in terms of what it set out to do and the themes behind it. Both visually and idealistically, it went beyond anything I’ve ever seen, because although we’ve had a TON of alien-ish movies, we’ve never had a film that imagined another human race that engineered us…that was the amazing part – that the film tried to say we are really not alone. Unfortunately, that was also the disappointing part. In trying to show our “Creator”, Prometheus turned us into genetic experiments or a lesser species that was made for who-knows-what, and that was what made the film fall short for me. But the casting was fantastic, and since I’m sure there will be a sequel, I’ll wait (impatiently) for that:)

    • Thanks Livi!

      I’m not going to say that this movie was more intelligent than “Alien” though… here’s the thing, for me. This movie has much higher aim intellectually than Alien, but I think there are a number of ways that it fails to connect its own dots. For example, yeah… I was a big fan of the “engineers’ concept, just like you were. But why the motivational 180? Why are they a threat now? If I missed that I’d even grade it higher, but I dont think that that’s resolved.

      Let me draw this analogy. If “Alien” and “Prometheus” were two kids taking a math class test, “Prometheus” chose to try the harder level extra point question, but “Alien” got the answer completely right on the easier one.

      It certainly does have lofty aims though, and it was STUNNING visually, wasnt it? Seriously. I’m going to be looking forward to a sequel, too if it happens…

      Thanks for sharing Livi!! 😀

      • I see what you mean, in that although Prometheus tried to be something special, it failed, and so Alien was worth more because it succeeded in what it set out to do. That’s usually how I rate my movies, by how well they fulfill what they bill themselves as, because usually the plot isn’t anything too groundbreaking. I’m willing to give Prometheus a pass though, even if it didn’t quite make it, simply because what it was trying to do was incredible. I’d rather have a movie try do something amazing and not make it but still give you quite a ride, rather than settling for something lower and doing that well. And that doesn’t always work, but with this film I think it did. I understand your frustration though, because it could have been so much more!!! I suppose that’s sequel material in the works:)

        And as for the Engineers’ 180 decision to wake up and rip us to shreds after having done so much for us, I think that was Scott’s way of giving in to the “horror” genre. I mean, how could it be exciting if we found some creepy humans in a creepy place and they just sat down and drank some coffee with us and talked about the weather and how nice we were to have come and woken them up? And that’s sarcasm there, because I think that some (maybe most) of us viewers wanted more than a horror movie, and we wanted the philosophical element to be emphasized rather than the action and screaming bits. Perhaps Scott underestimated us…

        In any case, the Avengers has been beaten:( Prometheus is the best film of the year for me so far, and I say that with a lot of frustration and confusion!

      • “That’s usually how I rate my movies, by how well they fulfill what they bill themselves as”

        Me too. Ya gotta. Right? There’s no other way to be consistent with it…

        And yeah, definitely. Prometheus gets massive points from me for trying to be more.

        I dont mind that the movie shifted to action/horror as much as I do that “The Engineers” seem to act in contradictory fashion in the beginning and then the end. That really bothered me. Maybe the Prometheus crew just misread the ships contents, and they weren’t trying to destroy us… I dont know. Maybe they weren’t benevolently populating the world in the beginning… not sure. A lot of questions.

        I do disagree that this tops avengers though. Corcling back to what you said earlier Livi, in terms of fulfilling what they set out to do or what they market them as? I think that movie beats this one at that game hands down…

  15. I too had gone to watch this movie with elevated expectations, even though I did not see the trailers. While the movie gets really good when the action hots up (I munched away the criminally expensive multiplex plate of nachos without knowing it), there are too many elements within it that left me dissatisfied and to some extent, angry.

    My biggest issue is that the movie goes boldly forth into issues where many have faltered before, and then scurries away scared and clueless. For example, the whole ‘belief’ thing and the scenes with the Cross. I think the only ‘cult’ that this movie might attract would be Christian Evolution Deniers.

    Some of the pseudo-scientific issues are called out in this forum post:

    However, that’s not all. The script completely glosses over how the Weyland Corporation, and not any multi-governmental organisation, came to organise the mission, and that too within an extremely short time. How was the ship Prometheus built? Does Earth already have the technology to cover huge interstellar distances (roughly 11 or 12 Parsecs) in two years? And in that case, why doesn’t the ship have geological survey instrumentation which could tell it what lies beneath the ground? In the real world, we have technology today that tells us about the existence of underground tunnes by surveying microgravity. The ship doesn’t even spend time surveying the planet / moon before diving into its atmosphere! Then there are such questions about all activites that take place over there.

    I might have missed something, but I don’t know how plausible we can consider the superhumans to be creators of the human race – does the movie deny the existence of all other life on Earth? It is very clear that the aliens visited the planet after all the presently visible geological features and climate were formed. So how can they have created only the humans? What was the significance of the first scene?

    I could go on and on but the gist of it all is that this movie is no different from a thousand other formulaic compositions from Hollywood, and doesn’t hold a candle to the great movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey or even Close Encounters in terms of planting a question in our minds. The Ridley Scott element is just the visual extravaganza and the pace. I would pick the original Alien series over this movie anyday, in spite of the differences in special effects technology.

    PS: I watched it in 2D, because my wife complains of headaches with 3D glasses. The picture was very fuzzy at times, especially the backgrounds – I don’t know if this was an artefact of the specific multiplex or a result of the way they shot it with 3D in mind.

    • I’ll absolutely grant that this movie is nowhere near the calibre of the sci-fi classics you mentioned there nishit. Not even close. LOL. Those movies were rock solid… this one… not so much.

      Thanks for adding even more questions to that first scene for me. LOL! Until this comment, my disatisfaction with it had been that it gets undermined later in the film. LOL. Now I have to question it too! 😀

      I’ll forgive it though for not establishing the backstory of the mission more. I think we’ve come to accept space travel in fiction, so they didnt need to go into all the details behind the funding, etc. Although I will grant that for such advanced technology, they had some tech that was conveniently not too far advanced. I think it depended on what they needed from the story, obviously.

      I’ll have to check in on that thread later… getting ready to podcast at the moment…

      But I can understand your frustrations, certainly. I think we’re still left with a film thats better than a lot of others, but overall I was overwhelmed by how much I wanted it to be MORE.

  16. Good review! To me Prometheus was basically the movie equivalent of Icarus; Scott had the ambition but flew too close to the sun and crashed and burned in his effort to bring it all to the screen. I had problems with the script and the pacing and also felt like there was a poor job done in the editing room too. There seemed to whole swaths of important scenes that had to have been left on the cutting room floor.
    The movie was beautiful to look at though and Fassbender gave an amazing performance as David.

    • Ah, DAMN! That is a GREAT “Better Title”. I said “Tantalus”… I should have said “ICARUS”! LOL… nice nice point Derek. Well said.

      I had issues with the script, too, but I didnt think the pacing was off, if anything I thought it was pretty good.

      I will certainly agree that there seem to be things left out. Somewhere I hope there are some scenes that explain some of the character motivations a little better. You know?

      But you’re 100% right that the movie is gorgeous, and Fassbender was excellent. Very very convincing as David.

      Nice share David, thanks for commenting!

  17. I don’t wanna read too much into it because I haven’t seen the movie yet but it seems most people had really high expectations for this movie and were a bit underwhelmed by it (because of the awesome marketing?). At any rate, I can’t wait to see for myself 😀

    • The marketing set the bar as high as it could go Cap, no doubt.

      But the movie itself reaches for the stars. I mean, it is a VERY ambitious film. So to watch it take some clunky missteps along the way is very frustrating. Very disappointing in itself.

      Dont let it scare you off, its not a bad movie by any means. In fact, theres a lot of people out there raving about it. So, dont let it slow you down, this is a worthy movie of a trip to the theatre, easily.

  18. Yep, yep and yep. Very much agree with your review.

    It’s been so long since we’ve had such a well put together space sci-fi film. I think Prometheus is perhaps getting judged a little too harshly out there. It’s a damn good, cerebral film which I’m still trying to find answers to.

    • It’s Damn Good as you say, but the flaws prevent it from being GREAT I think. I believe you gave it a 4 out of 5, I think… thats about right. Thats what I gave it on my Lambscore.

      Meanwhile though, there are definitely a lot of people who want to turn the flaws into an excuse to call the movie a bad movie… and that’s just way outta line.

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