Tossin’ It Out There: Which movie disappointed YOU the most?

With the opening of “Prometheus” this past weekend, the operative word for a lot of people was “Disappointed”. It may have been the case where hopes and expectations were unreasonably high, but they were what they were, and “Prometheus” didn’t deliver.

Now, “Prometheus” wasn’t even close to my MOST disappointing experience (“Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones”), but it was disappointing enough to get me thinking that it might make for a good discussion topic.

Everyone has been let down by a movie at some point. They had some kind of hopes that didn’t get delivered on. The movie that they were thinking they would be getting going in was much better than the one they eventually saw. Whether it’s was a substandard sequel, or a crappy remake, or an original movie that had great marketing but poor execution, at one time or another, we’ve all left the theatre feeling let down.

So what movie let YOU down the most? You went in, excited to see it, thinking you were going to get something great and then… aw c’mon, really? LOL. Lets hear it! Which movie disappointed YOU the most?


182 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: Which movie disappointed YOU the most?

  1. I’m coming to this topic late, and don’t have it in me to read through the 162 comments already posted, so I don’t know if any of these have been mentioned or not. But when I think of disappointments, a few that come to mind pretty quickly are Pushing Tin, Fierce Creatures and Nothing But Trouble. Not the most obvious choices, I know. The thing they have in common is that each movie came with excellent pedigree, and then totally failed to live up to the promise of its talent. I mean, Pushing Tin had John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton (in his heydey), Cate Blanchett, Angelina Jolie, the director of Donnie Brasco and a couple of writers from Cheers! And it still sucked!! I don’t even know how it’s mathematically possible for that much talent to go so sour.

    Fierce Creatures reunited the team from A Fish Called Wanda (sans director Charles Crichton), but the movie was DOA. Kevin Kline was funny, but he wasn’t enough to save it.

    And Nothing But Trouble…well, I probably should have known in advance that this looked lousy, but I was young. I just figured Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, John Candy and Demi Moore couldn’t go wrong. But they could. Very, very wrong.

    There are bigger budget, more glaring disappointments like Alien 3 and The Phantom Menace, but I’m sure they’ve already been mentioned many times. And then there’s something like Batman & Robin, but my expectations weren’t too high for that, so it wasn’t exactly disappointing. Terrible…but not disappointing.

    • Well, no one is required to read all the comments. LOL I know a lot of people like to, but I imagine that that would be quite a task sometimes.

      Meanwhile, WOW. I havent thought of “Nothing But Trouble” in years. Good grief was that movie wretched. LOL. An abomination! And youre right, with the cast alone, they should have been able to put something together way better than that. What a miserable effort that thing was…

      I saw Fierce Creatures, but dont remember it. Does that prove that its not memorable? LOL

      Pushing Tin I guess either didnt bother me, or I wasnt expecting anything out of… I dont recall it being a disappointment at all. But I can hear what you’re saying.

      And yeah, people covered those big ones 😀 We got those bases covered!

  2. Sucker Punch – Not sure now why my expectations were so high but I thought it looked great and it ultimately failed so hard.

    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – It was so damn boring. Didn’t get the hype.

    The Game & Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Now Fincher is definitely one of my favorite directors but these two didn’t click with me. By the end of The Game I thought it was incredibly stupid and Curious Case did not have a good script although on all other accounts I have no complaints.

    Sure there’s more, but these popped into my head first!

    • Confession time! I still havent seen Benjamin Button. I know, I know… David Fincher, Brad Pitt, yada yada LOL

      That concept just seemed so… silly to me.

      For the other two, I’ll split with you. I loved TTSS, but its been called out here earlier, so I’m aware a lot of people feel that way about it. I really dug it though.

      Sucker Punch though Jess? EESH. Oh my God Bad. LOL. I know why you thought it would be good, I think we all thought it would be good. A lot of people were buying into the hype on that one. Snyder was on a roll, the style looked great… it looked very promising. But ouch, yeah. Awful.

      He better not mess up Superman. I’m gonna be really really pissed if we get two terrible Superman movies in a row.

      • Snyder may have lost some credibility but Watchmen was a marvellous adaptation. I loved the comic and the film stuck as close as it could. I hold out hope for Superman in Snyder’s hands.

        As for Benjamin Button… Have you seen seen Forrest Gump Fogs? I’m assuming you have?
        It’s the same film done in a different way. But wait a minute, it’s written by the same guy (Eric Roth) and essentially the same story. I was really disappointed. I liked Gump but didn’t really find it appealling to sit through 150mins of the same story. Highly overrated!

      • Good… that’s two thumbs down for Button. Not feeling the “I need to see it guilt” as strongly now then.

        Yes, I’ve seen Gump. LOL. I like it well enough…

        Watchmen was AWESOME. I thought it was only “Very Good” until I got “The Ultimate Cut” that adds the Black freighter stuff back in. Makes the movie like 18 hours long, but its so freaking cool.

        I’m still a fan of Snyder… I just… worry about Supes, thats all.

      • I hear you man! I want overly impressed with Singer’s take but I think Snyder has the goods.

        As for The Black Frieghter, I’ve yet to see that. I remember it vividly from the comic but on the cut i seen, it want included. I’m interested to see it though, as it’s probably the best comic I’ve ever read. (apart from The Preacher – which is supposedly in the making)

      • Mark, that is exactly right! I found myself finding all of these similarities only to look it up and see Roth wrote both. I mean, Lieutenant Dan/Captain Mike?? Seriously?!

        With a different script that wasn’t a carbon copy, it could’ve been great.

  3. Godfather 3 has to be my top most disappointing movie. The first two movies having been super good , I couldn’t wait to see 3. Even if it might not have lived up to 1&2, I thought it would still be worth seeing. Not true!!

    • Oh yeah, that movie was a stinker. I was really excited to see it too… I mean, that was even more disappointing because at that point in time, we hadnt had all these sequels so long after the fact that didnt live up. That was before the Star Wars prequels, before Indy 4, etc etc. So what were we supposed to think? We had to expect it would be good right? Coppola, Pacino…

      Nope. LOL

      Good choice

  4. Good discussion. But I have to say “Prometheus” didn’t disappoint me at all. Loved the film. But then again, I also thought Attack of the Clones was a lot of fun!

    • Well, can we “split the check” on that one then, Keith?

      I wouldnt knock anyone over liking Prometheus or not being disappointed… but man, personally I find all the Star Wars prequels to be a bitter pill. The second one was the worst cause that’s when I realized the first one wasnt a mistake. LOL. 😀

      Thanks for chiming in, though.

  5. I think there should be a ‘movies that did not disappoint’ list. Anyway, as disappointment goes, sequels and remakes are fertile ground. One big factor to consider is the marketing campaign, which actually can build up a letdown.

    In 2012, I was disappointed the most by Prometheus, followed by MIB III and whatever that retro sci-fi John something movie was called. I did not watch the other big releases, missed Hugo in the cinemas.

    On the other hand, I was really happy with Madagascar 3. (You can understand I mostly watch sci-fi and animated movies 😉 )

    In the last few years, some other sci-fi movies that I liked include District 9 and Battle Los Angeles (which is only 5.8/10 on IMDB).

    • “I think there should be a ‘movies that did not disappoint’ list.”

      Oh yeah, thats got some future potential, definitely. Have to come up with a different topic each week, so that’ll definitely have its day one of these days.

      LOL At “John Something” that was a disappointment, wasnt it? I agree on Prometheus, too, but I definitely anticipated what MIB III was bringing to the table, so I kind of prepared myself for it and wasnt let down.

      District 9 and Battle LA were both alright by me… and I like animation, quite a bit, too. Thanks for chiming in, Freedune, chjeck back in, we’ll do a “Lived up to lofty expectations” thread one of these days!

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