Tossin’ It Out There: Which movie disappointed YOU the most?

With the opening of “Prometheus” this past weekend, the operative word for a lot of people was “Disappointed”. It may have been the case where hopes and expectations were unreasonably high, but they were what they were, and “Prometheus” didn’t deliver.

Now, “Prometheus” wasn’t even close to my MOST disappointing experience (“Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones”), but it was disappointing enough to get me thinking that it might make for a good discussion topic.

Everyone has been let down by a movie at some point. They had some kind of hopes that didn’t get delivered on. The movie that they were thinking they would be getting going in was much better than the one they eventually saw. Whether it’s was a substandard sequel, or a crappy remake, or an original movie that had great marketing but poor execution, at one time or another, we’ve all left the theatre feeling let down.

So what movie let YOU down the most? You went in, excited to see it, thinking you were going to get something great and then… aw c’mon, really? LOL. Lets hear it! Which movie disappointed YOU the most?


182 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: Which movie disappointed YOU the most?

    • YJT, I agree with you on thinking Longest Yard remake disappoints for that matter anything Adam Sandler had done in last 2 years.

    • Ohhhh man. LOL.

      That Godzilla movie was terrible. It was a lame Jurassic Park lite. That WAS disappointing.

      I agree on the Star Wars prequels, but I cant see how you couldnt smell the awful on the new “Longest Yard” from miles away. LOL. That movie looked terrible! 😀

      • I Couldn’t Smell The Awful Because I Own The Original “The Longest Yard” Starring BURT REYNOLDS And I Love It, So When I Found Out BURT Was Gonna Be In The Remake, I Got So Freakin’ Excited, I Nearly Died. Then I Saw The Remake… …And I Died 3 Times Before It Was Over 😦

      • I’m a big fan of the original too. Great flick!

        Crewe: Hey Pop, the time you hit Hazen in the mouth, was it worth 30 years?
        Pop: For me it was.


        But that’s why I realized the remake wouldn’t work. It was dead in the water from jump street.

  1. Dune. So much was left out. Some things of vital importance were barely touched upon. It seemed slap dash, a half hearted attempt at turning the book into a film. It was like the film was based on a cliff-notes version of the book. No. Cliff-notes would have had a greater cohesiveness than the film. And it got delayed a year or two before release due to a law suit w/ Lucas. Which made its disappointing nature even more insulting.

    • Dune! There’s an answer for you, ya. Definitely.

      I dont remember how excited I was for it or anything, but it is definitely NOT up to the calibre of the book. It’s not a very good flick, even, its kind of all over the place.

      And that’s Lucas for you! He’s got a way sometimes, doesn’t he? LOL

  2. “Snow White & The Huntsman”.

    As for “Prometheus”, before the film came out I started to lower my expectations because of how much of the film the trailers were giving away–never a good sign.

    • Really, huh? I didnt expect that much out of SWatH, so I was actually pleasantly surprised!

      Meanwhile though, I scaled back my Prometheus expectations, too. But not far enough, apparently, Vic. I was still pretty disappointed by it. 😦

  3. Batman Returns comes to mind… but you probably knew that. 😀 Going to have to join you on the Star Wars prequel bashing — not that it wasn’t inevitable to some extent (how could anything live up to those expectations?) — but the only one of them that’s really passable is the third, and that’s weighed down heavily by ties to the first two. Phantom Menace was the most disappointing for me, though, as I had adjusted my expectations by the second (and yet, was still disappointed.)

    I wouldn’t say I was disappointed in 300, exactly, as I did enjoy myself, though not at all in the way the creators intended. But there was certainly a huge gulf between where the hype put it and where my opinion came out.

    More recently, even though I liked Green Lantern, it was not as good as it should or could have been. 3 stars, when it should have been a slam dunk 5 stars. Also, In Time, which has a great concept and completely fails to explore it in any interesting manner.

    • Yeah, I know you’re not a big fan of Batman Returns…

      Let me clairfy why I was more disappoiinted in SWep2 than Phantom Menace. After seeing Menace, I was in denial for a little while. I couldnt believe how bad it was. It didn’t make sense to me that we were in for a terrible trilogy. There was no way.

      So here’s what my thinking was with Clones. 1) the kid was gone. Anakin was grown, so no more annoying kid. 2) They were writing Jar Jar out of it. GOOD. No more Jar Jar Plus, Phantom Menace (which actually still is my most tolerable of all three, believe it or not) had some good moments. The pod race and the 3way Lightsaber duel at the end I though both were worthy scenes.

      So take away those two HUGE bad elements of Menace, plus he had shown there could still be cool new Star Wars moments… the second one had to be better, right? If it was a great movie, he could still salvage the trilogy… maybe we’d all be looking back at PM as an aberration right?


      I havent seen “In Time” yet, but I kind of liked 300 and Green Lantern (I know, I know), so…

      • Yeah, I think I see what you mean about “Clones”. I did have some of that denial going on with “Phantom”; for the first year or two after its release, I was saying to myself, “It’s not really that it’s not a good movie, it’s more that it’s just not good Star Wars.” But no, it’s just not a good movie. “Clones” is disappointing in different ways… the romance plot is essentially the lead weight dragging it to the ocean floor. I think there’s more of a salvageable movie in there than in “Phantom”. But “Sith” was the one I enjoyed the most / disliked the least.

        “Kind of liked” Green Lantern is where I’m at. But I should have been saying “That was awesome!”

      • Agreed. I can agree with that on GL.

        The whole prequels thing still makes me angry. One of these days I’ll have to vent and do an essay skewering them.

      • One of the “recurring features” I keep pondering is a “What Went Wrong” series with movies that could have been good, and weren’t. I keep going back and forth on whether I should start with the Star Wars prequels or the Matrix sequels (which you can add to this list.)

  4. The Raven. It had so much unused potential. I absolutely loved Prometheus though. Best movie of the year so far for me.

    • It’s cool. Opinions on Prometheus are all over the map. There is NO consensus whatsoever. LOL.

      Meanwhile, yeah, I can see that. The Raven was REALLY disappointing, wasn’t it? 😦

      • Yeah I’ve never seen a movie where everyone either absolutely loved it or absolutely hated it. Nobody’s saying “Prometheus was just okay”

  5. While I don’t make a habit of watching animated film, I did watch Cars 2 in theaters as family was in town with small children (C2 target audience).
    Cars 2 I felt was a disappointment because it was a less than average movie for the teen market and not really geared for families with young kids. The only thing appealing to families is its being animated (almost a bait and switch; looks wholesome- is not). Way too violent and a poor plotline for kids. This film is in NO WAY close to the original’s appeal and does not measure up to all other Pixar films in my opinion. I do like Pixar generally; just not THIS film.

    • Cars 2 did suck enormously, no doubt. Hated that flick and agree with everything you said one it. Terrible outing.

      But what’s up? No love for the ‘toons, S? I love ’em, I’m a big fan….

      • I do dig toons generally just viewing them uninterrupted in home theater versus at the cinema, plus I don’t want to seem so skewed that people still think I’m in 7-year old mindset in enthusiasm for animation(even if I AM). 🙂

  6. I’ve got to go with “Righteous Kill” on this one Fogs. The pairing of DeNiro and Pacino once again looks so enticing but it didn’t deliver in the slightest. A very bad movie indeed. So disappointing.

  7. I love animated films so when I despise one, it’s a great disappointment. I had to go to the IMDb to get the title because I had forgotten it. It was worse than Cars 2. It was a cartoon western called “Home On The Range” in which Judy Dench did the voice of a cow. Yep, that’s my most disappointing film. (That I can think of right now)

    • I know the movie of which you speak, but I’ve never seen it.

      I love animated stuff too… So this wouldnt be worth checking out then, just to see Judi Dench voice a cow? LOL

  8. Dirty Dancing 2 (but I guess that’s what you get for waiting 17 years to put out a sequel)
    Back to the Future 3 ….no good reason, just didn’t like the wild west one at all)
    2010 A Space Odyssey (wait….maybe the movie was okay, and the date was just bad…..haha)
    Live Free, or Die hard….(They should have died when they were on top.)

    Most of my disappointments were from a long time ago……when I had money to go to every movie that ever came out. Now I am more choosy about what I spend my money on. 🙂

    • Back to the Future 3 is a decent enough flick, I think a lot of people dont like the shift to the western element…

      2001 is the type of movie that just never even should have been attempted. It’s like drawing Mona Lisa’s sister or something with a deifferent painter. Shouldnt even be done.

      Live Free or Die Hard… I dont know if I’d call it disappointing, because I recognized it as what it would be from miles away. Theyre doing a 5th one, too. “I’m Never Gonna Die its too Hard to start another franchise” LOL I’ll give you a guess as to whether or not I’ve ever seen Dirty Dancing 2. LOL. 😀

  9. Hmm, a tricky one. There’s usually some aspect of almost every film I do enjoy.

    Though, like others here, the Star Wars prequels were a MASSIVE let down. Just a waste of space. Talking of sequels – Jurassic Park’s The Lost World was just flat. After Jurassic Park, it was a bit of a let down.

    Haywire – just not what it could have been at all.

    In Time – from the dude that brought us Gattaca we’re given that? Ahh…. though one day I will play a drinking game to that film!

  10. It’s weird because when I read the title of this thread, I was like “Huh. That’s a toughie. Cant really think of too many…” and then the list just kind of exploded in my mind.

    Phantom Menace (after that I cant honestly say I was disappointed in any of the other prequels, I could only have been pleasantly surprised… which I wasn’t.)
    Superman Returns (after the first scene where he saves the plane… ugh.)
    Sucker Punch (I was so jazzed for this film. Such a let down)
    Spider-Man 3 (A jazz piano dance scene? Really?)
    X-men 3 (Killing Cyke in the first scene? C’mon)
    Wild Wild West (I was a huge fan of the TV show)
    Godzilla (good call on that one YJT)
    Cowboys and Aliens (with that team it should have been so much better)
    Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull (nuke the fridge indeed)
    and finally…

    QUANTUM OF SUCKASS (’nuff said)

    • Awwwww you had me until Quantum of Solace. Although, I can see it disappointing people, I was let down myself that it wasnt as good as CR.

      Meanwhile, all the movies you mentioned are great candidates here. I had no expectations on Wil Wil West though.

      Today is going to be “Painful memories for Dan day”… Superman Returns makes my stomach turn. Seriously. I should rethink Attack of the Clones as my answer, because WOW did Superman Returns let me down. CRUSHING.

      Another one I could spend hours bitching about. Seriously, who the %$#& thought that Kate Bosworth would be a good Lois Lane? How could… I’m… I’m just gonna stop.

      • QoS did weird things to me. After seeing it in the cinema I was massively disappointed. The film ended and I pretty much think I stormed out. But then saw it on DVD and … loved it! One of those high expectation things!

    • Good call on Spider-Man 3 and X-Men 3, and I’ll chime in on Godzilla as well.

      Superman Returns was an odd one for me, in that I left the theatre feeling pretty positive about it, and just sort of got more and more disgruntled the longer I thought about it. Some sort of euphoric manipulation going on there, I guess.

    • And here I was successfully blocking Spiderman 3 out of my mind. Totally and utterly forgot about that abomination.

      As Comic Book Guy says. Worst. Movie. Ever.

      • Sorry to bring up some painful memories.

        Here’s another: Godfather 3

        Oh, and Fogs… he lifted a giant island sized boulder MADE OF KRYPTONITE and flew it to outer space and then fell back to earth in the form of a crucifix. After which he ‘dies’ for 3 days and is resurrected, only to creepily spy on his son for a while and then fly up to heaven (orbit) where he can watch over all of humanity. SUBTLE MUCH?!?!?

      • Oh God!!! You are a cruel bastard!!

        What did I do? What did I do? *sniff*! Why do you hate me?



        Godfather III seems like a freaking MASTERPIECE compared to that piece of garbage.

  11. This is tough because you want excise the memory of the vileness of a let down. My toss up of recent films that come to mind is The Myst. the ending was viewed by some as better than the short story but I wanted to chuck something at the screen.

    The other was The Last Airbender. It was sooooo blah compared to the cartoon that it was an founding piece of crap to be tossed into the Drum O Wasted budgets!Dammit, I like M Night too!

    • Oh man! Yeah!

      LOVE the cartoon. Right? That cartoon is EPIC! But then that movie is SO bad. Good grief does it suck. LOL

      I liked the Mist though… I think that’s a cool flick. Of course, I havent read the story, so…

  12. The most disappointing thing is probably that I can I think of loads and loads of answers for this, so here it goes:
    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
    Slumdog Millionaire (It was possibly that I just think people hyped it too much, I much prefer Boyle’s other stuff)
    Clash of the Titans
    The Hangover
    All Star Wars Prequels (but mostly The Phantom Menace)
    J. Edgar (I’ve never been more bored, and I had a History exam earlier today)
    Quantum of Solace
    The Da Vinci Code
    I could go on but I think I’ll just start getting angry. Maybe I just need to lower my expectations

    • HAA!!

      LOL @ your J Edgar comment. Wasnt that movie a freaking high dosage sleeping pill? It was terrible!

      I’m going to disagree with you on The Hangover and the original Cars, but then other than that I’d say they all have some degree of disappointment involved, without a doubt.

      Why weren’t you on board with the Hangover? Did you mean Hangover II, TCT? Or you just didnt like the first one…

      • I didn’t like the first Hangover as much as I hoped I would. I only found it a bit funny, whereas the reviews made it sound like the best comedy ever made. It’s probably just my British sense of humour. And the first Cars, well I haven’t seen the sequel so i would prob
        dislike that even more, but considering it came after a run of Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles I thought it would be cleverer; it seemed like a film for children whereas most Pixars I seem to prefer the older I get

      • You have a valid point on Cars, its definitely a step down from the other Pixar ones preceeding it. I still liked it, but youre right, it was a bit of a drop off.

        Do yourself a favor? Just dont even bother with #2. Dont do it… LOL

  13. of recent memory, I actually have to say Martha Marcy May Marlene. I didnt’ hate the film, but i had heard so much about how great it was. And it looked like it would be something I would enjoy, but it never really grabbed me

  14. I’ll jump on the wagon and mention some films I had higher hopes for:

    Spider-Man 3
    In Time
    X-Men: Last Stand (I remember trying to convince myself it was good as I was leaving the theater. )
    Matrix Reloaded (Same here. I was almost wetting myself with excitement and the film was terrible)

    • Still can’t get over the fact that “In Time” is getting so much play today! People much have had much higher hopes for it than I did. Otherwise, it’s a TOTAL stinker, lol 😀

      • For my part, at least, some of that disappointment was retroactive — the realization that with that concept, a much better film, with a better lead actor and better plot could have been made and could have been fantastic.

  15. Harry Potter 6: HP and the Half-Blood Prince. I’m still bitter. They went from the greatness of the end of 5 (Order of the Phoenix, the best screenplay of the series IMO (though yes, Cuaron’s HP3 was the best film overall, I know.) to a soupy, soap opera-y mess. And book six had been my absolute favorite at that point so I was really stunned and surprised and massively disappointed that 6 was so terrible.

    I also hate, hate, hated Nora Ephron’s remake of The Shop Around the Corner (You’ve Got Mail) because she gave Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks significant others, among other ridiculous choices. The whole point of the original, charming story is that two lonely people connect and start falling for each other via anonymous ‘lonely hearts’ letters – the internet update was a total natural – and don’t know they know each other elsewhere, and hate each other. With the two leads already involved with, in fact living with other people, their actions are just icky. Is it too uncool for your lead characters to start out single, Nora? For shame.

    Great topic today, Fogs! Thanks you for asking! You’re providing a public service and therapy on the side.

    I’m still bitter!!!

    • Hahaha! That’s what I’m here for… Venting and raving! Lol. 😀

      I’m not that informed on the “You’ve Got Mail” source material (Are you surprised? 😉 ) but I can totally see that. I’m actually surprised that more people haven’t been sounding off about source material disappointments. Urban Knight mentioned Dune, but I think that’s it…

      Meanwhile, until the final Harry Potter, I kind of jumbled them all together into Harry Potter and the Fiery Stone Goblet of Princely Phoenix Blood. Lol. But I thought they were all very good. It was a drop off from the source material, though, huh?

      • I think it’s fairly universal to regard #6 as a clunker, even D Radcliffe has disavowed it. But it was especially disappointing because of how well they’d done so far, with 5 being particularly great. So then the next book (#6) had this great Godfather 2 thing going on, bouncing back and forth into the life of Voldemort as a young guy and the mystery of his dark magic powers that would drive the rest to the conclusion and for the movie to just blow all that and suck – it was a big drop off for the series two. At least the creative team got it together for the last two parts – and maybe the badness of 6 made them realize they needed 2 movies to cover all the ground of Deathly Hallows.

        Anyway, great discussion. You got a lot of folks chatting and it’s nice to see there are so many also who thought the Star Wars prequels were garbage. Unfortunately, the youngsters have all been brainwashed and think that those are BETTER. Ack. It’s ll the marketing and character dictionaries and stuff out there for sale. It’s crazy. They know the name of every minor robed person that ever wandered into the Imperial Palace or senate floor.

      • Thanks Jan!

        And yes, it’s our duty to rail against the Star Wars prequels AND the CGI hacked up redos. LOL. They will get no love here!!

        I’ll have to keep that in mind about 6 and keep an eye out for it when I eventually revisit the series. Need a little distance from it before I get interested in going back, but one day there will be a HP week long marathon at my house, Im sure!

  16. The Artist. I don’t care about the tidal wave of raves, this movie really angered me. What a cheap rip off of so many great fliks of the past.”Singing in the rain”, “Sunset Boulevard” and more. Good acting without dialogue requires more than Jean Dujardin’s snarky(fits doesn’t it) smile and upraised eyebrow. And the dog, the oh so cutesy dog. And the dancing, Gene Kelly is crying from the grave. This kind of schlock was standard fare in the silent era. Jackie Coogan’s the Kid comes to mind, an abandoned baby, Charlie Chaplin the tramp, and Eva the desolate mother who becomes an opera star(no singing, it’s silent remember) only to be reunitied with her abandoned child. An silent era movie is better than “The Artist”!

  17. Green Lantern, In Time, and There Be Dragons come to mind, but I guess I never have very high expectations for any film I go see, so I’m usually not disappointed. The only films I’ve been really excited for are the Christopher Nolan’s Batmans, The Avengers, and LOTR, and we all know how un – disappointing those were:) I guess the safer thing to do is to not get one’s hopes up. But I agree with you about Attack Of The Clones – boring, predictable, mushy…just crap in general!!

    • I may have to give “In Time” some kind of award if it gets one more mention today. 😀

      Meanwhile how great is it that we’re getting a Nolan Batman and a Jackson Middle Earth movie this year. That is so sweet! 😀

      • I know, right? I don’t think there’s been a movie year like this in a LONG time! Although some rumors about The Hobbit are turning me sour (Legolas returning, Evangeline Lilly/Kili one sided romance, general changing of the original plot). I’m more excited about DKR and Bourne Legacy at this point. Nolan and Renner never fail to deliver, in my opinion.

      • Wow. Debate brewing here.

        It was great. True to the source material, stylistic, dark, kind of hyper-comically noirish. I like that movie a LOT.

        We should get Bubba Wheat to weigh in. LOL

      • Wouldn’t you say Sin City is the progenitor of the graphic novel movie? That’s quite a genre today.

      • No… just off the top of my head, and even limiting it to “graphic novels” as opposed to normal (month-to-month unlimited run) comic books, I know it was beaten by three years by Road to Perdition, which was a far superior film.

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