Tossin’ It Out There: Which movie disappointed YOU the most?

With the opening of “Prometheus” this past weekend, the operative word for a lot of people was “Disappointed”. It may have been the case where hopes and expectations were unreasonably high, but they were what they were, and “Prometheus” didn’t deliver.

Now, “Prometheus” wasn’t even close to my MOST disappointing experience (“Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones”), but it was disappointing enough to get me thinking that it might make for a good discussion topic.

Everyone has been let down by a movie at some point. They had some kind of hopes that didn’t get delivered on. The movie that they were thinking they would be getting going in was much better than the one they eventually saw. Whether it’s was a substandard sequel, or a crappy remake, or an original movie that had great marketing but poor execution, at one time or another, we’ve all left the theatre feeling let down.

So what movie let YOU down the most? You went in, excited to see it, thinking you were going to get something great and then… aw c’mon, really? LOL. Lets hear it! Which movie disappointed YOU the most?


182 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: Which movie disappointed YOU the most?

  1. Oh so many…but mostly Inception, Public Enemies, Tree of Life, Blue Valentine, Kick Ass, Avatar, Sucker Punch…had some good elements, but all in all wasted potential. With the exception of Kick ass and Sucker Punch however they have redeemable qualities.

    • SATI!? Inception? Whaaaaat?

      Defend that potentially blasphemous statement!!


      And for the record, I’m also a fan of Avatar, Kick Ass and Tree of Life, but not in a “Of course you know, dis means war” kind of way 😀

      • Inception is very thin – gimmickry filmmaking, without any shining points apart from Cotillard and Murphy. The third act of the film is unengaing, boring action sequence without imagination, which is odd since the part with the hotel was really nice, so logic would suggest they should beat that in 3rd act with something even more innovative. And they came up with the snow and falling van. I give it 6/10 and I couldn’t even watch it for the second time. Not a big surprise after the feryr sequence in the dark Knight – I always turn it off after Two Face gets out of the hospital, I just can’t bear to watch great film end in such disappointing final scenes.

      • Wait wait wait… So your plan is to support your bashing of “Inception” by criticizing “The Dark Knight”??

        Can’t. Hold. Back. Any. Longer…


      • I gave TDK 9/10. But the last 15 minutes, sorry, it’s like from different movie. I don’t have a plan, I have an opinion, I thought that was what those posts where here for? Sharing it?

      • 😀 I would have given Inception and TDK A++s, too though, had I been reviewing!

        But yeah, good grief, the Artist was SO good…

        Ray’s off his rocker on that one!

      • Ray (off his rocker here) agrees on Inception. You had to shut your mind to all the swirling plot elements in order to enjoy the ride. Hard to do! And Avatar, well no little dog of course. That explains That!

      • Dont call me out for calling you off your rocker! You were just advocating kicking a dog! Probably the cutest dog in movie history, too.

        You should have yourself checked out.

  2. Disappointments…although I started not having as high expectations when I see movies in the recent years..there have been some.
    – Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn was a disappointment on so many levels.
    – Clash of the Titans is kinda an inside joke for me and my friend because it almost hit the so bad it was good for it..but was just so horrible, which made me wonder why in the world they came out with Wrath of the Titans this year.
    – Cars 2 was a let down. I usually don’t complain much about animated movies and especially Disney Pixar but this one, I paid to go see it and I took a good nap in the theatres….

    Other than those I saw at the theatres, I was really disappointed with The International and Sucker Punch. It gave me this feeling of watching a movie that just wasted my time because it amounted to nothing….

    • Yup yup yup and yup. Agreed on all counts!

      I’d give an extra special nod to Tintin because I had a Comic-Con brainwashing regarding it. I saw Spielberg and Jackson present footage early, talk about the making of, etc… So I really really really wanted that movie to be GREAT.

      It wasn’t.


      It was decent enough though, it’s not totally terrible. Maybe the sequel will be better. I guess it was decent enough I’d still have hope for the next one

      • For sure, it wasn’t terrible. I enjoyed parts of it and I definitely will go see the second one, in hopes that it will redeem itself. Tintin is one of my favorite comics so I guess for me, there’s a bit of nostalgia in it as well…

        Thinking back, nothing really beats the disappointment of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull (or whatever its called)….aliens? for real?

      • Don’t forget the nuke proof fridge! Or the swinging monkeys! Or Shia LaBeouf! Ohgck… Lol. Yeah, Crystal Skull shoulda never got made. Let’s hope they never actually MAKE 5. There’s been talk, you know?

        If you’re a fan of the Tintin comics, Klling, I can see how it would be extra disappointing. Let’s hope #2 is better!

      • A 5TH ONE?!?!?!?!? oh man…I really hope that doesn’t happen…I really don’t know what else they’d do…I’m actually scared to even imagine that…

      • Oh my words! How could I have forgotten the epic crash that was Indy 4. Dear lord that was just useless. I was so excited to have Indy back and I was so let down…

      • 😀 Not a fan of an Old Indy surviving nuclear explosions in order to discover he has an estranged son named “Mutt” and meet up with aliens, Jaina? LOL

  3. X-men 3,2001, and Jeff who lives at home(There reviews i read for this seemed fantastic, but i didn’t find the movie to be anywhere near as moving as everybody else did)

  4. I agree with many of the selections written about above, all to varying degrees of disappointment. But for me the movie that really left me feeling like a I was duped, misled, and totally disapointed was “The Village”, what a piece of crap. Some may say it was good, but they will never change my mind.

    • Ohhh wowww…

      NICE one. That’s a bingo, right there.

      Not only was the movie a disappointment, but that was the point that M Night Shyamalan began to fall apart. Lol. People HAD to question his “Genius” after that puppy.

      And it was all downhill from there, bigtime

      • Why does everyone bash the Village? It had some great acting, and at least the plot was slightly unique…I wasn’t expecting the end, but maybe I lack the cynicism of you veteran reviewers and so I should have known better 😀

      • Livi, Livi, now… cmon. It has nothing to do with me being a reviewer, I was kicking that movie around long before I began blogging.

        It’s not a very good movie. It’s decent for maybe 3/4 of the way, but then it has the most obvious reveal in the history of movies. And the whole movie revolved around it! So you pull that thread and the whole thing unravels.

        Not the wrost movie ever, but easily qualifies as a disappointing one – especially considering Shyamalan’s preceeding films were “Signs”, “Unbreakable” and “Sixth Sense”

      • The Village’s plot is straight out of this book I read as a kid called Running Out of Time. Never pursued anything illegal but the similarities are uncanny.

      • LOL! So it’s potentially plagiarized as well? SWEET! 😀

        Another reason to kick M Night around, beyond his mysterious loss of talent and precipitous fall from grace!

  5. For me, it’s Terminator 3. Not that I cared when the film came out, since I was nine, but a few years later I became a HUGE Terminator fan. The first two Terminator films are two of my favourite movies, and had there never been a third one, we would have had a perfect movie series, in my opinion. T3 still makes me sad to this day.

    Other disappointments

    Diamonds Are Forever: I may not have been alive when this came out, but it’s still disappointing. A Bond film about James avenging his dead wife could have been a classic, but no, we get one of the worst Bond movies of all and the first truly terrible Bond film.

    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Amazing cast and marketing, terribly boring film.

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine: A Wolverine stand-alone film should have been badass, instead it was just ass.

    Watership Down: Not a bad movie at all, but I found the book very, VERY good. Whereas the film felt extremely rushed.

    (500) Days of Summer: Not a terrible film, but the praise for this incredibly average film had me expecting a lot more.

    Justice League: Doom: This is direct-to-DVD, but still. DC had an awesome streak going and the premise for Doom kicked ass. Alas, mediocrity reigned supreme.

    Men in Black II: Wasted potential, the franchise never recovered.

    That’s all I got…for now 😛

    • Terminator 3 is a very good selection. There was no excuse for that movie without Cameron. It wasn’t the worst movie ever, but it was a HUGE drop from the awesomeness of 2.

      LOL @ DAF. Yeah, that movie stank out loud, didn’t it? The only one of the Connery Bonds that’s legitimately awful. Thing with Bond movies though, I love ’em anyways. Honestly the only one I cant stand to watch is OHMSS. Hate that one.

      I havent gotten to JL:Doom yet. I stopped keeping up around the time the blog started… coincidence? Hmmm….

      I gotta say ixnay to TTSS though, thats a REEEEEALLY good movie PG. Its really good. Cmon now.

      • See, I recognize that technically, T3 isn’t THAT bad, but I’ll never forgive what it did to the franchise. It will forever be one of my most hated films.

        Also, I quite enjoy OHMSS 😛

        TTSS is one of the most painfully boring movies I’ve ever seen. Honestly, your reaction to J. Edgar is my reaction to TTSS.

  6. There have been so many, I can’t even begin to remember them all.

    Three that I can easily recall are Star Wars Episode I, Indiana Jones 4, and Mission Impossible 4.

  7. Hmmm lets see any of those Star Wars prequels and Prometheus are both going to be hard to top. At one point I was really pumped up to see Bubba Ho-Tep and it was good but did not reach the level of awesomeness I expected.

    Last year I thought Hugo, War Horse and A Separation were all big let downs after so much hype.

    I think my biggest biggest let down of all time might go to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, with a source material so rich in awesomeness I don’t know how they managed to screw the pooch on that one.

    • Oh man, yeah. That movie sucks like a shop-vac. Seriously.

      What a let down. No wonder Alan Moore refuses to be involved with Hollywood. LOL.

      Prometheus probably wont crack my top ten… I still thought for a summer movie, or just as a piece of entertainment, it was pretty good. But I was disappointed not to see it elevate itself to a higher level. Absolutely.

  8. Hmm… I’m not sure what disappointed me *most* but a few films I have seen recently come to mind.

    A Dangerous Method: with that cast and concept, how could it be so boring?
    Chronicle: it was alright, but I thought it grew tedious by the end
    Videodrome: I may have been in the wrong mood for this, but it just didn’t click with me
    Funny Games: Same as Videodrome. I’m usually a fan of dark movies but these characters were driving me crazy

    • Haven’t seen A Dangerous Method or Funny Games yet.

      It’s been YEARS since I saw Videodrome. I can see how if you approach it from like a reputation or “Name” standpoint, when you finally see it, you could easily be let down, though…

      I liked Chronice, but you wont catch me defending it or anything. LOL

  9. I’d have to say Expendables. I mean I had been sooo excited to see it, what with all those 80s action stars. Yes I realized I shouldn’t be expecting a deep, thoughtful movie and I didn’t, but must the dialog be THAT bad?? Don’t even get me started w/ the acting, it’s like watching a cheap TV movie but with all these 80s stars acting in it for charity or something. I almost walked out.

    I echoed Superman Returns after that plane rescue scene, it just went south after that [no pun intended w/ Supes falling from the sky & all that] and I’m with you Fogs, what’s with the kid??!! He’s got asthma but yet he can push a stinkin’ piano?? [shakes head]

      • [Fogs is pouring gasoline over himself like the turban wearing dude next to Ted Striker in “Airplane” everytime someone talks Superman Returns in these comments]

      • I realize that, but I think that whole kid thing just wasn’t well thought-out at all. Plus that speech Supes gave at the end as he’s sleeping is just cringe-worthy.

    • Almost walked out? Holy hell! I kinda loved The Expendables. Big and stupid. How I sometimes like ’em.

      *whispers*I didn’t mind Superman Returns… in fact I have it in on DVD*whispers*


      • OH MY GOD!


        They made Lex Luthor a clown Jaina. (me sobs, shoulders shaking) His plot was to start a Kryptonite continent… It was (SNIFF!) SO (SOB) STUPID!!

        (whimpering) He’s supposed to be so smart, he’s supposed to be so smart…

  10. Both of the Hulk films.

    Now, I liked Ang Lee’s Hulk. In fact, I liked it a lot, but it’s still not what a movie about the Hulk should be. Lee does one thing right that Letterier doesn’t do in his years-later reboot, which is build up Banner properly and make us give a shit about him. Letterier just assumes that we will because Banner is the hero, and you’re supposed to like the hero; for me, his version fails, utterly. Which is crushing. Now, Hulk missteps in the department of tension and stakes; when your hero is a big, green, indestructible dude, you really need to have high stakes and a huge threat for him to tangle with. Father issues and an energy absorbing metaphor for those issues don’t really cut it, and nor do Hulk dogs (though they are kind of neat). Letterier really fucks this one up by putting Big Green against…well, another Big Green. It’s boring and slack.

    On the other hand, The Avengers gets the Hulk totally right, and it makes me wish Whedon had been the guy behind the other two Hulk-centric movies.

    • I was disappointed by Lee’s Hulk, that’s a good choice. I dont like that one much at all. The other one, with Norton, I think I had totally written off because of the first one, so I wound up coming out of it with like a “Eh, that wasn’t so bad” feeling…

      The Avengers shows any number of Superhero movies how to do things. LOL. It sits ’em down and says “This is the way it’s done, son.” 😀

  11. I can’t really think of any big ones. I’m generally either easy to please, or I can tell I’m going into a train wreck ahead of time. I’m much more often pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed. The only ones I can think of are Moonwalker – I watched it as a kid and thought it was pretty awesome, but it didn’t nearly live up to my childhood memory. I want to say Batman and Robin. I know I saw it in theaters, but I don’t remember if I was disappointed. I think I actually enjoyed it the first time around, it was back when I didn’t have a critical mind for things and accepted movies for what they were.

  12. I hope I won’t be disappointed by Prometheus, I have yet to see and hope to go on Wednesday night. As far as recent movies that disappointed me, Captain America would be up there. Pretty terrible flick if you ask me.

    • I’d give you “disappointed” Cap, cause I was too. I cant go so far as terrible though, it was ok, no?

      I wish I could give you a better sense of Prometheus… people’s opinions are literally all over the place. Some love it, some hate it, its crazy. I just wouldnt expect perfection, I guess, that’s all…

      • I was so disappointed with Capt. America. It had a fantastic cast, had quite high hopes for that one. Especially after the brilliant Thor. Just was so very bland.

        Though saying that, I’ve seen it more than a couple of times now, and it’s grown on me. Terrible films have a tendency to do that.

  13. Wasn’t disappointed by Prometheus. Stayed away from trailers and thought it was an awesome film. As for disappointing movies, the most recent ones that come to mind are Sucker Punch, Hangover 2 and if I go back further in time I immediately have to think of the Matrix sequels.

    • All of which are good choices, although I liked Hangover 2, personally. I know I’m in the vast minority…

      Sucker Punch though was so bad, wasnt it? That was super disappointing. 😦

      And of course, the Matrix sequels were pretty much legendary let downs. Especially that 3rd one. Just fell right off of the map!

  14. I have another!

    Slumdog Freaking Millionaire. Sure it looked great, but really, it was an un original, badly acted, below average film. Did not get the hype!

    • Totally with you on that. I think someone mentioned it earlier, but I dont think I chimed in. One of the most overrated Oscar winners ever. REALLY bad acting, and I wasnt a big fan of what Boyle did directing, either.

      Thumbs down to Slumdog.

      • What ‘s with Danny Boyle and shit. Trainspotting had Ewan diving in the worst toilet in Scotland for suppositories no less, and another character shits his pants at his girl friends. Half of Slumdog was mired in shit almost right up to the Bollywood ending. Just makes me feel shitty!

      • Already, you may have redeemed yourself a little with this coment, but you’re still in the doghouse for kicking Uggie the dog.

        You’re on double secret probation!

      • Come on! You know me better than that! I wouldn’t kick any dog, especially not one as cute as Satine’s Gustav. I’m like you. I want to kick tired,contrived, trite Hollywood cliches!

      • The acting really drove me up the wall in this film. They were all so bad. Uninspiring.

        Glad Danny redeemed himself a bit with 127 Hours.

      • I started that one and then never finished. I’ll have to swing back.

        I realized I WANTED Franco’s sporto biker dude to get injured, and then I figured I was in trouble. LOL

      • You do now. LOL

        I bailed on 127 hours… I really LIKE Trainspotting. Semi-classic, right there.

        127 hours, I dont know, I guess I need to hit it but my gut instinct was always, I know this dude lives, a, and b, I dont want to watch him cut his leg off, so…

    • Haven’t seen it, so my right to chime in is limited, but I’ve always wondered if what was going on there was a case of expectation rebound… people don’t expect Bollywood films to get noticed in the USA, or to be good if they are. So one comes along that’s OK, and people are so bowled over they elevate it to the status of being a great movie — because it’s great compared to everything else of its type, even though it’s really just OK compared to most of the field.

      Saw it happen with Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (cue Fogsrage), which I found to be beautiful, sure, but to have nothing else of value. Simplistic plot, pedestrian acting, fight scenes that were unconvincing even when they weren’t dancing on tree tops…

      • I’m gonna let you off the hook on the Fogsrage for coining that term. LOL. Made me chuckle. 😀 I’ll straighten you out one day with my greatest MTESS ever. 😉

        That’s pretty much what happened there, yeah. I mean, it’s not 100% Bollywood, but it’s close enough for school.

        I think the setting of the Indian slums was a big draw and motivator too. People latched on to the setting and the overall quasi-Dickensian “tale” of it, and away we go.

        Amnd then of course, after the huge overrating of it, there comes a big backlash from people like me who only saw it AFTER it won the Oscar. The true answer probably lies somewhere in between.

    • A very disappointing film. I think I managed to postpone the disppointment until Attack of the Clones, but the Star Wars prequels were – without a doubt – one of the biggest let downs in cinematic history. No doubt at all.

      Thanks for chiming in Chris!! 😀

  15. The Perfect Storm…I couldn’t believe I was made to wait three hours for the wave…the only interesting thing about the entire experience!

    • Aww… I like that flick. It’s not great or anything, but I think it does well for what it’s trying to do. They did pretty much sell tickets based on that wave though, I’ll give you that. LOL

    • A lot of people have been saying Snow White. I came at it from the opposite direction though and basically wound up enjoying it. I had no expectations whatsoever… in fact, I figured it would probably suck. LOL. But it wound up pretty good I thought!

      Sorry, not versed in the Dragonball-verse 😀

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