Fogs’ Movie Reviews turns one year old today.

Last year around this time, a friend of mine made an off-handed comment on Facebook that I should open a movie blog. A large number of status updates I had been making were essentially mini-movie reviews, and he said something to the effect of “Dude, you should start a movie blog”. When another friend chimed in a few minutes later with “I would totally read that”, I was off to the races.

Thank you Bob and Matt, I owe you one. LOL

I signed up for WordPress, played around with the graphics of the site for a bit, wrote a handful of reviews, and then at the end of the week (June 18) I “opened for business” by announcing to my friends and family that I had opened up a blog. Thus began a painful few months where I strong-armed the people close to me into reading and commenting. I’m glad to say that many of them did, and really helped me through the painful early days with a lot of positive feedback and support. It was also great to see my old friends from the Halls show up, and its been great to have a new place to connect.

We’re up and running now, for sure. Things are going well, the podcast is taking off, and I’ve got a bunch of “Lammy lottery tickets” out there, we’ll see how we do with those this week…

WHAT? You guys got me presents?? Ohhhh man… you shouldn’t have… honestly… ohhhh… let’s see what they got. Cmon now, this is too much!

1) I’m watching movies with new eyes.

Now that I know that I’ll be reviewing whatever I watch, I’m watching movies in a much more critical way. That’s not to say I’m harsher on them, there’s nothing I like better than awarding the A++. I watch, I think, I form an opinion that I know I’ll have to defend. That’s a fantastic process that’s a lot of fun. It really adds to my enjoyment of watching movies. Plus, I’m learning a TON by doing my MTESS Series!

2) I’ve been given an outlet to express my passion for movies.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the day I turned on “The Breakfast Club” and watched it for the first time as a blogger and thought “I have to write about this!” Well, nothing was stopping me! There’s always a way available to me now to express my enthusiasm, thanks to FMR.

3) An amazing network of online friends, visitors and fellow bloggers

I’ve made a LOT of new friends this past year, and through the modern magic of social media, we’re always wired in. There’s always someone around to crack wise, or talk movies, or just all around goof off with. It’s been great meeting so many new people and getting to know you all!

4) Building the site and watching it grow has been amazing

Running a blog has been a fascinating thing for me… coming up with content, promoting it, watching the page views, subscribers and comments grow… it’s really been great. I get to put it together, brick by brick, and then see what it looks like as it progresses. It’s a very cool thing, what a great experience!

I realize that with all the Lammy posts, it’s been a little self-congratulatory around here of late, but I didn’t want the timing of these things to spoil my opportunity to celebrate the site’s anniversary. I also didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to thank you all for giving me so much over the past year, it’s really been a rewarding, satisfying endeavour for me, and I owe that all to the people who visit! Thanks to all the commenters and “likers” and lurkers… it’s your feedback and visits that keep me firing content out!

I kind of thought we might have some fun today and just goof around and turn this thread into a mock party… I have a feeling I can get things going in the right direction and find a few people who’d like to play along. LOL 😀 So whatever you’d like to post, let ‘er rip. Have fun! If anyone wants me to upload any pics to comments, just email them to me at and I’ll put them up!



134 thoughts on “Fogs’ Movie Reviews turns one year old today.

    • It has been so far, for sure. Lots of people dropping by with well wishes, and the old school Hallsian references are in full swing. Gelf even sent a link to a Benny pic. But that rock never appears in FMR anywhere. LOL. It is deaded now, and I made that so.

  1. This just in. FMR tied in the voting for Best New Lamb! Tie-breaker in effect. Keeping my fingers crossed! Always knew FMR was so good it needed to be lambinated! Happy Birthday! and don’t forget to burp the baby!

    • Lambinated. LOL That’s a pun so bad it needs a cymbal crash. LOL.

      Yeah, I dont know how long they’re going to run the tie breaker thing, we’ll see how it goes… hopefully they wont run it on too long.

      Thanks for the support and the well wishes!

  2. It’s been a year already? Wow, and I must say it’s been one great post after another. I read all your posts, listen to your podcasts, and use the insightful information to make my movie selections. Dan, your writing, wit, blog features and enthusiasm make this my number one site to visit. And I love your kick ass theme music on your podcast!

    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this next year. Congratulations on this milestone and good luck with the Lammies, you deserve all of them.

    • Thanks Ray… thank YOU, you know? For being such a big supporter of the effort. Your feedback has been super valuable as I’ve gone through this year… and it definitely seems like I’m getting a couple of things right at least 😉

      We’ll see what the Lammies bring, its out of my hands now, but at the very least I can say I did all I could, you know? Went all out. So win or lose, there wont be any looking back and saying “I wish I…”

      As to year 2? It’s gonna have to kick more ass somehow, we’ll see!

  3. Congrats on year 1; it’s been great. 🙂
    Good luck with LAMMYS; wishing you an awesome year 2.

    “the Dude abides” – Big Lebowski

    • The Dude abides. I dont know about you, S, but I take comfort in that. 😀

      Thanks!! Its been great having you around in the comment section dropping quotes, its a lot of fun. 😀 Always something appropriate and cool, a very enjoyable trademark. 😀

      More asskickery ahead somehow, we’ll figure it out as we go. Flying by the seat of my pants here at times, you know?

  4. In one year, you’ve accomplished a lot more than a lot of us have accomplished in the same amount of time. Your very good at bringing in an audience and entertaining them. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary.

    • “That’s the name of the Game” – Thunderlips (Hulk Hogan, Rocky III) 😀

      Definitely do try to have a lot of fun here, and be entertaining, I think that’s a big key to the comparative success I’ve enjoyed to date, you know? Just out to have a good time, and to help everyone else have a good time, too.

      But a big thanks goes out to bloggers like yourself Max, who were a) super welcoming to me and b) uber helpful. Literally I’m trying to model myself after you (and guys like Cap, etc) when new bloggers come to ME and ask for advice, suggestions, etc. And really help out. You know?

      So thanks man.

  5. Man oh man, where do I begin? You da bomb Fogs, I mean your blog is just PHENOMENAL! I mean you’ve accomplished SO much in one year, can’t imagine what you’d do in 5. You’ll probably be so famous you’ll forget the rest of us… he..he.. I LOVE your site and the dedication you put into this blog is inspiring. You’ve got such a cheerful attitude that’s contagious too, so quality + good attitude is what I LOVE most about FMR. Keep up the amazing work man, and keep on being YOU, ’cause well, you’re awesome! 😀

    • Awwwwwww.

      Wellllllll shucks Ruth. I dont even know what to say to that one. 😀

      Seriously, LOL. Thank you. That’s some super generous stuff to say, right there.

      It is all in the attitude though… you oughta know, that’s one of the keys to Flixchatter too, and you know it. 😀 Its all about creating a cool hang out zone, and then after that, people’ll find you!

  6. Congrats man… the first year is always the best, so it’s all downhill from here dude.

    Happy to see how great it’s going for you, and yes The Breakfast Club is one of those movies that can change your life no matter what stage or age you’re at I find.

    Here’s to many more years of movie loving….

    • “the first year is always the best, so it’s all downhill from here dude.”

      HAAAAHAAAAHA!! That’s awesome. That’s spoken like a veteran for sure! 😀 LOL

      Things are going pretty well, man, it’s been a good time, you know? And that’s the most important thing. 😀

      Thanks for the good wishes Andrew!! 😀

  7. Congratulations, Fogs, and Happy Anniversary to your site! It’s always exciting to see where you began and where you are now. And to me, it looks like you’ve been quite successful. For the few times I’ve been able to visit your site, I’ve very much enjoyed it. Keep up the great work and writing, and I look forward to reading more from you soon!! 🙂

    • Glad to hear you like it Kristin! 😀

      Gonna keep cranking the content out, so any time you get a chance to stop thorugh there will likely be something for you to check out.

      It does feel like we’re off to a great start here, there’s no doubt about it. A year ago at this time I got 57 page views to open day one. 😀 We’ve come a long way since then. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by today!!

  8. Personally, I think you picked the best day of the year to start your blog. It’s also my birthday. Congrats on your first full year, you’ve come a long way baby.

  9. Happy Anniversary! I’ve discovered your blog quite recently but I already love it. May you have many more succesful blogging years!

    • Well, thank you Sati! I’m glad you approve.

      I’m not going anywhere, that’s for sure… so hopefully things here continue to evolve and move forward just as well as they’ve started out!

      It’s been a lot of fun trading off with you, glad you stumbled across FMR! 😀

  10. One great thing about having this online-you won’t hear me sing “Happy Birthday”. (Besides the bad voice, the Hills will want their royalty payment.

  11. Crazy what doing this sort of thing can do, isn’t it?
    As I’ve said before, the fact that you are *this* far along in your writing/blogging/podcasting skills after such a short time is criminally unfair – and I say that with nothing but professional jealousy.

    Huzzah on one year of FMR – and here’s to many, many more.

    • LOL. Well, not that I strive to incur envy or anything, but I’ll take that in the spirit that it’s intended. 😀

      If it’s any consolation, I did moderate in a community for quite awhile prior to this (though it was years ago) so I didnt come into this entirely green. I did have some degree of experience in starting a post that would draw comments, fostering discussion, etc.

      That may be a hidden key to my success 😉

  12. A whole year huh? Congratulations man, it’s hard to believe your blog is so young given the level of professionalism. Well, thanks for running FMR for the best year, it’s one of the best blogs out there and I love talking movies with you. May you continue to blog for a very long time.

    Also, here’s a celebration dance:

    • TRIPPY 😀

      PG, thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it. Its been a pleasure talking movies with you as well, for sure. I have a ton of fun blogging and being a part of the blogging community… and you and your blog have been a big part of that as well. 😀

      FMR aint going anywhere, it’ll be around for awhile. 😀

      Thanks for popping in to help celebrate today, happy to get the happy dance, that was awesome. 😀 Of course, you know, I’m old, so when I think “Cartoon Happy Dance”, I’m thinkin…

  13. Fogs,
    Nice to see all those lovely accolades…When I saw this post this morning, the only thing I could think to say was…Your welcome..

    Love you bro

    • And for a some people? That’s what should be said. There’s no doubt. Your encouragement was clutch in motivating me through those early months man… before things really started to take off around these parts. Seriously. So I definitely do owe you one, no doubt.

      Glad you stopped in to drop off a comment on this one, glad you’re enjoying the carnage. Cause it definitely is heading in the right direction, and I totally do owe you a lot on that one G.

      • Fogs….I wasn’t sure if I should have added an LOL to my comment…so…I guess you haven’t seen John Hodgeman’s “you’re welcome” segment on the Daily Show….it’s usually funny and I was channeling it this am and this evening….in all seriousness, your heartfelt reply was very kind….I was not looking for accolades….in fact, like so many others, you know I love the work you do….(feelin that I love you man moment yet…) keep on keepin on….

  14. Well, hell,, I’m always late to the party! For FMR’s 1st birthday, I was off celebrating by seeing Rock of Ages (heading over to read your review shortly & leave my thoughts!)! Seriously, Dan, you DO rock! I have so much fun reading your posts & listening to your podcasts (even though I don’t comment as frequently as I should 😀 ). I’ll be reading along for years & years! Congrats!

    • That’s cause you’re a night owl. 😀

      Cool though, hope you liked Rock of Ages. I just talked Tanski into Stamping it on TPMP. 😀 LOL. I’m not a HUGE fan, but i had fun, and its taking a beating it kind of deserves out there… so.

      Thanks though, I appreciate the props, dont sweat commenting, you chime in whenever you want… you’ve been so supportive all along I know you’ve always got the site’s back Kim! 😀

  15. Congrats on one year, Dan. As I have previously said, very impressive what you have been able to do with FMR in such a short span of time. Keep up the good work, good sir 😀

    • [Sharp Salute]

      I will, SIR!

      All kidding aside though, you get a lot of good press around the blogosphere, and deservedly so. You were one of the first commenters here, and were very supportive, and that means a lot to me, especially with what this place has grown to be. Plus all the help columns you have up on AM (Which I SCOURED LOL) 😀 and it all adds up to you being super instrumental here. Seriously, you can do no wrong around FMR, Cap. Rock on…. Rock on.

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