Tossin’ It Out There: If we were creating a party scene, which Movie Character do YOU invite?

LOL. Ok. Bear with me for a second here on this one.

Seeing as I’m always winging the topics for these discussions, yesterday’s FMR 1 year Anniversary post gave me an idea for a “Tossin’ It Out There” that’s a little “High Concept”.

Ok, let’s say we were going to have a party.

What Movie Characters would you bring, and why?

You want to invite Channing Tatum and John Travolta to get some dancing going? Fine. Rollergirl and some of her Boogie Nights friends? Awesome! Darth Vader and Chewbacca to work security? Good idea! Alfred from Batman to clean up the joint after we’re done? GOOD thinking…

Maybe your idea of a party is a more formal affair, and you’re bringing Rick from Casablanca. Or its a complete Bacchanal and you’re inviting the Project X crew.

Whoever it is, for whatever reason, let’s have some fun today and see how this one turns out. We’re throwing a party and you can invite any movie character or characters you want.

Who are YOU gonna bring?



128 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: If we were creating a party scene, which Movie Character do YOU invite?

  1. Cool topic! I’d have to invite all of the Muppets firstly, no party would be the same without them. I think I’d have some music from Stillwater from Almost Famous and the Sex Bob-ombs of Scott Pilgrim. I’d also have Pete Venkman, the Dude, Tyler Durden, Ferris Bueller, Mia Wallace, Vince Vega, Trinity, Mary Jensen, Seth, Evan and McLovin. Sounds interesting, I’d be quite tempted to also invite Norman Bates and Mr. Miyagi as a bit of social experiment.

    • LOL. At this party? We’d NEED Peter Venkman!! The whole Ghostbusters team! People’d be getting killed left and right, they’d need to clean up the mess!

      Questions for you though.

      Norman Bates in drag, or not?

      Drunk Mr Miyagi or sober Mr Miyagi?

      Sex Bob-omb is a GREAT choice, they can go on afte Stillwater, but before the Blues Brothers. 😀

  2. I don’t know why they jumped to mind first, but I want Edward G Robinson’s character from Double Indemnity with Sugar, Daphne and Josephine from Some Like it Hot. Fun topic! And congrats on your anniversary, Fogs.

    • Thanks Jan! I get the “Some like it Hot” crew… come on in “Ladies”

      But I’ve SEEN Double Indemnity and I dont get the Edward G Robinson either. LOL Did he smoke a cigar at least? 😀

  3. I’d go with Dalton from Road House. Cause he’d be nice. (Until it’s time to stop being nice)

      • Well, that’s actually a good idea, because I think this party is going to have some wounded, as well. They’ll need medical attention. 😀

        I should invite the staff of M*A*S*H just to stave off potential litigation… plus, those dudes know how to party, too.

  4. I’d only invite the incredibly gorgeous guys, ahah. Well, if you’re talking about movie characters, I’d invite the FUN guys [but not outrageous] like Tony Stark, Jack Black character in The Holiday, Gerry Butler [the actor, as he’s been known to be the life of a party], oh and the rest of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings characters, the Elvens, etc. yes even Gollum, but the Orcs can go to yours 😀

      • Hey they might be a fun bunch, who knows? I mean if they’re well-fed they might actually be the life of a party, he..he..

  5. Ok, let’s see what I can come up with.

    Tony Stark – we’ll have the party at his place, natch.
    You gotta have some girls that can hang with the nerds –
    Lisa from Weird Science
    Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    Trillian from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

    And some other fun guys
    Zaphod and Ford from Hitchhiker
    Bill and Ted
    George Newman & Stanley Spudowski from UHF “Who wants to drink from the FIRE HOSE!!”
    and Penn & Teller

    • I think Tony Stark would put on the suit and kick my ass if I did this to his crib. LOL. Not that he doesnt wreck his place frequently himself, but. LOL

      But MAJOR Kudos for the UHF gang. We can set up like a day care section for all the kids! The oatmeal kiddie pool? It’d be a big hit! 😀

      And nice choice with Lisa… she could help us clean up. That’s important at this point.

  6. What a fun question:

    Okay, here we go

    Host: Myself, along with Arthur (Russell Brand) and Frank (Will Ferrell from OLD SCHOOL)

    Mascot: Mr. Happy-Hap!

    Security: The security kids from PROJECT X, Maximus, and Bumblebee

    Theme master: Professor X to change the mood/scene of the party for everyone that’s there

    Welcoming Committee: McLovin, Tony Stark, Cpt. Jack Sparrow, Caesar Flickerman (The Hunger Games)

    Music: Snoop and Moose from Step Up 3D

    Bouncers: Bane, The Hulk, Dwayne Johnson from Fast Five, and Gandalf

    Invitees: Seth- Superbad, the cast of GrownUps (esp the first 2 of Rob Schnieder’s daughters) Olive- Easy A, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson- Wedding Crashers, and many many more at least!

    Epic party

    • was gonna list a bunch of the ladies that’d be on the invite list…but the list’d be way too long. but a few that need to be mentioned in addition: Babydoll (Suckerpunch), Alexis Knapp (Project X), Gwen Stacy (Spider-Man 3), and then some.

      Plus, we gotta have the cast of American Pie at my party for sure!

    • Alright, Maximus and Bumblebee can help work the door, but I saw Project X and I know what kind of security those two kids provide [Kicks the little punks in the rump… out the door]

      I dont know who Snoop and Moose are… is that Snopp Dog? Will Ferrell can yell at him, SNOOP!! SNOOP DA LOOP!!

      LOL. I dont see Gandalf as much of a bouncer in terms of removing people. But he would be GREAT for stopping party crashers! Do I even need to say it? 😀

      And of course, Happy Hap is a pimpin choice…

      • There’s an unfortunate limitation of WordPress in that images can’t be left in comments by anybody but the blog owner — there’s not even a setting to change that (so far). Just post a link to the image — Fogs can come along and fix it later.

      • It might be more fun to make believe that he just invited the Invisible man. 😀

        Ohhh that’s a great choice Eric! Right Morgan? Wouldnt have thought of that! Come right in sir! 😀

      • Hmm… as long as we keep him away from the food. Remember Memoirs of an Invisible Man? That’s going to cause some nausea for people.

        I mean, we’ve already got Wayne and Garth here, and you know what they’d say. “Dude, if you hurl, I’m gonna spew, and before you know it, everybody’ll be blowing chunks!”

      • Yeah, I thought there were restrictions but I could have swore that Jaina got away with sneaking in an image in the birthday post. Hmm…

      • You know? Did SHE do that? Or did I post it in for her…

        Seriously, LOL. I’m sorry, Ive forgotten. She may have just left the link. Maybe not though… I’ll ask when I see her. 😀

  7. I’m gonna bring the “my older cousins are in from out of town and they wanted to come to the party, but don’t worry, they won’t cause any trouble” folks that were in every eighties teen movie.

  8. I’d have Wolverine as my bouncer and security. Tony Stark to host the party since he has such a nice place. I’m surprised no one mentioned Alan from the Hangover. He’ll be the one remembered for is crazy drunk stunts. Definitely need to include Anna Faris from the House Bunny and Harold and Kumar.

    • LOL. By bringing Wolverine and Alan are you trying to start your own Wolf Pack? 😀

      Harold and Kumar… lol. I’d introduce them to Cheech and Chong, they’re here somewhere…

  9. Snake Plissken, R.J. MacReady, Jack Burton, and one member from each of the gangs in The Warriors! (Ajax from The Warriors preferably) 😛

  10. Ferris Bueller (HA!)
    The Ghostbusters
    Tony Stark (someone’s gotta pay for the party! Also host it at one of his many amazing places)
    Capt. Jack Sparrow (for the rum, of course)
    Maximus’ Ghost from gladiator. Sure he’s dead, but he’s got to be in the partying mood knowing he got his sweet sweet revenge.
    Loki. For the mischief.
    Thor to play drinking games with. And lose.
    David from Prometheus to freak everyone the fuck out.
    Eames from Inception. Because, “don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling”.
    Ryan Gosling’s The Driver – we’re going to need a designated one of those for the trip back home.
    Tyrion Lannister – no one parties harder than Tyrion.

    Wow… I think my party needs some oestrogen.

    • What’re you giving me the (HA!) for? LOL 😀

      Maximus is now at this party alive AND dead. That’s interesting. They could converse, like something out of a Christmas Carol. Give him some advice or something…

      Thor and Loki can go fight somewhere, I’m sure by now there are entire sections of the building torn down, not gonna hurt anything.

      David would freak me out Jaina. Thanks. Now I’m freaked out. I gotta watch him around my drinks, and the punch bowl and stuff? Nice. Nice. Good.

      LOL… this whole party needs some Estrogen. The dude ration has been out of control since the early going… and… half of the women here are trained killers, I’m telling you, watch out.

      • I have no idea why I gave you the HA. Absolutely none! I’m asking myself, what else have I written that i have no idea why I wrote it….

        Well, every party’s gotta have a freaky McFreak! Just be careful. He’ll be plotting something…

        As for oestrogen – finding girls to add to this party is hard! I know for sure I wouldn’t want any of the Bridesmaids. God no. Just… no….

      • What? No bridesmaids?
        But we could have Kristen Wiig throwing pink
        frosted cupcakes at Kristen Stewart. Oh that would be such fun, duelling Kristens and what party would be complete without a foodfight?
        No? I now have a need to throw pink cupcakes. Melissa Mccarthy could come and have a sandwhich, that scene was so funny.
        Ok ok, you want to femme it up you got it.
        I’ll call Marilyn and ask her to come in her white dress, Jackie O (honorary film star by
        home movie) AND Mr. President just to keep things interesting. Jackie can wear shades t shirt and her capris. Alfred Hitchcock and Hercule Poirot will also need to be here now to address any murders that will undoubtedly ensue.
        Ok now I’m hearing from Grace Kelly thst shell try to swing by but only if she can have several costume changes (I’ll email her to being the white dress too)
        Marlene Deitrich (YSL le smoking)
        oh and Uma (yellow jacket and sword from Kill Bill 1) I think of that fight scene daily:)
        Dan! We need Cigars!! Hurry!

  11. Hurm, interesting topic, let’s think about this:

    My buddy/wingman: Frank T.J Mackey from Magnolia. Seems like he’d be a good buddy, plus he knows the ladies.

    My date/trying to hook up with: Bunny from The Big Lebowksi. She likes to party, and she’s hot.

    The music: Spinal Tap, obviously.

    My ride home: Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver. I feel like after all the “filth” Travis deals with, he’d appreciate someone so happy.

    Other people I want at the party:

    Randy “the Ram” Robinson from The Wrestler. I feel like he could use a party, it would make him feel better.

    The Night Fox from Ocean’s Twelve. That dude can dance!

    Dr. Strangelove from Dr. Strangelove. Dude is hilarious, plus he’d try to get, “ten females to each male” which is certainly an admirable goal.

    Randal Graves from Clerks. Someone needs to make witty remarks at the expense of others.

    Mark Zuckerberg from The Social Network. If the dude has a good time, he might pay for the damages.

    Donald Kaufman from Adaptation. Seems like a fun guy.

    Donnie Darko from Donnie Darko. I feel like if I got bored of shallow partying, he’d make for some interesting conversation.

    That’s all I got.

    • “That’s all I got”

      You brought like ten, eleven people… you bring any snack for these people? Yo! Darko! Take off the bunny head, all right, it is freaking me out

      Oh. Hey, Bunny. (gives her a little peck on the cheek…) You know your way around…

      Travis, why dont you have a few drinks or something, lighten up a little ok? This is a party…

      [Looking at Spinal Tap] Can I ask a practical question at this point? Are you guys going to play Stonehenge tonight?


    • 😀

      Could I keep her around for awhile so she could help me clean up?

      Please? LOL

      Nice choice though… a little “Chips, dips, chains, whips” never hurt any party 😀

  12. Any (nay, everyone) in the Wolf Pack…heck, bring Mike Tyson with them as well. Just make sure Alan doesn’t bring any “floories”. LOL

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