Tossin’ It Out There: If we were creating a party scene, which Movie Character do YOU invite?

LOL. Ok. Bear with me for a second here on this one.

Seeing as I’m always winging the topics for these discussions, yesterday’s FMR 1 year Anniversary post gave me an idea for a “Tossin’ It Out There” that’s a little “High Concept”.

Ok, let’s say we were going to have a party.

What Movie Characters would you bring, and why?

You want to invite Channing Tatum and John Travolta to get some dancing going? Fine. Rollergirl and some of her Boogie Nights friends? Awesome! Darth Vader and Chewbacca to work security? Good idea! Alfred from Batman to clean up the joint after we’re done? GOOD thinking…

Maybe your idea of a party is a more formal affair, and you’re bringing Rick from Casablanca. Or its a complete Bacchanal and you’re inviting the Project X crew.

Whoever it is, for whatever reason, let’s have some fun today and see how this one turns out. We’re throwing a party and you can invite any movie character or characters you want.

Who are YOU gonna bring?



128 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: If we were creating a party scene, which Movie Character do YOU invite?

  1. This ought to be a fun one! Nice topic Fogs!

    I want the nerds from Lamda Lamda Lambda for musical entertainment.

  2. You put the idea out there, whether on purpose or not, by including the Animal House photo. I’ll take every John Belushi film character ever. Or in the very least, Joliet Jake Blues and John Blutarsky. Having both there would be amazing- Dueling Belushis. Or you could easily just take Jake and Elwood for musical entertainment.

    And while we’re on the subject of fat funny guys, you might as well roll Fatty Arbuckle in there. That guy knew how to party! (google it if you don’t know)

    And what the hell, Severine from Belle de Jour should be there, just so I can drool over Catherine Deneuve for the duration of the party. Plus, that character was a prostitute.

    • Fatty Arbuckle? Didn’t that dude kill someone? 😀 I like this kind of party, alright!

      John’s inviting killers and hookers… take note, people, the FMR Bash is taking shape quickly! 😀 WHOO

      Oh yeah, and John Belushi. Good grief… so here’s a question. As serious an invite as his two characters would be, and they would be great… would John HIMSELF be a better invite? We might have some serious damage control to tend to in the morning, some ODs, some new addicts… but John would burn the place down alright. LOL

      • Hmm… I’d take Belushi himself over Jake Blues, but it’s a push between Belushi and Blutarsky.

        I’ll add two more characters- Randall P. “R.P.” McMurphy, and President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

        And since this is becoming a sausage-fest, let’s give that machine gun leg chick the job of security; Annie Savoy from Bull Durham is welcome anywhere I’d ever go; Regan from The Exorcist can do party tricks; and I want to drink heavily with Margot Tenenbaum.

      • Fatty Arbuckle was acquitted, and historians seem to agree this was the correct outcome. Whole thing was basically a “oh, he’s fat, he must have done it” deal. He’d probably be all right at the party, though he’d be a bit of a sad sack.

  3. As John said, It is a bit of a sausage fest, so I’m going to invite Elisha Cuthbert and friends from The Girl Next Door….and just for my own enjoyment, my first movie crush, Apollonia from Purple Rain.

    • Ah. Dude.

      Sorry… lost my train of thought there for a minute. What? I heard “Elisha Cuthbert… Girl Next Door” and then I think I blacked out for a minute. Got a little dizzy.

  4. Well, let’s see–first we bring Cheech Marin, he’s an ecology guy,green and herbal! Then Robin Williams, for fun and hijinks. And finally the female cast of Baywatch. Hey pal, you got your daydreams, I got mine!

    • Pfffft. Those dreams sound fine to me, buddy!

      I was just talkin’ to Tommy Chong, he’ll be by later…

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna take Erika Elaniak and I’ll be off talking to her somewhere if anyone’s looking for me 😀

  5. Hmmm…

    the Delta Tau Chi House of Faber College, 1962 (ask for Babs!)
    Bill Murray’s Winger (Stripes)
    Bill Murray’s Hunter S. Thompson (Where the Buffalo Roam)
    Johnny Depp’s Hunter S. Thompson (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)
    Barbarella (Barbarella)
    Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar (Wayne’s World)
    Captain Peter Blood plus one (Errol Flynn/Olivia DeHaviland- Captain Blood)
    Gandalf, Frodo, Sam, Aragorn, Boromir, Legolas, and ESPECIALLY Gimli (The Fellowship of the Ring).. oh and Bilbo too.
    Penny Lane and the Band-Aides (Almost Famous)
    Gatsby (Redford – The Great Gatsby)
    Bruce Wayne (Probably Michael Keaton’s would be the best party guest… he might give you a grant)
    Marion Ravenwood (Raiders of the Lost Arc)

    Party supplies:
    Tony Montana (Scarface)
    Al Capone (Robert De Niro – Untouchables)
    Cheech and Chong (Up in Smoke)

    Stillwater from Almost Famous opens for
    The Blues Brothers

    Robbie the Robot (Forbidden Planet)
    Evil Maria (Fritz Lang’s Metropolis)
    Gort (The Day the Earth Stood Still)
    Johnny Five (Short Circuit)
    Marvin the Paranoid Android (Hitchhiker’s Guide)
    Fembots (Austin Powers)

    Dalton (Roadhouse) … duh

    • Gelfman! I dont have enough food for these people!! You should have added Catering: Jesus so he can split loaves and fishes and feed all these guests. And what the hell are all these robots doing here?

      [Squinting] Is that a hobbit?

      And I think you better clear that Bruce Wayne invite with CO he was saying NOT to bring him.

      [Music starts playing]

      Ooh. Stillwater though. Nice!

      • If Bruce Wayne is here, it’s only a matter of time before the Joker, the Penguin, Ra’s al Ghul, and who knows who else start showing up as uninvited guests. Not that I’d mind Catwoman, but with those other guys, you can’t trust the punch.

        At the very least, get Wade Garrett to give Dalton some needed backup.

  6. Oooh this is fun!
    Definitely Hannibal Lecter, and we can give out
    those masks as party favours.
    I would also like to invite John Candy, Chevy Chase and Beverly Deangelo
    Animal from the muppets, no let’s Invite all the muppets and big bird too, Burt but not Erie
    and the cookie monster too.
    The crew from Oceans 11 so we can start mapping out our next heist. And let’s have the actor that played the professional in on that too.
    And Juliet Lewis cause she’s a bad ass 🙂
    Can we play 80’s music? Will there be rides and horses?:)

    • I’m gonna NEED a heist to afford this party!

      Between you and Gelfman, you got Muppets and Hobbits and about a million peo…

      [Fogs’ mischievious side suddenly kicks in, and points Animal to the Stillwater Drum Riser…]

      “Animal LOOK! Drummmmmssss….”


      Ok, ok. That’s a good idea… I still dont trust Lechter here though, but he’s got two people vouching for him, so…

      [Sees cookie monster at the snack table]

      We’re gonna need more chow, though. Good grief.

      • OK, Catering:

        Mayapore Maharajah Zalim Singh and his representative, Pankot Palace Prime Minister Chattar Lal (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)
        Dr. Frank-n-furter (Rocky Horror Picture Show)
        The ‘Chinese food’ delivery (Lost Boys)
        Paul and Mary Bland (Eating Raoul)

      • You’re right Morgan, let’s bring Ernie too and the Count. Very nice of you.
        But now that the count is coming, should we invite our friends from Twilight? The count and Edward off in on corner discussing sunscreen and I don’t know that Taylor Laughter seems like he could get along with Hannibal on an intellectual level no?

  7. Alright, dont everybody thank me at once, but I’m bringing Jennifer Connelly’s character from Career Opportunities, so she can skate around with Roller Girl.

    That’s right.

    • I love the fact that I open the blog to a party concept, and the FMR crew brings Tommy D, and Hannibal Lecther and Reagan McNeil from the Exorcist. LOL.

      Good grief!

      The FMR Movie bash: You have a 27.5% chance of not coming home alive! 😀

  8. Whats a party without college girls and Playboy bunny..Emma Stone, Anna Faris, etc..

    The girls from House Bunny–> Alpha Zeta Alpha…socially clueless but hey, there’d be some nice laughs and some of them are quite pretty……

    I’d ask some of the Avengers to come for saving the day if anyone above goes crazy…say Thor and Captain America. Both Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans can be awesome eye candy 🙂

    • Yes, now there are some good invitees…but skip Thor and Captain America, the girls will be all over the two of them…selfish bastards!

      • So maybe we get Black Widow to come also? Maybe that’ll work well also. More defense and another pretty girl…haha~

    • We’re gonna NEED the Avengers here soon klling! This thread is degenerating RAPIDLY.

      I like the “House Bunny” idea, though. [Holding the door open as they walk in…]

      Ladies, ladies, Hi.. how’re you doing? Ok? Good, good. Cmon in…. Don’t get too close to Hannibal Lecter, ok?

      • I’m not sure I’m just worried about Hannibal Lecter though…*nervous laugh*

        The only Avenger I wouldn’t think of adding after consideration is The Hulk…I’m not sure the house would have much left after….

  9. Has no one invited my friend Tyler Durden yet? I also want Slater from Dazed and Confused, Brodie from Mallrats, Jay and Silent Bob, Isla Fisher’s character from Wedding Crashers, I’d really like John McClane to be there but he might spoli the party especially if Tony Montana and Cheech and Chong are there. Then again, McClane can stand at the door yelling WELCOME TO THE PARTY PAL!

    • HAA!!!

      “Welcome to the Party Pal!” LOL!!

      Ohhh that’s thats funny. 😀 Good one.

      But what are you doing Pete, you’re bringing the satge five clinger? Good grief!

      How about Marla Singer, if we’re inviting Tyler Durden… she should be fun… as long as we can keep her concscious…

  10. So many great guests, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I want to hang out with James Bond…maybe learn a few tricks of the trade in how easily he has women eating out of the palm of his hand.

  11. Howard Beale shows up, bitching about the noise…

    Dont you know its 2 in the morning? People are trying to sleep, decent people, people with jobs. And all this racket… is that a MUPPET? What the hell is going on over here? You’ve got Demons, and Cannibals and Prostitution, this is madness, I tell you… MADNESS.

    Im calling the cops, I’m calling the fire department, I’m calling the Mayor!


    • But you know when the cops show up it’s going to be Axel Foley and Burton Mercer, and they’re just going to hang out with each other and everyone else. Orange whip? Orange whip? Three orange whips!

  12. Ron Burgandy, Mrs. Wermer, Cal Naughton Jr., Spicoli, Enigo Montoya, Wooderson, hell half the Dazed and Confused characters, Lee Harvey, you are a madman. When you stole that cow, and your friend tried to make it with the cow. I want to party with you, cowboy.”

    • Inigo Montoya was a lousy drunk. He’s probably one of those guys like Mossholder who shows UP drunk and then only gets uglier from there. 😀

      Cal Naughton can bring his tuxedo tshirt. That’s awesome.

      Now we’ve got cows walking through this place? God damn… I’m glad Gelman brought all the robots. I know I dont want to clean up.

      • This is so hillarious!! I’m having so much fun reading this! Has anyone invited our friends Marlon, Al, and Robert? If not, would anyone mind?? Maybe they can exchange some pleasantries with Hannibal? That would be very nice.

      • I’m picturing old fat Brando, Pacino as Tony Montana and DeNiro as Travis Bickle from Taxi driver.

        Montana: “Lookid this, a bunch of stiffs… bunch of &$^%in’ mummies”

        Bickle: “You talkin’ to me? Are YOU talkin’ to me?”

        Brando: “I hope they still have plenty of Guacamole…”

      • Hahaha! Guacamole? Fuhgeddaboytit!
        I’ll take that guacamole and stick it where the sun don’t shine! You got me?
        You GOT me???

  13. This is an easy one.

    -The Anchorman Quartet (need I say anything else?),
    -Merry and Pippin (not Frodo because he’s too sad all the time and Sam would refuse to dance),
    -Robert Downey Jr in pretty much any character he’s played in the last 5-10 years (and you know what, he can bring the entire Avengers cast along with him, I won’t complain:),
    -Bruce Wayne (and I don’t mind parties getting crashed, it makes things more exciting), and
    -Franklin & Bash, for when the cops show up – they can represent me in court.

    There were some pretty crazy suggestions here though, I wonder how those parties are going to go down…

    • Dalton and Wade Garrett are stopping Franklin and Bash at the door though, Livi.

      Garrett: “What do we got here, Mijo?” Dalton: “I dont know… they look like TV Characters”

      Garrett: “The Muppets are TV characters, but theyve been in movies. These guys been in movies?”

      Dalton: “I dont think they have”

      {Meanwhile, the hobbits are walking right through by everyone’s knees and stuff… Ron Burgundy is stumbling through in his bathrobe drinking scotch… “Canonball!!”]

      Dalton and Garrett are giving them the hairy eyeball…

      Fogs “Oh, its ok, let em in… (mumbling) we’ve got killers and hookers and druggies and god knows what else, Livi’s right, we probably WILL need lawyers after this thread…”


      • HA!! It just gets crazier and crazier, doesn’t it? We should all join forces and make our own non-Hollywood version of Project X – or should I say The End Of The World? No one’s mentioned Hermione and Rihanna so far…

      • Ok. LOL. I’m envisioning Hermoine taking the stage and doing Magic tricks. 😀 Is that what you had in mind?

        Rihanna could sing, sure, but where’s the fun in that? I’d rather see her walking around, toting that machine gun like she was a badass like in “Battleship” That would be just as entertaining, to me, Livi 😀

      • By The End Of The World, I mean Mr. James Franco’s 2013 horror/comedy (and he doesn’t mean it to be that first genre, but it will be;) about a party that literally ends the world, and Ms. Granger, er, Watson, is very busy being bored on the set of that, and along with her are Rihanna, Seth Rogen, and the usual suspects. And I’d never invite Hermione OR Rihanna – Granger would be calling the cops on us, and Rihanna would be the reason for it. I’m not having those two spoil my fun!!

  14. You know I just have to be different LOL. Well not so much in this case as I pick both John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey from the Wedding Crashers! Those guys knew how to stoke a party and get all the women into midst of it!

    How can you go wrong!

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