The Great Debates: “Alien” vs. “Aliens” – THE WINNER IS…

Last week, I posed the question of which movie people prefer… Ridley Scott’s “Alien” (1979) or Jame Cameron’s “Aliens” (1986). The poll is now closed… thank you to everyone who participated!

We received 87 votes, and the winner, by a 60/40 marginΒ was…

Ridley Scott’s “Alien”

The original takes the brass ring, here at FMR. Factors cited for people included: The horror aspect, the cast, the originality and the atmosphere.

To the victor go the spoils, here’s what some of the supporters of “Alien” had to say:

Including my replies, our discussion went over 100 comments…. so there were LOTS of opinions voiced on BOTH sides. I think the great discussion that we had and the healthy amount of votes that the poll received validate the fact that this IS a “Great Debate”. These are both excellent, excellent films.

Thanks to everyone for chiming in on either side!


46 thoughts on “The Great Debates: “Alien” vs. “Aliens” – THE WINNER IS…

    • LOL πŸ˜€

      It was REALLY close in the early going. But then heading into the weekend, Alien just started pulling away with it.

      These are fun to do, definitely drawing a great response from everyone.

  1. More Great Debates please. How about Robin Hoods, Kevin Costner v. Russell Crowe? Just a suggestion. You know that era is my milieu. This was a terrific lead-in to my viewing of “Prometheus”. Can’t help but feel “Prometheus” was a calculated effort to reboot this long running franchise. Hollywood doesn’t take risks anymore like it did with “Alien”.

    • LOL… ohhhh man… yeah.

      I uh, I wouldnt expect to see that GD very soon, ok? Five years in or so though, perhaps. πŸ˜‰

      And yes, no amount of cynicism is misplaced when it comes to the motivations of Hollywood movie studios.

  2. Awesome! This result has helped make my Friday, that’s for sure.

    It’s also made me feel like I need to do an Alien rewatch. Very very soon.

    Hollywood doesn’t make ’em like they used to.

    Also, love these Great Debates! Fast becoming one of my favourites over here at FMR!

    • I guess you could support that “Doesn’t make ’em like they used to” comment with direct evidence in this case.

      Scott directed Alien and Prometheus both… and I wouldnt hesitate for half a second choosing Alien if forced to pick between the two LOL!

      • Lets not blame Scott where we could be blaming Lindelof, he is like that corporate flunky Carter Burke in Aliens πŸ˜‰

      • Welllllllllll

        Yes and no.

        I mean, agreed. The script is the culprit, right? Sure. Definitely. But the director has the ultimate blame and or credit.

        Think of how many films have great scripts and the directors get all the credit, and no one ever thinks of the screenwriter? Soooo…

        At the very least, Scott needs to share the criticism, IMO

      • well lets say I half agree, just imagine how terrible Prometheus would have been in the hands of a less talented director…..

        I need more details about who brought Lindelof in to write in the first place, I had heard that he changed quite a bit of the first draft Scott had in place but then Scott must have agreed to the changes….
        Maybe Lindelof is like a great used car salesman πŸ˜‰

  3. Fair play! I may have voted for the other team but I’m a good sport and will shake hands with Alien. It is a worthy victor.

  4. I watched Alien again yesterday on Blu-ray, and saw Prometheus again today! I must say Prometheus is much improved on second viewing, especially after all the debates about what it means, and the where’s and wherefores of every subtle visual clue.
    Alien just looks stunning, Brett, wandering thru the large hangers looking for jonesy, visual perfection, the low throb of machinery, chains dangling, gently touching, lulling you into a false sense of security…..

    • LOL. Quit it Nick!

      You’re making me want to see it again! (Alien that is)

      Good thing to hear about Prometheus, but weren’t you raving about it already after only one time?… researching… πŸ˜€

      Yes, you were! Cmon man! It’s cool. Big fan is fine, I dont hate the movie… but admit it… you were hooked after time one. πŸ˜€

  5. I saw a tweet one time that said “you know you’re an adult when you prefer Alien to Aliens”…that about sums it up:P

    Still love the Queen, the load lifter, the sentry guns and the endlessly quoteable lines but you just can’t fight the original Alien’s mystique and craftsmanship.

  6. Yeah, this is kind of a no-brainer to me, so I’m glad that my perspective falls in line with the zeitgeist. Aliens is a good action movie for sure– but it’s no Alien. Genres being what they are, comparisons here are like apples to oranges and such, but nothing about that suggests that Alien is in any way the lesser movie.

    • It was always a kind of a no brainer for me, too. But once I began blogging I realized just how many people side with Aliens! The movie did get a lot of support here.

      At the end of the day though, I was glad to see Alien carry the day.

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