The Top Ten Pixar Movies

With the release of “Brave” this last weekend, Pixar Animation Studios has now released 13 animated films, and each of them have opened at #1 at the box office. A full six of them – almost half of their releases – have won the Academy Award for Best animated Feature, a feat that’s EXTRA impressive considering that 3 of the 13 were released prior to the category being added to the Oscars.

With a pedigree like that, there’s plenty of quality films to round out a top ten list. In fact, almost all of them would be worthy of inclusion. Let’s take a look at how the rankings shake out though shall, we? Click “Continue Reading” to check out my list of the Top Ten Pixar Movies.


10) “Brave” 2012

Pixar’s entry into the “Princess” sub-genre. “Brave” ‘s Merida is head strong, opinionated and independent. When she’s offered in marriage to the sons of the clans of the kingdom, she runs off in search of a way to change her fate.

Though she faces challenges that feel like familiar ground, Merida is still a memorable character, and the movie is gorgeous, funny and full of genuine heart. _______________________________________________________________________________

9) Toy Story 2 (1999)

A more than worthy sequel to the original. “Toy Story 2” continues the adventures of Woody, Buzz and the rest of Andy’s toys, while adding in newcomers to the fold in Jesse and Woody’s horse, Bullseye.

It’s a great animated action/adventure movie with tons of laughs and lots of soul. It may get a little lost between the greatness of chapters 1 and 3, but this is a fantastic movie as well. ______________________________________________________________________________

8) “Ratatouille” (2007)

The story of a Parisian rat who wishes to be a chef, and finds his way to doing so by developing a puppeteer-esque relationship with a busboy, who does the cooking as his proxy.

It’s a story about the power of chasing your dreams, the drive to create, and the power of believing in yourself. If a rat can become a top-chef, what else is possible? Winner of the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.


7) “Monster’s Inc” (2001)

Characters don’t get more creative or colorful than this. Mike Wazowski and “Sully” Sullivan are blue-collar workers, just doing a job. Populating kids nightmares by being the monsters in the closet. Of course, when things go “wrong”, they find themselves opening their hearts.

Unique, original, inspired, emotional, funny… there’s an enormous amount of positive superlatives that can be brought in to play here. “Monsters, Inc.” deserves ’em all. ____________________________________________________________________________________

6) “The Incredibles” (2004)

Pixar’s take on the Superhero genre, except that it’s really an examination of the family dynamic. The Incredibles fight together, but more importantly they fight FOR each other. Along the way, each of them learns their own true value within the unit, and within the family.

Action packed and family friendly, “The Incredibles” won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.


5) “Finding Nemo” (2003)

A “lost child” is a fear all parents can relate to… even if it’s a fish. “Finding Nemo” took this primal story and set it under the sea, which gave them the opportunity to use fanciful aquatic characters and a gorgeous underwater setting.

Massive sharks, stoner turtles, forgetful friends, and a slightly crazy menagerie of fish tank dwellers make “Finding Nemo” a remarkable movie. Winner of Best Animated Feature.


4) “Toy Story 3” (2010)

The incredible conclusion (for now) of the “Toy Story” saga. A jail break film parody for most of its runtime, “Toy Story 3” shifts gears at the end and delivers a poignant moment about childhood attachments, and growing up.

“Toy Story 3” parlays the character attachments built in the first two films into an incredibly emotional ending for the trilogy. Best Animated Feature winner.


3) “Up” (2009)

A truly rare gem of the animated genre, “Up” focuses on a geriatric protagonist and focuses not only on his quest, but on how his outlook on life changes.

It’s got all of the humor, action and cute characters you’d expect from a kid’s movie, but it also has a message about living life with an open heart regardless of how old you are. An exceptional movie in every way. Winner of the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, also nominated for Best Picture.


2) “Wall*E” (2008)

A bold, unique movie that features long stretches with little or no dialogue, and characters that communicate via body language. In addition to creating sweet, robotic characters, Pixar gets to explore the beauty of space.

Strong environmental overtones, but at its heart it’s about finding love, no matter what you are. Winner of the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.


1) “Toy Story” (1995)

Earning massive credit for being a pioneering, influential film in the realm of computer animation, and launching not only a great franchise, but a great Studio – “Toy Story” is still my number one.

With an incredible voice cast, loveable characters, and a great original song by Randy Newman, “Toy Story” is a legendary movie. It changed the very fabric of animation in movies, while also giving us the unforgettable duo of Woody and Buzz Lightyear. “To infinity… and beyond!”


Well, there you have it everyone.

My ranking of the ten best Pixar movies.

What do YOU think? Wish you could shuffle the order? Miffed that “Cars” didn’t make the cut? Feel that “Toy Story 3” is better than “Toy Story”? Let me hear it! 😀

What do YOU think?


148 thoughts on “The Top Ten Pixar Movies

  1. I’d pretty much agree with all of these although i would have put Monsters Inc a little higher and Finding Nemo a little lower. I also would maybe have put Cars on there in place of Ratatouille, but that’s a minor point.

    I see you’re coming round to the idea of lists now 😉

    • Welllllll… yeah. They’re easy content Terry, let’s put it that way. LOL. Any idealistic opposition I held to the concept got chucked as soon as I realized they’re not labor intensive AND they inspire good discussion. I’m sold! LOL

      You do pretty much wind up spending the day defending your positions though… but that’s alright. 😀

      • Yeah lists are a great way to stimulate discussion but they’re always wrong 😉
        They are a good way of whacking some quick and easy content up and they’re great linkbait too, which is always handy!

  2. This is a hard one to pin down. The last movies (only 13 exist as of this year) of their’s has tendency to weight the ranking. Okay, as fast as I can write, going from my gut:

    10. Ratatouille
    9. Brave
    8. Monster’s Inc.
    7. Finding Nemo
    6. Toy Story
    5. The Incredibles
    4. Toy Story 3
    3. UP
    2. Toy Story 2
    1. WALL•E

    Argh! Not easy! I’m sure, over time, I might shuffle it again. Thanks, Fogs.

    • WOW!

      Here’s the one element that REALLY leaps out at me off that list… Toy Story 2 so high? If you swing back, let me know what it is you see on that one that gives it such a high ranking… curious…

      Aside from that, they’re all great, so its really hard to knock anyone’s preferences, you know?

      • Well, since you asked: it was Pixar’s first ever sequel (to that time). Second, it accomplished something few ever do — surpass, IMO the original. It’s cultural allusions were spot-on, and unlike Dreamwork’s, stayed relevant beyond its theatrical shelf-life. TS2 successfully grew and matured its already iconic characters in unexpected ways and story. And probably most poignantly, introduced the concept of mortality to children, and some adults, with a deft sensitive touch that treated the audience like they had a brain in their head, but never dismissive to their emotions. Lastly, the “When She Loved Me” song sequence (performed by Sarah McLachlan) is just perfect. I unashamedly admit that I cannot get through it without a tear in eyes.

      • 😀

        I DID ask for it, yeah. And you more than gave me what I was looking for.

        Next time I check that one out, I’ll be watching with a newfound appreciation… not even kidding.

        Great reply, buddy. BAM!! 😀

  3. Completely agree with the first two but then I’d have The Incredibles. Great to see Brave get a spot. Not seen it yet but looking forward to it!

    • Yeah, it’s pretty good, Pete. I liked it.

      I think a lot of people will have some “Pixar let down” maybe? But if you can get past that, it’s definitely a very good flick!

  4. Hard to leave Cars off this list, but also hard to pick one that it would replace. Great list. Ambitious. I guess I’d bump Ratatouille and slide Cars in there. Wondering if the lingering stink of Cars 2 has tarnished the original’s memory? (although I am one of the few who dug Cars 2)

    • Wow… two votes already for replacing Ratatouille with Cars!

      At least that gives me a little comfort about not placing Rataouille higher on the list…

      I wont give you any grief about Cars 2, Howie. I just listened to the Geek Confessions podcast on USF, that one would be wayyyyyy down my “Bust Howie’s Balls” list 😀

      Great show though, dude. It was a really funny listen.

  5. Hmm..

    1. The Incredibles
    2. Wall-e
    3. Up
    4. Toy Story
    5. Ratatouille
    6. Monsters Inc
    7. Toy Story 3
    8. Finding Nemo
    9. Toy Story 2

    And I’m done. I can’t even contemplate putting Cars on the list. Or Cars 2. And not see Brave yet!

    • LOL. So you dislike Cars so bad you wouldnt even award it the bottom slot, huh? 😀 That’s awesome. LOL

      Incredibles #1, eh?! I love that movie too. I think it speaks to the calibre of Pixar’s catalogue that I can say I love that movie, I’m a huge fan, etc, and still only rank it #6! Thats how much I love all of these!!

      • Well… yes. I can watch the first one fine. But it doesn’t speak to me like the other Pixar films do. The 2nd one I like to believe doesn’t exist despite having the mighty Michael Caine onboard.

        I forgot about A Bug’s Life on my list.. that goes at the bottom! I do think it’s brilliant, just no as memorable as the others.

  6. No love for A Bug’s Life? Maybe it’s the soft spot I have for 7 Samurai homage, but I rather enjoyed it. There are actually a couple of this list that I’ve yet to see, so I do not feel I could say anything regarding your choices, or their order for that matter. I only know that what I have seen I have enjoyed, so for multiple reasons I wouldn’t know what to bump for ABL. Besides, I can fully accept it if I am alone in my appreciation for that one.

    • In fairness, Dak? I’ll admit to not having seen Bug’s Life in ten years at least… but that speaks to the fact that I dont care for it as much as the others, seeing as the rest I give an annual or bi-annual viewing to, you know?

      I dont think you’re alone in your appreciation, by any means. What I think is that this list is a tough list to crack! All of these are really really good movies. A lot of them are all time greats!

      So whichever ones you havent seen? I think theyre safe safe safe recommendations. You’d really enjoy any of these, I’m sure.

      • Of the 13 Pixar has released to date, I have not yet seen:
        Toy Story 2
        Toy Story 3
        Cars 2

        I have no excuses for either of the Toy Story sequels. The Cars movies just didn’t really have much initial appeal to me, so I haven’t gone out of my way for them and haven’t crossed paths with them either. Brave is still fresh, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity when it presents itself.

        That said, each and every one of the rest of them I have seen and thoroughly enjoyed.

  7. I’ll never understand the love for Up. It’s fine as a kids movie, but Pixar has done so much better work before and after. The only things exceptional about Up are the score and Ed Asner. I also don’t get the love for Finding Nemo. The opening scene is great, but the rest of the movie sucks hard.

    The others are great choices though. Well, I haven’t seen Brave, so I guess I can’t comment on that.

    • Wow. Up AND Finding Nemo? Hmmm…

      Up is a great movie because it works well as animated fare, but you can also find a lot of great messages about life in it. Plus, having Carl the hero as an old man is brilliant. It’s great.

      Nemo is just beautiful, colorful funny and solidly well done. That’s why I dont have it higher, I think it’s a little more standard in theme, but its such high quality. I love it. People love it!

      • Oh I know people love Nemo, believe me. I’ve had to defend my dislike for it for years, and I have very few friends in that war. I wish I saw the brilliance in it that everyone else does, but I don’t.

        As for Up. I like Up, it’s a good movie. I just don’t understand the insane praise it gets. People put it in the pantheon of Pixar’s best when, at least I don’t think, it is. It’s themes don’t range much deeper than needing to let go of the past, which is obvious within the first half hour. Also, coming out right after WALL-E, it feels like a step back. WALL-E showed a level of maturity and depth that Pixar’s other works, great as some of them were, did not have. For them to then do something so cartoony just feels backwards. Now, you could argue that WALL-E was so ambitious anything else would have felt like a step back, but still. Up feels like something the studio made when they were younger in that it touches upon some themes, but it’s more just a light and fluffy adventure. And the thing is, I like light adventures, they need to be pulled off masterfully in order to be classic. The Incredibles handled this perfectly. Up on the other hand, has a lot of problems. Namely that all the characters, except Ed Asner, are kind of annoying, and a lot of the jokes fall really flat. Of course, it probably doesn’t help that Up came out in between WALL-E and Toy Story 3, two of the studios’ greatest films (*wipes away tear thinking about Toy Story 3)

        I don’t want to come off as a hater though, because I genuinely do like Up (which is more than I can say for Finding Nemo), but I don’t love it like most.

      • “And the thing is, I like light adventures, they need to be pulled off masterfully in order to be classic.”

        Like Nemo? 😀

        D’OH! That was a low blow!

        I disagree with most of it, but you have enough reason in there to be dangerous.

      • There’s not a lot of love for Up here or anywhere else! Right with you Dan – it’s the fact that the hero is this brilliant old man, Carl, that makes me love the film. The message of chasing your dreams I really warm to and the animation and character drawings are beautiful.

      • I dont worry about “Up” not getting love here, I MTESSed that already, and it got its due respect… people love it, I think pitting it against other Pixar fliks may be bringing out people’s criticisms on any of these!

    • Well… it was a close call between that and Brave I guess, for me.

      Brave probably wins because I just saw it this weekend, you know? So…

      But I’d still have it very low amongst all these others, I think buddy.

  8. I’m good with no Cars. Never really liked it that much. I’m cool with the list. I’d probably shuffle it like this:
    1. Wall-E
    2. Up (I would have tied Up and Wall-E, both are my faves)
    3. Toy Story
    4. Toy Story 3
    5. Ratatouille
    6. The Incredibles
    7. Finding Nemo
    8. Monsters Inc.
    9. Toy Story 2
    10. can’t be determined since I don’t want to put Cars or Cars 2 and I’m not a huge fan of A Bug’s Life and haven’t seen Brave

    This was definitely tough though. I’d probably shuffle them again..haha…

    • Hey, right? These arent easy.

      We’re pretty good here – comparing our rankings – I’m betting I give the first Toy Story a lot more weight for being the first major CG animated flick. That was huge to me, its a really big factor. 9 out of 10 ‘toons are done this way now, and that movie should take credit.

      But I mean, Wall E and Up are great too, it’s all just preferences I think when theyre all this good Kim. 😀

      • I’m cool with it being in the first spot actually. Thinking about it, Toy Story was pretty revolutionary. I remember going to see it in the theatres and I was absolutely amazed by it.

        I really like Wall-E and Up because it was original also. Also because I saw it more recently. Up was a fantastic adventure with a rare group of characters. While Wall-E was so little in dialogue but still was really amusing to watch.

  9. Wow, Wall-E made number 2?? I really need to watch that again. I’ve only seen it once and it was at a drive in so I kind of got bored and tuned it out, but I guess it definitely deserves a second chance!

    As far as the rest goes, amazingly enough I agree almost exactly with the list (if you take Wall-E out and bump everything else up a spot). I love LOVE Up and obviously Toy Story is number 1!

    The only thing I would change is putting Cars instead of Brave and maybe even before Toy Story 2, but yeah. A great list!

    I love Pixar! And can’t wait to see how Monster University will measure up!

    • I know, right? Have you seen the Monsters U teaser trailer yet Nicole? LOL. It’s pretty freaking funny.

      But no love for Wall E? Wowwwww… yeah, I think you SHOULD give it another should, definitely. That was a great flick, it’s really a neo-classic animated movie Nicole, for sure. Check it out again if you get the chance… I’m betting you’ll like it. 😀

    • are you sure it was “boredom” that was the reason you don’t remember WALL-E while at the Drivein? 😉

    • Just seems to me that Wall-E is a really bad choice all around for a drive-in movie. I mean, the only advantage it has is due to the minimal dialog, you don’t have to worry about the crappy speakers for most of it. That is, of course, unless drive-in technology has greatly improved since last I’ve been to one. (hint: it was a double feature with TRON as the main feature)

      • Haha yeah, I’m not really a fan of drive ins. I pretty much just go to hang out with friends. Last movie I saw there was Pirates 4 and the movie was so dark that you could barely see any of it until halfway through when it was finally pitch black outside.

      • Seriously, I’m talking the original TRON. So, due to it having been 30 years(?!?!?!?!) since I’ve been to one (more than 15 since I’ve even seen one at a distance still in operation) I honestly don’t have any basis for interest, save for nostalgia.

  10. Haven’t seen Brave (or Cars 2) yet…

    1. Up
    2. Toy Story
    3. Toy Story 2
    4. WALL-E
    5. Toy Story 3
    6. A Bug’s Life
    7. Ratatouille
    8. Finding Nemo
    9. The Incredibles
    10. Cars

    So leaving off Monsters, Inc. which I thought was a great idea but didn’t do much for me. I think it was the vocal performances.

    I have a lot of love for A Bug’s Life, which while not as objectively good as most of the other Pixar movies, does have some of the most quotable lines of them all.

    • Cars 2 is one of those do yourself a favor and don’t see it movies. You know? Just… keep Pixar untarnished in your mind. LOL 😀

      Another Toy Story 2 ahead of 3 vote… I’m smelling a great debate. LOL

  11. Great list sir!!

    I love Pixar movies. I try and be all high brow about it and say it because my kids love them, but in reality it is because they are just so damned well made.

    I even liked Cars 2!! I know, I need help.

    Thanks for popping over to FRC matey. Very kind of you. I am here and will be here every day from now on… I am good to my word 🙂

    Take it easy matey

    • LOL!

      You’re cracking me up today man. I dont track daily attendance, so if you just want to pop in when you see something you like, that’s more than cool.

      I enjoyed my visit over to FRC today, I’ve been by before without signing the guest book so to speak, I promise I wont behave so poorly going forward.

      Now that all the niceties out of the way though, yeah, Cars 2 was ROUGH. So you might need some help there, definitely. LOL 🙂

  12. Great list! Personally, I think that Toy Story 3 is far and above better than the first one. The first was is a ground breaking film to be sure, but in terms of sheer emotional impact and story, the third one is the winner. But that’s just my opinion.

    Plus – Cars and Cars 2 aren’t as bad as everyone makes them out to be. Personally, I think A Bug’s Life is the worst of the bunch (still better than the best of other studios).

    Great job!

    • I dont knock Cars… and i dont want that to come across, I think between Cars, Bugs Life and Brave I would prefer Brave and that’s why it bagged spot #10. Cars 2, though, Mark, eesh! LOL 😀 We’ll just agree to disagree on that puppy!

      Meanwhile, I’m pretty surprised that its taken this long for someone to advocate Toy Story 3 over Toy Story. REALLY surprised actually. going into this I was thinking that would be the big complaint… nope. Cars being left off, so far 😀

      Thanks as always for contributing to the discussion good sir!

      • Toy Story 3, to me, is just a beautiful film. Yes, Toy Story was revolutionary – but it was revolutionary because of when it came out. If it came out today, I bet people wouldn’t be ranking it so high…

  13. Wall*E? That’s the one Pixar film nobody in the house ever wants to see. I’ve only been able to sit through it start to finish one time and the kids? No interest whatsoever…..

    And Cars 2 may have been an abomination but, Cars deserves a spot in the top 10, IMHO.


      • A Bug’s Life

        These ten, the two Cars flicks and A Bug’s Life.

        Can’t let kids dictate this list entirely, bro. Should that be a consideration? Yep, absolutely! But these movies appeal to all audiences, so I have to weigh all their positive attributes, you know? All the factors… and some of those might go over kids heads, I think.

        Wall E has it going on in spades, man.

        Plus its really popular, too. A lot of people dig it. A lot of people do.

  14. I haven’t seen Brave yet, so that is one I really ought to see to have a better judgement, but at the present, this is my top ten:
    10. Toy story 2
    9. A Bug’s Life
    8. Wall-e (Am I the only person who didn’t like Wall-e that much?)
    7. Ratatouille
    6. The Incredibles
    5. Finding Nemo
    4. Monster’s Inc
    3. Toy Story
    2. Toy Story 3
    1. Up

    • LOL. Nope, TCT, you’re not. You mark the third commenter today who has been like Wall-E? 😀

      Which surprises me, because it’s definitely a very popular flick. Wide appeal… no doubt. Hey, I love it too. I definitely understand why its so highly praised.

      But I can see where people might not enjoy it, it is very different…

      Outside of that, we seem to rate several of the same films highly, man!

      • It’s cool, man.

        I think what it is is that it rejects a lot of the previous conceptions about animated films. It gets so much out of its characters with barely any words being spoken. That’s genius level stuff. Just crazy.

  15. I must be amongst the minority to say that I can’t really make a list of Pixar films being that I love all of them. Yes, even the much trashed Cars 2. I have all of them on DVD, including all the shorts and Mater’s Tall Tales. Many I have upgraded to Blu-Ray just because I love animation and the Pixar films. I have also upgraded many of my Hiyao Miyasaki films as well.

    I think my differences from your list would be to push Up and Wall-E down, put Monster’s Inc in 2 and Finding Nemo 1. I can think of more lines and situations I found funny from Finding Nemo than any other film.

    • It DOES make for a difficult challenge, Bruce. They are all GREAT. I love ’em all too, and ranking them IS a bitch.

      But I’m just the guy to do it! 😀

      And see? If you’re gonna shuffle those top four around like that, you’re halfway there!

      This was a nice safe list to do, because they’re all great. So there’s not a lot of heated debate outside of personal preferences.

      • One of your above repliers hit it on the nose for me. I see these movies as a family, so when all of us enjoy it, it makes it better. But I have seen all of these movies on my own as well. I’ve converted them to small format so I can load them on my iPhone and watch them while traveling. The kids did have the hardest time watching Wall-E and they seemed to enjoy the dog parts and Kevin more, the stopry went straight over their head.

  16. HOLY CRAP, the Cars hate flowing from this post… I’m mean, I’ll agree that I was disappointed with Cars 2 after waiting what 5 years for sequel? My boys liked the original so much that I guess I’m blind to the flaws of the original Cars, but I thought it was fantastic. They put together an awesome voice cast…Paul Newman? C’Mon.
    Pixar has done alot of those “fish outta water” stories but in my book, Cars is in my top 3. Cars 2 might squeak in depending on when I see Brave.

    It’s Mater isn’t it…it’s cool to hate on Larry the Cable Guy nowadays, but you gotta respect the level he’s reached as a comedian. I’m not ashamed to say I like his stand-up acts…JUST NOT HIS MOVIES, except for his work in Cars.

    I haven’t understood all the love for Up either. It was good, but there were some pretty intense moments at the beginning that I guess gives it such high marks for an animated film. I guess I’ve grown accustomed to watching Pixar as a family which is why our lists might differ, Fogs. Watching Up with my two young boys was like “wow! got some explaining to do!”

    I’d pass up Ratatouille for my list, probably for Bug’s Life. Definitely agree with a few comments so far that Monsters Inc. would be a little higher, like Top 5. Was never a big fan of Nemo, so it would be lower on the list. Never got into the Incredibles much either.

    • [Tying on the boxing gloves, “Eye of the Tiger” starting to chug in the background]

      Cmon now man, these movies are not the exclusive domain of children, so we can’t devalue the beauty of “Up” because kids dont get it… No?

      Ratatouille, Nemo, and on Twitter you threw in “The Incredibles” too? Damn, man!

      I cant give Cars more props than Ratatouille… Rataouille is a deeper movie, and just as entertaining, thus better! Mater… yeah, you know, Mater is rough, but it’s just very… surface level. Cute cars, simple story… a lot of these others really have a LOT to discuss.

      Glad to see that you feel free to give me hell when you disagree, though. That’s awesome. I approve, and encourage. You have the green light on the 3-0 count, bud. Swing away. 😀

      • Valid points on the “deeper” movies vs. the kid-level enjoyment. I’m not bashing Up, it was a very original and worthy of praise. As far as Nemo and Incredibles, I just didn’t connect with very well for some reason and wasn’t trying to “devalue” them. Not sure if it was the characters or what.

        I have different eyes I guess when it comes to the typical family/Disney animated movies than perhaps a film reviewer such as yourself. (I’ll refrain from calling you a critic cause frankly don’t know any critics that are likeable 🙂 )

        I don’t know about you, but I don’t go into any animated film with the main priority to be visually amazed or be blown away with a deep story. My first priority is to have fun. What’s wrong with the basics? Pixar has shown us animation that is truly mind-blowing over the last several years, but if I connect with it and my boys don’t, it’s still a miss for me. It’s like, why market yourself as a kids movie and then try to do go over their heads so much? It’s okay to add stuff for the parents too, but the perfect balance between both are the movies I connect with the most. There is almost like a scale of how much content to put in a movie for the kids and for the parents now.

        I feel like if it tips too much toward the kids, people immediately write it off now. Cars was a simple story with colorful characters and Pixar’s visual appeal. For me it was a great balance. I’m a simpleton I guess, that laughs at fart jokes more than like Big Bang Theory style jokes.

        I guess I should also realize that this is a “movie review” site and has people who love to dissect movies more than I do, but is there nothing wrong with enjoying a film and walking away?

        My defense for Cars could also be mainly because my old man is a car buff and NASCAR was the only sport I could connect to him with growing up. 🙂

        for me.

      • Just to be clear, I’m certainly not trying to play the “critic card” – the know more than anyone, type angle. LOL.

        Everyone has a say and an opinion round these parts, I’m just a dude that writes mine down to get the ball rolling for others, thats all. So dont downplay yours!

        NOTHING is wrong with fun for fun’s sake at all. And I wouldnt bash that as a rationale for someone liking a movie at all. But to me, if you can have fun with it AND dissect it, it becomes “greater”. One’s an Ace, the other is an Ace with a strong kicker. Thing is though Jay – ALL 10 of these movies are fun on that watch, laugh, leave level. Seriously, to me… all ten of these were excellent. Hell, I just gave “Brave” an A this weekend, and it’s at #10!! LOL.

        You cant account for connections or lack thereof (for example, my dad was distinctly NOT a car guy, LOL) so those kind of things always come into play.

        No need to apologize for your opinions on a flick, I hear what youre saying. This is just how the game is played, bub. If I’m gonna rank ’em, people are going to argue about ’em. 😉

      • Good analogy with the poker hands. 🙂 Makes me want to play some no limit….

        Pixar is definitely as good as it gets…I mean, I might even throw a couple of the short films in my top ten, they are that good.

        I like to find out people’s reasons behind their preferences on these top ten lists. As much as I hate them, they are good talking points and you know everyone want to share their own.

    • Thank you Blain, thank you. Had fun doing it, you know how it is…

      That’s the second vote for Incredibles at #1. Good to see it getting some love. I’m a big fan of Fro-zone and the gang.

      And let’s not make any mistake, ok? The Incredibles is ALL about the Fro-Zone. 😀

      • Whoever’s idea it was to put Samuel L. Jackson into a Pixar film needs to be given a big ol’ hug. Genius move! My favourite bit from Frozone:

        Lucius: Honey?
        Honey: What?
        Lucius: Where’s my super suit?
        Honey: What?
        Lucius: Where – is – my – super – suit?
        Honey: I, uh, put it away.
        Lucius: *Where*?
        Honey: *Why* do you *need* to know?
        Lucius: I need it!
        Honey: Uh-uh! Don’t you think about running off doing no derrin’-do. We’ve been planning this dinner for two months!
        Lucius: The public is in danger!
        Honey: My evening’s in danger!
        Lucius: You tell me where my suit is, woman! We are talking about the greater good!
        Honey: ‘Greater good?’ I am your wife! I’m the greatest *good* you are ever gonna get!

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