Just a quick note to let everyone know that this weekend will be dedicated to giving the site a little bit of a re-design as we head into year two. Giving the blog a bit of a new look every now and then will be important, I think, so that things never seem “Old”, and perhaps we can do a little better than I did when I was just starting out.

I’m engaging the services of our web designing friend Jaina Mistry, so hopefully things will go smoothly and wont look as hack as when I put them all together. πŸ˜€Β 

This is going to push my posts from this weekend off, though. Normally I get a lot of writing done during the time I’ll be working on this, so reviews of “Ted” and “Magic Mike” will be up Monday, and no MTESSΒ this week. Tuesday we’ll be back on track with your regularly scheduled “Tossin’ It Out There” and we’ll move on from there!

If you’re swinging through over the weekend, please forgive the mess, I’m sure there will be times when things will be all discombobulated around here.

Bear with me, and we’ll be open again after renovation on Monday!


71 thoughts on “FMR Mark II

  1. Great new look man! I’ve been meaning to do that too but ah well, no time to do it yet. For sure we can always expect great content here no matter what your blog looks like πŸ˜€

  2. I like the latest version. I think an update is always opposed by your audience at first, but once we get the hang of it, it will work out great.

    • Ha! LOL.

      I guess so… thing had gotten a little grimy, huh?

      And a “Woman’s Touch” as the saying goes. My design taste level is pretty much at college dorm room decorating levels. LOL πŸ˜€

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