Tossin’ It Out There: Which Movie or Franchise would YOU Reboot / Remake?

How’s everybody doing, today? Good I hope? Good…

We have a big new movie opening today, “The Amazing Spider-Man”. Word on the street has been pretty positive so far, but the thing that “Amazing Spider-Man” has been most notable for to this point was for being a “reboot”.

I believe it was “Batman Begins” that launched the term “Reboot”. They weren’t remaking a single movie as much as they were restarting the franchise. It was a subtle distinction, but it made sense. Time had passed since the last Batman installment, people were eager to have the franchise back, and Nolan and Bale put out a great picture.

Other reboots quickly followed. James Bond (which had actually been rebooting before the term “reboot” even meant anything), Hulk, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes… they started to come hot and heavy.

But they were still commingled in with the endless stream of Hollywood remakes. Hollywood loves to put out movies whose names already have a foothold, the thinking being that half of their marketing work is already done. So there’s a constant parade of films from the past either relaunching, or being remade directly. There seems to be no bounds, I’ve even heard that a Jaws remake has been being kicked around… 

But it’s not ALWAYS a bad thing. The word is that this Spider-Man movie might be really good. And hey, “Spider-Man 3” was awful. There have been a lot of great films that were actually remakes. I didn’t know until a couple of weeks ago that “The Maltese Falcon” was a remake. “3:10 to Yuma”, “The Fly”, “The Thing (’82)”, “Dawn of the Dead”, “The Departed”, there have been a lot of excellent movies that were remakes.

So my question to you is, which movies would you like to see remade, and/or what franchise would you like to see get a reboot? Maybe they weren’t that good and deserve a mulligan, or maybe the special effects could use some modernizing, maybe you’d just like to see the story retold for a new generation. Perhaps the franchise is just dormant and you’d like to see it spring back to life again.

What ever the reasoning, let’s hear it. What movies/franchise would you like to see remade/rebooted?


101 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: Which Movie or Franchise would YOU Reboot / Remake?

  1. I took a little time (like 10 mins…lol) and thought about which franchise would I reboot. Honestly, the original movies/franchise was awesome and a duplicate wouldn’t do it’s justice. Okay, I’m getting to the point….Star Wars. Yep, I said it. Star f*ckin’ Wars. And it wouldn’t be a George Lucas project, but someone else…who? I don’t know. I mean die hard fan, Kevin Smith, would remake this movie into one huge dialogue movie. I think Christopher Nolan would be a good director.

    • Wooooooooo….

      That’s the type of comment Jen? That if we were all at a party, talking in a circle, you know? I’d like look around at everyone else and let someone else have first go at it!! 😀

      Is this why “bitches be crazy”? Stuff like this? 😀

      I cant advocate it (although in fairness, I guess I did advocate remaking the Prequels LOL). They’re classic, classics, with indellible characters that are woven into the fabric of pop culture now.

      Maybe in 100 years. Seriously.

      • 100 years?!? Well, I guess you are right. It’s a little too early for a remake. How about, like, 40 years? that seems plausible.

  2. I want a Das Boot Re-Boot, just so that we can say it twenty times quickly.

    Or maybe an I, Robot Reboot. I, Reboot?

    Ok, I guess it is pretty obvious that I don’t have any serious suggestions. 😉

    • No, I think those are two really good ones actually! Even though you were just joking around playing on the “Reboot” word/concept, I think both are actually good suggestions

      Das Boot a) Was a foreign film which = fair game and b) Has been out long enough so, yeah, I could see that.

      And I, Robot never reached the promise of its source material, so…

  3. 76 comments! In ONE day! Mental.

    Can I just say that I would like to assist in the production of JURASSIC PARK 4. Not ignoring the original franchise, I would want a reboot/sequel to the series. I’ve spoke about this at length but, suffice to say, we would be going back to Isla Nublar…

    • LOL. Yeah, we get some really good discussion brewing here, usually. 😀

      Last I heard, JP4 was going to happen. It was in script development phase. Now. Will the be going to Isla Nublar? LOL I dont know. Lets just hope they dont go to San Diego. LOL!!

      • 😀 I can picture them chowing down on some old ladies at slot machines now!

        And then a comedy beat where one ladie doesnt want to abandon her machine even though she sees someone getting killed. 😀

        “Uh Uh. I’ve been on this machine for 6 hrs now, it is RIPE to payoff. You just SHOO mr Dinosaur!”

        And the the raptor leaves! I can hear the audience laugh now.

  4. I don’t know abut reboot, though I would really want to see Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy properly represented in Batman series. I’d love to see the remake of Thirst, especially if Michael Fassbender played the lead role.

    • Haven’t seen “Thirst” nor “Shame” for that matter (For Shame! LOL) I know that that’s probably a big deal, everyone seems to love that flick.

      What? You didnt like Uma Thurman? LOL 😀

  5. Well, I think it’s happening soon, but I’d like to see a reboot of the Highlander movie, but could we get a REAL Scotsman in the role please? I mean nothin’ against Ryan Reynolds but he ain’t Connor MacLeod!

  6. Shameless plug time.

    One of my side projects for the longest time was writing a script with a buddy of mine for the 80s cartoon M.A.S.K. (not the Eric Stoltz/Cher film!) For those that don’t remember, the show was kinda like a mix of G.I. Joe and Transformers.

    We felt like it would be the perfect mix for a live action remake, since Transformers and G.I. Joe got remade into live action. We wrote the script as more of a hobby and to keep in touch so it took us about 3 years to complete! We finished in late 2010 and we’ve been promoting it since Jan 2011…

    Check out blog and hook up with us on our social media outlets and tell us what you think. We have had some interest in the script from some really good film industry contacts, but nothing has panned out as of yet. We know its a long shot that our script will get picked up, but whether its our script or not, we feel like there are enough fans out there that it SHOULD BE REMADE in some capacity. So we’ll keep on promoting it!

    Now ends the shameless plug! 🙂

    • No shame, man… you know you have the green light, here.

      I was aware of such, and wish the best for you guys. I have to be honest though, I’ve never seen the show. (Ducks and winces…. hands up for protection LOL)

  7. Transformers. Loved the first one and still enjoy the other 2. The FX are staggering, but the plots have something little to be desired. More robots, less stupid humans. Sam, I am looking at you.

    GI Joe – see I didn’t mind the first and was sorta looking forward to Retaliation, but I’d like a more realistic look at it. Place it firmly in the here and now.

    • You know what? Those are two good choices, Jaina…

      Unfortunately, right now we’re not going to get either. I will say this about Transformers though. That’s only a matter of time. Those movies have made SO much money that that’s a franchise that’s here to stay. PLUS… they’re not dependent on HUMANS. Think of that… like you wouldnt reboot Indiana Jones because that would mean casting a new Indy and everyone loves Harrison Ford. But Transformers? Who freaking cares about Shia? Cya Shia! And boom, its up and running again, new people, new directors…

      It’s gonna happen. Might not be for ten years maybe, but itll happen.

      Gi Joe though. I dont know. LOL

  8. Shia Lebouf is awesome! 😀

    I don’t think Transformers needs a reboot per say, more like a huge make-over… at least make more of the robots recognisable.

    And I think Spider-Man should be rebooted, and make it more accurate to the comics. (i’m kidding obviously -.-)

    • At this rate, they’re going to reboot this current Spider-Man franchise in 2015. LOL!

      Transformers needs a lot of work, yeah. But making the robots more distinguishable to the non-hardcore fans would definitely help. Absolutely!

      • I think you can drop the word “non-hardcore” from that sentence. I grew up with the original Transformers cartoon, had plenty of the toys, still have plenty of the toys, own most of the series on DVD, including two versions of the animated movie. I can probably be considered a hardcore fan. And I still couldn’t tell most of the robots apart in Michael Bay’s films.

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