Tossin’ It Out There: Which Movie or Franchise would YOU Reboot / Remake?

How’s everybody doing, today? Good I hope? Good…

We have a big new movie opening today, “The Amazing Spider-Man”. Word on the street has been pretty positive so far, but the thing that “Amazing Spider-Man” has been most notable for to this point was for being a “reboot”.

I believe it was “Batman Begins” that launched the term “Reboot”. They weren’t remaking a single movie as much as they were restarting the franchise. It was a subtle distinction, but it made sense. Time had passed since the last Batman installment, people were eager to have the franchise back, and Nolan and Bale put out a great picture.

Other reboots quickly followed. James Bond (which had actually been rebooting before the term “reboot” even meant anything), Hulk, Star Trek, Planet of the Apes… they started to come hot and heavy.

But they were still commingled in with the endless stream of Hollywood remakes. Hollywood loves to put out movies whose names already have a foothold, the thinking being that half of their marketing work is already done. So there’s a constant parade of films from the past either relaunching, or being remade directly. There seems to be no bounds, I’ve even heard that a Jaws remake has been being kicked around… 

But it’s not ALWAYS a bad thing. The word is that this Spider-Man movie might be really good. And hey, “Spider-Man 3” was awful. There have been a lot of great films that were actually remakes. I didn’t know until a couple of weeks ago that “The Maltese Falcon” was a remake. “3:10 to Yuma”, “The Fly”, “The Thing (’82)”, “Dawn of the Dead”, “The Departed”, there have been a lot of excellent movies that were remakes.

So my question to you is, which movies would you like to see remade, and/or what franchise would you like to see get a reboot? Maybe they weren’t that good and deserve a mulligan, or maybe the special effects could use some modernizing, maybe you’d just like to see the story retold for a new generation. Perhaps the franchise is just dormant and you’d like to see it spring back to life again.

What ever the reasoning, let’s hear it. What movies/franchise would you like to see remade/rebooted?


101 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: Which Movie or Franchise would YOU Reboot / Remake?

  1. None whatsoever. Although I have enjoyed some in the past, I’d just rather they didn’t. I guess reboots are better than remakes. But I want them to stop remaking stuff before they get to the stuff I REALLY loved from the 80s.

    • Well, there should be some borders, definitely, I agree.

      If a movie is a classic, I would never approve of it being remade… I think if that Jaws remake ever comes to pass, I’ll go start a fire in Hollywood someplace, LOL.

      Hollywood doesn’t hold anything sacred though, not at all.

      Doesn’t mean you have to see them though. I still havent watched “The Karate Kid” remake. Nor given it a single cent. 😀

      • At a certain level, films should just not get remade for like 100 years. The Godfather, Jaws, Wizard of Oz, etc… just stay the &$%# away Hollywood.

        That said, Universal has had discussions. That was the last I heard. 😦

  2. I seem to be one of the few people that liked the “remake” of Wolf Man with Benicio Del Toro so I’d like to see Universal take more chances on their other monster franchises. I’ve always been particularly fond of Creature from the Black Lagoon.

    • That would work… that’s a good idea.

      Creature has a great name recognition value, but he hasn’t been too heavily represented in modern pop culture, say like Frankenstein or Dracula (Vampires). So that would be pretty much a perfect choice Andy. It’s ripe for updating, it could be reintroduced to a new generation, and I dont think there would be a big uproar or anything by anyone if they remade it.

      Nice choice. Definitely.

    • I, too am a big fan of the 2010 version of “The Wolfman”. The Creature reboot sounds great. I’d see that.

    • I think the generic creature movies Wolfman, Frankenstein, Dracula are all rebootable every 5 years or so. It’s like pizza there’s many ingredients you can add: CGI with no name actor OR named actor like Benicio or Nicholson.

      Classics are OFF LIMITS. 🙂

      • Lets add Deniro into that mix, too. He played Frankenstein once! 😀

        I fear that one day Hollywood will just say screw it and remake ET, though, I dont trust them, S’er. I dont!

      • “Classics are OFF LIMITS.” With certain films I would absolutely agree…But then there are some films that could really stand to gain a fresh perspective or be “modernized” or whatever you want to call it. I don’t think it damages the originals, if anything it makes us believe in them even more. Of course there are exceptions to everything, though!

  3. Transformers.

    While I had fun with the first one, I don’ t think Michael Bay ever really understood Speilberg’s “It’s about a boy and his car” note. One easily could have made three fun films without getting insulting, and most of the best stories that were told back when this was a lowly after-school cartoon weren’t even touched.

  4. Hitchcock! I know, I know. Blasphemy! but hear me out. Hitch was been redone(Psycho) and stolen from repeatedly, but never well or with respect. Today’s generation is losing interest. In a “1000 Movies to see before you Die” Hitchcock has 18. Ask the average 21 yr. old how many they’ve seen, I’m guessing 2 or 3, not alot. A quick look at IMDB had 2500 user reviews for “Batman Begins” but only 250 for “Rebecca”. Time to reboot the respect! Hollywood can do it. The talent is there. I can see David Fincher recrafting any number of Hitch classics. My only interest in this being done is to preserve interest in the original classics!

    • I dont think it’s Blasphemy at all, I actually think its a good idea. Hitchcock had SO many movies, and not all of them are household names. I think I’d steer clear of the majors and mine the less famous ones, absolutely.

      As I think we discussed I still havent seen Rebecca, even though I own it on Blu, LOL. I’ll get to it soon. Plus there’s a huge Blu Ray set coming soon… that’s gonna be awesome.

      But yeah, I’m with you, that’s a good idea…

  5. I’d remake the Star Wars prequels. I’d just pretend those things didn’t even exist and tell an entirely different story. No Jar Jar, no CGI Yoda, no CGI R2D2, and the youngest we ever see Anakin is like 16, 17. Let’s start with that stuff and go from there.

    Why the hell not, Lucas is a revisionist in every other regard, LOL!!

    • I don’t mind the CGI Yoda and R2, if they’re done well enough to be convincing. The main problem with them in the prequels is that they weren’t.

      But yes, just scrap the prequels, do it right. I fully agree we shouldn’t see Anakin as a child. No “kid appeal” characters, either. Star Wars appealed to kids just fine without taking such a direct aim at them.

  6. I would like to see a blockbuster comedy redone. Movies like “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”. I know it was silly, slapstick, touching, and clever but with the right cast and updated writing, I would love to see something like this in the movies.

    Other movies have tried the same concept, like “Rat Race”, it was good, but it just didn’t take it over the top. This could be big!

    • It’s strange, yeah, they dont seem to make ’em like that anymore, do they? Where they just get a zillion stars and make a true comedy….

      Nowadays those movies are only for retch inducing rom coms like “New Year’s Eve” Maybe that’s because Carl reiner was IN “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” LOL. 😀

  7. I think you know this is a tough question for me, since I’m generally opposed to remakes and reboots, since they’re so often inferior. But there are some definite possibilities out there. Ryan mentioned Transformers, and that’s probably the biggest one. I wouldn’t mind a new Masters of the Universe either, as long as it was done well.

    And on the comic book vein… how about The Shadow, The Phantom, and The Spirit? Those are characters that deserve good movies. It’d be nice to see them get them.

    • Wow. That is a remarkable trifecta right there.

      Classic characters who earned films, but then got movies to varying degrees of suckitude. I think the issue is that while they each have a lot of appeal within the comic-sphere, none of the three have broad, mass market appeal. None of those charcters transcend the genre, I dont think.

      Of course, that’s hard to do when your mass media versions all suck. LOL

      Meanwhile, yes, todays topic is by no means to be taken as an acceptance of the regurgitated crap Hollywood continues to foister on us. I’d have much less of a problem with remakes if they were selectively made and constantly strove for high quality, as opposed to being churned out in massive quantities with low standards….

      • I concur on giving reboots to classic comics that never evolved into strong film stories. 😉

  8. Reboot Prometheus. Make Prometheus: The Amazing Version.

    Speaking seriously…well, I don’t know. The franchises I like, I would prefer to see untouched. The franchises I don’t like, well, I don’t want to see them started up again. Firefly is something I love a lot but admit is pretty hit-or-miss and kinda sloppy all around; I wouldn’t mind seeing Whedon take a whole other crack at it, but I don’t know how much that fits here.

    It would be kinda nice to see The Crow redone– and as far as I know it IS happening sooner or later– and I would like to see Daredevil get his due. As far as individual movie remakes, well, pick any missed opportunity and put it in the hands of a good director. I’m sick of seeing Hollywood cannibalize stuff like Straw Dogs.

    • Firefly was awesome, I liked it a lot too. I dont know how great it’d be ten years later. How about just a sequel to Serenity, I think that would work… I’d take that.

      Daredevil will be back, I dont know when, but it’ll happen sooner or later. I think this summer is going to reignite the Superhero bonaza… Last summer’s tepid offerings kind of dimmed the public’s appetite for them.

      Prometheus. LOL… Hey maybe it’ll be totally better with the Director’s cut. 😀 Kingdom of Heaven was!

      • Scott’s hit or miss on his director’s cuts, but he also said that what we saw in theaters is his director’s cut. We’ll see!

        A Serenity follow-up would be just fine by me. I think the idea would work far better in a serialized weekly show, though, than it does in a movie, unless we end up getting a ton of movies.

  9. Every movie should be rebooted.

    They shouldn’t even call them “movies” anymore, just call them all reboots.

    Everything in Hollywood should be a reboot. Or a reboot of a reboot.

    We should all say and write reboot as much as possible.


  10. I’m pretty against the remake/reboot/reimagining trend. Will The Amazing Spider-Man get my money? Yes. Will I probably enjoy it? Yes. Will there have been a hole in my life without it? No. Could the millions of dollars spent to make and market it have been put to better use telling original stories instead? Yes.

    A minimum of 10 years should pass before any film/franchise can be rebooted. As for remakes, I think they should be limited to foreign films. The originals may still be superior in most cases, but no amount of ranting and raving is going to convince the average American moviegoer to watch a foreign language film. So if a good American remake can be mounted, then I support that, even if I feel a little hypocritical about it.*

    About five years ago, when my blog wasn’t a blog, but rather a series of emails I sent to a few friends, I went on a bit of a tirade about remakes ( I may have gotten a little worked up about. I may have had some harsh words for one particular individual in the remake realm. But I stand by my vitriol. Anyway, a follow-up piece is long overdue, because some of what I complained about has already come to pass.

    * Full disclosure: I may have allowed for the foreign film exception to justify my intense love for The Departed.

    • 😀 At you needing to come up with a rationale for feeling ok about loving the Departed.

      I agree on Foreign films for exactly the same reason. The mass American audience is not going to be convinced to see a foreign movie. They just wont. In fact, studios wont even make it easy on them if they decide to try. So there needs to be some kind of loophole there.

      I also agree on the 10 year remake rule. But reboots should be excepted. I dont want to wait ten years everytime the Bond mantle gets passed. 😀 So why should Spider-man be any different?

      I’ll have to swing by your diatribe if I get a chance. I’m always a sucker for a good rant. 😀

  11. I wouldn’t mind a reboot of Porky’s or Revenge of the Nerds. I’d like to see how far they could push the envelope with them.

      • I rewatched it last year… I was impressed how well it held up. Wasn’t as pervy as it’s been given credit for, and it had a funny “coming of age” type element to it.

        I thought it was still really good!

    • I see your point about reboots. I guess the difference is that with Bond, it’s always a new adventure. Until they truly rebooted the series with Daniel Craig and Casino Royale – going back to the beginnings of James Bond as an agent – all the other Bond movies were just stand-alone stories with a character we understood. If that’s what they did with Spider-Man, I’d have less of an issue with it. But do we really need to see the origin story again? The Dark Knight Rises will be the last Nolan/Bale Batman movie. When Warner Brothers inevitably moves forward with the character, will they start from the beginning yet again, or just start with a new actor and director but devise a story in which Batman is already established in the world? I’d rather see the latter than just an endless retread of the same basic story.

      • LOL. It’s cool, I’m sure Joe wont mind.

        Now THAT’S a good point – the “do we really need to see the origin story again”. I thought that too. That’s a really good question. With the current Nolan Batman franchise, the origin story had really never been told. We had been shown Batman’s motivations with his parents dying, but we never saw him training, etc. Plus, they REALLY needed to tear down the old franchise and start anew.

        We dont need that every time out. Totally, totally right.

      • Quite right. I fully agree that the next Batman film should just carry on as if everybody already knows who Batman is. Because we do. There’s no need to scrap everything every time.

    • 😀 “One of these things is not like the other” 3 out of 4 of those made me say “Ugh” yeah, definitely remake ’em. But then Rosemary’s Baby is actually a good movie! Not that its not a good choice… enough time has passed, it has great name recognition, it has a pretty timeless storyline… it just stood out for me, that’s all Vic. 😀

      Good choices, good calls.

      • I put it on the list because of the very dated dream sequence. I also think a film helmed by David Fincher would make for a great remake–even keeping it in the 60s.

        The original is really good, but certain parts of it are dated.

  12. Grrr… I had six of these all spelled out and accidentally closed out the browser. So much wasted time at work, and I don’t even have evidence of my wasted time to show for it!

    Anyway, here’s what I came up with…

    1. Flash Gordon
    While I don’t think we need a grittier version than the 1980 camp classic, maybe tone down the camp and get back some of the pulp feel of the comic strip.

    2. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
    Quite frankly, I can’t think of a single comic book adaptation that dropped the ball harder than “LXG”. This is probably the best comic book series of the last 20 years filled with familiar characters, just have respect for the source material and go from there.

    3. Fantastic Four
    Second only to “LXG” in missed comic book adaptations. Get a screenwriter that gets that character motivation, especially for villains, matter. Get a director that understands that Jack Kirby has already done most of the legwork. Get a producer that doesn’t cast the most current “it girl” for a part that she is completely unsuited.

    4. The X-Files
    I love the original, warts and all, but I would be very interested in seeing a BSG-style ground-up reboot. Keep the basic premise — two government agents working to find the truth about paranormal activity and discovering layers of conspiricy. Ditch everything else. Cast Gillian Anderson as the Cigarette-Smoking Woman. OK, not really. OK, maybe really.

    5. Dune
    Yes, we got a fairly faithful Sci-Fi Network adaptation within the last 10 years, but I still don’t think we’ve gotten a GREAT version of the (IMO) greatest sci-fi series of all time. I’d love for the Game of Thrones people to get their hands on this.

    6. The Black Cauldron/Chronicles of Prydain
    A live-action version, well-adapted and acted, could be a surprise hit. The Lloyd Alexander series is beloved and would likely be a lot cheaper to make than the Narnia books (no talking animals, for example).

    7. Jurassic Park
    Not really, but I wanted to relate a dream I had last night. In the dream, my family moved into an awesome new house. We got it for a great price too, on the account that there were dinosaurs living on the grounds, and any time you left you were taking your life in your own hands. I dreamed I was dodging diplophosaurs while trying to do yardwork.

    • FLASH!!

      AH AH!!


      😀 That’s a good choice right there. I DO love that flick, but a more “serious” remake wouldnt even feel like a remake, in that case.

      “Quite frankly, I can’t think of a single comic book adaptation that dropped the ball harder than “LXG”. ” I would suggest that that’s because there isn’t one. LOL LXG screwed the pooch alright. Ughck.

      Huh. The X-Files getting relaunched is interesting, definitely. Especially in light of the conclusive proof that Aliens visited us in the past and were instrumental in shaping the course of human history 😀

      You’re right about Dune and then some. LOL

      Wait, what? Jurassic Park? LOL. You got high towards the end there, huh buddy? 😀 I was hitting these in order and then… wow. You’re raking dinopoop up off of your lawn. LOL. Trippppppin’! Jurassic Park 4 is coming, let’s see how they do with that. Spielberg may yet be involved.

      • As much as I love the 1980’s Flash movie, I would support a Flash remake. Especially if it took the part out about Flash being QB for the NY Jets. In a movie that was phenomenally goofy, that aspect was the downright most goofy and out of place. In the comics, by the way, Flash was an internationally renowned Ivy League polo player. Now that’s the sort of man who can save every one of us!

  13. You know, last night my wife and I were watching Excalibur. I turned to my wife and said, “You know, there needs to be a new King Arthur movie.”

    I realize that King Arthur movies haven’t exactly disappeared (I think The Last Legion was somewhat Arthur related), but I sorta miss the romantic Arthurian tradition of Mallory and Tennyson’s works. So I’d like to see a reboot of Arthur, but not in the ultra-realistic “Arthur is in Roman times” sense. I want it bright and colorful like it’s a Prince Valiant comic. (Apparently, there was supposed to be an Excalibur remake with Bryan Singer, but that deal fell through.)

    Also, a rebooted “Red River.” That movie was a stone-cold classic … except for that tacked on happy ending. The success of “True Grit” proved that re-envisioned John Wayne movies can work in the modern day, and the dark morality of “Red River” seems like it was something that was way ahead of its time. I’d totally dig a reboot with the original ending from the short story, which is apparently what director Howard Hawks wanted in the first place.

    Street Fighter. Or any of those early video-game movie adaptations. Seriously, we can do better than the Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros, and Double Dragon movies that we got. Mario is an iffy proposition, though, and practically no one remembers Double Dragon… but seriously, you can make a decent movie out of Street Fighter. Heck, the first anime movie wasn’t half bad. Can you imagine Stephen Chow as Ryu? I think you can.

    And, finally, Casablanca.



    • Ok. Ok.

      First up. You need to recognize, ok?

      That movie is BRILLIANT. I will not budge. 😀

      I’m with you on the Arthur mythology stories, hell yeah. As Game of Thrones is showing, a high production value, serious treatment of the fantasy genre can go a long way. They could make tons of movies there. A whole series… no doubt.

      I have never seen “Red River”. I will now go hnag my head in shame. I’ve seen a lot of the Duke’s films, unfortunately, that is not one of them. But you’re right that “True Grit” stands as an example of how quality filmmakers can take quality originals and make quality remakes. LOL. No reason that in the right hands that that couldnt happen with Red River, too.

      Oh, and Casablanca was a joke, right? 😀

      • Heh. Alright, I admit, that Youtube video was pretty krunk. (Or tight? Or … swole? What is it the kids say nowadays.)

        And of course I was kidding about Casablanca. I realize it was remade recently into another stone cold classic. Something you and I know as Barb Wire. Starring Pamela Anderson. 🙂

      • HA!!

        I never even realized that… I’ll have to think of it – – well, I was about to say the next time I watch it, but I dont anticipate that in the near future. 😀

        And I have no idea what the kids say nowadays either. I love that clip though, I think I’ve watched it 25 times or so now. LOL

  14. Cool topic: It just came out recently, but I want to see a remake of 2010’s Daybreakers. I think the concept of a future where vampires have taken over the world is pretty interesting and can lead to a better film than Daybreakers. Not that Daybreakers was bad, I just feel like the idea has more potential than the film presented.

  15. I’ll go a slightly different direction than an earlier commenter, but I’d like to see someone else take the helm and do the Star Wars sequels, episodes 7, 8, & 9. Aside from that one, I’d love to see a reboot of the Neverending Story, that was a great fantasy movie that churned out several horrible sequels.

  16. Ok… I am nervous to say what I want to say… but don’t hate me for it. Hear me out first.

    1. Harry Potter. Look, I love these movies. They hold a special place in my heart. But have you gone back and watched 1-4? They aren’t the best. The thing is, they treated it like a children’s series, and it is far from that. I would like to see the level of talent and dedication that was put in to the latter half of the franchise go into the first four films. Don’t get me wrong, they really are great, but they could be so much better.

    2. Batman. I love Batman – everything about him. And I really love what Christopher Nolan has done to legitimize Gotham City and the broader comic book world. But I miss the days of less realism and more fantastical villains. If we keep making movies like the three that Nolan has made, we will never be able to see classic bat-villains such as Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy or Penguin or Mad Hatter. I’m not saying we have to have movies like Batman & Robin – please no. But somewhere in-between Batman & Robin and The Dark Knight is where a great franchise could really live.

    Am I excommunicated?

    • I’m going to butt in here ahead of Fogs, and comment on the Batman side (I haven’t actually watched any but the first Harry Potter film).

      I agree that we need to see some of the more fantastic Bat-villains, especially if Batman will one day be teaming up with other DC heroes in a Justice League film. But I don’t know that a reboot is necessary to make this happen. Batman Begins already dabbled a little bit with sci-fi with the hallucinogenic flowers. I think a transition film, with one of the low-grade sci-fi characters such as Mad Hatter would potentially serve to bridge the realistic villains and the fantastic ones.

      • Like I was saying to Mark, too, Nolan has shown some skill in bringing the fantastical villains “Down to Earth”, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for other villains, too

        We’ll see. One thing for sure though, after the success of the Avengers? WB will get off their asses QUICK MODE. Which is a good thing 😀

    • Excommunicated? For that? No, no, no. C’mon, c’mon. 😀

      I’ll even give you 1 for 2. I wouldn’t mind a little more fantastical element added in as well. I think that Nolan could find a way to merge a lot of crazy villains with reality (Bane, perhaps might fall into that category?) but I think it’ll be cool to see where his successor takes the character. Bats has obviously had a wide range of tones from one end of the spectrum to the other… I wouldn’t mind it coming away from the “as serious as it can be end” a little. We may see in the next couple years. I think WB will throw a ton of money at him to have him produce or consult though, like he’s doing now on “Man of Steel.”

      Harry Potter won’t happen for a long time though, if at all. And I’m not like protective of those flicks or anything, but they’re too good, too big and too recent for me to agree there. 😀

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