Tossin’ It Out There: Where would YOU go if you could vacation in a Movie?

So. I have Vacation on the brain this week (not sure why :D), and I thought that that would make a decent topic for the week.

If you could take a vacation within a movie… where would you go?

Would you visit the forest of Endor, dance some Yub Yub with the Ewoks? Maybe you’d like to chill out at the Blue Lagoon. Always dreamed of visiting Wally World and having the park all to yourself?

Let’s turn FMR into Rekall today. You can book a trip to anywhere to do anything. Want to fly the Top Gun fighter planes? Take a cruise on the Titanic, without it sinking? Maybe you’d like to visit Wonderland, or take a trip through Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, or turn the clock back and visit 1920s Paris, with Gil Pender…

Wherever it might be, the choice is up to you. If you could take a vacation in a movie, where would YOU go?


81 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: Where would YOU go if you could vacation in a Movie?

  1. Definitely Titanic. Would have loved to sail on that ship. But also wouldn’t mind a look around Pandora. Especially those floating mountains. And I’d love to go and spend a year on The Beach before they all went a bit nuts and the weed farmers got nasty!

    • Ohhh Pandora. Yeahhhh. That would be trippy, right?

      LOL. Did you hear about all the people who were saying they were all depressed because Earth isnt as beautiful as Pandora? 😀 Wayyyy too funny.

      I’m sure you weren’t one of them Pete, I dont want to mock you. 😛

  2. I’d want to vacation at MI6. Just so I could watch Q show off all the gadgets and occasionally see James Bond. Or to Wayne Manor and hang out in the Batcave. Or maybe the Fortress of Solitude from Superman.

    Part of the problem with this question is most of the movies I like are dark and depressing, and don’t feature places I’d like to go 😉

  3. I’d Wanna Visit The STAR TREK Universe. Riza Would Be Lovely. Anywhere The Lifestyle Is Still Utopian. It’d Be Nice To Get Away From The World…
    …And Go To Another World. hahahaha

    • LOL. Brad! Touched on a little bit of supervillain in yeah, there, brought out the Muah ha ha!! 😀

      Star Trek would be cool. I’d want to go and check out the holodeck. I dont know if I’d be down for any shore-leave though, that stuff NEVER goes well. Oh look, all these beautiful women! People die. Oh cool, check out this neat video game! People die. Oh hey, what a pretty plant! Thing blows up in your face and you die…

      Just dont wear red, Brad. 😀

    • I havent seen the Mysterious Island, is that the one with “The Rock” bouncing berries off his pecs? LOL.

      It does look pretty sweet there though from the trailer.

      It’s kind of like wanting to go to Jurassic Park without becoming Dino Chow. 😀

    • Here’s the thing on that… I think you’d still need to be able to SKATEboard in order to use the hover boards. Now… maybe you can, I dont know, Evan.

      But I’m envisioning an enormous amount of faceplanting in my future if I tried those! 😀

  4. Great idea, Fogs. Y’know what first came into my mind after I read this? Where I wouldn’t want to go: ‘The Shining’s Overlook Hotel. Okay, I’d go to Oz on my vacation.

    • WHAT? I’d love to chill at the overlook! What a party! 😀

      Listen, I think I’m well on the record here, but all the bad stuff in that movie was Wendy’s fault.

      They’ve got the spacious interiors, the nice hedgemaze, the rocking bar, the helpful waitstaff… Yeah. I think you’re wrong on that one Big Cat. Sign me up! 😀

  5. Oh, no question for me: MIddle Earth, Rivendell, Imladris, The Last Homely House of Elrond.

    “a perfect house, whether you like food or sleep or story-telling or singing, or just sitting and thinking best, or a pleasant mixture of them all.”

  6. I am easy to please. I’ll just hang out at the tiki bar and play in the waterfalls of Jamaica (Cocktail) 🙂

    • Ziggy Piggy! Ziggy Piggy! Ziggy Piggy! LOL

      Waterloo, that is a hell of a water park. I wonder where that was actually filmed? You know they didnt build a park just for that… so they had to film on location… I wonder where it was.

  7. I’d go wherever Jean Dujardin or Idris Elba may be 🙂 But from the movies…probably hit the clubs with Lily from Black Swan.

      • The ST:TNG enterprise (NCC 1701-D) was almost a cruise liner, with a plethora of holodecks, lounges, theaters, bars etc.
        But the Fhloston Paradise luxury liner WAS a space cruie ship, so there’s that. But the giant wheel space station in 2001 (“Space station V”) was pretty plush too. Of course Meredith Vickers’ quarters aboard the eponymously named Prometheus was swank too.

      • The Prometheus was a small ship though, barely enough room for that basketball court, LOL. Might as well suggest the Serenity because Inara’s quarters were swank.

        That brings up a good point though, I think I would like to be FLYING the ship, so maybe something small like the Serenity, or the Milenium Falcon.


  8. I think it’d be rather swell to take a summer off and go on tour with Stillwater. That’d make for a working vacation, but I’d happily take that bullet.

  9. I would definitely go for the Miyazaki package tour: partying at the Bath House for the Spirits with the radish spirits and others in Spirited Away, then taking the catbus [from Totoro] to Gina’s island hotel in the Adriatic sea [from Porco Rosso] which would include a very cool undersea tour courtesy of Ponyo. I get the impression that the food is also very good at these locales, going by the animation.

  10. I’d have me the Time Machine. Trouble is it stays in one place but goes back and forth in time. I’d work it out somehow. Time travel has always been the best fantasy adventure.

  11. I want to go to Middle Earth!!! But only if Aragorn or Thorin would escort me personally, ahah. Hey it’s a fantasy right, why not shoot for the moon! 😀

    • Wow. That makes three or four people that want to go there! It’s like the fantasy vacation hotspot!

      Thorin… he’s a dwarf, aint he? I know you’re crushing on that guy, but… LOL

      • Hey, Thorin is a GORGEOUS dwarf! I still gasp every time I saw him in the trailer even w/ all that makeup/hair, ahah. I actually had a dream I was amongst the cast and crew of The Hobbit, so who knows it might come true 😀

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