San Diego Comic-Con International: The Batmobile Gallery

One major highlight for me already this morning was getting to see an exhibit featuring six different Batmobiles. I wasnt able to get around front of the Clooney one (Comic-Con security logic LOL), but stuff like this is why Comic-Con is so worth it.

When else would you get this opportunity?

It was very early (8am), uncrowded, and quiet. Almost like “The Batmobile Memorial”. I spent an unhurried forty five minutes there before finally heading to the Convention center…

The line is about to move, they’re heading in. But here’s my first proper “share” of Comic-Con 2012 for you… The Batmobile Exhibit!








24 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con International: The Batmobile Gallery

  1. Sweet!! Great pics man. I’m still bumming out that these Batmobile tours never made it to MN, bah I hate living all the way in the Upper Midwest sometimes. So thanks for posting these, I like Tumbler but those Burton Batmobiles are REALLY cool, too!

  2. I’m drooling here! Man, that’s frickin’ awesome. I wish I was there. Ugh!!! Have fun standing in line. I hope there are some “characters” in your line to keep you entertained.

  3. Just read your “Comic-con” blog on Cineplex! Awesome!! By line and photos by “Dan the Man”! Should get some link- up so people won’t miss these. All pro Daniel, all pro!

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