Tossin’ It Out There: Which movie props would YOU like to own?

One of the things I saw a LOT of at Comic-Con this week were screen worn costumes and authentic movie props. From Rocky’s gloves to Wolverine’s claws, there were tons and tons of props. Costumes too. Superman, Jor-El, Edward Scissorhands, Hellboy, Wolverine, Magneto, Professor X’s wheelchair… there’s more too, I mean, the place is loaded with them. Actual vehicles, too. The Batmobiles were on display, and the Bat Cycle was inside, as was KITT from Knight Rider and a rotating display of Bond vehicles.

Which got me thinking about this this week’s “Tossin’ it out there”. If money were no object, and you could own any prop from any movie ever… what would it be? Would it be “The Ruby Slippers”? They recently sold for $2 million. How about Indy’s whip, or hat? THE Maltese Falcon? The Milenium Falcon?Β It’s an endless list. So many awesome choices available to you. Maybe you’d want the actual costumes. Belushi’s toga, or Heath Ledger’s Joker costume. Vehicles more your thing? How about Brando’s motorcycle or Ecto One or Bond’s Aston Martin?

Money is no object when it’s all just make-believe folks, let’s hear it! What Movie Prop would YOU want to own?


108 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: Which movie props would YOU like to own?

  1. Maximus’ gladiator mask. That would scare the CRAP out of the kids during Halloween.

    Actually … maybe not the kids in London with their knives and guns….

  2. I want to own that chair that Clooney kept in his basement in Burn After Reading.

    Ok, jokes aside… I’d love to own one of Buster Keaton’s porkpie hats. He used tons of them.

      • hell no, I’d wear them out on Halloween on alternating years.

        I’m not wearing the dress…okay, maybe I would wear the dress, but I draw the lines at the ruby slippers!

      • Rene Belloq: Look at this. *[holds up a silver pocket watch]* It’s worthless. Ten dollars from a vendor in the street. But I take it, I bury it in the sand for a thousand years, it becomes priceless! Like the Ark. Men will kill for it; men like you and me.

        I found that quote apropos

      • and it’s the truth….some people will pay over pay for things like comic books (current, not classic) that in 50 years aren’t worth the paper they are printed on….and then there are others that want it just because it’s an antique without a value and they “have to have it”.

  3. Actual vehicles huh. Well now, I claim me Bonds suped out Aston Martin. Tail gaters following too close? Not a problem! Traffic stalled in front? Give em a rocket propelled nudge! The wifey nadding away? Eject button it is. Wow! If only. The only place I’ve seen one is Top Gear and Bond films. Lately he’s turned traitor and gone with Bmers. You knew someone would shout out for this. Let me be the first!

    • Oh hell yeah. Cops try to shoot at you just raise the protective shield. You know it.

      They had A Aston Martin from the Bond series on display last week. Unfortunately it wasn’t THE Aston Martin. LOL It was Dalton’s from “Living Daylights”

    • πŸ˜€ I counter! I would want Big Ern’s from “Kingpin” with the rose in it. πŸ˜€

      That would be a cool bowling match though, watching the two of us square off using those two balls…

      Too bad I suck at bowling!

  4. I Want Captain Kirk’s Command Chair From The Original Trek Series.
    I’ve Wanted It Since Childhood, And I Still Think It Would Look Good At My Computer Desk hahahaha
    What!?! You Asked, Dude!!!

  5. Mallory Konx “wedding veil”, the luck dragon from the neverending story, daniel larusso’s gi, and the stones from fifth element.

  6. Tyler Durden’s red jacket (and abs), the Delorean, Bumblebee, any of the cool guns from Baz Lurhman’s Romeo and Juliet.

  7. I’d have a collection of movie jackets, namely Tyler Durden’s red jacket and the one with the scorpion on it from Drive, because they are just sooo cool. I think I’d also want a Kobeyashi porcelain mug, the Donnie Darko rabbit suit and the air canon from No Country for Old Men. Bit of an odd shopping list

  8. I know this is utterly generic, but, man, I have always wanted to own the Batmobile. The one for the 1966 movie is probably the most drivable, but I’d love the 1989 Tim Burton Batmobile too despite its terrible cornering abilities.

    Seriously, though, any of the vehicles from the 1966 Batman movie would be sweet. The speedboat in that movie, which only appeared in the movie and not the TV show from what I could recall, was pretty swank, what with the cool blue-and-white paint job and the siren. Or … the penguin sub! So yes, 60’s Batman movie stuff all the way.

  9. The Lothlorian Elvish armor. And if money was no object, all the armor I could get my hands on and the swords. I’d make a museum of nothing but that. I have always loved medieval style armor and weaponry.

  10. If money is no object, I’m getting me a car. The 1966 Batmobile, or Ecto-1, either would be great. (The DeLorean from BTTF is a possibility too). Of course, in the case of Ecto-1, you don’t necessarily need the money for the actual Ecto-1… just for the paint job. Shortly after Ghostbusters was released, someone got a hearse from a local funeral home and painted it up to look like Ecto-1. For about 20 years afterward, that car would occasionally be seen around town, and a couple generations of kids grew up convinced that becoming a Ghostbuster was a legitimate career choice.

  11. You must be reading my mind on this one, Fogs. Just the other night I happened to catch the first half of Big on TV. Hadn’t seen it in years. As I watched young Josh Baskin aim his quarter into that freaky Zoltar machine, I thought, “That would be a great prop to own. If I could collect elaborate movie props, I’d have to gt my hands on that.” So while there are plenty of awesome items I could add to that list, I’m going with the one that started me thinking about it just the other day. The Zoltar machine from Big. Unplugged, of course.

    Okay, one more: Han Solo in carbonite, to hang on my wall. Hooo hoooo hoooo hoooo, haaaa haaaa haaaa haaaa. (That’s my Jabba laugh.)

    • Haha at your Jabba laugh. I think you can get a custom Han in Carbonite if you want. Sideshow had one on display at the con.

      That “Big” prop would be awesome though. Freaky and cool all at once!

  12. For me the real deal Hattori Hanzo katana sword from Kill Bill. Always wanted to own true Japanese samurai crafted goodness!

  13. πŸ˜€ Then you could joke about selling it, like Budd!

    Bill: You hocked a Hattori Hanzo Sword?
    Budd: Yep.
    Bill: It was priceless.
    Budd: Well, not in El Paso, it ain’t. In El Paso I got me $250 for it.

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