New Episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!!

What’s up everyone, what’s going on?

Here’s another episode of (title pending) for you, this time with a couple of special treats!

First up is my Comic-Con review, featuring a break down of all the movie treats I got to see at Comic-Con. All the panels, and the highlights from them. Frankenweenie, Wreck it Ralph, Oz the Great and Powerful, The Expendables 2, Django Unchained, Pacific Rim, Man of Steel, The Campaign, the Hobbit, Iron Man 3… It’s all here. Seeing Sly and Ahnuld together, getting in line at 5 am and still having a million people in front of you, having Robert Downey Jr dance by, I cover it all for you!

Then, for Part II of a three part podcast crossover event, Brian Roan of Dearfilm and Ryan McNeil of The Matinee help Tank and I break down Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight”. Part I, where Brian, Ryan and I break down “Batman Begins” on Dear Film’s Outside the Envelope podcast can be found here. Part III, where we collectively discuss “The Dark Knight Rises” should be up this Sunday, I’ll keep you posted!

Together these two segments add up to an epic (title pending) episode that’s not to be missed! You can download it directly, here, or look for us on iTunes!

Be sure to stop by our Facebook page and give us a like, we’re sooooo close to 100! 😀 Plus you get to see my picture with Richard Kiel crushing my head. LOL!


21 thoughts on “New Episode of The (title pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs!!

  1. look forward to giving it a listen. Your one like closer to 100, I went in and liked you with my personal account lol

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  3. Fogs, I’ve taken on the same Twilight challenge…I challenged myself before the last movie, but time (and desire) didn’t allow for me to meet the challenge. This time around, I’m going to seriously try to watch them all. I just hope that I don’t hate myself too much after the first one, to keep me from making it through them.

    I laughed my a$$ off when you said Robert Pattinson was dreamy! HAHA

    • 😀 That’s pretty funny. I stole that line from Tanski, who called Robert Redford “Dreamy” last week. LOL

      Yeah… that Twilight thing is gonna happen for real one of these days. Not all to excited about it, but it is what it is. LOL

      • yeah, but Redford has made enough good movies that the line works (at least when my mom used to say, but to hear you say about a guy that teenage girls drool all over, was pretty damn funny.

        “It is what is” is the best way to describe it man…UGH!

  4. Totally enjoyable. Headed over to Brian’s for pt. 1. Clue me in. Have you had other lamb guests? Give me some episode #s. Will catch Ryan’s on Monday. Gonna watch me some Dark Knight tonight to see if I can pick up on some of the things you guys talked about.

  5. I once read on about how ridiculously elaborate the Joker’s plan was to tear down Dent’s “white knight” persona, from using the mob, to getting caught in the big chase, to putting the explosion in the guy’s stomach, etc. Essentially all the commentors had to remind the writer that the Joker was simply about chaos and he didn’t necessarily have a plan, and that’s why he’s such an amazing villain and why TDK is such an amazing film to me.

    I half agree with Brian though about the “jokes” in the these films. I thought they were more toned down in the second one, which allowed Bruce Wayne and the Joker’s little moments to shine for the humor, but after watching Batman Begins again the other day, I found most of the one-liners rather unbearable.

    And Fogs, the only way to truly survive a Twilight-a-thon is download the accompanying Rifftrax. Then they turn into the greatest comedies of all time.

    Looking forward to the wrap-up on Monday.

    • I actually find it funny how everyone’s first reaction to my intended marathon is “you should drink” lol. I’ll be doing my own rifftrax, so I wouldnt want to steal anyone’s lines or anything 😀

      That is pretty funny about the Joker having wickedly elaborate plans for someone who “Doesn’t have a plan”,
      that’s totally true. He doesn’t have any discernable motivation, but he definitely is a planner. To me, it’s Ledger’s performance that makes him one of the greatest of all time, but however you get there he’s great.

      Yeah, I can’t wait for Sunday either, these have been a blast! Thanks for tuning in Rachel 😀 😀

      • Re: Thematically strong movies

        Just because a movie is thematically strong doesn’t automatically make it a good movie. Best example is Prometheus, which has endlessly entertaining themes, worthy of deep discussions, but which failed as a movie. Inversely, The Avengers, which you’re right is thematically weak, is a far better film. Another example of the same would be Raiders of the Lost Arc. Not much in the way of themes, but a vastly entertaining film, and one which I think everyone hails as an all time great movie.

        On a completely different topic, was it Brian who didn’t like LotR? LETS FORM A LYNCH MOB!!! GAHHH!!

      • “Where’s the knock on this film?”

        Oh, that’s easy, cause it’s huge. The Joker’s plot with the 2 ferries, was SO implausible, the cops would have to be SO mind-boggling stupid, as to almost ruin what is otherwise a brilliant film. In fact it’s the film’s very brilliance which magnifies the sheer badness of that plot.

        Also when Joker calls Maggie Gyllenhaal Beautiful. Really? Feh.

      • I agree that strong themes dont equate to good movies necessarily and that lack of themes dont make movies bad. Very much so.

        I would disagree that Prometheus wasn’t a total fail, though.

        When a movie DOES have that excitement/entertainment factor though PLUS strong themes? That’s the ultimate win. That’s total victory right there. Which is why I still think TDK is better than Avengers…

        Meanwhile, I know, right? On the LotR thing I was like wait wait! Dont say that on MY show!!

        I do agree with your “Feh” too. Big issue for me. LOL

    • LOL! Welllll we’ve still got a ways to go. 😀 But we’re getting there. Definitely bringing our game up slowly but surely.

      Thanks for noticing Ian, your support is definitely appreciated, man. Big time!

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